11 Doctor Who: A Time Traveller and an Inventor

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Upon meeting the famed Leonardo Da Vinci Bailey and the Doctor discver that there is something alien going on behind the walls of Florence's monastery

Submitted: October 22, 2012

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Submitted: October 22, 2012



Doctor Who Episode Script

A Time Traveller and an Inventor

Written by Chloe Taylor


15th century Florence, a young man stands on top of a roof gazing up at the night sky, he reaches down and removes a small bird from a cage, holding it gently within his hands he raises it towards the sky and releases it, the bird saws swiftly into the air and away into the distance. Just as the young man is about to leave a bright light suddenly appears in the sky, it grows brighter and bigger until it sweeps over the city and crashes into the forest beyond; the man climbs down from the roof and rushes to the edge of the city to the crash site. He reaches an enormous crater at the edge of the woods, out of the mist emanating from the crater emerges a figure that holds up a gun-like devise which scans the young man who stands bewildered before turning to run back to the city as more shadows emerge from the fog and stand at the edge of the crater.


Inside the TARDIS and the Doctor is whizzing about the consol while Bailey sits and admires his limitless energy.


Doctor:(Stops whizzing for a moment)

So where too now?

Bailey:Hmm, somewhere warmer than our last trip please!

Doctor:(An idea comes to him and he smiles slyly to himself)

I know just the place


The Doctor rushes about the TARDIS again and throws the space/time throttle, the TARDIS materialises in a bustling market square in the heart of Florence turning quite a few heads as it appears in 15th century Florence. Inside the Doctor disappears behind the consol.


Bailey:(Peering over the consol through the time rotor)

Doctor? What are you doing? What's out there?

(Looks towards the doors)

Doctor:(Reappears with a light blue silk dress)

Looking for this!

Bailey:(Slightly surprised)

And you just had that down there?!

Doctor:Well yes!


Not sure it's your colour Doctor!

Doctor:(Holding it up to himself but suddenly understanding Bailey's statement)

No! It's not for me, it's for you

(Throws the dress to Bailey)

Bailey:(Holds the dress up then throws it back to the Doctor)

Yeah, I don't think so, last time I wore a dress around you Doctor it didn't end well!

Doctor:Fair enough, just thought you might want to look nice for a change!

(Puts down the dress and heads off towards the doors)

Bailey:(Insulted, but joking)

Uh! You can't talk to me about fashion mister!! And what's wrong with my fashion sense?

(Follows him to the doors)

Doctor:(Looks her up and down)
Well it's just your current get up might look a bit odd where we are

Bailey:Well it's never made a difference before, anyway stop stalling and open those doors Doctor!


Doctor:(Places his hands on the door handle)

Bailey Jackson, welcome to Florence!

(Pulls open the doors)

Bailey:(Eyes wide, mouth open)

Doctor:Warm enough for you?!

Bailey:Uh huh!


laughing, they leave the TARDIS and the crowd of people marvelling at it, and walk off along the streets of Florence. As they disappear from sight a hooded monk appears in the square and watches them walk away. Bailey is utterly overwhelmed by everything she is seeing as they meander through the winding streets.


Doctor:You seem impressed with my choice of location

Bailey:(Holds the Doctor by his shoulders)

This has to be my favourite time in history, ever! Thank you Doctor

(Kisses him on the cheek then continues along the street)

Doctor:(Slightly overwhelmed)

You're welcome!


Another monk appears at the end of the street and once again watches them disappear. As they round the next corner Bailey collides with a young man who drops his armful of things on impact. Bailey immediately drops to pick everything up.


Bailey:(Picking up papers and brushes)

Oh I'm so sorry sir, let me get that for you.

Leonardo:(Also picking up bits and pieces)

No that's quite alright miss, I...


As they stand their eyes meet and they remain staring at each other for a moment, until the Doctor snaps Bailey out of it.


