1 Doctor Who: The Darkest Day

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
I have always loved Doctor Who and so I decided to combine my passion for writing with my love of the bow-tie wearing alien!

Submitted: June 25, 2012

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Submitted: June 25, 2012



Doctor Who Episode Script

The Darkest Day

Written by Chloe Taylor


Portsmouth, England, we see a sweeping shot of the city which zooms in on a college building at around mid-day, two girls exit the building through two huge glass doors and head out into the town towards the Spinnaker tower on the Quay.


Bailey:It's like they plucked it from Dubai, you know like one of those sky scraper hotels right here on the coast of sunny England!


They giggle at her sarcasm as they walk towards the Spinnaker tower.


Louise:Yeah well is it typical for an Arabian sky-scraper to require so much work?


We see that the top of the Spinnaker is covered by polythene sheets and scaffolding then we hear the TARDIS noise as it enters the present day. The TARDIS materialises in Gunwharf Quays right in the centre of the circular space near the Spinnaker tower. The door opens and the Doctor steps out of his beloved time machine and looks around at his surroundings.


Doctor:(Turns and raises an eyebrow at the TARDIS)

Why on earth would you bring me here? D'you get it? Why on 'Earth' did you bring me here?! No? Ok so, find somewhere less mind numbingly boring or stick around and sniff out an adventure?

(Walks off in the direction of the Spinnaker)


Meanwhile Bailey and Louise wander out of a McDonalds and Louise is carrying a McDonalds bag, into the Quay, Bailey spots the TARDIS and several people looking at it blankly.


 Bailey:Lou look

(She drags her friend towards the strange blue box

Louise:You know sometimes I just don't get modern art

Bailey:How did they get it here so fast?


Bailey:I mean it wasn't here yesterday, remember we came down here after college for lunch.

Louise:Bailey you always think there's something fishy about everything.

Bailey:There's no harm in being curious Lou


(Places her hand on Bailey's shoulder)

There's curious, and there's thinking your English teacher is an imposter.

Bailey: Ok, maybe Mr Waternoose is perfectly normal but something about this big blue thing is ringing bells in the deep parts of my memory.

Louise:(Rolls her eyes and sighs)

Come on Sherlock let's take my Dad his lunch

(She shakes a bulging McDonalds bag in front of Bailey)

Bailey:Yeah sure

(Her eyes stay fixed on the TARDIS until Louise calls her)



(She jogs after her friend)


The camera pans up until the Spinnaker is the only thing on the skyline, then we zoom into the top floor where a man in a white suit is standing looking out of the panoramic windows, however the view is partly hidden by the plastic sheeting and scaffolding.


Zafrone:Beautiful piece of engineering don't you think?


A wheezy voice replies, seeming to come from nowhere.


Ennodias:  We care not for your primitive human sculptures; our cities are far more superior in every way.

Zafrone:Yes well once the modifications you specified have been put in place the Spinnaker will have a purpose at long last.

Ennodias:It will aid us in ways you cannot yet fathom.

Zafrone:And our deal, it still stands yes?

Ennodias:You will be rewarded as promised.


At the base of the tower the Doctor is approaching the Spinnaker, wandering aimlessly around attempting and failing to blend in.


Doctor:(Waving at a women and her children)



The woman hurriedly shoos her children away from the doctor.


Doctor:(Straightening his jacket)

Fair enough

(Spots the Spinnaker)

Now that's more like it, a pointless futuristic tower, undergoing maintenance, is it my birthday?!

(Turns around but no-one's there)

Oh, just me then.


He removes his sonic screwdriver from his jacket and scans the surrounding area concealing the screwdriver beneath his hand; he points the sonic towards the tower then looks at it.


Doctor:Ooh, whatever's going under those sheets, I don't think they're just giving it a fresh lick of paint.


The Doctor walks off around the outside of the tower as Bailey and Louise come around the corner and walk towards the tower's main entrance, there are a few builders standing around the door with mugs of tea in their hands, one waves his mug at the two girls as they approach.


Mark:Hey love, you got my lunch?

Louise:(Thrusting the greasy bag of McDonalds into his mug free hand)

Here, to keep up your strength!

Mark:How you keeping Bails?

