13 Doctor Who: Reality Check

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
Trapped in different worlds Bailey and the Doctor must save the people they care most about, even if it means paying the ultimate price.

Submitted: January 16, 2013

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Submitted: January 16, 2013



Doctor Who Episode Script

Reality Check

Written by Chloe Taylor


Bailey:(Narrating over the top of the action)

We live in a crazy world - everybody has their own problems, their own daily issues and we always hurry for something, we are always late. We do not have time to realise the beauty of the everything, which surrounds us. We do not realise how small and how fragile we are. We all want to believe that there is something good out there and someone who believes not only in me, but in all of humanity. Just think for a second that there really is an old, sad man, who sacrificed everything so that we can be here now. Because he believed in us. And he is still believing.


The Doctor stands at the TARDIS consol, madly flicking switches and typing on the keypad, he looks up intermittently at the TARDIS doors nervously as if something outside has scared him, he keeps checking the scanners, suddenly he stops moving and stares at the doors. He sighs, grabs his jacket and walks towards the doors and places his hand onto the door handle.


Doctor:Don't do this to me old girl

(Pulls the door open and slips outside)

I told you not to do this to me!


He is standing in a wasteland, buildings have been obliterated and trees stand like sticks of charcoal, as he's walking the Doctor scuffs his foot over a rusty sign, when he turns it over to look at it he discovers the words Charring Cross barely visible on the sign. He drops the sign and checks his watch, the date reads April 25th 1945.


Doctor:(Whispering in disbelief)

But, how is this possible?

(Shouting into the air)

This isn't possible!

(He kicks a rusty bin in his anger)


The bin flies towards the entrance to the underground, as it lands we hear a cry of pain and frustration coming from the entrance. The Doctor moves towards the entrance but stops as he hears someone coming out, his jaw drops as a woman who greatly resembles Bailey stumbles over the rubble.


Marjory: (Shouting)

Hay! What's the big idea?!

(Clambering out of the underground entrance)
Oh so you thought you'd just take your anger out on the bin did you?!

(Irritated by the Doctor)

What you doing out here anyway? You know they'll be back for the survivors don't you? Or do you want to be blown to smithereens.

Doctor:(Just stands staring at Marjory with his mouth open)

Marjory:(Confused by the Doctor's lack of response)

You some kind of shell shock patient or something?

Doctor:(Waking up)

What? No I er, I was just, going for a walk!



Marjory: (Snorted laughter)

You must be new round here, though I don't see how that's possible, though you don't look like you've been in a war either.

Doctor:(Fascinated by the woman in front of him)
No I'm not from around here.

Marjory:(Staring at the Doctor, questioning his being)

Well first thing you should know is that no one goes out anymore around here, haven't done for a while now, too darn scared to leave their houses or the underground. So who are you?

Doctor:(Realising he hasn't introduced himself)

Sorry, how rude of me, I'm the Doctor

(Holds his hand out for her to shake)

Marjory:(Thinks for a moment then shakes his hand)

Marjory Scott, Doctor Who?

Doctor:(Realising that she is Bailey's grandmother)

Sorry can't tell you that, war and all. So you're, right ok bit weird!


Right. We haven't had a Doctor in these parts for months, the last one was caught outside, wrong place wrong time type of thing, you looking for somewhere to stay then?

Doctor:(Feels her rush of questions seems familiar)

Sorry, you did say your name was Marjory Scott?

Marjory:Yeah, but everyone calls me Madge, so do you need somewhere to stay?

Doctor:I've brought my accommodation with me

(Points over his shoulder at the TARDIS)

Marjory:You can't seriously tell me you live in that, has it got wheels or something cause you sure as heck couldn't carry that around with you!

Doctor:I could show you if you like?

Marjory:(Wants to go with the Doctor)

I really shouldn't, I have people to care for back there

Doctor:It's just a box, what are you afraid of?


I have been bombed, my house incinerated, my country invaded, you think I would be scared of a box?!


Something told me you'd say that!

Marjory:Fine show me your box then!

Doctor:(Holds out a guiding arm)

Right this way madam

(Talking to himself)

And maybe you can tell me what the heck has happened to London?!

