10 Doctor Who: Winter Wonderland

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When Bailey and the Doctor find themselves in a winter paradise, they find that all is not as beautiful is it seems.

Submitted: August 15, 2012

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Submitted: August 15, 2012



Doctor Who Episode Script

Winter Wonderland

Written By Chloe Taylor


The Doctor is alone in the control room as he lands the TARDIS ready for a new adventure, Bailey half falls down the stars as the TARDIS lands, wearing a strappy top and a pair of denim shorts, she hop-skips over to the Doctor's side and looks up at the monitor while he stares questioningly at her choice of wardrobe.


Bailey:So where are we then?

Doctor:I'm afraid you're going to need some more clothes on!

(Picks up a skiing jacket and hands it to her)

You might need this too

Bailey:(Takes the jacket and holds it out in front of herself)

Nice thought, but I don't tend to come to you for style advice!


The Doctor stands outside the TARDIS in the snow, he is sporting a long winter coat with black fur lined pockets and hood which is pulled up over his head, a drift has already started to form against the TARDIS walls, he shifts his foot around in the snow impatiently waiting. The door opens and Bailey steps out, dressed from head to toe in winter wear, puffy coat, fluffy scarf, thick boots and a knitted bobble hat.



So where are we then? And you might want to tell whoever lives here to close the fridge door!

Doctor:Bailey, welcome to Cukura Glaz?ra, home of the Ice Bears


The Doctor lifts his arms gesturing to the landscape before them, the planet is blanketed with shimmering snow, mountains in the distance reflect the light of a white sun and an enormous crescent moon, gaps in the wispy clouds reveal beautiful constellations of foreign stars and planets Bailey had never witnessed before, they both stand in awe at the natural beauty of Cukura Glaz?ra.


Bailey:(Slightly sceptical)

Wait, Ice Bears?

Doctor:(Ignoring Bailey and strolling off down the hill)

Come on we're bound to find an adventure here

Bailey:(Shrugs and follows the Doctor)

Doctor:(Walking backwards)

Fifth planet of the Sarma galaxy, famed for its towering ice sculptures and just natural beauty

Bailey:(Looking around)

No argument there, this place really is a winter wonderland, minus the tacky Christmas elves and plastic reindeer!

Doctor:(Laughs and turns back and continues walking)


Bailey stops, picks up a handful of snow and laughing, launches it at the Doctor's back, he stops, snow showing his back and head; he bends down and scoops up an enormous armful of snow and raises it above his head.

Bailey:No, no, nooo!

(Runs away screaming to get away from the Doctor's snowball. Stops running and makes another small snowball)

Doctor:You call that a snow ball!

Bailey:(Throws her snowball and hits the Doctor's)


And what was that supposed to do?!


Suddenly Bailey's snowball slips slightly causing the Doctor's snowball to fall to pieces over himself showering him in snow.


Bailey:(Strolling back to the Doctor)

That! Come on let's see if we can't find something more exciting than a snowball fight on this popsicle stand!


Inside a posh looking office a woman with a sharp face and jet black hair sits at a desk typing away on an organiser, the image of a security officer arrives on a large screen on the wall, the woman places her organiser on the desk and looks up at the screen.


Reinya:What is it?

Guard1:Mam a couple has just been spotted off the east boundary

Reinya:(Returning to her organiser)
Send a squad out to retrieve them, the east  boundary lost two patrols yesterday they're getting more active, control it, and I want productivity to be increased to seventy percent understand? 

Guard1:Yes Mam very good Mam


The screen goes blank and then turns into a window, Reinya leaves her seat and strolls over to the window, outside is the same mountainous landscape that greeted Bailey and the Doctor, except her view is littered with smoking factories, large warehouses and industrial buildings. Back out in the icy wilderness Bailey is lagging behind the Doctor as they trudge through the snow.


Doctor:(Looking over his shoulder at Bailey)

Come on, we're not going to find an adventure at this speed

Bailey:(Slightly out of breath and looking very hot)

It's these clothes, I'm sweltering in here! Can't we just stop a moment? Doctor?


She stops and sits down on a large grey rock half covered in snow, she's just about to get up when we hear an loud rumble, the rock suddenly stands up, throwing Bailey to the ground knocking her unconscious, hearing the commotion the Doctor spins around and runs back to Bailey.