Bailey:Not bad thanks Mark, how's the Spinnaker looking under that horrid plastic cloak?

Mark: To be honest I don't know, the boss is very secretive about the whole thing.

Bailey:(Frowns, curios)

Surely you know what the alterations look like?

Mark:(Shakes his head)

Nope, we only get snippets of the big picture, small construction details and material requirements.


While the three of them are talking Bailey notices the Doctor approach the security guard at the door and present a piece of paper to him.


Doctor:(Showing the guard his psychic paper)

Health and safety officer, Portsmouth council.


The security guard nods and allows the Doctor to pass by him.


Bailey:(Watching the Doctor enter the tower with ease)

Can we go inside?

Louise:Bails they're not just gonna let you in while the thing's under construction.

Mark:Sorry no can do, like I said the alterations are being kept top secret

(Changing the subject and digging into his McDonalds)

So Lou how‘s your day been?

Louise:Yeah not bad.


Louise and her dad walk over to a bench by the water's edge, but Bailey moves closer to the tower and rolls a pound coin in front of the guard, while he is distracted by the coin Bailey takes her chance and rushes inside.


Bailey:(Looking back at the guard picking up her pound coin)



The entrance hall is filled with building materials and exposed wiring. Bailey sneaks over to the staircase, glancing at the Doctor. Who is standing by the out of order elevator, before she begins to climb all the way to the top floor. The Doctor uses his sonic screwdriver to activate the external lift.


Doctor:(Seeing the sign on the door that says out of action and sonic-ing the controls)

Top floor please!


On the top floor Zafrone is sipping a mug of tea while looking over blueprints for the original Spinnaker and the new modifications, the lift pings as it reaches the top floor and Zafrone turns to see who has dared to disturb him, the lift doors open and the Doctor steps out.


Zafrone:(Angry and fascinated with the Doctor)

Who the hell are you!

Doctor:Yes, hello, I'm the Doctor and I have to say you've been very busy Mr...?

Zafrone:Zafrone, head of the Spinnaker project.

Doctor:And what exactly are you building up there because it looks like an atmospheric converter to me.

Zafrone:How did you...?

Doctor:(Interrupting Zafrone and strolling slowly towards him)

Habit of mine, so what would you want with an atmospheric converter? Because that sort of technology certainly didn't originate on Earth, unless you count the one I built to stop the Sontarans.


Bailey, meanwhile, is almost at the top of the long winding staircase, but she almost slips on some green gunk on one of the stairs.


Bailey:(Examining the green goo)

Ewe, gross that's definitely not normal.


She continues to the top of the staircase and peers through the door at the top. But the Doctor and Zafrone are on the other side.


Zafrone:(Furious about Bailey's arrival)

What's this? Are my security guards simply imbeciles? What are you doing up here? Get out!

Doctor:(Turns around to see Bailey and smiles at her confidence)

Bailey:I...I wanted to get a sneak preview at...at the plans for the adaptations to the tower.

Zafrone:Did you now?  Well this is a restricted area and you're the one I'll be restricting.


Suddenly a strange wheezing noise fills the room and the three of them look up at the ceiling where seven or more army green winged creatures hang from the white steel struts of the roof.


Bailey:(Just stands slightly stunned by the aliens before her)

Doctor:(Glancing back at Zafrone)

There I knew you couldn't have designed that converter, no offence but you're just not smart enough Zafrone.


Enough! Get them, Get them both.


Suddenly the creatures spring to life and swoop down and attempt to grab the Doctor and Bailey.


Doctor:Time to run I think

(Grabs Bailey's arm on the way to the stairs)

Hello I'm the Doctor RUN!

Bailey:(Spins on the spot and heads back down the stairs)

But what are those things?


The Doctor slams the door behind them and sonics it shut, then grabs Bailey's hand and drags her down the stairs.


Doctor:Come on that door won't hold them for long!

Bailey:(Pulls her hand free and stops running)

Wait, what is going on? Who are you?

Doctor:(Also stops running)

I told you who I am, who are you?


My name's Bailey

Doctor:(Holds out his hand for a hand shake)

Bailey, great name, and right now we are running for our lives.

(Turns around and continues to trot down the stairs)

Bailey:(Shakes his hand and follows him down the spiral staircase)

You sound like you do this sort of thing all the time.

