12 Doctor Who: The Invasion

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
When Bailey and the Doctor are separated from each other Bailey finds herself back home facing an invasion of energy eating aliens, and finds her two best friends headding the Portsmouth resistance, but with no TARDIS and no access to the world beyond the city can Bailey destroy the alien threat without the help of the Doctor?

Submitted: November 22, 2012

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Submitted: November 22, 2012



Doctor Who Episode Script

The Invasion

Written By Chloe Taylor

Inside the TARDIS Bailey sits in one of the chairs while the Doctor looms over her, gesticulating frantically while regaling her with one of his adventures and of times long gone.

Doctor: (Energetic and slightly out of breath)

And that's when I realised that my only chance of saving the world was to place Marilyn Monroe's hair pin on top of the Eiffel tower and hope that it would absorb the electrical solar storm threatening to destroy all life on Earth.

(As he talks, he acts out parts of his story such as climbing the tower and the size of the storm)

Bailey: (Slightly puzzled and not very convinced)

Right! And how exactly did you manage to scale a tower that's 324 metres tall?

Doctor: (Realising the floors in his story)

Ah! Well you see...

Bailey: (Interrupting and standing)

And according to your tale this all happened in March 1879?

Doctor: Yes

Bailey: Yeah, except the Eiffel Tower wasn't built until March 1889!

(Stresses the 89)

Doctor: (Realises that he has been rumbled and changes the subject rapidly)

So where too now? How about the asteroid belt of Chagoon 3 supposed to be the most attractive belt in the universe, but I quite like mine, what do you think?!

(Indicates his rather snazzy belt of the day)

Bailey: (Not entirely impressed with his belt)

It's very you Doctor!

The Doctor begins to fiddle with the TARDIS controls while Bailey stands idly watching him work, suddenly a creature appears inside the control room. The creature is over ten feet tall, it's skin is a pale lavender and looks almost translucent , it's long tendrils float this way and that, never ending, though it's major characteristics resemble that of a creature of the deep oceans it's head is that of a woman's, albeit with slightly alien features such as no eyebrows and deep dark blue eyes that Bailey had never seen the likes of. It's bewitching eyes seemed transfixed on Bailey's, holding her on the spot examining her very soul, then just as suddenly as it had appeared, the creature vanished into thin air leaving Bailey bewildered searching the control room for the spellbinding creature.

Doctor: (Watching Bailey scanning the room)

Lost something?

Bailey: (Startled)


Doctor: You look like you've seen a ghost what's wrong?

Bailey: I think I might have, normally I'd say it was nothing at all but this time I'm not sure what it was Doctor.

(Slightly scared)

Doctor: (Places his hand on her shoulder)

Bailey, we are flying through the vortex, nothing can get in here, we are nowhere, the bridge between things if you like, there is nothing beyond those doors, now if you did see something it was probably just a trick of the light or the Artron receptors playing up and giving you hallucinations.

Bailey: (Sighs)

You're right of course, we're in the TARDIS nothing can harm us here, in fact I've never liked being anywhere more than I like being inside the TARDIS with her time travelling alien Captain!

Doctor: That's more like it, now let's see if we can't get to where we actually want to go!

There is a moment of silence before a question occurs to the Doctor.

Doctor: How did you know?

Bailey: What?

Doctor: How did you know when the Eiffel tower was built?

Bailey: My Gran did a lot of travelling about when she was younger, guess it runs in the family, that feeling of wanting to be free, anywayher husband took her to Paris once she used to love telling me about it.

Doctor: Hm, she sounds good your Gran

Bailey: Yeah she was a diamond.

Doctor: (Sad expression)


Bailey: (Nods slowly)

She died last August.

Doctor: I'm sorry, I know what it's like to lose family.

Bailey: She was happy though, before the end, kept going on about the second world war, the people she met when she was my age, she went around giving food to people sheltering in the London undergrounds.

Doctor: What was her name?

Bailey: Marjory Scott,but we all called her Madge.

Doctor: Marjory Scott, you've got one hell of a granddaughter!

(Smiling in an attempt to cheer Bailey up again)

Bailey: (Smiles and changes the subject again)

Anyway, I thought we were going somewhere?!