(Reaching Bailey he sonics her)

 Ok, ok just unconscious


His attention is then drawn to the enormous silhouette of a giant grey bear with razor sharp claws and enormous yellow teeth, on two feet it stands twice as high as the Doctor, towering over him.


Doctor:Nobody hurts my friends without making me angry and guess what? You just made me angry!


The Doctor attempts to sonic the bear, which has no affect on the beast, frantically he opens fire, throwing snow balls at the bear which only seems to make it even more angry, all of a sudden the bear launches itself at the Doctor knocking him clean off his feet, when he lands he hits his head on a rock and his sonic screwdriver falls from his pocket; before he falls unconscious he sees the bear dragging Bailey away.

The Doctor starts awake, his eyes flash open to see Bailey looking down on him, we can see her breath in little clouds as she talks.


Bailey:Doctor? Doctor? Oh thank god you're awake, thought I'd lost you for a minute there!

Doctor:(Sitting up slowly)

Lost me! Bailey Jackson it would take a heck of a lot more than a giant bear to finish me off , I'm not going anywhere just yet!

Bailey:Good! Because I think I'd get bored if you weren't around! 

Doctor:(Noticing a graze on Bailey's cheek)

You alight?

(Lifts his arm to see her injury better but suddenly recoils as he feels a pain in his left arm)


Bailey:You need to rest mister!

Doctor:(Trying to look brave but wincing through the pain)

Rest I never rest, and just as a matter of interest, where are we?


We see that Bailey and the Doctor are huddled up inside a small icy cave carved into an enormous wall of ice, suddenly the giant face of a bear fills the opening and Bailey and the Doctor shuffle to the back of their little cubby hole, the bear withdraws but stands on all fours just outside.


Bear1:You are to come with me, now

Bailey:(Helping the Doctor up)

Come on, let's have you on your feet


Bailey helps the Doctor to his feet and out of the hole, there the bear herds them along a beautifully sculpted corridor of ice, with pillars and magnificent sculptures.


Bailey:Where do you think he's taking us?

Doctor:If my previous experience serves me, they'll take us to their leader

Bailey:Is that a good thing?

Doctor:Honestly? I don't know yet, but considering the reaction we've both received already, I don't think they like us very much

Bailey:But you've got a plan for getting out of here right?

Doctor:Err, let's put a pin in that one for the moment!


The corridor ends at a colossal set of ice doors intricately carved with dramatic scenes of bears fighting and various other winter related imagery, two bears stand upright holding spears either side of the door.


Bear1:(Stands upright)

He's expecting us, allow us to enter


The two bears push the doors open, they seem to throw their entire weight into the doors as they swing round to reveal a hall twice as tall as the corridor they had just left and infinitely grander, dazzling chandeliers of ice hang from the vaulted ceiling, and blue flames dance around cauldrons of ice along the walls, at the far end on a raised platform, seated in an enormous throne of ice and stone, towering above the rest, the largest bear ever seen, looks intensely upon Bailey and the Doctor as they approach him.



Now just let me do the talking and I'll have us out of here in a jiffy

Bailey:(Just sighs and rolls her eyes)

Korick:(Majestic and slightly ancient tone)

Who are you?

Doctor:(Trying to stay calm and confident)

I'm the Doctor and this is my companion Bailey Jackson

Korick:A medicine man, and a beautiful young woman, you don't look like the others, where did you come from?


Korick:(Growling slightly)

I ask the questions and you answer them Doctor, now where did you come from? The rift?

Doctor:What rift, oh that could be not very good tell me...

Korick:(Slams his clenched paw down on the arm of his throne and growls at the Doctor)

I asked you to answer my question Doctor man

Bailey:(Pushing in front of the Doctor)

I'm sorry your highness, it is your highness right, or perhaps your majesty?

Korick:(His rage subsides as Bailey talks and watches her, fascinated )

Bailey:I'm from a distant planet called Earth and the Doctor is from a world once called Gallifrey, we travel through space and time together, and today we just happened upon your planet, we meant no harm to you or your people, I assure you your majesty

(Waits hopefully for a reply)

Doctor:(Whispers irritated)

Nice going, he'll probably eat us now!

Korick:(Tone changes and he becomes calm and friendly)

Please, you may call me Korick, I'm sorry I was too hasty to judge you both, you must be hungry

Doctor:Or he'll invite us to dinner!