Doctor:Well yeah I suppose so, but the running is the best bit, don't you think?

Bailey:No! And what are we running from, what were those things up there they were like monsters.

Doctor:Worse than monsters I'm afraid.

Bailey:What could be worse than monsters?


Bailey:What real ones, not conspiracy nut ones?

Doctor:Yep we're as real as they come


They reach the bottom of the stairs and Bailey is trying to process what the Doctor is telling her.

Bailey:(Eyes wide amazed)

You mean you're an alien too?!


Bailey:It's just you don't look much like an alien to me.

Doctor:Yeah but I've put a lot of work into looking this good!

(Opens the door at the bottom of the stairs)


Zafrone leans on a table in front of him looking down at the plans on the table. One of the Ennodias joins him.


Ennodias:  Our plans must be brought forward, this man will jeopardise our mission here.

Zafrone:Who is he?

Ennodias:  The Doctor is feared throughout the universe and he must not be allowed to interfere, instruct your workers that the amendments must be completed immediately.

Zafrone:That's impossible, but it shall be done.

Ennodias:The Doctor, must not be allowed to leave

Zafrone:(Walks over to a control panel on the wall and presses a button)

Seal the tower, no one goes in or out, and ensure everything is finished within the hour we have a deadline to stick to.


Suddenly a siren sounds and downstairs the doors in and out of the tower seal themselves leaving the Doctor and Bailey trapped in the Spinnaker tower with Zafrone and the Ennodias. The Doctor rushes over to the door and tries to sonic it open.



No, no, come on don't do that!

Bailey:(rushing over to see what the Doctor is doing)

What is it what's going on? And what is that?

Doctor:(Gives up trying to open the door)

They've dead-locked the building, no-one can get in or out, and this is a sonic screwdriver.

Bailey:(Gets her phone from her pocket)

I'm calling Lou this is just what I was telling her about

Doctor:(Watches Bailey dial her friend's number)

What's that now?

Bailey:With everything that's happened to this planet over the last few years I just can't get the thought of life on other planets out of my head, I mean to be able to visit different worlds and discover new life, wouldn't that be amazing?

Doctor:Oh it's the best!

Bailey:You mean you've been out there? Into space!

Doctor:(He grins)

And beyond!

Bailey:(Smiles fascinated at the Doctor then looks back at her phone)

Stupid thing's got no signal.

Doctor:Told you dead-locked, not even the TARDIS could get in here.

Bailey:(Sitting on a pot of paint)


Doctor:Stands for Time And Relative Dimension In Space, it's my ship and I'm going to need it.

Bailey:So what are they building up there?

Doctor:I thought it was an atmospheric converter but having seen the plans it seems it's something altogether more deadly. An atmospheric harvester.

Bailey:Not good?

Doctor:Very, its designers, the Ennodias, those creatures you saw survive on liquid atmospheres.

Bailey:But if they're trying to collect our atmosphere, that means...

Doctor:Bye, bye air and bye, bye Earth.

Bailey:(Jumping to her feet)

We have to stop them, or they'll kill seven billion people.

Doctor:(Claps his hands and clicks his fingers)

That's the spirit, but unfortunately we are stuck in this room. There has to be a central control panel here somewhere.

(Starts searching the walls)

Bailey:(Also starts scanning the walls)

Doctor:(Watching Bailey skirting around the room)

What do you do Bailey?

Bailey:Well I'm an author at heart

Doctor:But what are you studying

Bailey:How do you know I'm studying anything?!

Doctor:I heard your conversation with the man outside, what's your focus?

Bailey:Well journalism and modern foreign languages.

Doctor:What can you speak?

Bailey:French, German, Chinese and Russian

Doctor:(Stopping at a picture of the Spinnaker on the wall)


Bailey:Yeah, why?

Doctor:Can you read this?

(He indicates some Chinese symbols on the side of the panel the picture is sat on)

Bailey:(looks at the symbols the Doctor found)

Spinnaker control hub, made in China. Everything is these days!


The Doctor scans around for something to prise the panel off the wall with, he settles for a thin piece of metal lying in a pile on the floor, he picks it up and slides it in between the wall and the raised picture prising them apart until the picture falls to the floor revealing a consol full of switches and wires.