Doctor:(Clears his throat)

Bailey:Sorry, I wasn't watching where I was going

Leonardo:No please, the fault is mine, my head was in the clouds

(Looks up at the sky)

Bailey:Err would you like a hand with these you seemed to have your arms full?

Leonardo:Thank you, that's very kind of you miss

Bailey:My name's Bailey, and this is my friend the Doctor

(Gestures to the Doctor)

Doctor:(Nods politely at him)

And who might you be?

Leonardo:(Realising he hasn't introduced himself)

Sorry, my name is Leonardo Da Vinci

Bailey:(Almost drops the papers she is holding)

Leonardo:Now follow me with that if you will, there's too much wind to test it today anyway

(Walks off along the street)

Doctor:(Stands beside Bailey equally as shocked)

Bailey:That's Leonardo Da Vinci, I'm holding one of his inventions, did you see the way he looked at me?

Doctor:(Slightly annoyed)

Look if you're going to be like this around him, I'm taking you somewhere else


Leonardo:(Stops at the end of the street and turns back to Bailey and the Doctor)

Are you two coming or not?

Doctor:(Now equally excited)

Leonardo Da Vinci wants us!


They laugh together and follow Leonardo to his home and studio, as they reach the front door the Doctor sees something in the corner of his eye but by the time he has turned around the street is empty, a monk flees along another street. The room is minimal but stacked full with paintings, artwork and inventions.


Leonardo: (Placing his load onto the table)

Could you just put that down there for me Bailey?

Bailey:(Placing her armful of stuff onto the table)

Sure, just here?

Leonardo:(Looking back at the door searching for the Doctor)

Where's your friend?

Bailey:(Walks back to the door to find the Doctor)

Doctor:(Searching and sonicing the street)

Bailey:Doctor what are you doing out here, Leonardo Da Vinci is in here!

Doctor:(Looks up at Bailey and smiles at her)


Don't do that

Doctor:Do what?

(Pushes past and enters the house)

Bailey:That smile. The, there's something up but I'm going to pretend nothing's wrong until something bad happens because I'm pretending nothing's wrong smile

Doctor:You get all that from just one smile?

Bailey:(Walks past into the house)

So what are you working on at the moment Leo?

(Spots the Mona Lisa half finished on the floor)

Oh my God the Mona Lisa!

Leonardo:Do I know you?

Bailey:(Realising her mistake)

Err, no but I've heard a lot about your work, your dead famous

Leonardo:Right, anyway I've never really liked that one not sure I'll ever finish it


There's an awkward silence which is finally interrupted by the Doctor, who, after fiddling with one of Leonardo's inventions causes it to fall to pieces which clatter to the ground.


Doctor:(Attempting to pick up the pieces and put the device back together)


Leonardo:Don't worry, that one would never have worked anyway. Sorry so, Bailey, you want to see what I'm working on?

Bailey:Do I ever!

 Leonardo:(Removes a sheet to reveal a large makeshift telescope)


A telescope

Doctor:(Too late to stop her from speaking)


Sorry, a what?


Bailey:You know a telescope, to see stuff that's far away? No?

(Looks back at the Doctor)

Doctor:(Sighs and shakes his head)

Bailey:Right, because it's not been invented yet ok, got to stop doing that!

Leonardo:(Trying to resume the conversation)

I call it the optical extender, I use it for looking at the stars, and the other things

Doctor:(Perks up at 'other things')

What other things? Can we have a look?

Leonardo:Err, yeah I don't see why not, as long as you don't mind dodging the night guards


As night falls a great bell rings throughout the city indicating that curfew is in effect. Bailey, Leonardo and the Doctor, arms laden with pieces of Leonardo's inventions sneak silently from his house to the centre of town, carefully they climb a rickety ladder to reach the top of the bell tower where they assemble Leonardo's device.