Bailey:Thank you Korick, we are most grateful for your hospitality

Korick:It's nothing, we bears, despite our size and strength, are famed for our kindness and good nature, come.


Korick leaves his throne and leads Bailey and the Doctor through a side door into a fairly small room with a long table running the length of it, meat, fruit, fish and foods Bailey had never seen before lay waiting on the table, a banquet fit for a king. After they have eaten their fill Korick Bailey and the Doctor wander the halls and corridors of the ice palace.


Bailey:Earlier you mentioned something about others, are there other humans on this planet, people that look like us?

Korick:(Stops walking and sighs)

I think it is time you saw, come this way


Bailey and the Doctor exchange glances but follow Korick into a small room carved mostly of rock with a large boulder in the centre, an ice sculpture of what looks like a city placed on top.


Korick:This is...


Factories, warehouses, industrial machinery, where did this come from?

Korick:(Growls gently)

Doctor:(Places his hands together in front of him)

Sorry, it's your palace, sorry

Korick:The humans arrived six months ago, and since then they have built terrible things, towering structures that have destroyed the natural beauty of this planet, they have created an enterprise that will consume this world.

Bailey:(Places a hand on his enormous shoulder)

I'm sorry, maybe there's something the Doctor and I can do?

Korick:We tried to talk to the humans but they killed any hope of a democratic solution to this situation, literally

Doctor:What do they want, they must be digging for something?

Korick:We don't know, but whatever it is their security is extensive, there's not getting more than three miles of that place without being shot

Doctor:(Leaning on the boulder and looking at the map)

Oh we'll see about that!

Korick:You're going to help us?

Bailey:(Looking at the Doctor)

We are?

Doctor:Of course we are

Bailey:And what if, oh I don't know, we get shot?!

Doctor:Then at least we have the moral high ground!


Oh great, so we'll be dead but morally we've got the upper hand

Korick:I will arrange an escort for you both


No! We'll go alone, and I'm rather adamant about that


Korick waves goodbye to Bailey and the Doctor as they leave the bear's ice palace, which resembles St Paul's cathedral in height and style, except made entirely of ice and adjoined to the base of a mountain, decorated with enormous ice statues of bears. They hike the rest of the way to the industrial base, they reach the top of a hill and the entire base lies before them.



Now that is an eye saw!

Doctor:I don't know how you lot can do that, turn a place of majestic beauty into an industrial waste land


Hey! We're not all that bad, I'd never do something like that

Doctor:I know, it's just...


(Changing the subject)

So what's your plan for getting in without being shot, because right now I'm really hoping you have one!

Doctor:(Turns and walks back down the hill and seems to be trying to find the correct spot to stand in)

Bailey:Doctor what are you doing? And if you're trying to do the cha-cha-slide you've got it all wrong!

Doctor:(Looks straight ahead)

Bailey:(Getting frustrated standing beside the doctor)

Doctor what are you doing?

Doctor:Three, two, one


Suddenly, a set of head lights appears in the snow, followed by a snowmobile, two armoured security guards with guns leap from the vehicle as it stops and rush towards Bailey and the Doctor, Bailey begins to move away but the Doctor hold her still.



Captain:(Shining a torch into Bailey and the Doctor's faces)

Yep they're human, come on you two let's get you back home


Guard3:(Guiding them into the truck)

You'll be back in your barracks by dinner time!


Doctor what's going on?


Just play along!


The snow truck takes them through the security check point and through the factory compounds to a large white building, inside in her office Reinya watches Bailey and the Doctor clamber out of the truck from her window she looks suspicious of them, she hold her communicator up to her face and presses a button.


Reinya:(Talking into the organiser)

Are they ours?


The voice of the second guard replies through the organiser.


Captain:No mam, we just found them wandering about, they appear to have been attacked

Reinya:Tag em and bag em Captain!

Captain:(Watching Bailey and the Doctor)
Yes mam


The Captain leads Bailey and the Doctor into the building, with the initials T C above the main doors, and into a large reception room. He stops walking and turns to them, placing large wristbands around their arms.


Captain:(Placing the bands on their wrists)

Welcome back to the Torah Celo facility, now these are your security tags, I presume you've lost yours, they help us monitor you, where you are what you're doing, wouldn't want you wandering off now would we?!

Doctor:(Just smiles and snorts at the Captain)

Captain:Right then your first shift begins in ten minutes, so don't be late!