Bailey:That is vandalism of public property!

Doctor:(Ignoring Bailey)

Now I can't get the doors open but I might be able to get Zafrone and the Ennodias down here.


What why? They'll kill us remember!

Doctor:(Fiddling with wires in the consol)

Bring them down here while we head up Bailey!

Bailey:(Understanding the Doctor's plan)

A distraction, brilliant!

Doctor:(Grinning at his own genius)

I know!

Bailey:But what are you going to do to get them all down here?

Doctor:(Smiles and points the sonic at the control panel)



He presses the button on the sonic and suddenly more sirens ring around the building. Up on the top floor gas begins to pour into the room


Zafrone:(Coughing on the gas)

He's released the gases from the harvester, get out! Get out!

Ennodias:  I told you to confine him! One more failure and our deal is broken Zafrone.


The Ennodias and Mr Zafrone are forced down the spiral staircase by the gases. Meanwhile Bailey and the Doctor climb into the lift which he deadlocks from the inside as they head on up.



Hang on if you just released a load of poisonous gases into that room wont we suffocate and die too Doctor?

Doctor:Don't worry, I have a plan!


Why don't I feel comforted by that?!

Doctor:(Laughs as they reach the top floor)

Right when I get out shut the door behind me so the gasses can't get in, do you understand?



Doctor:(Places his hand on the glass door as it stops and slides it open)

Bailey:(Immediately shuts the door after the Doctor)

Doctor:(choking on the gas he falls over trying to take a breath)

Bailey:(Scared for the Doctor)


Doctor:(Getting to his feet and clinging to the wall)

Whose idea was this? Ah here we go.


He finds some switches on the wall and sonics them shutting the gas valves and opening the windows. Still coughing slightly the Doctor beckons Bailey to join him.


Bailey:(Opening the lift door)

Is it safe?

Doctor:(Clears his throat)

Not remotely now come on!

Bailey:(Glances back at the lift behind her)

Give me that...thing we should block off the lift, give us some more time.


The Doctor smiles proudly at Bailey and sonics the lift causing sparks to fly off the controls.


Doctor:What happened to damaging public property?!

Bailey:(Walking over to the Doctor's side)

Yeah well I think my chances of survival are higher if I stick with you at the moment.

Doctor:(flicking through the papers on the table)

 I d'know maybe I'm not the one to trust

(Changes to a more serious tone and looks Bailey right in the eye)

Do you trust me?

Bailey:(Shocked by the Doctor's question)

Of course, I mean why wouldn't I?

Doctor:I don't know, you tell me, why would you trust a strange man who tells you he's an alien and drags you into life threatening situations.



Bailey is interrupted by shouts and rattling noises coming from the stair well, the Doctor begins frantically searching for a way to fight the Ennodias and to stop their machine and then he sees the HMS Ark Royal sailing into the Dock past the Spinnaker and he has one of his mad and possibly brilliant ideas.


Doctor:(Picking up a strange gun lying on the floor)

Bailey:Good you've got a gun, we can fight then.

Doctor:No that's not the way I do things, sorry Bailey I'm going to need you wait here for a minute


What, on my own with those things trying to get in here!

Doctor:(Aiming the gun at the glass floor)

Yep sorry no alternative!

Bailey:So what am I supposed to do when they break their way in?

Doctor:Improvise, and whatever you do, do not let them activate that machine got it?!

Bailey:(Nodding vigorously)

Got it

Doctor:(Changing the subject for a moment and lowering the gun)

What's your last name?

Bailey:(Surprised and laughing at the simplicity of the question at such a time)


Doctor:(Re-aiming the weapon at the section of glass floor he is now standing on the Doctor looks up a Bailey)

Well then Bailey Jackson, Portsmouth, planet Earth, YAHWEIGH!!


The Doctor shouts the last words and fires the gun, shattering the glass and causing him to fall through the empty space; Bailey rushes to the edge and throws herself against the floor to see the Doctor crash land onto one of the spinnaker's curved front struts.


Bailey:(Shouting down to him)


Zafrone:(Throwing open the door to the stair-well)

Well, well, now what are you going to do? Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide!