Leonardo:(Looking up at the stars)
This is perfect

Doctor:(Forgetting to whisper)



Shh, the curfew

Doctor:Sorry! Earlier you said that you had seen, other things

Bailey:(Rolls her eyes then watches Leo)

Leonardo:(Adjusting his device)

What of it?

Doctor:I was just wondering what those things might be?

Leonardo:(Finished with his device he looks through the eyepiece)

There, perfect

(Takes out a notebook and begins scribbling dots and lines)

Look Bailey, place your eye there and look up to the left

Bailey:(Does as instructed)
And what exactly am I looking at Leo?

Leonardo:(Points along the device at a cluster of stars)

That group of stars, just there, they appeared a few nights ago

Bailey:But that's impossible, stars don't just appear, and certainly not in that quantity, Doctor have a look

Doctor:(Talking to Leo)

May I?

Leonardo:Of course


Leo and Bailey move out of the way as the Doctor positions himself behind the lens, as he squints up at the strange cluster of stars his expression changes, from intrigue to concern.


Doctor:(Looking back at Leo)

When did you say this cluster appeared?


Doctor:As accurately as you can

Leonardo:Then I'd say a week ago, I was up here testing my optical extender for the first time and something, well...


Leonardo:You'll think I'm crazy

Doctor:Try me!

Leonardo:(Takes a deep breath)

Something fell from the sky, right around where those stars appeared, it hurtled itself towards the earth with tremendous speed and crashed into the woods just over there

(Stands up and points towards the trees in the distance)

Doctor:(Pats Leo on the back)

Thank you Leo, right anyone else getting cold?

Bailey:What, wait a minute...


They climb back down the rickety ladder, almost tripping on the unstable rungs, each with a handful of parts for the optical extender, they begin to stroll back to the house with Leo in the lead, moving in the shadows so as to avoid the night watchman.


Bailey:(Speaking in a low voice)

They weren't just stars were they?

Doctor:(Makes sure Leo can't hear)


Bailey:Then what was it?

Doctor:Debris, from an explosion, possibly from a hyperdrive generator, bit difficult to tell from that distance though

Bailey:So you're saying that the object that fell into the woods was a space ship?

Doctor:Yes, and a space ship without a hyperdrive generator isn't going anywhere

Bailey:What about the crew?

Doctor:See I knew you were going to say that, you always ask the right questions at exactly the right time Bailey

Bailey:(Pleased with herself)

Oh, well I try!

Leonardo:(Reaching his front door and turning back to the others)

You two coming, or do you want to sleep outside?


Bailey and the Doctor rush to Leo's side to find his house completely ransacked, his paintings in disarray, papers floating around on a breeze coming from an open back door, every shelf which had previously contained books and notes is now empty with some shelves broken, tables are overturned and pots smashed on the floor. Leo sinks to his knees in disbelief.


Bailey:Who could have done this?

Doctor:(Steps carefully over the mess towards the back door)

Leonardo:(Exasperated, whispering)

Everything I worked for, everything I love, gone

Bailey:(Places her hand onto his shoulder)

We'll get it back Leo, every last drawing I promise you, wont we Doctor, Doctor?

Doctor:(Stepping out of the back door into an alley beyond)

Come on, give me something to work with

Bailey:(To Leonardo)

Wait there

(Leaps across the room to join the Doctor outside)

What sort of alien did this then?

Doctor:I don't know

Bailey:Damn, I never like that kind, at least there's always something to look foreward to though

Leonardo:(Arriving beside Bailey)

What are you two doing, you know you've been behaving very strangely ever since I met you, and now you're acting as if you think there's something more to all of this. Well is there?

Bailey and the Doctor stare questioningly at each other for a moment, until Leo suddenly spots a hooded figure at the end of the alley way.


Leonardo:(Pointing at the figure)

Who's that?

Doctor:If I knew the answer to that I wouldn't be following him


But you're not...


Bailey and the Doctor both begin to give chase as the hooded figure dashes off along the alley


Bailey:(Shouting back to Leo)

Don't move, we'll be back before you can say Last Supper!