The Doctor takes Marjory to the TARDIS and allows her to step inside before taking the lead. Her jaw drops as she enters the blue box and stares about at the enormous control room around her.


Marjory: You really aren't from around here are you!

Doctor:(Chuckles and steps over to the consol)

Marjory:This is...

(Dashes out of the TARDIS and rushes around the exterior)

...Impossible! How are you doing that?

Doctor:Can't tell you that, classified!



Marjory:(Stands next to the Doctor)

But it's bigger on the inside!

Doctor:I know


They stand looking at each other for a moment, Marjory trying to work the Doctor out, the Doctor comparing Marjory to he granddaughter Bailey. The silence is suddenly broken by a loud crash and bang from outside, they both rush to the doors and stand outside. Large flashes of yellow hurtle towards the city, crashing into what remains of the buildings and gardens.


Doctor:(Looking up at the sky)

What the hell is going on?

Marjory:As if they haven't destroyed enough of the city!

Doctor:(Turns to Marjory, holds her shoulders and talks in a serious tone)

Madge this is important, I need you to tell me everything that's happened and how long it's been going on for.

Marjory:(Looks into the Doctor's eyes for a moment, scared but soon finds her courage)

We need to get to the palace.

Doctor:(Confused by her answer)


Marjory:It's the only place left standing, the Prime Minister and the King are holding the fort there, and they might do a better job of explaining then I can.

Doctor:Ok, but never doubt yourself like that Madge, it doesn't suit you. Come on.

(Walks back into the TARDIS and starts whizzing around the consol)

Marjory:Well what are you doing, you can't bring that thing with us!

(Rushes up to the Doctor)

Doctor:Oh didn't I mention?

(Remotely closes the doors and dematerialises the TARDIS)

My box is fully...

(Opens the doors to reveal a brick wall)



Doctor:(Closes the doors and ruses back to the consol)

Ah, slight geographical error, not my fault.


The TARDIS makes a groaning sound as if protesting against the Doctor's remark.


Doctor:(Talking to the TARDIS)

Yes ok it was partly my fault! Mistook an I for a 1! Sorry.


The TARDIS materialises inside a corridor in Buckingham palace, the Doctor gestures for Marjory to open the doors.


Doctor:Buckingham palace!

Marjory:(Looks at him sceptically but turns and opens the doors to reveal a glittering corridor)

Oh my!

(Quickly closes the doors and opens them again)

No I'm not dreaming!

Doctor:(Joining Marjory at the doors)

 No I'm afraid not Madge, now shall I introduce you to the Prime Minister and his Majesty the King?!



Marjory:(Overly posh)

Why thank you my good man, what a pleasant idea!

(Starts strolling down the corridor in a regal manor)

Doctor:(Realising she's already gone and rushes after her)

Well wait for me then!


The King's Office. George, Churchill and various military personnel stand around a large round table covered with model ships and planes. Suddenly the Doctor bursts into the room with his arms raised in a welcoming fashion, Marjory following behind him slightly nervous.


Doctor:(Shouting, excited)

Hello Wembley!


Everyone in the room looks at him confused.


Doctor:Sorry always wanted to say that, never had the chance, first thing that popped into my head, won't happen again! Sorry.

Winston: (Removing his cigar to speak)


Doctor:Of course it's me!! Oh yeah the face, sorry had a bit of work done since the last time we met!

Winston:And I believe I asked you for the same thing then that I'm going to ask you for now Doctor.

Doctor:Yes you did and your still not going to get it!

Marjory:What does he want?

Doctor:Key to the TARDIS, sorry Madge, allow me to introduce, Winston Churchill.

Marjory:Pleased to make your acquaintance sir.

(Shakes hands with Churchill)

Winston: Always nice to meet the people who are keeping me in office through this difficult time.

Majority: Actually I voted for Labour!


They stand holding hands for a moment before King George barks out.


George:What is the meaning of this intrusion?

Doctor:King George the sixth, never actually met, hello I'm the Doctor and this is my friend Madge, Madge say hello to your monarch.