(He pulls a gun from his jacket and aims it at Bailey)

Bailey:(Gasps and nearly falls down the hole the doctor just made in the floor)

Ennodias:  (Forces Zafrone to lower his weapon)

If we kill her the Doctor will destroy us all, we never should have come to Earth they say it is the Doctor's favourite planet, but now that the Doctor is here he shall die along with his precious Earth

(Spins around to talk to another Ennodias)

Ready the harvester!


The Ennodias disappear into thin air and reappear inside the Atmospheric harvester where they begin pulling leavers and cranking wheels to start up their weapon. back at the top floor of the Spinnaker Zafrone has turned his gun back on Bailey.


Zafrone:So who is this Doctor? And why does he come in my moment of glory?

Bailey:(Looks back over her shoulder to try and see the doctor but he has disappeared

I don't know who he is or why he's here


Yet you are willing to put your faith in a man you know nothing about.

Bailey:(Surprised at herself)


Zafrone:Why? He will not succeed in stopping our plans?

Bailey:Because right now he's trying to be a hero and you look an awful lot like a bad guy to me so I'd be careful where you're pointing that gun of yours Mr!

Zafrone:(Looks at his gun and throws is to one side)

I don't need the gun

Bailey:What do you get out of all this anyway? What have the Ennodias promised you in return for the whole world?


Have you never dreamed of a new horizon, a new sky a new world? The Ennodias have promised to take me with them into the far reaches of the universe to see it all, and now this sky shall burn.

(Touches a communicator on his wrist)

Is the harvester ready Ennodias?


Inside the atmospheric harvester the Ennodias are ready to begin.


Ennodias:We are ready to initiate the procedure

Zafrone:Begin, I'm on my way up

Ennodias:What about the Doctor?

Zafrone:Disappeared, presumed dead!

Ennodias:Then you may eradicate his associate

Bailey:He's not dead

Zafrone:(Grabs Bailey's shirt and lifts her off of her feet dangling her over the hole in the floor)

I don't care


They both look down at the ground some 100m below them


Zafrone:Told you I didn't need that gun!

Bailey:(Spits in Zafrone's face)


Suddenly Zafrone lets go of Bailey's shirt and she falls through the empty space below her just managing to grab hold of a strut below. Zafrone leaves Bailey to fall to the ground and activates the teleporter on his wrist taking him up inside the harvester.


Bailey:(Crying out helpless)


Out in the harbour aboard the HMS Ark Royal the Doctor stands soaking wet between two gunners ready to fire on the Spinnaker tower and destroy the atmospheric harvester. They watch as the plastic sheets fall from the top of the tower and float to the ground, some landing in the water some on the quay along with some of the scaffolding which clatters to the ground scattering the terrified public, revealing a metal monstrosity, covered in steel spikes and receivers, at the top two great prongs like a pitch fork begin to glow bright blue. The Doctor presses a button and talks into a microphone on the ship, his voice fills the docks and reaches the Ennodias, Zafrone and Bailey in the spinnaker


Doctor:(Speaking on the microphone)

Mr Zafrone, Ennodias of the planetary system Theotech, I give you this one chance to surrender, leave now and never return to this planet or suffer the consequences.


Inside the harvester



There is no question on what we do, activate the machine; let the skies of this planet be filled with fire!!


The Ennodias activate the atmospheric harvester and blue lightning bursts from the machine and the sky begins to turn a horrific burnt black and the pitch fork prongs begin sucking in the blue sky.


Doctor:(Speaking in a low and quiet tone)

Mr Zafrone this is your own doing 

(He nods at the two gunners)



The HMS Ark Royal begins firing at the weapon attached to the Spinnaker; they bombard it with missiles and enormous shells while the Doctor watches the destruction. Meanwhile Bailey is still hanging on for her life as debris rains down around her, she attempts to climb back up into the tower but almost loses her grip. Inside the harvester the Ennodias panic and prepare to leave Earth.


Ennodias:  We must leave or we shall be destroyed

Zafrone:What about our deal, will you take me with you?

Ennodias:  (They look at each other for a moment before answering)

Your wish is granted

Zafrone:Oh yes!! Let me see the stars!

Ennodias:(Talking to the other Ennodias)

 Evacuate the air and release the docking lock we are leaving this planet immediately.