Leonardo:Not likely

(Follows them down the alley)


Bailey and the Doctor emerge from the narrow street into an open square with a fountain at its centre, the hooded figure has disappeared, and they begin scanning the area for signs of him.


Doctor:Now look what you've done, you've lost him!

Bailey:Me! I'm not the one with the sonic that someone could use to find him now am I

Doctor:(Changing his tone)

Oh yeah!

(Sonicing the square)

Bailey:(Also searching the square, she arrives at a monastery)

Don't think he went in there do you?

Doctor:(Ignoring Bailey)

According to the sonic he went in here

Leonardo:(Running out of the alley way towards Bailey and the Doctor)

You know you shouldn't run off like that

Doctor:Sorry, it's sort of what we do!

Leonardo:Yeah well if the night watchman catches you he won't care who you are, what's so fascinating about the old monastery anyway?

Bailey:(Completely off topic)
You've painted this one haven't you

Leonardo:As an apprentice I painted it many times, and now I am rather bored of it

(Watching Bailey in the yellow light of dawn)

Now I would rather paint something far more beautiful

Doctor:(Getting irritated)
Now this is all besides the point, Leo I think we're going to have to explain a few things before this investigation can progress any further


The three of them head back to Leo's house, meanwhile within the walls of the monastery, inside a dark room lit by a few candles several hooded monks are gathered around a large table which is covered with Leo's designs and notebooks, they talk in strange muffled voices until suddenly they stop as someone enters the room.


Ruok:We must work faster brothers, a strange being followed me here, we must complete the amendments to insure he is too late to prevent the departure


Inside Leonardo's house, they have partially put he house back to rights and set a fire in the hearth, but there is still a lot of mess, Leonardo sits by the table as dawn is breaking through the windows, Bailey sits opposite him while the Doctor stands.


Leonardo:Let me just make sure I have this right, you and Bailey are from the future and you travel through time and space in that strange blue box of yours


Leonardo:Just looks a tad cramped in there is all!

Bailey:So what would aliens want with a monastery and Leo's designs?

Doctor:Pretty sure the monastery is just a front but I have a hunch about Leo's designs, I need to get in there and find out what's going on


What are you mad? You have no idea what could be in there, I'll go

Doctor:What! No you can't go

Leonardo:(Getting angry stands face to face with the Doctor)

And why not?

Doctor:Because you're Leonardo Da Vinci, you can't get killed it could rip a hole in the space time continuum

Leonardo:(Pausing for a moment, processing the Doctor's words)

I don't know what any of that means but I don't care about your fancy drivel, I'm going

Doctor:No, I'll go I have more experience dealing with this sort of thing

Leonardo:And I am the greatest mind of the 15th century

Bailey:(Finally having enough, shouts and gets up)

Girls please, you're both pretty, now will you just shut up!


Leo and the Doctor both stop arguing and turn away from each other


Bailey:(Asserting her control over Leo and the Doctor)
Now, I will be going into the monastery and that is that


You can't go

Bailey:(Raises an eyebrow)

And why not?

Leonardo:Well, because, because you're a girl


Yes thank you for bringing that to my attention, now anyone got any real reasons as to why I can't walk into a hive of deadly aliens?


Leo and the Doctor look at each other for a moment while they try and come up with some way to convince Bailey not to go, however they struggle to come up with anything.


Doctor:(Serious tone)

You're not going

Bailey:(Tuts sarcastically)

Yes Dad!

Leonardo:(Agreeing with the Doctor)

He's right you can't go, it could be dangerous

Bailey:(Ignorant of their concern, still being sarcastic)

Any advances on dangerous? No anyone?

Doctor:(Being protective of Bailey)

I won't let you purposefully walk into danger

Bailey:Isn't that what we generally spend our time doing?!

