Straighten Up, Soldier.

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This is a completely fictional, made up story I have no relation to and I cried while typing it. It's a story about a boy and a girl who grew up together, fell in love, and are now married. The boy is in the military but that doesn't stop their love. You will NOT regret reading this, it's got an ending that you're not expecting. PLEASE read, it's a guaranteed love.
Enjoy, y'all.


"I miss you so much, Mitchell." I say to my husband over the phone, trying to hold back tears but he can still hear my voice quivering. I never can hide it from him.
"Don't cry, princess," he says, his deep but soft voice like a melody to me. "Although breathtaking either way, you look so much more beautiful with a smile on your face, my little dove."
My God, that boy has a way with words.
"You always know what to say to make me smile, Mitchell." I say, smiling through my tears.
"I'll see you tonight, eight o clock. I can't wait to see you, Elizabeth." I smile hearing him say that.
"Okay, I'll see you then, my prince."
"I love you, princess." he says, so sweetly and genuinely.
I close my eyes, wanting to hear him say it over and over again.
"I love you too." I say, the butterflies going wild in my stomach. He still makes me feel like we did when we were kids.
I hang up the phone and sit down, going through pictures of me and Mitchell on my phone.
I haven't seen him in three and a half months, the army has been keeping him away from me more and more this past year. And although it kills me not being able to fall asleep with his arms wrapped around me, I know he's wanted to be in the army and serve his duties since he was a little boy. I would never deprive him of that. I grab my stomach instictively as I feel the baby kick. "Settle down, my sweet little Loretta, settle down." I say softly rubbing my swollen belly.
I've known Mitchell since we were kids, me 7, him 8. We grew up together, we lived next to each other, our parents were best friends and so were we. He had always been there for me through my abusive boyfriends, cheating boyfriends, and deceitful boyfriends. Always holding my hand saying, "It'll be okay. Chin up, my little dove. You'll find the right guy one day, one who'll treat you like the princess you are." 
I can't believe I was blind enough to over look how madly in love with me he had been for years. We've been dating since I was 15, him 16 and now 22 and 23, we've been crazy for each other ever since. That's why him being in the army is so difficult for me, for the both of us. I go over to the mirror, fix my make up, and read a book instead of torturing myself with pictures of us. I'm flipping the twenty-fifth page in my book when I hear a car pull up in the drive way. My heart stops, my stomach drops and I run to the window. Sure enough, there he is. I run down the stairs, swing the front door open, run towards my prince and jump into his arms. We're hugging each other so tight and kissing each other all over, both our faces wet with tears of joy. Once we finally stop crying and hugging and kissing, we seperate and he gets on his knees and kisses my swollen belly, over and over. "How are you, little miss Loretta Lynn? Oh I've missed you so much." He says, his eyes closed, putting his hands on my stomach and kissing it so tenderly, all over. 
He finally stands up and takes my delicate hand in his big, strong hand. "Let's go, my little dove," he says to me. 
"Where are we going?" I say, excited and curious.
"You'll see." He says and smiles his breath taking.
The sky has just gotten dark when we pull up to our destination. He still has refused to tell me where he's taking me with a big smile on his face, so I get out of the car and what I see ahead of me takes my breath away.
I reconize this stop all too well. It's a path up to a dock right on the lake, this is the place he took me when he first told me he loved me.
The only difference tonight was that he had lined the path with twinkling lights, leading up to the edge of the dock where a picnic was set out.
"Oh Mitchell.." I saw in awe, unable to say anything else.
"Come on, my love." he says taking my hand in his once again and leading me down the path.
We sit down and I take a deep breath and take in our surroundings.
It was a beautiful evening. Chilly weather with a slight breeze, no disruptive city lights or noises, and every single star was visible and shining so brilliantly in the clear, dark sky.
We were eating, talking, and soaking in each other's company when a pause arises in our conversation. Not from lack of topics to discuss, but from lack of words. Lack of words because my breath is literally taken away when I look up at the stars.
Watching the stars on a night as beautiful as this is my absolute favorite thing to do. He knows this, this is why he took me here when we were dating, I've loved this view since I was a kid. And now, even when we're married, nothing has changed.
He looks at me admiring the stars much like a husband would his wife walking down the aisle, when he breaks my attention and asks me, "Darling. What about the stars draws you in so deeply?" I look down and chuckle thinking about my reasoning and then look into his eyes and say, "Well, when I was a kid and my parents were fighting, I'd come down here, and I felt so alone but looking up at the sky, each and every star kept me company. It let me know I wasn't alone.
And then.. I met you. And I was never alone again. But my love for the stars never changed, I finally figured out why.. They remind me of your eyes. 
