Party Disaster

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This is for EverAfterDarlings contest. Enjoy. c:
Identical curious Twins, Lindsay and Lizzy are invited to this huge party, But when they stumble across a locked closet, being curious and drunk they pick lock the door, Only to regret what they saw.

Submitted: March 13, 2014

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Submitted: March 13, 2014



Party Disaster

"Lindsay, Lindsay, Lindsay" My sister sang.

"What, What, What?" I said in the exact same tone. She glared at me, If looks could kill she would have murdered me something brutal. I glared back at her. Returning to normal, she threw a envelope at me. I looked at her wearily.

"Who is this from?" I asked, since she opens all my mail anyway

"Open the damn fucker" She hissed at me

"Wow somebodies on their period" I laughed. She lunged at me. We fought and this wasn't your petty little bitch fight, full on punches to the face. Once we were done we washed our faces incase of blood smears.

"Now will you open it" She asked

"Fine," I huffed. Lizzy had punched me in the eye, hurt like nobody business. Although I did get her back black eye and a burst lip? Suits me good.

I opened the letter and it was a party invitation to one of the biggest parties of the year. Lizzy's friend/ My boyfriend, Sebastian or Seb as I call him, his brother was the host this year so the party was going to be epic.

"Joshie is hosting the annual Party Fest this year" I said gleefully. My sister blushed. She is in love with the boy but he only likes her for her body but he knows I would kill himif he used her so they are just friends, Shh Lizzy doesn't know about that though.

"This Annual Party Fest is going to be held at the Masion House on Laker Cresent at 7:30pm, Hope to see you all there, Josh" I read.

"Eeeeek, This will be so much fun, Lindz are we going?" Lizzy asked excitdly

"Hell yeah, If Josh is holding it, the party will be a night to remember," I exclaimed

"When is it?" Lizzy asked

"Tonight at 7:30" I said re-reading the letter

"Thats in 6 hours" She sqeauled.

"Right I will suss dinner go and get your shower and change into joggers and a top for just now, Bacon sandwiches?" I asked

"Oh god Lindz don't tease me, I love them" She moaned.

"Okay then bacon it is" I smiled.

Lizzy took like 5 minutes in her shower, and she wolfed down her sandwhich. I took my time as knowing me I would spew, something I didnt want.

30 minutes later

And Im finally out of my shower and Lizzy is dressed and already has her make up on. I gawk at her.

"What?" She asked as she winds her hair round the curler

"You the party isnt till ages still you nut" I laugh

"So am getting ready early" She scoffes at me. I laugh and dried my body, shoving on my Lipsy tracksuit. Lizzy moves from our dresser and I plonk myself down in front of the mirror.

"Lindz, does my hair look okay?" She askes flicking her curly hair over her shoulders.

"Beautiful" I say nicely. We both have natural dirty blonde hair as we are identical. We were both wearing our tracksuits, mines was blue and hers was pink, this is the ony way we tell other clothes apart, they are different colours but people still get confused. I dried my hair and waited a few hours before actaully doing anything with it.

5 and a half hours later

I started to curl my hair just the same as Lizzy. I sometimes find it funny when people couldn't tell us apart so we tried to dress the same just for the giggles. After my hair I was ready to go. I met up with Lizzy who was sitting watching NCIS on TV. 

"Hey dont you look awesome Lindz" Lizzy grinned at me

"Yeah we are just the spit... Literally" I burst out laughing. Lizzy joined in. 

"Well then I think it's time to go" I smiled. I grabbed my keys, purse and phone and stood at the door. 

"Come on Lizzy!" I moaned at her. She was standing at the mirror fixing her make-up. 

"Well if you didn't burst my lip I wouldn't be doing this" She bit at me 

"It's gonna be dark you dumbass" I laughed "You punched me in the eye but you don't see me fixing my make-up" I pointed out

"Fine am done" She said throwing her hands in the air.

"Purse and phone sis" I say. She turned around and grabbed her things before I shut the door. It wasn't too far a walk from our house to the place but it was bloody freezing. 

