You're The Chill That Runs Down My Spine

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It's a semi-thriller/mystery. Very gripping and although lengthy, quite worth your patience.

Submitted: July 16, 2012

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Submitted: July 16, 2012



A blinding white light. That's all I see.
I can see it through my closed eyes, "What is this?" I think to myself.
I open my eyes, hoping it'll disapear, only to find an even brighter light. I close my eyes, rub them, then open them again to see that the light has thankfully disapeared, only I have no idea where I am. I let my eyes adjust, then I examine my surroundings. Flat, earthy ground, trees, distant sounds of animals, birds maybe, sounds of life. But something doesn't feel right. In a place that should be filled of life feels.. dead. Empty.
Where there should be light peaking in through the trees, it's dim and dark.
I don't reconize anything around me and everything just seems wrong. A sharp breeze blows, bringing a chill down my spine.
"I can't do this, I have to get out of here." I think to myself, trying to get my mind off of the creepy vibe this place gives me. But how did I get ''here''? I reflect on my thoughts to try to recall my most recent memory.
I try to gather my thoughts together into something managable when I remember. "I know! I was with Jessica. Yeah, it was Friday, we were gonna go to that party at Mary's house. I remember on the way there Jessica lit up a joint. I took a couple of hits so when we got to the party I was a little dizzy, and the vodka Jesscia was practically pouring down my throat, as well as her own, wasn't helping."
But then things start getting fuzzy. My memory from then to the rest of the night is almost impossible to figure out. I start walking, hoping it'll clear my head and hopefully my thoughts. I'm going straight down what seems like a path when ten feet ahead of me, I see a newspaper.
"Who the hell delivers a paper in the middle of these God forsaken woods?" I ask myself, confused. I walk over and pick it up. "16 YEAR OLD GIRL'S BODY STILL MISSING," the headline reads in big, bold print. "More details on the next page," it says below it in smaller print. I turn the page and what I see stops my heart.
I gasp, there's a picture of.. me. "Oh my Go-" my voice cracks, I can't even get any words out.
This can't be happening. How is this possible? I look on today's date on the newspaper, "Monday November 16th." I've been missing three days?! This is all so surreal, I turn the page in the newspaper and start reading.
"16 year old Anna Phoenix was last seen at a party at Mary Sanchez's house on Friday the 13th. Witnesses say she was highly intoxicated and left with a man who they say look in his late twenties. Jessica Torres, her friend she went to the party with said she had no memory of Anna even leaving her side. Although she was highly intoxicated as well, we have yet to find another lead. After three days, her parents are trying even harder to find Anna. We've yet to find her body but police-" I can't even read another word, I feel like I'm going to be sick. I crumple up the newspaper and throw it into the woods. I start walking again and once again try to recall my thoughts, but it's just so difficult to piece anything together. My last memory.. my last memory..
Oh my God. I remember now, it hits me like a train, crystal clear. The man.
He looked so out of place at the party wearing a black leather jacket and his dark sun glasses, standing in the corner by himself, observing the party. Something about him wasn't right, the way he was looking over everyone, it was as if he was planning something. Earlier that night while I was dancing with Jessica I ended up getting a couple of feet away from him . It was like the tempature in the room dropped twenty degrees and I got a chill down my spine that wouldn't seem to go away. The feeling it left me with made me feel alone, scared. I tried to avoid him the rest of the night after that. Later that night Jessica and I were leaning against the counter in the kitchen trying to get some more Crown and Coke when I felt it. The chill down my spine and sudden lack of warmth. I turned around and there he was, right in front of me. He took off his sun glasses and I gasped. His eyes. My God, they were so blue and so.. hypnotizing. His eyes locked with mine and I was frozen. The icy blue of his eyes and the chill it sent down my spine was almost too much to bear but I couldn't move. "Anna!" Jessica exclaims, drunk, as she yanks my arm so that I face her. "I've been fuckin' calling your name for the past fuckin' two minutes and throwing shit at you, what the fuck?!" Her slurred words and cussing made me cringe. "You just need to take another shot, that's what I've been doing and I feel gre-" she didn't even get to finish her sentence before her eyes went wide and she claps her hand over her mouth and runs towards the restroom. She didn't even get ten feet before she slams into a wall, vomits all over herself, and then passes out. In a pool of her own vomit. "I better go," I say to the man, knowing that talking to him was a bad idea and thinking about Jessica. "No, stay," he grabbed my wrist. His voice sounds innocent enough.. I thought to myself. And as those icy blue eyes locked with mine once again, there was no question. I wasn't going anywhere whether I liked it or not. He went into the kitchen and made me a drink. He hands it to me and I take a sip. I'd been drinking Crown and Coke all night but this tasted.. different. Bad different. I keep drinking it when I finally ask, "Why does this taste funny?" I'm now feeling nervous and scared. His eyes flickered and an evil smile crossed his face. I knew. He had put something into my drink. My eyes go wide. "You.. You bastard!" I yelled at him throwing my drink on him then running out the back door. He followed me out there, grabbed my arm with one hand and covered my mouth with the other to muffle my screams. He ran us into the woods behind Mary's house, dragging me along with him. and then.. it's gone.
I can't remember anything else. The clarity of that memory scares me, and trying to figure out what could have happened next absolutely terrifies me. I sit down, hugging my knees and close my eyes trying process everything. I put my head back up and open my eyes, looking around. Everything's so dim and damp, and I feel so alone. That's when I feel it. The chill down my spine, the drop in temperature. "No," I think to myself. "This can't be happening again." Suddenly I'm angry. Angry at the man for doing this to me, angry at myself, for being stupid enough not to walk away from him, and that's when I can't stand it. Liquid fire is running through my veins and I can't stand it anymore. I scream "STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME!" And I just start running. Running til my legs ache, running til my eyes burn, then I keep running. It's only until I see what's ahead of me that I skid to a stop. Not even fifteen feet in front of me I see a casket. If I had been in the right state of mind, I would have used common sense and just walked away. But, considering the circumstances, of course I had to see what was in it. I open the casket lid and I come face to face with the body of.. me. "What the-" I can't even finish my sentence. I don't understand. I examine the body.
My skin is pale, and resembles the color of a pearl. My cheeks, once rosy and full of life, are now colorless and dull. With my eyes closed and the relaxed, still expression on my face, I look so innocent. So delicate, like a china doll. Tears fill my eyes as this all hits me. A tear falls from my face and lands on my body's cheek. I reach to wipe it away when my fingers touch it's skin. Expecting it to be icy cold, it's surprisingly warm. I yank my hand away, confused. Another tear falls from my face onto the body's hand . I cautiously go to wipe it off when the body's eyes flash open, revealing piercing icy blue eyes I reconize all too well. The body's hand grabs mine, piercing its eyes into my own. An evil, deceitful smile spreads across her face and as she opens her mouth she tightens her grip and in the man's voice says, "I've been expecting you."
With her hand gripping mine so tight, she yanks me in, and the casket door slams shut.
And then all I see is white.

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