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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
Rogue was a 23 year old street racer. In love with cars since a little girl, she pursued a dream in fixing up cars, making them better then racing them, competing with others. With being the only girl in the business, guys found her a turn on but she wasn't interested. Will driving stay her top priority?

Submitted: January 06, 2016

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Submitted: January 06, 2016




It was a normal day in the garage. I was leaning over the engine of the new car I bought to spruce up. 2015 McLaren 65OS. I was buzzing to fix it up a bit. 

"Oooo, Rogue has new baby, Who knocked you up?" Our smartass of the group asked as he swaggered into the garage. 

"Grow up Lane, Better car than what you have waiting for you at the minute. What whore you knocking up?" I smirked as I threw a towel over my shoulder. 

"My car is Lambo Gallardo 2013," He smirked

"McLaren 2015, baby. Get with the times," I said as I flicked myself round to lean back over the engine. 

I purposely teased the boys by wearing tank tops and shorts. But by the end of the day it comes to the point I'm glad I wear it for my own good. It get's hot and stuffy in garages. 


Tommy: Got a newbie in town, hit with the police and a great evader too. He's looking you all up to see if he can get spikes outa ya. Bet Lane has heard of him as we speak. I'll keep you posted, Keep safe X

Me: Awh what a cutie ^.^ Lane is screaming about it just now, but he better watch himself, if Lane get's a hold of him, Newbie will be newly dead. That's fine, let me know how he gets on. Always do X

I found it cute when new people challanged us. It brings them up with the police which is a good thing at our levels. The more new racers that come on the go, the less heat there is on us.

I had started on installing a nitrous, when Lane made me install it wrong. 

"Oh sorry Rogue, maybe it was fate. I mean I don't think a girl of your delicate nature should be handling hi-tech nitrous," He said with a fake sympathetic voice. The other guys laughed. 

"Better watch yourself pretty boy, continue and you are going to have a very sore body as I park Dan's car up your ass!" I threatened as I threw a spanner at his head and kicked his knee

All lumped now

"You're a bitch Rogue," He growled.

"Sorry baby, can't handle it? Don't screw with me boy," I glared. He limped away and held his head. 

"Oooo Lane got burned by his crush. Ouch," Reece laughed. I smiled and wiped my head. 


"You heard about the newbie?" Lane asked as he pinned me against the hood of his car. 

"You just don't learn do you?" I asked. He pinned my hands and legs. "You're a prick!" I shouted as I struggled under his grip. The hood of the car was hot and uncomfortable. 

"Listen to me," He said through his teeth. "This newbie is a real hit with cops and he's coming for us. I don't want him to beat you," Lane whispered. 

"I don't need your concern Lane, He beats me woop dee doo, maybe he'll kick your ass into place," I smirked.

"You aren't a true racer," He scoffed. 

"Dude, I would go out and find him to train him to beat you. I mean how many times have I kicked your ass?" I asked. 

"....Many but you don't understand," he said. I pushed him off me. 

"Stop worrying about me, I don't need or want your help," I said. I saw him looking me up and down. My body was glistening,as horrible as it may sound due to sweat. He glared before leaving.


Unknown: Heard you are one big top racer?

Me: The one of many, what's going on cupcake? X

Unknown: Ah Rogue? Ama right? ;D X

Me: One and only, You up for a race? X

Unknown: Damn right ;)I'm your newbie ;P Bring your boys hun, meet you at Hanner Park X

"Round it up boys, Our newbie wants to race," I shout as I throw my towel and push the tool chest away. Jumping into my car, I stuck to the leather and cringed.

"Where too?" Dan said as he bent down at my window.

"Hanner Park,"I smiled as the engine roared to life. Spinning the car to the opening, Lane sped in beside me. Rolling down my window I saw how angry he was. 

"Awh is Lane pissed that a newbie is challenging him?" I teased.

"He wrecks, actually even stratches my car, he's a dead man. Nobody comes into my town and claims he's better," 

"Lane stop acting like a little boy who doesn't want to share his toys. You forget we do this for fun. We aren't the blacklists from 'Need For Speed' and you sure as hell aren't 'Razor'. Besides, 'Razor ' is better looking," I smirked as I sped out. Thrusting into 4th gear, my car hit 121 mph. I felt my skin to the leather and the straps rubbing into my shoulders. 