(Walks off through a door and disappears)

Why was he talking like we know what the heck is going on here?!

Doctor:(Examining his wrist tag)

Because I have a feeling, people from this base who go "wandering off" don't tend to come back

Bailey:Now what then?

Doctor:Let's go and have a wander!



Bailey and the Doctor find themselves wandering along a long concrete corridor, far less beautiful than the sculpted ice palace of the bears, they turn through a door that takes them into a pitch black room.


Bailey:Ok I can't see a thing!

Doctor:(Fumbles around before finding the light switch)

And there was light!


Slowly lights begin to flick on around the room, which turns out to be an enormous warehouse stacked full to bursting with steel crates, Bailey and the Doctor are standing on a viewing platform above the crates, steps lead down to the warehouse floor.


Doctor:(Goes to the stairs)

Now let's see what they're really up to down here, stay there

(Ascends the steps)

Bailey:(Stays on the platform watching the Doctor below)

Be careful!


The Doctor pulls out a steel crate and finds a control panel, he presses a button that opens the crate, inside are half a dozen glowing cylinders, that look like giant silver batteries, he pulls one out to examine it.


Doctor:Hello what have we got here then?

Bailey:(Calling down to the Doctor)

What is it?

Doctor:I...but that's, that's not right, how are we still? Oh that's very not good!

Bailey:Doctor what's in the crates?

Doctor:It's worse than we thought, we need to stop them Bailey!

(Places the cylinder back in the crate and rejoins Bailey on the platform)

Come on, we need to have a little chat with whoever's running this show

Bailey:(Leaves the room with the Doctor)

But I don't understand! What's going on?

Doctor:I'll explain later, probably!


They work their way back through the concrete corridors until they are halted by a siren and a voice emanating from speakers on the walls.


Speaker:(Crackly voice due to the speakers)

All workers from group eight report for duty in the main shaft immediately, any worker caught away from the factory will be taken away for punishment, the Torah Celo company thanks you for your co-operation.


The voice vanishes and suddenly they corridor begins to fill with people, all heading in the same direction.


Bailey:Where did this lot come from?

Doctor:(Notices their wrist bands have the same number eight on them, he looks at his and Bailey's which are also number eight)

Come on

Bailey:What where are we going?

Doctor:(Pulling Bailey along and following the other workers)

The main shaft, whatever that means!


The find themselves outside in single file marching into another factory, this one has an enormous chimney bellowing out clouds of thick black smoke and there is a line of security guards surrounding the building. They are lead inside where large pieces of machinery are being worked by extremely tired looking people, suddenly an siren sounds and the people stop working and head out of the door Bailey and the Doctor just came through.


Bailey:Doctor what's going on? What are they doing?

Doctor:Shift change, the numbers on the tags look, there's is a seven, ours is eight

Bailey:(Looking at the bedraggled people leaving)
They look exhausted, what are they doing?

Doctor:(Shunting Bailey along)

Come on


The guards move the new workers along filling in the posts recently occupied by the last workforce, until Bailey and the Doctor are finally set to work cranking wheels and pulling leavers.


Bailey:(Already getting tired)

And how long do they expect us to keep this up?

Doctor:I'm just going to say a long time!

Bailey:What are we doing anyway that requires so many people to be in the same room doing the same thing?

Doctor:Don't know yet but I'm working it out, now all I need is to see what's going on down below

(Checking out the guards around them and spotting a door nearby)

Now when I say run you run ok!

Bailey:Do you really need to tell me that?

Doctor:Quick give me your tag

Bailey:(Looks around cautiously before slipping her tag off and handing it to the Doctor)

What are we up to then?

Doctor:(Takes off his tag and slips both of the into the pocket of the worker beside him)

Little game I like to call, now you see me, now you don't!


The three guards standing by Bailey and the Doctor, begin to walk away around the room, leaving the path to the door clear.


Doctor:(Stops working and looks over at Bailey)


Bailey:(Stops working and gets ready to run to the door)




Together they rush to the door and push through to the other side, Bailey slides a bolt across the door before following to Doctor down a short corridor to a long set of stairs that winds steeply down and down.


Bailey:I don't suppose you know what's down there do you?

Doctor:I've got a few theories

Bailey:Is that just you avoiding saying that you don't actually know yet?!