Marjory:(Curtsies' slightly

Your most gracious majesty

Doctor:Your stammer's improved a great deal! Mind if we hang around here for a bit?

George:(Very confused)

Yes well this is very ir-r-rregular, but given the circumstances and your affiliation with my college Mr Churchill, I shall allow you to remain here for the time being.

Doctor:Good because I have some questions that need answering and since you are the only people for miles around I'm afraid you're going to have to answer them, so are you ready because I tend to talk rather quickly.

Winston: Fire away Doctor.

Doctor:When did this begin?

Winston: 3rd of September 1939

Doctor:No not the war, Whinny! These attacks on London, the ones that have been obliterating the city.

Marjory:March the fifth, whatever it was or is, it attacked the south of the city, destroyed it.

Doctor:And Buckingham palace is the only building that hasn't been attacked?

George:Of course not! Even those f-f-filthy German's know better than to destroy the home of this country's monarch!

Doctor:(Starts pacing)

Yes or

(Points at Marjory)

Marjory:This is their next target?

Doctor:More likely! You know your stammer is triggered by stress Georgie? What's our military strength look like Whinny?

Winston:We've got ten spitfires and two war ships left in our arsenal, but I'm afraid whatever attacked the city has been shooting down our plains and sinking our ships.

Doctor:Ok not exactly an army  but it'll have to do, now Marjory...

Marjory:(Playing with the mini aeroplanes, drops one when the Doctor calls her name)

Yes Doctor?

Doctor:Run back to the TARDIS and grab me a coil of cable plug it in underneath the consol and run the rest back here, got all that?



Marjory: (Rushes from the room)

Doctor:(Points at the map)

Now Gerogie does this show the location of all the enemy ships?

George:Yes of course, we're r-r-receiving round the clock updates from our boys on the coast.

Doctor:But you've clearly overlooked one very important thing.

George:And what's that?

Doctor:(Picking up a pointing stick and indicating a blank space in the channel)


George:(Looks questioningly at the Doctor then turns to Churchill)

Churchill are you sure this man is entirely sane?

Winston: He's a genius sire I thought being mad was part of the job description!

Doctor:(Smiles at George)


Marjory dashes through the palace towards the TARDIS, she thrusts open the doors and dives underneath the consol where she finds a large coil of cabling, she plugs one end into an empty socket in the consol and hurries back out again rolling out the rest of the wiring.

We hear crying as she turns around the next corner, two girls are sitting together on a small sofa. Elizabeth is comforting her younger sister Margaret. Marjory stops and watches them both for a moment unsure what to say.



Lizzie I'm scared

Elizabeth:(Talking to Marjory)

What's happening?

Marjory:(Thinks about what to say for a moment)

Would you like me to tell you a story?


Marjory places the coli on the floor and kneels down in front of the two girls, they both nod in reply.


Marjory:Today I met a man from a faraway land, who travels in a little blue box and his job is to protect the good people of the world from bad people.

Elizabeth:Well where's he been for the last six years?

Marjory:Well he's only one man, he can't take on the whole of the Nazi forces by himself now can he? But he is here today to protect you two and your home, now he has a plan and when he's done the Germans won't ever want to cross the channel again!

Margaret:What's his name?

 Marjory: His name is the Doctor and he should never be forgotten.


The queen mother emerges through a door and beckons the children to her.


Queen:There you are, nanny Crawford has been worried sick!

Together:(Hanging their heads and getting up from their seats)

Sorry mother

Queen:Come away now

Margaret:Mother do you know the Doctor?

Queen:Don't ask stupid questions child.


The girls enter the room with their mother and shut the door behind them, Marjory sits on the floor for a moment before remembering her errand for the Doctor.



Just talking to the royal princesses!




She quickly scrambles to her feet and collects the cable coil and practically sprints back to the King's office. She hurtles into the room to find the Doctor has wired up some kind of screen and is using his sonic screwdriver to add a bit of TARDIS technology. He doesn't look up when Marjory enters the room but a couple of young women sitting at radios look around then back to their equipment.


Doctor:(Concentrating on his work)

What took you so long?