Doctor: Yes of course, come on old girl let's see what you've... got.

The Doctor's attention is suddenly caught by the same creature that Bailey saw, except this time it has moved and is floating on the other side of the room, closer to the Doctor, his jaw drops and his eyes remain locked upon the creature's, it tilts its head, questioning his very being in one glance, then it slowly bows its head and promptly disappears.

Bailey: (Looks up at the Doctor standing stock still)

Doctor? What is it? Don't tell me it was just the Artron receptors playing up causing you to hallucinate!

Doctor: (Not making much sense and talking mostly to himself)

No... but that's... why...why...unless...

(Turns to Bailey looking at her worrying)

The Doctor begins frantically dashing around the consol flicking switches and pulling leavers, pressing buttons and dialling random codes into various pieces of machinery, until all at once there is an enormous jolt and the TARDIS thrashes around sending Bailey and the Doctor rolling all over the place, the lights flicker and the consol sends sparks flying in all directions until all is suddenly still and quiet except for the low hum of the TARDIS. The lights fade back on and we see the Doctor picking himself back up groaning as he moves.

Doctor: Well, I think I managed to get us out of that one safe and sound, you alright Bailey nothing broken I hope?!

There is no reply and we see that Bailey is not inside the control room, the Doctor searches the room calling her name. Suddenly control room is still dark, the Doctor is gone and we see Bailey starting awake, laying on the floor inside the control room, she is alone as she pick herself up.

Bailey: (Groaning)

Really just aw! Doctor what was all that...about?

(Notices the dark and that the Doctor has disappeared, she starts to panic)

Doctor? Doctor what's going on? If you're playing some kind of trick it's not funny! Doctor!

Back with the Doctor he is still searching the room for Bailey, only his control room is lit.

Doctor: (Rushing back to the consol)

I know, I'll use the scanners to search the TARDIS, it'll take much less time than searching the entire ship for her! I don't think even I would live long enough for that!

(Typing on the typewriter, he looks up at the monitor, it indicates no life forms aboard the ship, he stops and stares at it)

But that's not, not possible, how is that possible?

(He taps the screen but nothing changes)

The Doctor walks cautiously towards the doors; Bailey, still standing alone in the TARDIS suddenly feels a strange sensation and shivers all over.

Bailey: What was that? Like someone walked over my grave

(She hears a noise over by the door and rushes over)

Doctor is that you? What's going on? Wait for me!

She hurries down the steps and flings open the front doors, she is temporarily blinded by the bright light outside but her eyes adjust and we see that the TARDIS has landed in Portsmouth where Bailey first saw it so long ago, she stands in the doorway staring out at the passersby going about their daily business. Meanwhile the Doctor has also reached the doors and gingerly he places his hand onto the lock, he takes a moment before turning the handle and pulling the door towards him.

Doctor: (Shocked)

No! But how? It's not possible!

Bailey looks back inside the TARDIS one last time before stepping out onto the quay, the doors slam behind her locking her out of the TARDIS. She rushes back to try and force them open

Bailey: No, no, no don't do that! Don't leave me all alone

(Slumps against the TARDIS)

Now what?

Man: (Approaches Bailey)

If you're thinking of making a call you'd better wait for the all clear hun

(Walks off)

Bailey: Wait what? Hay you what did you mean the all clear?

(Gives up trying to chase the man)

What is going on?

Suddenly an alarm rings around the port and town, almost deafening everybody. Suddenly people start screaming and running for shelter, they drop shopping bags and luggage as they dash into the shops and buildings, Bailey looks around in bewilderment as these people seem to run for their lives. With good reason. After a moment the entire port is empty and scared faces stare out from shop fronts and restaurants, then a tremendous rumble shakes the ground beneath Bailey's feet, chairs and tables fall over, street lamps come crashing to the ground, then the rumble becomes louder and a great shadow covers the city, floating in the sky a fleet of space ships shroud the city in darkness.

Bailey: What the...?

Suddenly red, blue and green lasers fill the sky with lightening, Bailey, still awestruck stands idly in the open while explosions happen all around her, a ship breaks off from the main group and heads her way, her eyes widen as she realises that there's nothing she can do. Unexpectedly she is knocked off her feet just as the ship sails overhead and attacks the shops.