Yes, now come on get going, I have a feeling this is going to be a long way down


They descend down into the gloom, the sounds of the factory disappears as they head deeper and deeper into the planet's core. Inside Reinya's office she sits behind her desk with the screen on her wall showing the CCTV of the factory floor where the Doctor and Bailey were, the picture pans round every so often and we see Bailey and the Doctor leave the room.




Reinya:(Looks up at the screen puzzled)

Replay last three minutes of footage from factory 1

(Gets up and stands facing the screen)


Again the screen shows Bailey and the Doctor leaving the room through the side door.


Reinya:Rewind. Pause!


The picture freezes and we see the Doctor's face just before he darts through the door.


Reinya:(Presses a button on her organiser)


Captain:Yes mam

Reinya:Where are the two workers you found this morning?

Captain:They were in workforce eight, they should be in the main factory by now mam

Reinya:(Sly and sarcastic)

Yes of course your right they should be, so can you please explain to me how they just managed to escape through the side door?! And how their trackers seem to think they are still inside the factory?

(Shouts the last part)

Captain:I'll look into it mam

Reinya:No, you will go down there and bring them to me immediately!

Captain:What?! Go down below, but mam with output now at seventy percent it's suicide

Reinya:I don't care how you do it just bring them to me

(Hangs up and looks back at the Doctor's face on the screen)

There's something odd about this one, and I want to know what he's doing on my planet


Hundreds of metres below the surface, Bailey and the Doctor finally reach the bottom of the staircase, they find themselves in a large cavern with a walkway suspended around the circumference of the room, in the centre is an enormous fissure spewing out blue lava and flying sparks, large buckets on a rotating wire dip in and out of the fissure scooping up the sapphire blue liquid and carrying it back up to the surface miles above.


Bailey:(Walking cautiously over to the barrier of the walkway)

What is that?


Suddenly there is an eruption and a mountain of blue lava shoots twenty feet into the air, the Doctor quickly pulls Bailey away from the railings.


Doctor:(Serious tone holding Bailey)

I wouldn't get too close if I were you

Bailey:What is it?

Doctor:A fissure, a crack, Korick called it...


The rift, but what's so bad about it and what is that company doing with it?

Doctor:It's a shaft that leads directly to the planet's core, imagine toasting a marshmallow over a fire, they get all crunchy on the outside but they melt and go all soft and gooey on the inside.

Bailey:Ok I get it, so that blue stuff is the gooey bit on the inside?

Doctor:Good because it's nothing like that, but if it helps, then yes imagine a marshmallow!


You are impossible, so what does this company want with a blue rift then?




Out of the blue, the Captain appears at the bottom of the stairwell holding a gun in front of him, aiming first at Bailey then at the Doctor, switching between the pair of them.


Captain:(Doesn't leave the stairwell)

Come with me now or I'll shoot 

Doctor:(Holds his hands up and raises Bailey's as well)

I wouldn't do that if I were you, fire that and the magnetic discharge will cause the rift to implode, and suck everything above us down with it

Captain:(Moves aside allowing Bailey and the Doctor to pass up the stairs)

You won't mind coming with me then will you? Now walk, you're both in for it now


Doctor what does he mean by that?

Doctor:I think we're about to find out


A few moments later the Captain leads Bailey and the Doctor to a set of frosted glass doors, he buzzes the intercom on the wall.


Captain:They're here mam, would you like me to bring them in?

Reinya:Show them in Captain


The doors slide open to reveal Reinya's office, she stands perched against her desk looking at her organiser and watches intently as Bailey and the Doctor enter her domain.


Reinya:That'll be all Captain, wait outside until I need you

Captain:Yes mam

(Leaves the room and closes the doors after him)

Reinya:(Turns to Bailey)
Who are you?



Doctor:(Equally surprised)



Yes you is that a problem? Now tell me who you are

Bailey:(Attempting to make up one of her stories)

I'm from the intergalactic committee...of health and human resource, this isn't working is it? 

Doctor:Nice try!

Bailey:Yeah sorry

Reinya:I'm going to ask you who you are just one last time and if I don't get a straight answer I'll shoot you both myself

Doctor:I'm the Doctor she's Bailey, now I have a few questions for you, mainly this, do you know what you're doing to this planet?