Marjory:(Walking over to the Doctor)

I was talking to Princess Elizabeth and Margaret

Doctor:About me?

Marjory: How did you? Oh never mind, I got the cable what do you want it for?

Doctor:(Takes the end of the cable and rushes it over to his monitor)

Winston:Yes Doctor, what is it for man?!

Doctor:That gap I showed you, doesn't it strike you as odd that since the German's now have control over the channel, that they would chose to leave a part of it unoccupied?

George:(Angrily staring out of the window)

Who knows why the d-d-devils do any of the things they do?

Doctor:So glad you're being useful at this point Georgie! Ah ha!


Suddenly the monitor springs to life and a digital image of the channel appears on the screen, depicting all the German ships with red dots with one green dot in the middle. The others huddle around the screen to see.


Marjory: Brilliant!

Doctor:I know! Now the red dots are the German ships and U-boats

Marjory:So what's the green dot?

Doctor:So glad to see your on the ball Madge! the green dot is...

Marjory:(Interrupting the Doctor)

In the empty space on the map.

Doctor:You know I kind of like to be the one who does the explaining!

Marjory: Sorry I was getting excited!

Doctor:No it's fine, you just remind me of a, friend of mine.

Winston: Get on with it man!

Doctor:Marjory's right, if the German's are red then what is the green dot?

George:An anomal-l-y?

Doctor:Nah my old girl doesn't do anomalies, my guess is it's a third party and if I close the field

(Fiddles with some dials on the side of the monitor)


The images enlarges until a picture of a naval war ship appears on the screen.


George:(Stutter becoming worse)

B-b-but it's just a s-s-ship!

Doctor:Because that's what it wants you to see

(Stands up straight)

You know George you should probably go and be with your family


Doctor:If I don't succeed you might never see them again

George:(Slightly offended)

I am the K-k-king of England, I w-w-will not abandon my country!

Winston: George, go to your family, those children need their father more than this country need its King right now

George:Ver-r-ry well, I hereby leave the fate of the realm in the capable hands of you Winston and you, Doctor.

Winston: (Bows his head at the king)

Doctor:(Salutes the King before returning to the monitor)


George exits the room leaving a few radio controllers, the Doctor, Winston and Marjory in the office.


Marjory: (Whispering concerned)

What do you mean, 'if you don't succeed'? This plan of yours will work wont it?

Doctor(Slightly offensive)

Who said I've got a plan?

Marjory:I'm sorry I just assumed that you had a plan, my mistake!

Winston: Doctor what is the plan?


Marjory and Churchill stand staring at the Doctor while he stares blankly at the monitor. Slowly his face creeps into a smile.


Winston: I know that look man, I've seen it a hundred times on that ridiculous face of yours, what have you got in mind?

Doctor:(His excitement has returned)

Look closely at that ship


Doctor:Now watch...

(Takes is screwdriver out of his pocket and sonics the monitor)


The image morphs and the ship suddenly changes shape (Resembles the ships that attacked Portsmouth) turns into a space ship sitting in the channel.


Marjory:What is that?!

Doctor:It's a space ship!

Winston:You mean like your craft Doctor?

Doctor:Similar in some respects  yes, except this one seems intent on obliterating your country Whinny.

Marjory:What do we do to stop it?

Doctor:What do you mean we? I will be stopping the spaceship and you will be staying here and babysitting Whinny!


Winston: What?

Doctor:Well neither of you are coming because no matter what dimension I've slipped into you're both too important, to me!

Marjory:Why am I important? I'm just a girl from  Hertfordshire

Doctor:(Places a hand on her shoulder talks quietly)

Oh Madge, you know what, over a thousand years I've been travelling, me and my blue box and not once, not once did I ever meet someone who wasn't important, and you Madge you are going to be so important.

(Shouting orders again)

Now Whinny, radio your boys on the coast and tell them to look out for that ship I'm going to need accurate co-ordinates otherwise I'm going to get very wet, and I want all of your remaining planes to converge on that spot in ten minutes with intent to seek and destroy whatever's left when I'm finished with it

Winston:Doctor, whatever you're going to do is going to be dangerous isn't it? 