Zafrone:(Scared and terrified by what he just heard)

What! No, no, no we need air, you know to breath! Don't we?

Ennodias:You are a primitive life form, so dependent on your oxygen for life, we have no need for it and now neither will you.

(Turns and walks away from Zafrone)

Zafrone:(Choking without air)

You can't leave me like this...we had a deal

(He draws his final breath and falls to the floor)


The atmospheric harvester ceases absorbing the atmosphere and the sky returns to normal, people on the ship and the dock cheer, the Ennodias start their engines and their ship/harvester breaks away from the Spinnaker leaving only a few scratches on the paintwork.


Doctor:(Congratulating the officers on the HMS Ark Royal)

Brilliant work sailors, excellent! Yes well done

(Remembering Bailey)

Sorry must dash

Sailor:Hurray for the Doctor! Hip hip!


Sailor:Hip hip!



The Doctor reaches the top of the staircase slightly out of breath and still very wet, he pushes past the table and lays down to look over the edge of the broken floor to find Bailey still dangling.


Doctor:(Looking over the edge with his head upside down to see Bailey)

Wondered where you'd got to, how you doing?


Just hanging


Is that really the best you can come up with, just hanging, cough what's this world coming to?

Bailey:(Coughs to remind the Doctor that she's still there)

Doctor:Right hold on just a minute!

(Heaves Bailey up into the room until they are both sitting with their legs dangling through the hole in the glass)

Bailey:You took your time!

Doctor:Yes well I was sort of busy!

Bailey:(Glances around at the Doctor's mess)

Hang on how did you get back into the building I thought it was 'dead-lock sealed' or something?

Doctor:(Pointing at the hole in front of them)

When I shot the glass it would have broken the dead-lock, all the doors are open now.

Bailey:So it's over then? The Ennodias are gone?

Doctor:Yep and Mr Zafrone, yeah he would have got a nasty shock when he got aboard their ship.

(Gets up and starts walking over to the door)

Bailey:Hold on if the Ennodias absorb atmospheres that must mean that they don't breathe air

Doctor:(Just gives her a solemn look and heads out through the door)

Bailey:(Not realising the Doctor has gone)

What a way to go, but you can see why he wanted leave Earth; I mean who wouldn't want to see a new world...

(Turns around and gets up when she realises the Doctor had disappeared)


Bailey leaves the room and starts to walk down the staircase and she spies the Doctor almost at the bottom, however when she reaches the ground floor the Doctor has disappeared, only the bemused security guard, the builders and Louise are still standing outside the Spinnaker tower as the sun vanishes below the horizon.


Louise:(Seeing Bailey emerge from the tower she rushes to her side)


Bailey:(Happy to see her friend but still looking for the Doctor)

Hey Lou

Louise:(Worried and concerned)
Are you ok? Are you hurt? I saw you sneak into the tower earlier I tried to follow you but that brick wouldn't let me in.

(She indicates the security guard)

Bailey, say something

Bailey:(Suddenly realises she hasn't heard a word her friend has said)

Sorry Lou I was somewhere else just then


Off on planet Zoltar were you?!


Something like that!

Louise:(Grasps Baileys hand)

Come on let's get home and I can tell you everything I've just seen


They stroll back along the quay past the spot where the TARDIS was parked but it's no longer there and Bailey feels saddened by the way the Doctor just left her after all they had done together.

The sun has completely disappeared now and the stars are shining in the moonlit sky; Louise and Bailey reach the front door to their small two bed flat and Louise unlocks the door and enters the building, but suddenly Bailey spots the Doctor at the end of the road and she begins to walk off down the road.


Louise:(Watching Bailey wander off)

Where are you going now?

Bailey:(Turns her head but keeps walking)

Go on in, I'll be back in a minute

Louise:(Shakes her head and shuts the door)

Head in the clouds that girl!


Bailey half jogs the rest of the way down the street until she comes to a cross roads, on the other side of the junction the Doctor stands leaning against the TARDIS doors smiling at Bailey who cautiously approaches the mad man and his strange blue box.


Bailey:I thought you'd gone

Doctor:Had to move the old girl

(Pats the TARDIS)

They were gonna tow it and give me a parking ticket!


Have you decided to stay?