Doctor:(Trying to make a point)

No we travel in search of adventure, danger finds us, we don't go looking for it understand


There is a moment of silence, Leo pokes the fire sending small sparks up through the chimney, being lifted by a draught, then Bailey perks up again.


Bailey:I wouldn't even have to be there long

Doctor:(Sighs unhappily)

Leonardo:(Snort of laughter at Bailey's pluck)

Bailey:I walk in, broad daylight, so many people around they wouldn't even notice me

Doctor:(Takes a long breath before replying)

Why do you have to be so damn reliable? Alright Bailey goes but only if you are in and out within half an hour, if you're not we come in after you. Leo?

Leonardo:I'm up for it, but I'm afraid they will notice you dressed like that!

Bailey:(Looks down at her t-shirt, jeans and boots, talks flatteringly)

Doctor have you still got that gorgeously fashionable gown you so generously presented me with earlier?



The Doctor and Leo stand outside the TARDIS, the Doctor leans against the doors while Leo circles the outside gazing at the TARDIS in wonder.


Leonardo: So these people that stole my designs, whoever they are, they're aliens from beyond this planet?

Doctor:Most likely

Leonardo:Why do you say that?

Doctor:My previous experience always leads me to assume that there is an alien connection with everything.

Leonardo:Basically because it's happened a lot before?!

Doctor:Basically yeah!

Leonardo:Are you and Bailey aliens too?

Doctor:I am, I'm a Time Lord, but Bailey is as human as you are

Leonardo:She single?

Doctor:Honestly not sure

Leonardo:(Attracted to both Bailey and the Doctor)
Are you single?

Doctor:I had a sneaking suspicion this one might get complicated!

(Knocks on the TARDIS doors behind him)

You ready yet Bailey?

Bailey:(Annoyed with the Doctor's impatience)

Do you want me to look like a 15th century aristocrat or not!


The doors open causing the Doctor to almost fall backwards into the TARDIS, Bailey stands in the doorway dressed in the Doctor's blue and yellow silk dress, her hair neatly combed and satin slippers on her feet instead of leather boots.


Doctor:(Satisfied with the result but doesn't notice the improvement)

Perfect, but I really should have thought about the colour!

Molto Bella

Doctor:(Looks at Leo surprised and confused)

Bailey:Do you think so, I don't really like it


Perdonami, I wasn't talking about the dress


Bailey looks faint, but clears her throat and walks off in the direction of the monastery closely followed by Leo, meanwhile the Doctor is still trying to work out what just happened, before bounding after Bailey and Leo. They stop at the end of the alley from last night, however, now there are more people about, they wait as the Doctor catches them up.


Doctor:(Out of breath from running)

Cough you can move fast in a dress, you'll have to tell me how you do that, it might come in handy one day!

Leonardo:Now during the day the monastery is open to the public for daily mass and confession so no one will notice you entering the building but once you're inside they watch your every move so you will have to find some way to slip out of the nave and into the monastery unseen, and from the look on the Doctor's face I don't imagine they'll just give you a warning and send you on your way if you're caught


Leo and Bailey both turn and look at the Doctor's worried expression


Doctor:(Clears his throat)

Are you sure about this, it's not too late for me or...

(Stops talking as Bailey's expression changes)

Bailey:(Raises her eyebrow and places her hands on her hips)

Doctor:I know, you can do this on your own, well go then, go see if I care!

Leonardo:Good luck Bailey

Bailey:Thanks Leo

Leonardo:(Kisses her gently on the cheek)

Bailey:(Walks away from the alley slightly stunned)

I just got a kiss from Leonardo Da Vinci, eat your heart out Lisa, there's a new girl in the frame!


Bailey walks out into the busy street full of people, leaving Leo and the Doctor behind in the alley; peasants and nobles all mill about their daily business as she strolls casually towards the monastery and enters the building through the enormous wooden doors that open out into the street. 