So beautiful, shining so bright, always have a twinkle in them, and they're absolutely breathtaking. One look and I'm gone. The only difference," I say moving closer to him and looking deep into his eyes, "is unlike the stars, your eyes' beauty doesn't seize when the sun comes up, they don't disappear or stop shining. They only get more beautiful. More hypnotizing. More perfect. So lucky for me", I say snuggling up next to him and never breaking eye contact, "I get your eyes during the day and the stars at night. And sometimes, if I'm lucky like I am tonight, I get both at the same time." 
The look in his eyes, the blush on his cheeks, and the smile on his face made me light up. 
But I couldn't even compare to how lit up his eyes were. Oh how I could get lost in his eyes.
He takes both of my hands in his, looks at me and says, "I love you, Elizabeth Miyah Nelson." Those were the exact words and the same motion he did when he told me he loved me for the first time. He gently pulls my chin so that my mouth meets his and kisses me as we drown in each others company and happiness.
We finish our picnic by the lake and then head home.
We get home, and get ready for bed. We're both by the bed when he comes up to me, places his hand behind my neck and brings my lips towards his. I never knew a kiss could hold so much love, so much passion. My starts racing and as I place my hand on his chest, I can feel his about to jump out of his chest. We only have tonight before he goes back in the morning so we're going to make the most of our one night together. We undress each other and then I wrap my arms around his neck and he puts his arms around my back, laying me down on the bed. That was the best love we had ever made, and I felt so close to him, I never wanted him to leave. We lay down under the covers and fell asleep, his arms around me holding me so tight, just like it used to be.
I press the button on the alarm clock, ending its agonizing noise. I look at the time, 7:00 AM. 
I groan. I roll over and face Mitchell. 
"Miiiitchell," I say softly, as if speaking to a child. I kiss him all over his handsome face until he wakes up. He opens his eyes, sees me, and a big, sleep smile spreads across his face. "Good morning, beautiful." He says, kissing me. He sits up, stretches his arms over his head, which causes his muscles to buldge from his exposed skin. He rubs his eyes sleepily, just like he did when he was a child, and we get up to start getting ready. 45 minutes later, we're standing by his car, avoiding the inevitable.
"So..." I say, looking down, trying not to let him see the tears that were building up in my eyes. I kick some gravel and without making eye contact say, "I'm glad I got to see you," my voice shaking, about to break. He hears that and looks concerned. "Hey," he says lifting my chin up so that our eyes meet. Looking into those beautiful eyes, glistening with tears, I couldn't do it. I fell apart. Tears started streaming down and I buried my face into his shoulder, wrapping my arms around his torso. Sobbing uncontrollably he just kept saying, "It'll be okay, I promise. Chin up, my little dove. It'll be okay.." 
When I've finally calmed down we kiss and keep kissing until he has to leave or he'll miss his flight. With tears streaming down both of our faces, I smile through my tears and say, "Straighten up, soldier," He smiles a bittersweet smile, and straightens his soldiers. I laugh, wipe the tears from his cheeks, and say "That's better," smiling at my bittersweet comment. He gets down on his knees one more time and kisses my stomach and whispers, "I'll see you soon, my little Loretta Lynn. Be good for mommy. I love you." And with one final kiss on my stomach, and one last kiss on my lips, he starts walking towards his car. He's about to get in when he turns, looks at me with that heart breakingly beautiful and bittersweet smile and then he taps under his chin. I know what he's telling me. I can practically hear his voice saying, "Chin up, little dove." I smile through tears, and raise my chin up high. He smiles and I soak in that image of him to keep in my mind forever. Little did I know, that was gonna be the last time I ever saw him.
The doctor said it could've been lack of sleep, the police said it was the drunk driver that ran the red light, but whatever the reason, he was gone.
II was dead to the world. My love, my happiness, my whole life, my prince was gone, I couldn't believe it. After hours in the hospital, when the doctor finally told me the fatal news, I was numb with emotions. I went home a lifeless robot and finally broke down, not even making it onto the bed. After hours of sobbing, hurting, and agony. I was exausted. It wasn't until I stood up to get into bed when I looked at my nightstand. On it was Mitchell's dog tags with a note. I opened the note slowly and oh so gently. Written in careful, beautiful cursive it read,
I want you to have these. Keep them on you at all times and they'll keep you safe until I come home. I'm counting down the days until I see you again. Only 116 left. Chin up, my little dove, it'll be okay, I promise. I love you so much.
Sincerely, your loving husband, Mitchell Ryan Nelson."
I kiss the note his hands once held, put his dog tags over my head, put my chin up and then I know everything will be okay.

Submitted: July 18, 2012

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Disturbed Individual

So cute and so sad, I nearly cried :') I loved it, very well written and great story.

Thu, July 19th, 2012 8:03am


Thank you so much. I don't take pride in many things in my life, but I do have to say I am pretty damn proud of this piece.
I appreciate it, thank you.

Fri, July 20th, 2012 12:35am

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