Ethan: (Shouting angrily)

What the hell are you doing?!

Bailey: (Slightly winded and stunned by what's happening)

Ethan: Can you hear me?

(Shakes her)

Bailey it's me, Ethan. Where've you been?

Bailey: (Coming to her senses)


Ethan: You're in shock, I need to get you back to base, come on they'll be gone once they've fed.

(Puts her arm around his shoulder and helps her back towards the city)

The ships cease firing on the city and strange yellow lights begin to float up from the shops and houses, the street lamps go out and the city goes dark, the lights float up to the ships where strange rods collect them and take them back inside the ship. Ethan and Bailey are in the heart of the city, they head towards the university.

Ethan: (Looking up at the sky)

They've had their fill, they'll be gone soon

Bailey: (Finally coming to terms with what's happening)

What are they?

Ethan: Later, right now we need to do a damage assessment before the next wave wipes out what's left of our communications.

They enter the university entrance hall, the building is a mess inside, lights hang from their wires, papers lay strewn along the floor and tables lay upturned; but instead of heading off into the building Ethan turns to a side door labelled with a notice that says staff only, except someone has scribbled out the word staff and scrawled HUMANS above it.

Bailey: (Thoroughly confused and a little scared)

Where are we going?

Ethan: (Smiles slyly and opens the door)

You'll see, now come on!

Ethan leads Bailey through the door into a long dark corridor, with no lights except the light through the door they had just come. Bailey trips over her foot in the dark.

Ethan: Sorry about the dark, we just can't risk it this close to the surface.

Ethan stops in front of what Bailey can make out as a door, he takes no time in finding the handle, he pushes through the door and pulls Bailey behind him into a very small room with even less light. He closes the door behind them and turns on a torch, which illuminates a ladder that leads deep beneath the Earth. Bailey looks questioningly at Ethan but he nods in reassurance, Bailey begins to descend the rusty rungs of the ladder. As they reach the bottom we hear the sound of voices and computer fans. They emerge into a large room lit with yellow wall lights, large tables covered with computer monitors fill the room and huge metal cabinets line one wall. When they step off of the ladder everyone in the room stops and stares at them. A girl approaches Bailey.

Jenny: (Talking to no one in particular)

Fetch her

A man at the back of the room exits through a door in the back wall, no one moves for a moment until he emerges bringing someone with him. Louise stares at Bailey a mixture of anger and relief on her face, she rushes to her friend and hugs her tightly.

Louise: (Overjoyed)

Oh Bailey, I can't tell you how worried I've been, how worried we've all been, we began to fear the worst and then when they came, well it didn't bear thinking about.

Bailey: (Pushing Louise away gently)

Lou, what is going on?

Louise: Come and sit down, I'll get you something to drink, and Ethan and I will explain everything. The rest of you back to work I want that damage report on my desk in ten.

(Walks off towards the door)

Bailey: Louise?

(Now even more confused)

Ethan: Yeah a lot's changed around here in the last few months, come on!

Everyone gets back to whatever they were doing and Ethan herds Bailey towards the far door, beyond lies Louise's office, a small simple room that was once probably a cleaners cupboard, with a desk and a couple of office chairs. The two of them sit down while Louise makes tea at a small cupboard with a rusty kettle.

Louise: (Busy making tea)

I'm guessing by the look on your face you have questions

Bailey: (Under her breath)

Understatement of the centaury!

Louise: Sorry?

Bailey: What is going on? Please just start at the beginning and tell me

Ethan: Well, when you disappeared four months ago we thought you'd gone off on a spur of the moment adventure thing, but then when we couldn't contact you we got worried, we got the police involved and your Mum was frantic, she threatened to go looking for you herself.

Bailey: She needn't have worried!

Louise: (Handing out the tea, places one on her desk)

Then when 'they' arrived we feared that you'd been taken and everybody was so busy trying to protect themselves that the police called off the investigation.

Bailey: How can I have been gone for four months, it all seems like a blur now.

Ethan: (Serious)

Bailey where did you go?