And now we wait


And now we wait


Leo and the Doctor wait tentatively in the alley way while Bailey makes her way into the monastery. Inside Bailey finds herself standing in an enormous open room, the room is full of people, silently strolling around the nave or praying in the many rows of pews. Around the perimeter of the room stand hooded monks, their heads bowed to hide their faces. Bailey spots a small door to one side, with two monks standing guard outside.


Bailey:That must lead into the monastery, but how do I get in?

(Takes a coin from a fold in her dress)

Good thing I came prepared!


She rolls the coin in front of the guards, one of them spots it and chases after it, the other remains diligent.


Bailey:Ha always a good'n! But what to do with you?

(Spots a stand of candles)

Time for a little improvisation


Bailey walks casually over to the stand then kicks it discreetly causing it to clatter to the floor, the sound echoes throughout the room, the candles role across the floor and a few set fire to a tapestry, screaming people rush for the exits and the monks head towards the fire in a bid to put it out, leaving the door unguarded, Bailey takes her chance and slips through the door leaving the panic of the crowds behind her. Outside Leo and the Doctor spot the screaming people leaving the cathedral and smoke billowing through the doors.


Leonardo:(Gets up ready to rush over to the cathedral)

What's going on, we should make sure Bailey is alright!

Doctor:(Pulls Leo back into his seat)

Just sit tight Da Vinci, Bailey's a smart kid she can take care of herself

Leonardo:(Worried about Bailey)

I hope you're right about that

Inside the monastery itself Bailey finds herself facing a long, empty corridor.


Bailey:Ok, so if I were a sinister being from another world, steeling the inventions of a 15th century genius, where would I keep them?

(Walks along the corridor looking at the doors on either side of her)

Wait a minute, what's that?

(Spots alien symbols on the door beside her, shrugs)

Good enough for me!

She opens the door to reveal a room full to the brim with Leo's drawings and notes, models of his designs litter tables in the centre of the room and other drawings cover one wall, they seem to be different to Leo's and look more like space ships and engine parts than gliders and cross bows.



Quite a fan base you have Leo

(Walks closer to the newer drawings)

These aren't Leo's, they look more like designs for engines but made from wood and cast metals, not steel and space rock


She hears a noise outside the room, the monks have dealt with the blaze and are returning to their quarters, thinking quickly Bailey notices a window high up on the far wall, she rushes to stack the tables making quite a mess in the process, the door open as she climbs up onto the first table, an un-hooded monk stares up at her for a moment, it's wrinkly human like head fixed upon her, slimy juices on the creatures skin shimmer in the light from the window, then the creature begins to charge towards Bailey, knocking over tables and models as it crashes towards the window, Bailey struggles to reach the window and almost slips just as the alien reaches her and grabs her foot.


Ruok:The Roeleq high command will not be pleased with you

Bailey:(Trying to free her foot)

Oh yeah well the Abbot's got some things he'd like to say to you too!

Finally Bailey manages to kick her foot free of the Roeleq, and clambers through the small window, she falls head first onto the canvas roof of a market stall, from the alley Leo and the Doctor witness Bailey's departure from the monastery and rush to help her down from the stall.


Doctor:(Moving some barrels for Bailey to step onto)

What did you find?

Leonardo:(More concerned about Bailey)

Are you alright?

Bailey:(Ungracefully clambers down from the stall)

 Doctor:Did you find Leo's designs, who are they?

Leonardo:Are you hurt?

Bailey:(Overwhelmed by their questions)

Boys, give a girl a moment to breathe! Now let's get going before my new friends can get after us


Outside a cafe not far away, Bailey tells Leo and the Doctor about everything she found.


Bailey:And they didn't seem to be copying your designs, more adapting them to build something else

Leonardo:Do you know what?

Bailey:It looked like some kind of engine

Sorry a what?

Bailey:Oh right, erm a thing that makes stuff move without having to push it, most of the time anyway

Doctor:(Arriving with three bowls of ice cream)

Can you tell me what they looked like?

