Why Me ?

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
Shane Masters, Normal 19 year old boy. Has a girlfriend ect.
But what he doesn't know is his life isn't as normal as he thinks.

Submitted: January 20, 2014

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Submitted: January 20, 2014



Why me ?

Sweat dripped down my face, Stephanie was dying in front of me,"SHANE!" She would scream. screams of agony escaped her  eyes, i watched helplessly, screaming.


Days earlier

"Shane, wake up sleepy head" My mother said, her voice rung in my head. I groaned. She then yanked open the curtains, Sunshine poured in the window. Damn the sun of New York.

"SHANE" My mum screamed.

"Okay okay am up" I said as i grabbed my top and threw it over my head. Pushing my mother out of my room i got changed into my school uniform. Black Shirt, Tie, Blazer, Black trousers and shoes. I stood in fronnt of the mirror. Gliding my hand through my spiked hair. I heard my mother shouting up something before the front door slammed shut.

"Thank the fucking lord" I breathed a sigh of relief. " The bats gone" I grinned, I was about to change into comfortable clothes until i got a message  

1 Message


Stephanie:Hey Baby am waiting outside where are you? xxx

Me: Mmm Heeey Am inside just come in, you know you can! ;) xx

"Hello" A silk voice.

"Hey" I said as i slid down the banister greeting my girlfriend as i stood, my arm wrapped her waist.

She stood in my hallway with a skirt, tights, pumps, blouse, tie and blazer.

"Aint you cute" I said in a sweet voice

" Aint you smart" She giggled as she cuddled into me. We started kissing in the hall only to be interupted by my mother coming basck in the door

"Shane Masters" She teased

"Oh excuse me Mrs Masters i was just leaving" Stephanie said as she slid past my mother and out the door again

"Steph wait" I called after her

"WHY ME!" I shouted as i run after her. I slammed the door shut behind me and ran off to school, catching up with Stephanie on the way.

"What was that about" I asked her as she grabbed my hand and cuddled into me as we walked to school.

"Sorry i thought your mum meant it but then she was obviously kidding" Stephanie smiled, she was still on edge and her heart beat was still beating rapidly and her phone was buzzing non stop, there was something wrong.

A car pulled up beside us. The windows were all tinted black.

I stopped and Stephanie hid behind me. I felt my muscles tense up. The drivers window rolled down just enough for us to see the top of his head. He was dressed in black and he wore tinted black shades too. There was faint music in the car, i was sure i heard it before but wasnt quite sure what it was. Her tears dont fall, they crash around me. I had heard his voice,  knew the band. i just couldn't place me finger on it 

"Hey, sorry to bother you cute couple but, i lost my cute partner" He said winking at me" Would you mind helping me find her, she is called Stephanie" He smiled deviously. Men appeared out of every door of the car, some had pistols others had handguns

"Do you know this people Steph" I asked her

"No!" She hesistated

"Steph!" I said getting slightly angry

"Yes Okay i do just do what they say" She whined. Then i heard a gun cock behind me, as sharp pain stabbed into my rib cage. i lifted up my arm to find Stephanie with a hand gun at my side

"So you set me up" I said fear and rage zipping through me

"Just do what they say Shane!" She cried.

"Okay Shane!" The guy winked " listen to the pretty girl and get the car

"What!" I gulped

"Listen to the pretty bitch and get the in the fucking car" He reapeated. I looked over my shoulder and Stephanie stood crying as she held the gun at me. I took a deep breath and got in the car.

Day 1

"Rise and shine Shane" A malicious voice said. My eyes fluttered open. i tried moving. Chains clanked against each other. Screams flooded the room. Her screams? My eyes shot open.


"Why, shoud you care Shane, she set you up, she led you into this mess she... set.... you.... up.... you can't do anything" He hissed as she whipped her again and again, her screams were agonizing.Her tears spiralled down her face. Crashing around me. then it clicked i knew the song, but

"That song doesnt fit Shane, keep trying though" He said, he was in the darkness but you could she the devious smile he had on his face.

"How does it feel Shane to know that am hurting her, and there is nothing you can do. You can't comfort her, you can't kiss her and tell her things will be okay, as you try to act like the hard-ass boyfriend you know your not" He hissed, The only light was two spotlights, one on me and one on Stephanie. I saw her tears and a mixture of blood on her white chalky skin. She just looked at me, like all of this was my fault.

"Be back soon my pretties, try not kill each other for me," Then his laugh rang in my ears.

"Why Shane" She cried

"What do you mean why, you set me up" I said, not wanting to believe it was true

"Why did you save me or at least try and stop them" She cried

"You had a gun pointed at me, along with 5 other men Steph" I said, as i wriggled about the chains

"Why Shane" She cried 


"Well done Shane, thats what we wanted to here, the bitch set you up, you finally believe us" The voice boomed. The anger pulsed through my vains

"SHANE!" She screamed, her violent screaming killed me, but they wanted me on their side, they wanted me to the believe them, I just hope that believing in them will help us get out

Day 2

I had stayed awake all night, thinking of a plan and watching Stephanie struggle to sleep. She opened her eyes

"Shane how could you" She said her voice weak and dry

"How could you set me up, i love you" I said

"Just how" She weeped. I smiled. She was in on whatever was happening

"Shane, Ohh Shane" The voice boomed

"Hello" I shoouted back

"SHANE DON'T, THATS WHAT HE WANTS" Stephanie shouted. I winked at her, i knew what i was doing, or i thought i did. I eased my head up to my poor wrists, blood dripped onto my face. I eased my head back up the blood trickled down my face. I fell asleep, how i dont know.


"SHANE SHANE!" A voice screamed at me. I woke up, to be free.I looked around, my vision was blurry.

"SHANE GET UP LETS GO " Stephanie pleaded. I got up dizzy, but she started to pull at my arm, so i went with her. We got out of the room. Nothing looked familiar, even Stephanie didn't look familiar either. She pulled me along the corridor, she seemed to know where she was going, as we weaved in and out of doors. I started to slow down unti i stopped

"Shane what are you doing, dont stop" She urged

"Steph, we have been down this corridor 5 times now" I said suspiciously

"Well Done Shane" The voice boomed

"Why me" i mutter to myself

"Shane come on please" She begged.

"No" I said before whispering into her ear

"He wants me to not believe you, carry on, he thinks i believe, i dont, and i dont mean anything i saw either" I whispered

"Don't be stupid let's just go" She whined. She was taking me on. We started running again. Suddenly the lights went out.

"SHANE!" Stephanie screamed

"STEPH" I shouted back, i couldn't see nothing. The lets appeared back on and i was by myself.

"OK, why do you want, i did jackshit to you bastard" I spoke,

"Don't speak to me like that" The voice boomed

" i just did" I grinned.

"SHANE HELP ME!" She screamed

"Go on Shane try and help her" The voice said

" i would if you tol me what door"

"First on your left" The voice said calmly, but there was a more feminine touch to it. I opened the first door on my left. My face dropped.

Sweat dripped down my face, Stephanie was dying in front of me, "SHANE!" She would scream. Screams of agony escaped her eyes, I watched helplessly, screaming


A voice cackled






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