Bailey: I don't think you'd believe me if I told you

Ethan: Bailey, Lou and I have known you for eight years you can tell us

Bailey: It can wait, now what I want to know is what 'they' are? And why do you just call them, 'they'?

Louise: (Pulls out a drawer from under the desk and removes some photos and papers and hands them to Bailey)

'They' have no name and they appeared out of the blue three weeks after you disappeared

Bailey: (Looking through the various pictures of ships and damage to buildings)

But why, what do they want?

Ethan: Electricity

Bailey: (Surprised)


Louise: They seem to feed off of it, every day they bombard the city then absorb any energy floating around, anybody caught outside does so at their peril.

Bailey: Their ships must have a weakness?

Ethan: Already thought of that, the army has sent missiles, rockets nothing even scratches the surface.

Bailey: (Still looking at pictures)

They must be shielded. Wait a minute, what are you two doing in a basement fighting an alien invasion? And Louise you never even believed in all my madcap theories about aliens!

Ethan and Louise both laugh.

Louise: It's quite simple really, Ethan and I were terrified at first when the ships arrived, we hid in the caretakers cupboard upstairs during the very first attack, and found the ladder that lead us down here gradually we brought more students and equipment down with us and built the Portsmouth resistance, from here we monitor the ships and keep the city running, the IT students had been a godsend.

Ethan: (Joking)

It's like Star Wars! But with uni students! Boldly going where no student has gone before!

(Looks dramatically into the distance)

Bailey: (Pointing out his mistake slightly worried)
I think you'll find that's Star Trek, I thought you were an expert at that!

Louise: Ethan can't you take anything seriously?

Bailey: You sound like...

(Trailing off)

Ethan: I sound like who?

Bailey: (Remembering that she has lost the Doctor)

Never mind, now we need a plan

Louise: Whoo, step back Bailey's got a plan, run for the shelters!

Bailey: It won't be like any of my previous plans, this one will work, as soon as I have one!

A tall boy enters the office with a file in his hand.

Rick: (Hands the file to Louise)

Damage report Lou, they took out most of shopping centre today and the financial district is gone

Louise: (Flicks through the file)

What's our current power output look like Rick?

Rick: Just holding at twenty percent Lou, but the generators won't last the next bombardment and we'll be left without power

Louise: Contact M.I 5 and tell them we're gonna need more power

Rick: I'm on it!

(Leaves the room)

Bailey: (Stunned and confused again)

M.I 5?

Louise: Oh yeah, the army put us in touch when the force field went up

Bailey: Force field?

Louise: (Sighs)

Six weeks ago and impenetrable barrier appeared around the city, stops anything getting in our out, that's why we haven't evacuated.

Bailey: (Ideas forming in her mind)

So the ships are only attacking Portsmouth?

Ethan: Yeah

Bailey: (Looks around in amazement)
Am I the only one who thinks this is odd?

Louise: I don't know, we hadn't really thought about it before, we've be focused on trying to destroy them and protect the city.

Bailey: (Gets up and storms back into the room full of computers and desks, she turns to a girl typing away at a computer)

Show me a scan of one of the ships

Georgia: (Looks back at Louise)

Louise: Do what she says Georgia

Georgia: (Brings up an image on the monitor)

This was the last scan the army took before the barrier went up, they sent it to us

We see the image of an x-rayed ship, but there are no floors and no rooms inside, just a large empty space.

Bailey: (Noticing the abnormality of the image, shocked that no one has noticed)

Well that's something right there, they're just shells, look nothing inside whatsoever!

Louise: Let me see that!
(Standing next to Bailey)

But...What, no, no when they sent us the image it was teaming with weaponry and stuff, where's it gone?

Bailey: (Talking to herself)

There's got to be something else, the Doctor would know what it was

Ethan: What?

Bailey: How long until they next attack?

Georgia: (Checks her watch)

Er, four hours, happens twice a day like clockwork

Bailey: (Turning to Louise and Ethan, getting excited)

How convenient, You've got power generators right?

Louise: Yeah of course, that's how we keep this place on line, why? No I know that look you've got a plan!

Bailey: Trust me Lou, my plans have got infinitely better recently!

Ethan: So what is the plan?

