who needs enemies--

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this is about an angel who came down to earth and was naive enough to pick the wrong friends--

Submitted: July 07, 2011

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Submitted: July 07, 2011



who needs enemies--

now poor old john ,he couldnt swim,so all his friends,helped  push him in,with concrete blocks to help him float around,but who,s to know when the rivers wide,that it wont be deep,when you jump inside,unless of course the tide, it has gone home--

then all his friends rushed to his aid, and promised they would try again,but first they would have help him ,dry his clothes,--

so they hung him from the nearest tree,so he could swing against the breeze,and when his clothes were dry,they cut him down--

but the poor old fool,he cried and cried,im bloody cold ,and my throat,s gone dry,please help me friends,or i will surely die---

so they rushed him of to an easy chair,that had connections everywhere,and then they plugged him in for sound,or so they said--

but when the current hit his clothes,the dampness made it all explode,and he was left as naked as a child-

so they gave to him an overcoat,to keep him warm,and help support, a bridge that reached across the vastness of the sky--

but the bridge in anger killed his friends,for having dared support its legs,with concrete that was weak,and never set-

and so at last the fool went home,he didnt cry but he should have done,for he was setting fast in the blazing sun,but then he fell into a stream,that was so deep that he had to swim,without the blocks ,to help him float around--

and when at last he finally died, the angels came and closed his eyes,they even held him down ,to keephim still,but the lord himself he interfered, when he saw that john was shedding tears,and gently held his hand,to comfort him----

then of they set towards the pearly gates,where the promised land it lay in  wait,to welcome john,the angel in disguise----

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