Oh the whiplash if I crash. 

Swerving into Hanner, Dan clipped me. 

"Bitch!" I shouted as I hit the nitrous pedal I installed to completely take it him out. Instead I swerved past him and made a perfect stop in Hanner park.

"Oh boy's our newbie is gonna kick your asses. I know we are rusty but that was pathetic,"I giggled. 

"If it wasn't for you and your bloody nitrous fumes in my windscreen I would have bet you here," Luke whined going all huffy. We heard screeching for the north of Hanner and waited for our newbie to do a 360 spin in beside my car. 

I lent on the top of my car waiting for him to appeared out from behind the tinted windows. 

"Well if it isn't Lane and his crew," He laughed. His laugh was like heaven. He turned himself around and copied my stance. "And my favourite, Rogue," He winked. I felt myself blush which is something I never do due to being around men 24/7. 

"Okay pretty boy what's your deal?" Dan asked, 

"I'm here to challenge you wimps, if you are up for a challenge. I mean Rogue said it too, you's are all rusty. Your driving skills aren't as pro as I thought,"

"Watch yourself babe," I smiled. Feeling very attracted to him I couldn't bring myself to be angry that he was mocking my driving. I felt myself blush hard that I was letting him walk over me. 

"So which one of your wimps are up for a challenge?" He asked

"I am you cocky douche bag," I said trying to be angry. He chuckled. 

"Your rage amuses me, baby," He winked. 

"Im up for your shitty challenge. You talk to her like that again I will be the first to put an end to your life," Lane said.

"Ooo touchy of the girl now are we fella's?" He laughed as he walked closer to me. Getting into my car I revved the engine making him jump. He grinned. "Okay Rogue, Lane, Sprint Race. Right up Manor into Pulse Park, through Salt Lake then back down here," He smiled. 

9.4 miles

"Hop to it baby," I smiled. 

Revving up the engines, I went on call with Dan and Luke as did Lane. 

"I'm so going to kill him for the way he spoke to you Rogue," Lane huffed.

"I don't need your defence Lane, I don't belong to you, I can take care of myself!" I said 

"You need all of us because you think you are Queen when it comes to driving! I hope this newbie destroys your car, kick you up the ass a bit," Lane said. I was taken back but I kept my cool as Dan put up the flag. 

"Im so sorry Rogue," Lane said 

"Fuck.You!" I said as I stomped the gas pedal as Dan put the flag down. Lane wasn't as quick as he used to be but me and the newbie were neck in neck racing along. I took all the short cuts and used nitrous various times and was quicker by 65 mph. I spun my car over the line and the newbie was soon after. 

Sweat covered me like shiny trasparent foundation. I giggled as I got out the car. 

"Well you sure made me run for my money. I should apologise for what I said earlier. You aren't rusty in your skills after all," he said as he backed me up against my car. I felt myself blush wildly. 

"Damn you be cute when covered in sweat and blushing like crazy," He said with a sexy husky voice.

I laughed, "Don't know if I should be happy with that complement," I giggled. He ran his hand through my hair as I placed my hand on his chest. My eyes gazed around his body when I caught Lane underneath the newbie's car. With the newbie still engrossed in my hair I watched Lane completely destory the oil and fuel tanks under his car. Then I watched as he got up and phoned the police about street racers. 

You heard the sirens squeal

"Shit, Rogue go," He said quickly. 

"Get into my car! I'll pay to get your's out of impound later," I said quickly as I grabbed his hand.

"Why," He said calmly 

"Just do it!" I screamed. 

Speeding away we left his car at the scene and we rushed off back to the garage. 

"I'm Aero," He smiled. 

Fuck did his name suit his sexy badass character. 

"Rogue," I smiled back. 

Thrusting into 3rd I picked up the pace and pushed the nitrous pedal. I glanced at Aero who was enjoying the ride. 

Aero's POV 

To race Rogue was something I never expected, let alone be in her car with her.

Clutching the wheel, I enjoyed watching her body in the driver's mode. Her body glistened, her clothes and hair stuck to her like glue but gosh was she beautiful. 

