Thank You For Finding Me

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A little poem I wrote one insomnia filled night, inspired by a conversation I had with someone I love.
Thanks for reading.

Submitted: October 13, 2010

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Submitted: October 13, 2010



Walk into this wondrous trap with me
Sit and watch the spider smile
Though impending doom is within sight
Dont the stars look nice tonight?
I think they do,
I hope you think so too..
Don't you?

Dance with me under this moon
with diamonds sown in
to the black satin sky.
And yeah, I know.
That line's a cliché.
But you'll always love me anyway,
Won't you?
I hope you do..

Under roofs and over grounds
Look at all this shit we found!
Well I've got this button
this lock and shark teeth
and hey, what'dyou got?
Well, It looks like a key.

Whattya think it opens? Fuck no,
Not this lock of mine
See, it's far to old and rusty
See, it corroded away with time.
Well, I don't know.
Neglect, I suppose.
Look, it's been thrown in the mud
and stepped on, forgotten
by everyone.
but not you and me
or so it seems.

You still want to try?
My God, You're such a fool.
This lock won't ever open
for someone the likes you.
Go ahead and take it,
I mean, you won't get very far!
Like I told you this before
It's old, it's rusty it's broken.
I told you it was broken,
why the fuck wont you listen?!
Stop it, you're going to crack it
You're going to ruin it!
Didn't I tell you it was mine!
It's broken I tell you!
You don't like to listen
do you?

That noise, I heard a noise.
What noise? This noise
a soft click.
So clear through the air

What'd you do?!
My God, I swear-
You fixed it?
But how!?
IT was broken!
I knew it was broken!
Oh, please stop laughing at me..
All you did was brush the dirt off
and looked inside to see.
There was a blackened piece of glass
you had to wiggle free...

That's it?
That's all you had to do?
Well, I know I dont say this
often enough
but really and truly
Thank you

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