Bailey: (Thinks for a moment, then suddenly has an idea)

I need the best hacker slash programmer you've got, access to the city's power grid and a lift!

There is a short pause as everyone in the room contemplates Bailey's requests.

Louise: (Calling to Jenny)


Jenny: Lou?

Louise: She's the best we've got, she can do whatever you throw at her

Bailey: You up for kicking so alien but?

Jenny: I set up this whole operation, I think I'm ready to leave my desk job behind!

Georgia: I can access the power grid from here but if you want to hack into the generators you'll have to cross town to get there.

Bailey: (Holds up her right palm in front of Ethan)

My ride please Mr Richards!

Ethan: (Reluctantly removes his car keys from his pocket and gives them to Bailey)

Not a scratch you hear!

Bailey: (Grabs the keys before he can change his mind)

Not a scratch!

Louise: (Walks over to the cabinets)

Whatever you're planning I'm coming too, and ,I think we'll need these.

She opens the cabinet to reveal stacks of guns and ammunition, Bailey's heart sinks at the thought of firing a gun, after the Doctor taught her that there's always a better way.

Louise: What's wrong Bailey?

Bailey: I just... I don't like guns

Louise: (Throws a rifle at Bailey)

Fine get killed then, we'll need them to get to the generator, trust me

Bailey: Alright, but we need to hurry to be ready in time for the next attack, Jenny you're with me and Lou, Georgia I want you to call us the minute you get into the grid, Ethan keep people off the streets, lets lock and load.


I've always wanted to say that!

Louise: (Sighs and throws another gun at Jenny)

Let's go!

Jenny, Louise and Bailey make their way back up the long ladder into the university entrance hall, outside Bailey now notices the shimmering force field hanging in the sky above the city. Louise and Jenny check their weapons.

Jenny: So is there an actual plan Bailey?

Bailey: It's something like a plan, but I'm not sure if it will work yet

Jenny: Oh, how reassuring!

Louise: (Loading her gun)

Come on Ethan's car is in the student car park, we'd better get moving

They race through the Uni into the car park, Bailey blips Ethan's keys and they slide into his rather girly VW beetle.

Bailey: (Sliding into the driver's seat)

Ethan really need some new wheels!

Louise: Erm, Bailey I though you failed your driving test?

Bailey: (Sarcastic but full of adrenaline)

You really want to discuss that now!

Puts the car into gear and drives out of the car park, Louise begins to give Bailey directions to the powerhouse on the other side of town. They weave their way through debris and broken streets until they reach a large square building on the edge of the city, they park up out front and cautiously approach the building.

Bailey: ETA?

Jenny: (Checks her watch)

Two and a half hours, but it'll take me a while to access the generator's main frame

Louise: Well let's get inside then, we're far too exposed out here

They rush into the building, they emerge into a small entrance hall with a secretary desk and a few waiting chairs, Louise and Jenny rush towards a lift opposite the entrance doors.

Louise: The generator room is two floors down, Bailey I hope you know what you're doing, this is the last energy store in the city and those ships are gonna make a bee line for it when they get here.

Bailey: (Presses the call button on the wall)

Lou, chill, I've got it covered!

Louise: Why doesn't that reassure me?!

The doors open and the lift arrives, there are no lights on inside and the buttons are flashing on and off, Bailey looks suspiciously at the lift, Jenny and Louise move to get inside but Bailey holds them back.

Jenny: Bailey, we have to get down there fast

Louise: Come on it's only a lift!

Bailey: I've seen enough alien films to know that you don't get in a lift during an invasion, especially when the aliens are sucking out all the power.

Louise: Fine the stairs are this way

They walk over to a side door to find a fire escape that leads up and down the building.

Bailey: Third floor here we come!

Jenny +

Louise: (Groan at the stairs)

They descend the stairs and exit through at door labelled Ground Floor, beyond the door they find an enormous room filled with huge round metal generators and miles and miles of cabling suspended from the ceiling on metal loops. There is a small station set up with computers, keyboards and various switches and plugs.

Jenny: (Rushing over to the desk)

And this should give us access to the generator mainframe

(Starts typing codes into the computers)

Bailey: (Looking around at the generators)

How do you know all this stuff?