(Becoming serious as he asks his question)

Reinya:Of course I do, this company's cored dozens of planet's just like this one, for the good of our mother planet



Doctor:You're scooping up this planet's magnetic core, squeezing it into batteries and selling it on as "clean energy" but it's anything but isn't it, the energy you harvest comes at a far higher cost than it ever did for you back on your home planet, which I presume has none of its natural resources left whatsoever?

Reinya:Of course it doesn't, the Earth ran out of fossil fuels over a hundred years ago, we're simply trying to find a source that will permanently supply the demand for energy.

Doctor:Then you admit what you're doing here is wrong?

Reinya:Oh no Doctor I'm proud of it!  

Doctor:(Getting angry)

Then under article 234 of the Shadow Proclamation I order you to cease your activities and leave this planet immediately 


Reinya and the Doctor stand staring directly into each other's eyes for a moment, like a snake charmer staring at a cobra 


Reinya:Oh do you now?

Doctor:Article 234 states that any peoples attempting to core a populated planet, higher than a level two without just cause shall be submitted to the highest authority and right now that's me so I'd be careful how you tread, Reinya.

Reinya:How do you know my name?

Doctor:(Answers quickly with irritation)

It's written on your office door, now do you agree to these terms or not?

Bailey:(Looks back and forth between Reinya and the Doctor)

Reinya:You have no authority over me Doctor, you cannot order me about, however the same cannot be said for you.

(Presses a button on her organiser sitting on her desk)


Captain:(Enters the room)

Yes mam

Reinya:I want this one set back to work immediately

(Indicates Bailey)

And take this one and throw him into the rift, he's beginning to bore me now

Captain:(Attempts to grab the Doctor)



The Doctor struggles against Captain but he is far stronger and holds him with ease. Reinya returns to her organiser and uses it to open the doors for Captain, then Bailey realises that there are no computers or controls in Reinya's office and that the organiser is her remote control for the entire facility. She lunges at Reinya knocking her to the ground and wrestling the remote off of her, she stands up triumphant and uses the remote to close the doors preventing Captain from leaving with the Doctor, she walks over to Captain and punches him knocking him out.


Bailey:No one tries to incinerate my Doctor and gets away with it!

(Waves the remote in front of the Doctor)

Come on we've got a planet to save!

Doctor:(Slightly bemused)

What is that?

Bailey:If I'm right, this is how Reinya controls the entire facility, maybe we can use it to shut it down, for good.

Doctor:We'd have to close the fissure too left expose like that it will consume the planet

Bailey:We better get going then!

Doctor:(Turns to the door and reaches inside his pocket for is sonic but it's gone)

Great, I've got no sonic, must have lost it in the snow, now what are we going to do?

Bailey:You just leave that one to me!

(Opens the doors with the remote)

Doctor:(Stops to pick up Captain's gun)

Bailey:I thought you didn't like guns?

Doctor:No I don't now come on


They rush back through the facility into the factory.


Bailey:(Urging the workers to leave)

You all need to leave right now, come on get out,

No one moves.


Doctor:(Examining Captain's gun)

I think they're going to need more persuasion than that Bailey!

Bailey:Right got it. You've all got the rest of the day off!


Suddenly the workers drop everything and begin to head for the exits, which Bailey unlocks using the remote, the Doctor however, runs off in the other direction heading for the door to the long staircase.


Bailey:(Talking to the guards and the workers)

Grab anyone you can and just get out, get as far away from the facility as you can.

(Sees the Doctor running the other way)

What are you doing now?

Doctor:(Shouting as he runs)

I've got to seal off the rift!

Bailey:(Starts to follow)

Then I'm coming too!

Doctor:(Stops and turns around aiming the gun at Bailey)


Bailey:(Stops suddenly and raises her hands)

Doctor what are you doing I just want to help?!

Doctor:Then help them get out to safely, they're your people Bailey help them

Bailey:But what about you?

Doctor:You know me, I'll be ok! Now get out of here!


Bailey nods and rushes off to help the workers get past the fences and the boundaries, the Doctor watches her leave the factory before returning to his mission, he flings open the door and begins ascending the long spiral staircase, outside Bailey and the workers reach the security check point at the gates, some of them stop.


Bailey:(Barging past the guards)

Come on keep going don't stop for anything!


The Doctor is a few metres away from the fissure and he places the gun in front of him and lines the sights up with the centre of the fissure, he hesitates for a moment before firing, the bullet travels in a spiral into the heart of the fissure, where the lava parts then covers the bullet hole.

