Last Night

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
This song kinda came to me whilst listening to a pop band. Which is unusual of me but never mind. The Vamps Last Night Hence the title.
Lilly was a girl that went out every weekend but never actually got drunk, Until she meets Christian at her favorite club with her friends. When Last Night was the night to remember

Submitted: May 23, 2015

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Submitted: May 23, 2015



Last Night 

"Wake up in the morning with the sunlight in my eyes" I sang as I straightened my hair for tonight.I was pretty excited. My name is Lilly and I'm a girl who yes goes out every weekend but I don't get drunk and sleep about. Tonight I was going to club HELL. yeah it might sound all dark but it's actually a pop club. You wouldn't think it huh?

"Lil you bam hurry your speed girl we is late" My friend Kay said to me. I never understood her with her new way of speaking.

"English please numb nuts" I laughed. 

"Oh my god, Girl you first need to get yo ass in gear and second learn the trend" She smiled. "Wait hey who you calling numb nuts, I don't have nuts," She said gobsmacked that I even said a thing. 

"I have a flo-" She said before I cut her off. "Kay Kay nobody wants to know what you have down there okay, Let it go" I smiled 

"Let it go, Let it go, Can't hold it back anymore" She sang. I burst out laughing.

"What you listening too?" She asked as she plugged in the curlers to curl my hair since I'm to lazy to curl my own hair. 

"Last night" I replied. She was on The Vamps like it was an addictive drug. She sang away like there was no tomorrow. 

"I hold my hands up high

Throw my glass into the sky

When the morning comes

We'll never see the sun

And if the walls close in

Then lets just start it all again

Thats when the evening comes

Oh yeah the evening comes 



No we are not going home tonight 

Wake up the stars are shinning 

We'll do it all, We'll do it all

We'll do it again" She sang. The chorus was her favorite and the only part I knew

"Wake up in the morning with the sunlight in my eyes,

No my head don't feel so bright.

What the hell happened last night.

Yeah last night think we were dancing singing all our favorite songs,

I think I might have kissed someone" we both sang in unison.

"I thought you didn't like them?" she asked as she spun the chair round. 

"I don't but I like this song, Kinda like how you don't like my music but you like The Last Fight Acoustic." I smirked. 

"Shut it Numb nuts" She laughed as she finished my hair. 

"Got bigger balls then you girl, dig it" I said ending myself laughing. "You used it wrong" She corrected me. "I don't give jeez girl, give it a damn rest nah" I said flinging my arms out. She giggled and I looked out my dress for tonight. 

"Killer heels, girlfriend" Kay smiled at me. 

"You call me girl or girlfriend once more I swear to god, You will be in so much pain period pain will be an understatement" I warned playfully. She died laughing

1 hour later 

"Oh my god, you look so beautiful Lil" Kay squealed as I came out of the bathroom. 

"Aw thanks, you look better. I say.. Let's hit this town" I cheered


"Yay lets get some drinks on the go" Kay shouted to me over the music. 

"I don't drink you know that" I shouted back. 

"Just a couple please Lilly, Lighten up, you only live once" She smiled 

"Fine" I smiled. 

"Tequila round" She cheered, I giggled and walked up to the bar which was thankfully a lot quieter than the dancefloor. 

"What can you get a lovely young lady like you" The bartender smiled at me. 

"Erm, I don't actually know my friend sent me up" I laughed, 

"Ah what did she say?" He asked as he leaned over the bar. 

"A tequila round" I shrugged. 

"Gotcha babycakes" He laughed

"Your friend has quite a good taste, but Im sure yours is better" A voice said from behind me. I turned around to see a young guy walking towards me.

"Who are you talking to?" I asked as he neared. 

"You silly" He laughed. 

This guy was intoxicated. 

"I don't know you" I replied, feeling the sweat bead at the roots of my hair. 

"Awh baby but you love you" He whined. Nothing he said made any sense.

" Emmett, leave the poor girl, you're outta luck," The bartender smiled. 

"Aww but I have something special" He hiccupped. I rolled my eyes as he stumbled out of the bar. 

"Here, 1 tequila round, Hope to see you soon" He chuckled. I took the tray and started to walk away, turning my head slightly to say thank you. When I turned around I was too late to move and banged right into a guy with a tray of drinks too. 

The drinks went EVERYWHERE. 

"Oh me I'm so so so sorry this was all my fault" I said quickly. 

"Hey it's okay I promise but I think you should sort your shin" He said biting his lip as he looked at my shin. Blood covered my leg. 

"Oh no!" I said my eyes went huge. 