Jenny: My Dad's a computer programmer, he taught me everything he knew. Right this will take me round about half an hour to open, but I could do it a lot faster if I knew what I was trying to achieve!

Louise: Yeah about that plan of yours Bailey, what is it?

Bailey: Long story short, they want energy, we're gonna give it to them!

Jenny: (Turning back to the computer smiling)

We're gonna fry em!

Louise: Genius! Jenny sets the generators to overload, the ships arrive looking for this place and bam, a huge burst of energy gives them heartburn!

Bailey: Something like that yeah

Jenny: Right, now accessing the overload protocols will take me...

(Clicks a button and load of codes fill the screen, she sighs)

Ah, how long have we got Lou?

Louise: Two hours fifteen, why?

Jenny: (Shrugs off the challenge ahead)

No reason, I got this!

Bailey: Jenny, how long is it gonna take?

Jenny: (Groans)

Working as fast as I can, roughly two hours twenty!

Bailey: (Sighs and bites her lip)

Just do it

Jenny: (Nods and starts typing)

Louise: (Walks Bailey away from Jenny)

Bailey, how are we going to find five minutes, that's how long the ships usually hang around for and we won't get another shot at this because they'll drain the generators, I hope you've got another plan up your sleeve

Bailey: (Phone rings and she answers her mobile)


Georgia sits at her desk in the resistance base, with Ethan.

Georgia: I'm in the grid, no what?

Bailey: Really that was quick!

(Suddenly having an idea)

Can you re-direct the remaining power to the Spinnaker?

Georgia: That's on the other side of town from where you are, I can direct it straight into the generators

Bailey: Just do as I say, send all of that power to the spinnaker, lights, computers, cameras all of it and I'll need the security codes for the tower

Georgia: I'll text them to you, good luck Bailey

Bailey: Thanks

(Hangs up and walks back towards the door)

Jenny: Where are you going now?!

Bailey: I'm going to buy you time to get those generators into overload position

Louise: How?

Bailey: I'm going to prepare a starter!

Spontaneously the lift doors open with a gentle ping, suddenly the pulleys groan and the steel cables snap causing the lift to come hurtling down the shaft , it comes crashing down to the ground floor and smashes into the bottom of the shaft creating a cloud of dust and bits of metal. Bailey walks past and opens the door to the stairwell.

Bailey: Told you!

(Climes the stairs)

Bailey emerges from the power station into the daylight, her phone blips, she finds a text from Georgia containing the security codes for the Spinnaker, she blips the Bug's keys and slides in front of the wheel and drives off towards the Quay.

Bailey skids through the shopping centre, swerving to avoid the debris, she parks up in front of the Spinnaker, she gets out of the car and looks up at the tower with smoking holes dotted over it and pieces of metalwork exposed and damaged.

Bailey: Come on then, I don't know what kind of game this is but I'm definitely going to win!
(Pulls a hair pin from her hair)

Oh Doctor your story may have been flimsy, but you had better be right about this

She enters the security codes into a panel beside the doors, the slide open and she enters the silent tower. Suddenly the loud rumbling returns and Bailey can hear the sounds of lasers and sirens, the ships have returned early. She quickly rushes outside and dials Louise's number into her phone.

Bailey: Louise, we're too late

Still working frantically with Jenny in the generator room

Louise: What do you mean? We've still got two hours!

Bailey: Tell it to them!
(Holds her phone up to the sky so that Louise can hear the sound of the engines and guns)

Louise: (Panicking)

What the hell are they doing here?!

Bailey: They must know what we're doing, either that or there's something much bigger going on here

Louise: (Rushing upstairs to get outside)

Like what!

Bailey: (Sighing, scared and defeated)

I don't know!

Bailey hangs up as Louise reaches the doors and bursts outside to find hundred of ships bombarding the city around her, she stands awestruck as the ships destroy buildings and roads, more brutally than ever before. Bailey stands in the middle of the quay watching the destruction.

Bailey: (Whispers)


(Looks around at the devastation, voice gets louder)


(Watches as a few ships fly towards her, shouts)


To Be Continued...

© Copyright 2020 ChloPo359. All rights reserved.

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