Bailey:(Nodding with a mouth full of ice cream)

They were some kind of humanoid, erm wrinkly slimy very wrinkly


Bailey:Do you know what they are?

Leonardo:(Watching them silently)

Doctor:(Leaning foreward)

Roeleq, scavengers and pillagers of the galaxy, they don't invent anything for themselves, their brains are far too underdeveloped for that, they steal the inventions and ideas of other races and bolt them together to create their own crude creations, it seems this hive have selected Leo's designs to build something, rather than draw their own blueprints.

Bailey:Well if the object that Leo saw crash into the woods a week ago was a space ship and those stars really were debris from a damaged hyper-whitsitt, then could they simply be trying to repair it so that they can leave?

Leonardo:Then why not just leave them to it, if they're trying to get away from here then what is there to worry about?

Doctor:Unfortunately it's not that simple


Doctor:Brand new hyperdrive generators are tested on lifeless moons in the farthest reaches of the universe, due to their nasty habit of incinerating the surface beneath them.

Leonardo:Not good?


Bailey:Well we need them to leave but we need something to get them off the planet before they activate the generator

Doctor:(Suddenly having an idea)

Bailey you are a genius!

(Kisses her on the forehead)

Bailey:Oh! Well it's been known to happen!

Doctor:Now we're gonna have to work fast, and I'll need a fast ride

(Smiles slyly)


Leo and the Doctor are on the clock tower roof as the Doctor is strapping himself into Leo's glider, Bailey stands behind the consol in the TARDIS, checking the monitor and dials on the consol.


Bailey:You two ready up there?

Doctor:Just about, How about your end?

(Fixing the last piece of harness)

Bailey:All ready here, I've can see the transmatt device on the monitor, are you sure the wind is going to be strong enough?

Doctor:Don't worry about me, as long as you do your part this should be easy as pizza

Bailey:You mean pie?!

Doctor:Yeah! Besides I've got Leonardo Da Vinci with me, what could possible go wrong!?


Bailey laughs half heartedly as the Doctor prepares to jump.


Leonardo:Are you sure about this Doctor?

Doctor:What d'you mean, you built this thing!

Leonardo:Yeah, it's just that I haven't really, well I haven't exactly...

Doctor:Leo you have tested this before, haven't you

Leonardo:Yeah sure, so make sure you don't fall basically, you control the tips using these ropes and you steer by turning your body.


There is a sudden up-draught and the Doctor shakes his head and laughs as he leaps off of the

building, for a moment he disappears but suddenly he soars up into the sky like a bird, and uses the

air currents to glide towards the forest of the edge of the city.


Doctor:(Screaming and laughing at the same time)

Well this is a first!

Bailey:Did you do it?

(Watches a small red dot move across the monitor)


Bailey:I'll take that as a yes, now according to the scanners the ship crash landed only a few hundred yards in from the edge of the forest, so it shouldn't be too hard to find, and if they have finished repairing it then there should be some monks about, just be careful

Doctor:Now why would I do that!


Suddenly there is gunfire below and red lasers shoot up from the ground, then a direct hit sails through the flimsy left wing and the Doctor spirals down to earth crashing into the trees. He comes too suspended in a tree overlooking the crashed ship, parts of it have been repaired with sheets of metal and recognisable pieces of Leo's designs. The Doctor wriggles free and falls from the tree, quietly he sneaks around the ship and places a small devices onto the hull of the ship, presses a central button and heads back into the undergrowth.


Doctor:(Hiding behind a bush)

Transmatt activated

Bailey:Yes, thank you number one, prepare to energise!

Doctor:(Laughs thinking that she's joking)


All of a sudden the Doctor begins to glow white and he disappears, only to reappear on the TARDIS, Bailey doesn't look up from the monitor when the Doctor appears, looking slightly startled.