"What..? What.?" He asked quickly coming to my rescue. 

"I hate the sight of blood, makes me faint." I said quickly. 

"Don't look at it-" 

"But I know it's there" I gasped. 

"Look..Look at me, You are gonna be okay, I promise, You're not passing out on me, Zek, FA!" He shouted to the bartender. Zek was to the rescue. I was rushed into the back, Luckily Kay wasn't with me, she'd be out cold by now.

"What the hell" Zek asked 

"It's my fault, My foot caught her shin, taking the skin off" This guy said. I felt my eyes roll into my head. 

"Lilly, Don't pass out look at me sweetheart" His voice was soft and he was cute, but the wound was killing me. I looked at him and tried to focus on him as Zek sorted my shin. 

"Hey" He grinned, Showing flawless, white teeth. 

"Hey" I said trying to smile. 

" 2 more minutes Lilly, you're doing well" Zek said. 

"Christian" He smiled.

"Lilly" I smiled back. 

"Im sorry, I didn't mean this, How do I make this up to you?" 

"It's fine.... You with anybody?" I asked. 

"Just a friend, why?" 

"Come join me and my friend, Is that okay?" I asked 

"Perfect, Suits me good, I will buy the rounds, you can stay seated" he winked. I laughed. 

"Done, All patched up, here drink this all I know it might not taste nice, Water never does" Zek smiled. I downed it and felt a hell of a lot better. 

"Woah you brighten up fast" he laughed. 

"Haha feeling better, Can we go my friend will start to wonder." I said. 


I wondered out and Kay was waiting at the table with the drinks that I was meant to order. I slid into my seat knowing that Christian was away to appear with his friend, acting like he hadn't met me.

"Hey girls you looking for some company?" Christian smiled as he saved me from getting into a lecture from Kay.

"Sure" Kay smiled as her focus was on Christian's friend.

"Im Christian and this is Grayson" He smiled.

"Hey" Grayson winked. Kay was under his spell and he hadn't said anything bar Hey.


We had knocked back a few shots and Kay and Grayson were already body close on the dance floor.

"So what's your name" He giggled.

I winked "Im Lilly" I laughed.

"I want to start over with you since me hurting you isn't the usual way I introduce myself to people" he said

"Sounds good," I smile. He disappeared from the table and I was left for a moment to think about what I was getting myself into. I looked over at Kay who was already playing tongue twisting with Grayson.

Christian interrupted.

"Hey beautiful,you need some company?" He asked as he slid into the chair beside me.

"Sure cutie" I smiled. "Is that your best pick up?" I asked as I sipped the cocktail.

"Nah baby got more just for you" he laughed.

"Im Lilly" I said

"Im Christian" He said as he laced his fingers through mine

"You're such a flirt" I smiled as I felt him coming closer.

"Indeed but you love it really" He winked leaning in close. 

I felt like I was in heaven 


A few drinks later and a few dances I was having the time of my life. I had Christian at my side, the club was skin tight and I was having a blast. 

"Hey guys let's go get food, it's pretty cramped in here" Grayson shouted over the music. We nodded and me and Kay grabbed the guys hands. 

"Im so sober" Kay announced 

"No baby you're so drunk" Grayson smiled kissing her again 

"Stop with the PDA" Christian laughed

"If Miss Cutie here said kiss me right here right now would you back down" He asked. Christian stayed quiet. I smiled 

"Kiss me right here right now" I giggled, I wanted to see if he liked the public display of affection. He kissed me and all you heard was Grayson saying how right he was. 

"PDA" Kay slurred. 

"No I wouldn't back down" He grinned. 

We walked back to, surprise surprise my apartment and God knows what happens next. 

"What the hell happened last night?" I said as I woke fully clothed with some guy behind me and Kay in front of me. 

"We met guys by the seems of things" Kay said before moaning about how hungover she was. I had to admit I wasn't feeling too bright either 

"I wasn't drunk last night as much as you, Christian and Grayson had to carry you home"

"Who's Christian and Grayson" She asked rubbing her head. 

"These two" I smiled knowing exactly what happened last night

"Your dream came true Kay we hooked up with some boys just not in the usual way as we are still fully clothed, the four of us" I laughed. "And passed out on my living floor.

"I hooked with nobody" She moaned 

"You did he's lying behind you" I said cuddling into Christian who was starting to stir

"Hey Baby" Christian whispered into my ear. 

"You remember too?" I whispered back 

"Yeah how could I forgot you?" He whispered with a smile. 

I grinned.

I had the best night 

Last Night

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