Her phone rang

"Dan?" I questioned accusingly.

"Touchy much?" She laughed "Answer it then," She said as she swerved over the grass. 

"Hello," I replied to the phone. 

"Who the hell is this? Where is Rogue?" He asked. 

"I'm your worst nightmare by the sounds of things. What if I was to tell you I'm some sort of secret agent that has captured Rogue for my own personal doing?" I asked, I watch the amusement and embarrasment flood to Rogue's face. 

"It won't only be Lane that kills you, He's already screwed over a newbie in town don't let him up his toll," Dan said

"Ah Lane, Heard a lot about him and that newbie he 'screwed' over is the one you are talking too," I laughed and hung up

"Can you drop me off somewhere?" I asked. 

"Sure where at cutie," She replied before she pulled in. "Uh dropping you off with have to wait, we have company," She smiled evily and pushed on the gas. 

"Hold tight baby, I'll lose em," She smiled. 

10 minutes later we were in a hideout spot and she was breathing heavily whilst I had the time of my life. 

"You okay babe?" I asked. 

"I almost killed you," She gasped. 

"I'm alive it's fine," I said as I put on the police scanner. 

"Code 8 got away, passenger is unknown," The girl said. 

"That's fine passenger is of no concern yet," The police officer said back. 

I smiled. They had no clue who I was.

"You nicknamed code 8?" I asked as I placed my hand on hers. 

"Yup, there was 8 of us. Lane, Dan, Luke, Carson, Klaus, Eli, Emmett and me,"

"Why was?" I asked. 

"Well, Carson is no longer with us," She said. 

"Oh?" I asked. indicating she continued. 

"I'm not telling you, that's like letting you letting you into my bed," She said trying to be angry. 

"This angry mask doesn't work for you does it?" I asked. 

She picked up her phone suddenly rung. 

"PISS OFF LANE!" She shouted, anger apparant in her voice. 

"I DONT CARE, I DON'T NEED YOU TO STAND UP FOR ME!" She screamed so loud I covered my ears. Grabbing her phone I cut him off. 

"Jesus, Rogue, you might not have killed me but you were close to deafening me," I laughed. 

"Where do you want dropped off, blood is gonna be shed and I ain't getting you involved, will only make shit worse on my behalf."

"Rogue?" I asked. 

"Where to Aero!" She blew up and got up and screamed outside the car before getting back in and clutching the wheel. 

"Parkway, club 9" I said. 

Rogue's POV 

I drove in silence with Aero in the passenger seat. Only knowning him for a short while I already felt like I'd known him for ages. 

Picking up my phone I sped dialled Tommy who I knew would do me a favour. 

"Hey can you do me a favour?" I asked

"Will you stop the car for me first hun, I can hear you are driving," I rolled my eyes and pulled in, Aero staring puzzled at me. 

"Okay now what's up sugar."

"I need you to spruce up a car for me," I said

"Uh huh, who, what and why for," 

"Secret, Secret and because Lane is an ass," 

"Any specific type?" He asked. 

"Lamborghini Veneno," I grinned. 

"Ooh baby you got money for that shit?" He laughed. 

"For the person that this is for, yeah I'm loaded for that," I winked at Aero. "How long would it take to spruce up with nitrous and stuff?" I asked

"Hour tops?" Tommy replied.

"Brilliant, Love you heaps for this!" I giggled. 

"See you soon," Tommy said before hanging up. 

"What the hell are you doing buying a Lambo Veneno," He gasped. 

"Stop your whinning," I laughed as I sped up to Tommy's garage. 


"Shut your eyes babe," I said as I covered his eyes with my hand and pushed him forward. 

"Rogue seriously?" He asked. 

Pushing him forward, Tommy narrowed his eyes at me. "What will Lane say?" He asked

"Fuck Lane, He's not my controller, boyfriend or father," I said as I continued to push Aero in. 

"Surprise!" I giggled moving my hand. 

"What the fuck!" He gasped. 


"Do me a favour will you?" I asked

"Bitch I owe you more than just one favour but we will make this the start. What's up!" He laughed

"Go kick Lane's ass!" I grinned as I dropped the keys in his hand. 