Doctor:How on earth did you do that? the TARDIS doesn't even have a teleporter!

Bailey:That's what you think! Right activating transmatt

Doctor:(Rushing up to the consol)

No, not yet, they're not all on board

Bailey:And how will you know when they are Sherlock?

Doctor:Like this

(Dramatically presses a button on the consol)


The image on the monitor changes and an inferred image of the woods and the Roeleq ship appears, the red blips on the screen represent the Roeleq, they gradually move towards the large object in the centre of the clearing.



Bailey:(Nods with her finger hovering over a switch)



Bailey flicks the switch and the transmatt device begins beeping, gradually getting faster and faster. On board the Roeleq ship Ruok and his crew fire up the hyperdrive generator.




A Roeleq Pushes some levers and others activate monitor, the ships engines fire up, Leo watches from the clock tower roof as the great ship rises up from the clearing in the forest, suddenly the transmatt device stops beeping and the ship disappears, reappearing outside of earth's atmosphere and shooting off into the depths of space just in time. Bailey and the Doctor breathe a sigh of relief and Leo jumps up and down with joy.


Bailey:Don't think we could have cut that closer if we'd tried!

Doctor:I've seen worse!  

Bailey:Come on there's something we have to do

(Skips down to the doors)

Come on


Inside Leonardo's house Leo sits at the table waiting for Bailey and the Doctor to return, there is a knock at the door and Leo leaps up to open it, standing in the doorway are Bailey and the Doctor, arms filled with Leo's designs salvaged from the monastery.


Bailey:Thought you might want these back


My designs! Come in, come in

Doctor:No, no we really can't stay, we just came to return these to you

(Places his bundle on the table)


You're leaving?

Bailey:We're leaving?

Doctor:It's time for us to go Bailey, lots to see

Leonardo:(Looks down at the corner of a canvas board protruding from a stack)

But I didn't get to...

Bailey:Didn't get to what?

Leonardo:(Getting a sudden idea and grabbing a piece of paper and a pencil)

You said you travel in time right, well, go to this place at on this date and you will see

Bailey:(Takes the piece of paper, an address scrawled over it)

Erm, thank you, it really has been a pleasure meeting you Leonardo

Leonardo:Please, the pleasure has been all mine

Bailey:I seriously doubt that!

Doctor:Come on Bailey, Leonardo Da Vinci it's been remarkable but I think one genius is more than enough for earth to handle presently

Leonardo:Understandable Doctor, Farewell to you both, safe journey

Doctor:Oh and FYI I'd seriously think about finishing that painting if I were you Leo

(Gestures towards the Mona Lisa on the floor)


Bailey and the Doctor leave Leo's house and walk back to the TARDIS, inside they are both curious about the address Leo gave to Bailey.


Doctor:Where does he want us then?

Bailey:(Reading the address)

Er, Palazzo Medici Riccardi, 1481, what does it mean?

Doctor:It means, Leonardo wants us to see something in the Medici palace in 1481


The Doctor sets the TARDIS spinning off through the time vortex, she materializes outside the Medici palace, they emerge from the TARDIS and stroll up to the front doors, two guards stand in their way.


Doctor:(Flashes his psychic paper)

Stand aside there's a good chap!


The guards push the doors open to allow them through, they stroll through the corridors until they reach a gallery containing various works by Leonardo.


Bailey:Why did they let us in then?

Doctor:(Checking the psychic paper)

Well according to this we are cousins of the great Piero De Medici


Doctor:No it says we're the cleaning staff!


So what are we actually doing here?

Doctor:I don't know!

Bailey:(Spots a painting out of shot beside her and walks towards it)



(Looks around and sees the painting)



They both stand side by side staring at the painting, Bailey with one hand over her mouth, the Doctor with his wide open. We see that the painting is of Bailey in her blue and yellow dress standing in front of the TARDIS, below the painting there is a plaque that reads 'The Mysterious Girl of Florence'







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