A terrible rumble fills the cavern and the magma begins to boil and bubble until it begins to spew over the sides and rise, starting to fill the cavern and rise up the shaft.


Doctor:(Realising he is now in mortal peril)

Ah, might be a good time to start running!

(Drops the gun and rushes back up into the factory)

The machines begin to spark and explode as the Doctor dashes past, the factory towers begin to implode and crumble, sinking down into the fissure, In Reinya's office we see her laying on the floor , cracks appearing in the walls and Captain still unconscious, suddenly there is a low groan, she looks up as the ceiling collapses upon her. The Doctor leaps through the factory doors, just as the entire facility is sucked down below the surface. Bailey stops running as she hears the factory being sucked into the fissure sealing it.


Bailey:(Whispers out of breath)


(Rushes back towards the remains of the facility as fast as she can)


When she reaches the remains of the facility there is smoke and snow everywhere, debris lay strewn upon the ground and she begins to search frantically for the Doctor.


Bailey:(Whirling around searching recklessly)

Doctor?! Doctor where are you?


Please don't be dead!


Slowly a figure emerges from the smoke and the Doctor comes into view, Bailey gasps and rushes to him almost knocking him off his feet as she hugs him, she suddenly withdraws and starts hitting him angrily.


Doctor:(Shielding himself from Bailey's strikes)

Hay, hay! What's that for?


For making me think you were dead, coming out here like your some kind of hero, and for, well, for just being you Doctor!

Doctor:Yeah that sounds about right!


The Doctor hugs his companion affectionately; we see them standing side-by-side watching passenger ships loading the surviving workers and security guards from the facility, Korick approaches them and stands beside them watching as the humans leave his planet.


Doctor:Hello Korick how're you?

Korick:All the better for your help Doctor, you saved our world from those monsters


Korick:Apologies, I shouldn't generalise about the human race, you are all individual, unique

Doctor:Yes they are!

(Smiles at Bailey)

Right, we'd better get going!

Korick:You're not leaving us so soon are you? We must have a celebration in honour of your valour



Doctor:(Making up excuses)

Yeah, we have a very urgent thing that we have to see to, urgently! Don't we Bailey!

Bailey:(Cottoning on)

Yes of course, yeah very urgent unavoidable really, must dash!

Korick:(Bowing to the pair of them)

Then I shall bid you both farewell and prey that our paths may cross again great Doctor and brave Bailey


Doctor:(Bows his head)

Bailey:(Bows her head)


They both walk off back in the direction of the TARDIS arm in arm, both perfectly in step happy with the days achievements. When they reach the TARDIS she's almost completely covered with snow, only the top right hand corner is still visible above the enormous snow drift.


Bailey:Oh great, now what do we do? Start digging?!

Doctor:(Smiles and removes the TARDIS keys from his inner pocket)

I wouldn't break out the shovels just yet!

Bailey:(Frowns confused)

Doctor:Come on old girl, show her some of your stuff!

(Presses a button on the key like an immobilizer)


The TARDIS begins to shuffle about by itself then to spin faster and faster shaking off the snow which is launched at Bailey and the Doctor who manage to doge it. The TARDIS stops spinning, but facing the wrong way, leaving Bailey laughing heartily at the Doctor's beloved ship. They walk around to the front of the TARDIS and take one last look at the planet Cukura Glaz?ra before heading inside and shedding their winter coats.


Doctor:(Rushing up to the consol)

Now, where to next? The moons of Zontaris? The Meadows of Glaxagon six? Or perhaps...

Bailey:(Slumping into a chair)

Don't you ever just take a day off?

Doctor:(Getting the TARDIS ready to launch)


Bailey:(Standing and joining the Doctor at the consol)

I thought as much! You really put Reinya in her place back there!

Doctor:Cough yes, I haven't quoted the Shadow Proclamation like that for years, don't know why It just came to me and it seemed like a good thing to say at the time, or at least something to say!

Bailey:And the Shadow Proclamation would be?

Doctor:Another story for another time, now are we going or would you like a day off?!

Bailey:Hmm, might need time on this one!

Doctor:(Places his hand on the space/time throttle)

The off we go!

Bailey:(Places her hand on top of his)

To infinity and beyond!


They throw the space/time throttle and the TARDIS whizzes of into the time vortex looking for a suitable adventure for the Doctor and his companion.






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