Doctor:No you can't come!

Winston:No I just wanted to wish you luck Doctor, you've never given me the chance to say good luck to you before.

Doctor:(Pats him on the shoulder and smiles)

Thank you Winston.

(Turns to leave the room)

Look after her

Marjory:I will

Winston:I will


Marjory and Winston turn and look at each other as the Doctor salutes to them both and leaves the room, he runs back to the TARDIS, shuts the doors behind him and dematerialises the ship. We see Elizabeth's head pocking round a door watching the TARDIS, smiling with delight.


Doctor:(Speaking to Churchill over the telecom link)

Whinny have you got me those co-ordinates yet?

Winston:The chaps are just sending them now

Doctor:What about those spitfires?

Winston: (Takes a piece of paper from one of the girls sitting at a desk)

On their way, now, have you got a pen?

Doctor:Just read me the numbers Whinny!

Winston:Right, where did I put my glasses?

(Looks for his glasses)

Marjory:(Sighs and takes the piece of paper)

Doctor the co-ordinates are 50.579749 0.719604 repeat, 50.579749 0.719604, got it?

Doctor:(Typing in the co-ordinates)

Got it. Thank you Marjory Scott.


You are most welcome Doctor.


The Doctor starts rushing around the consol flicking switches and leavers until the TARDIS materialises inside the alien ship, he pulls a small device out of a box below the consol and leaves the TARDIS. He rushes through the dark ship, unseen he makes his way to the ships generator. He pushes a button on the wall and a door slides open to reveal a dark room full of heavy looking machinery making whirring noises.


Bailey is hurrying about inside the spinnaker tearing panels off of the walls and connecting metres and metres of wiring she is dirty and has scorch marks on her fingers from the live wires, frantically she winds the ends of wires together, outside we can hear the sounds of the ships bombarding the city and absorbing the last pockets of energy.


Bailey:(Looking at the cable, satisfied)


(Looks towards the door to the stairs)


Her phone suddenly rings on the other side of the room, she leaps up to answer it, hurting her fingers as she presses the answer button.




Inside the underground base


Georgia:The upload's ready I just have to send the power to you

Bailey:Do it then!

Georgia:Are you sure you know what you're doing Bailey?

Bailey:That doesn't matter, just send the power to the Spinnaker, now can Louise and Jenny do the same with the generators?

Georgia:What send their power to you?

Bailey:(Urgent tone)


Georgia:Yeah, just give Jen the word and its all yours

Bailey:Thank you Georgia

Georgia:My pleasure Bailey, but you do know that if this doesn't work we're all going to hate you forever!

Bailey:(Snorted laughter)

Yeah well I think that would be the least of my worries if I fail

Georgia:Good luck Bailey.


(Hangs up and dials Louise's number)


Inside the generator room with Jenny.


Louise:Where have you been?! Have you actually got a plan?

Bailey:Yes! Well half a plan!

Louise:Half a plan!!!

(Sighs and tuts)

Fine what do you want? Jen and I are getting hammered down here!

Bailey:Get Jen to send whatever power she can to the Spinnaker, I'm going to give those ships everything they came for.


Are you sure that's a good idea?

Bailey:(Thinks for a moment)

Did I ever tell you about this guy I met?

Louise:(Shakes her head)

Bailey:His name is the Doctor, he believed in me and I sooo believed in him, we had adventures together, we saved worlds and alien races, we had fun that mad man and me and if he were here he would be doing this, but he's not so I'm going to do it, now get Jen to send the remaining power from the generators to the tower and text me when it's ready.

Louise:(Slightly emotional)


(Hangs up)

Jenny:What's wrong? Other than the obvious I mean

Louise:We're going to have one final push to destroy those ships, set the computer to send the remaining power to the Spinnaker


But that's where Bailey went

Louise:Can you do it?

Jenny:Yes of course, one minute

(Starts typing on the keypad)

I bypassed the original overload sequence and sidestepped the generator's mainframe, it should be ready in three, two, one, send

(Presses the enter key)


Bailey is climbing the spiral staircase, the cable dragging along behind her, she burst through the door at the very top floor dropping the end of the cable and her phone which both land on the ground, frantically she searches for the maintenance hatch on the wall.