"Rogue!" Tommy hissed. I looked at him and followed his gaze. Aero was standing with his hand on my hips. "Lane, see's this he will kill you. You aren't following racer code and you sure as hell aren't playing safetly."

"Screw Lane, I don't care. Times have changed Tommy, As I told Lane we aren't Need For Speed. Racing is for fun now and always has been. It's you guys that have forgotten that. As soon as Lane realises this isn't his town, that I'm not his girl, and that newbie here is gonna do whatever his likes. The better. Only way he will learn is if someone puts him in his place," I replied. 

"Why can't you then?" Aero asked. " Does that mean I can do whatever I like to you?" he whispered inot my ear. I grinned. 

"I already have 6 times I've raced him and beaten him but he still acts all boss man," I sighed. 

"Let's go, baby," Aero smiled as he pulled my hand. I smiled and paid Tommy. 

"Be careful sweetie, You know what like lane is," He warned. 

"I know, Thank you so much for this."


"Rogue!" Lane shouted as I came back to the garage with Aero. "How is he here, why isn't he in jail."

"Because I saw your shitty little plan to get rid of him. He wants a rematch. Right now!" I said. 

"The idiot doesn't have a car," Lane laughed with the other guys. 

"Does now!" I seethed. 

Forced to be in the car with Lane, and Dan with Aero, We sprinted the track. I sat in complete silence and ignored him everytime he spoke to me. He suddenly took a different turn and sped up. 

"What the hell are you doing," I gasped. 

"If I can't have you Rogue, no one can. Just know I loved you," He said as he drove through a barrier. 

The windscreen smashed, and I cracked my head off the dashboard. All I remembered was feeling the car go airborne and Lane jumping out the door. 


"Rogue!" A voice shouted. I twitched and automatically felt pain in my legs, back and head. I screamed. 

"What happened?" I asked. 

"You are stuck in Lane's car, What hurt's the most?" He asked as I heard sirens. 

"My legs, back and head," I said as I undone my seatbelt and tried to get out the car.

"No Rogue, stay there," He said grabbing my arm. I ignored him and got out the car. With extreme pain I might also add. "Got my hands full with you then," He smirked. 

"Damn right you do," I said as I held back the tears. Looking down as much as I could, I saw the extreme mess they were in. Aero was my balance as I felt dizzy as hell. Dan and Luke were gobsmacked. 

"Rogue," Luke gasped. Aero put his hand up to stop anyone but paramedics coming to my attention. His hands were covered in blood. My blood.

"Am I bleeding?" I whispered as i sank further into his body. 

"Baby you have just been in trouble for an hour," he said. I grinned. 

"Love to in trouble with you," I grinned before sobbing in pain.

"We can make that happen." He smirked. I couldn't take the pain anymore and I passed out.


3 days later

"Hey you are getting better at this," Aero smiled as I clasped his hands in mine. 

"Yeah well it still nips," I groaned. He laughed as if to say well duh. "He ruined me," I sighed. 

"Rogue, Lane is in prison for attempted murder. That car accident should have killed you. He was going over 80 miles an hours," Aero said as he took me home.

Shocked didn't begin to describe it. Although I was happy I had nothing to do with him anymore.

In the past three days, I started dating Aero, I found out he does more with his life than race cars and get on the polices' nerves and that he owns his own tattoo business. Before we got close, he never showed off his arms in a bid to impress me. Now he shows them off to impress because I told him I liked tattoos. 

Stupid I know 

I was well looked after by him. I taught him how to do up cars and I got to be apart of his business. 

A tattoo model. 

Which was fun. The amount of guys Aero has almost killed due to the pictures of myself is unreal. Although they don't show of much skin, I have been told I'm a born model. I personally don't think so though. Car's were more my thing. 

"Please stop trying to kill people over me. I don't want you in jail, baby," I said as I pressed myself into him. He put his head up and closed his eyes with pleasure. 

"I'm sorry but you are mine and nobody touches ever! That's my job," he replied huskily. I loved it and he knew it.

As much as I loved Aero, I was hooked and in love with fast cars, driving and being out on the road.


If everything seems under control, You're just not going fast enough <3


© Copyright 2020 ChloeLMcgarrett. All rights reserved.

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