10 minutes later 

"Hey baby" Seb said as he greeted me with his lips. He had a slight smell of alcohol

"Wow couldn't wait huh" I smiled, pulling away

"For what?" He asked taking my hand

"For alcohol you nut" I laughed

"Oh well when you are helping Joshie set up for his big party, Im amazed am not drunk" Seb said pulling me closer. I giggled. 

"Aww poor Josh, if you needed help you could have just asked" I said wrapping my arms round his waist. Seb could tell me and Lizzy apart simply because he gave me a matching necklace and ring which I wear all the time, and if you look really closely my eyes are a slightly brighter blue than Lizzy's. Or so Seb says anyway. 

"You wanting a drink" Seb's askes as he drags me upto the drink and food table

"Er yeah sure, Where's my sister" I asked picking up some peanuts. 

"Where do you think she would be" Seb laughs. Am still not sure. I have never trusted Lizzy at a party. 

"Hey Lizzy, Seb get your own girlfriend" Josh says from behind me. Seb has turned around but is still looking at me, I tilt my head slightly so he can see my expression. He laughs. 

"What" Josh askes confused

"I am his girlfriend you plug" I say turning around to face Josh

"No Seb gave Lindsay a ring" Josh said quickly. I lifted up my hand. 

"Oh shit sorry, Where's Lizzy then" He askes. 

"Am not sure I asked Seb the same thing but we thought she might have been with you" I say. I pull out my phone and message her. 

Me: Hey where the fuck did you go? xxx

Lizzy: I needed to pee am coming towards you! xx :)

I look up and see my sister walking towards me. 

"You nut" I smile

"Well I had to pee so" She laughs. 

"Well Josh there's the person you are looking for" I smile

"Thanks Lindz" Josh glares at me. I giggle. We all wonder over to the DJ area and get the tunes going. 

"What song do we want" Josh screams over the current music playing

"Whatever will get this party going" I yell back. 

"Okay" he yells 

Avicii- Wake me up

Me and Lizzy start singing along. Seb stands behind me, arms around my waist swaying me gently. I rested my head against his chest. 

"Do you want to go somewhere more private?" he whispers into my ear

"Dont start" I whisper back a smile plasters my face. I heard him chuckle. I look over to my right and see Josh and Lizzy holding hands. I smile and pat Seb's hand. His head comes over my shoulder.

"Look at them" I whisper. He lifts himself up and looks. He smiles too

"I thought he only wanted her for her body?" Seb whispers 

"Maybe he has changed, she is a really fine girl" I whisper back. I pull out my phone and text her 

Me; Aww aint he sweet!! xxxx

Lizzy: Yeah i know he asked me out :D xxx

Me: Really what did you say? xxx

Lizzy: Let me think about it :D xxx.

I show Seb my phone and he laughs. 

"What a shame" he texts into the bar. I delete that and type back Yeah but maybe he has changed, she didn't really trust him before. I smile. 

Everybody is jumping and dancing to the music. Josh put on an almost never-ending disc of party music. We came down and danced beside the others. Me and Lizzy wandered back over to the food and drinks table 

"Hey where did you find that toilet sis"  I say to her.

"I found it in that old masion place" Lizzy said. She took my hand and we walked over to the house. Lizzy kept stumbling

"How much have you had to drink?" I asked her

"Only 4" she laughs

"Only 4, You drunk 4 fucking bottles" I scream

"Josh had 5" She slurred.

He's gonna get a hiding, I sang to myself.

I pushed open the door, it was dark and damp. The floor creaked and the door slammed itself shut

"Wow. *hic* it aint creeeeeeepy" Lizzy slurred.

"You sit there Lizzy, I will find the bathroom myself" I said placing her in a seat.

"Beee Careeefoool" She sang

"Shut up Lizzy" I sneered as I sprinted up the stairs. She was really funny when she was drunk, maybe I should film her, put her on you've been framed and bag myself £250, I smiled at my plan. I found the bathroom. It was clean, dust free and everything worked.