Doctor: (Shakes his head)

No, I can't stay here, I'd have to try and be normal and I've tried that and it's ever-so dull!

Bailey:Today was... I don't know, I could say amazing, but I could also say terrifying and dangerous.

Doctor: Oh it was very dangerous; you got trapped in a tower with some aliens and a mad man, what fun!


You know I'd even go so far as to say that you're a few sandwiches short of a picnic yourself Doctor!

Doctor:If you travel through space and time and you don't go slightly mad, you're not human.

Bailey:But you're not human


(Takes the TARDIS key out of his pocket and places it in the lock)

Bailey:So Doctor, who are you then? You fight aliens and save the world, but your name can’t just be the Doctor, can it?

Doctor:Just call me the Doctor; I don’t need another name, just the Doctor

Bailey:Ok, fine by me, just call me Nurse!

Doctor:(Gives her a questioning look)


Doctor:(Holding the door handle)

Would you like to take a look?

Bailey:What? Inside the TARDIS, really?!


(Pushes the door open to allow Bailey to enter)


Bailey enters the TARDIS and her mouth drops with amazement at the sheer beauty of the Doctor's ship, she suddenly rushes back outside and walks around the TARDIS banging and knocking the four sides.


Bailey:But...that's... that's just impossible, how is that possible, no don't tell me, it's amazing!

Doctor:(Just smiles and leads Bailey back inside the TARDIS shutting the door behind them)


Bailey:(Gazing around at the glowing TARDIS around her)

This is your ship? It’s bigger on the inside!

Doctor:(Nods smiling at the familiar phrase)

Bailey:It, she's beautiful

Doctor:(Grins from ear to ear)

I know!

Bailey:So we could actually go somewhere, right now!

Doctor:Oh yes!

Bailey:(Starting to get really excited)



Bailey:(Thinking and suddenly becoming scared)

You're not some kind of alien abductor are you, I mean you don't abduct defenceless young girls and dissect them?

Doctor:(Offended and talking in a high pitched tone)

Why would I do that?

Bailey:(Copying the Doctor's tone)

I don't know

Doctor:And who says your defenceless? I'd certainly have a hard time catching you!

Bailey:(Extremely worried)


Doctor:(Frantically trying to calm Bailey down)

Not that I'm going to, look I'm the Doctor, what we did today that's what I do all the time, I defend the Earth, I fight monsters and rescue civilisations, I definitely don't dissect young girls.

Bailey:(Almost convinced)


Doctor:(Places both hands on his hearts)

Cross my hearts and hope to die! I'll explain the heart thing another time!

Bailey:(Convinced of the Doctor's motives Bailey wants to know more about him)

Ok, so where are you from? How long have you been travelling?  What sort of name is The Doctor? And why are you dressed like something a fashion student might have thrown on the floor?

Doctor:That'll be the journalist in you talking then! I'm a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey, I've spent hundreds of years travelling the stars, Doctor's just what people call me, and what's wrong with my clothes?

Bailey:What's right with them? But, you spent hundreds of years on your own?

Doctor:No, sometimes I have a, well a sort of companion who travels with me

Bailey:And what happens to them?

Doctor:They leave, when they see fit or when they must, sometimes it gets too much and they feel they have to go, but I do enjoy the company, what's the point in having an adventure if you've got no-one to share it with?!

Bailey:So you mean I can come with you?

Doctor:Of course, there's not many people who can hang from a millennium monument while being bombarded by a naval ship.

Bailey:Well it was your fault I was left hanging there in the first place!


They both laugh and stare into each other's eyes for a moment thinking of the day's events, then the Doctor begins spinning around the TARDIS flicking switches and puling various leavers until his hand comes to rest on the space/time throttle and he looks up at Bailey.


Doctor:So are you coming?

Bailey:Do I have a choice?

Doctor:Do you want one?

Bailey:(Smiles and shakes her head)


Doctor:(Holds out his hand)


Bailey:(Takes the Doctor's hand and nods)

Where too?

Doctor:(Places Bailey's hand on top of the space/time throttle and his over hers)

Who knows?!


The Doctor throws the space/time throttle and the TARDIS springs into action, sparks fly all over the consol and the Doctor and Bailey are flung about the TARDIS as she flies through the vortex through space and time.






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