"Wow so much for abandoned" I say to myself. I heard some thuds and even though I had just been I nearly peed myself. I went over to the door and it was locked, but I never locked it. I pulled the handle, the door shook on it's hinges but it never opened

"Fuck" I shouted

"LIZZY... LIZZY OPEN THE DOOR!" I screamed hoping my sister isn't too drunk to hear my screams. 

"LIZZY" I scream, I feel the tears lingering in my eyes. 

"LIZZY PLEASE HELP ME!" I cried. Suddenley the door opened and I fell fowards onto the hard wooden floor. So hard it winded me. I sat up and took a few deep breaths to try and get the air into my lungs. 

A few good minutes had past and I could breathe again. I got up and looked over the bainster, Wasn't a huge fall but enough to hurt somebody. I looked about, my eyes landed on the empty chair. I tilted my head in confusion. 

"Lizzy" I said, my voice echoed.

Meanwhile back outside Seb POV 

"Josh have you seen Lindsay and Lizzy?" I asked my brother, who was drunk but not drunk

"I think they went away to the toilet" Josh replied as he opened another bottle of vodka

"Remember you spew in my car your cleaning it up in the morning with your toothbrush" I warned. 

"Yeah Yeah" He said shaking his hand. 

I walked up to the house, Chills coursed through me. I pushed open the door. It was pretty heavy. 

"Lindsay! Lizzy!" I shouted once I got inside. The door slammed shut. 

" GO AWAY!" A husky voice called out. It was too manly to be one of the girls and Josh is outside. 

"Who the fuck do you think you are!" I shout back

"Lizzy!" I hear a voice echo. 

"Lindsay!" I shouted. 

Then I heard 2 screams, both girls. I knew one was Lizzy's since she screams all the time but the other didn't sound right. The other sounded more like a laugh than a scream. I sprinted up the stairs. My phone buzzed 

Mygirl: Hey baby where are you?xxx

Me: Am inside looking for you!xxx

Mygirl: Me and Lizzy are outside with Josh, Come back out please xxx

Me: Errr okay am coming xxx

I put my phone back into my pocket. Her text wasn't right either. Definitely not having another Annual Fest here. I walk out the house and back towards the party 

Lindsay POV

I suddenly heard 2 screams, both girls, but it was only me and Lizzy in here, One was Lizzy's but the other wasn't mine. I ran across the landing and saw a firgure

"Lizzy!" I shouted gleefully

"Linsday there you are I was looking for youuu!" She slurred. I hugged my sister. I hadn't been so happy to her in my life. 

"Lets go" She said "it's creepy in here" She added, She sobered up quickly. The halls never seemed to end and all the doors and walls looked the same. I decided to message Seb 

"Message Seb Lindz" Lizzy urged me

"Like I was just pulling out my phone to take a selfie Lizzy you dumbass" I hiss

"Really!" Lizzy asked me 

"You really are a dumb blonde aren't you" I mutter to myself. 

Me: Hey baby can you come and find us we are locked in the house? xxx

I sent it but then it said Connection Failed

"But I have full bars" I exclaim

"Try again" Lizzy says. I try again but nothing works. My phone suddenly turns black and blood red writing comes up on the screen: Welcome to your NIGHTMARE

I drop my phone, it beeps before going dead. Lizzy screamed and cowarded into me

"Lizzy where is your phone?" I ask, Felling the fear course through me

"In my purse!" Lizzy sobbed

"kKeep it there, dont touch it, and if and when we get home everything we have on and on us gets burned got it!" I say

"Got it" She crys. 

Suddenly the floor lights up and points us towards the a door on the far end of the hall. 

"Come on then, ths might be our way out" I urge. She takes my hand and we run across to this door. The floor goes dark and I start to feel excited. I look at Lizzy and I can tell she feels the same. 

"The door is locked though!" I say turning the knob. 

"Here" Lizzy smiles as she takes a kirby grip out of her hair. 

"Thank you know me too well sis" I grin at her. 

I pick the lock and the door creaks open. I pull it open and Lizzy screams. My jaw drops, 




th?id=HN.608052182460467707&pid=15.1 Monsters are real, Ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and Sometimes, They win - Stephen King


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