Bailey:(Scraping at the hatch)

Oh come on!


The hatch releases and inside there are multiple ports and switches, she quickly rifles through them until she finds a socket and a switch with a lightning bolt over the top of it. She sets the panel into overload position and then hurries back to the cable, smiling she pulls it towards the panel but suddenly she stops and looks back at the cable.


Bailey:(Angry and desperate)

No! Don't do that to me!


She pulls the cable but it isn't long enough to reach from the mains on the ground floor to the panel on the top floor. She stops for a moment and looks out at the city, the ships are following the energy as it moves across the city and they have nearly reached the tower, Bailey looks from the cable end to the panel to the ships then back to the end of the cable.


The Doctor enters the generator room and locates the primary engine he presses a button on the small device and places it onto the engine, the device starts to flash slowly and the Doctor nods in triumph, he gets up to leave but a door opens at the other end of the room and the other door seals itself. Three tall creatures in vizered suits enter the room and immediately set upon the Doctor with long metal sticks that flash with purple lightning at the end. Tasers.


Doctor:Oh hello yes I've been waiting for my room service for an hour now and I want to make a formal complaint who do I need to see?


One of the creatures takes a swing at the Doctor with its laser stick which he narrowly misses with a dodge.


Doctor:Right, maybe I'll just come back another time!


The creatures rush towards him and attempt to catch the Doctor, he pulls himself over the engines and squeezes under various fuel tanks  to get out of their way, he finds himself hiding behind the primary engine and he presses a second button on the small device he planted earlier, it begins to flash faster and starts to beep, the sound draws the attention of one of the creatures, suddenly one of the taser sticks smashes into the device, the Doctor grabs the end and pushes it back into its owner knocking it unconscious, he crawls around to find the other two, and stands up behind one of them, taser in hand, smiling and waving at the creature opposite.




The creature raws and lunges its taser towards the Doctor who dodges causing the taser to hit the second creature which crumples to the ground.




Finally the Doctor jabs his taser at the last of the three creatures which also falls to the floor in a heap. We hear the device beeping and flashing wildly on the other side of the room.


Doctor:No, no, no don't do that! It's overloading causing it to implode, without a proper countdown it won't do anything at all, it needs a secondary counter.


He stands up searching wildly for something to help, he stops moving, his breathing is rapid and we can hear the faint beating of his twin hearts, his eyes flash open wildly.


Doctor:(Rushing back to the device and opening the front)

If I can link my body up to the device, I can use my heartbeats to control the countdown and control the explosion. Bailey get back to the TARDIS you'll be safe there.

(Looks around trying to see Bailey but suddenly remembers she's not there)



He fiddles around with the wires inside the device until he finally replaces the coverings and holds the device in the middle of his chest and sits leaning against the primary engine. He attempts to slow his breathing and the beeping and flashing become more controlled as well.


Bailey makes a snap decision and winds the end of the cables around her fingers and lower arm, she reaches her other hand into her hair and removes a hair pin, she looks at it for a moment before placing it into the socket in the panel and flicking the switch, she looks at her phone on the floor, the screen flashes as a text arrives from Louise, she ships now surround the tower and the surge of electricity winds its way along Bailey's makeshift cable.



Thank you Doctor


The electricity reaches Bailey and a white light engulfs the city.


The Doctor is still holding the device as the beeping stops and the light stops flashing.



Bailey this was for you.

The device explodes and the ship is engulfed in a white light. The light slowly fades to reveal the TARDIS, Bailey lays on the floor on one side of the consol, the Doctor on the other. The TARDIS hums quietly as they both begin to wake up and come to their senses.



Bailey:(Groaning as she gets to her feet)

Doctor:(Clicks his back and rubs his neck)


Bailey and the Doctor suddenly catch each other's eye and slowly move towards each other, then they run and hug one another, Bailey starts to cry.


Doctor:(Long sigh of relief)

You weren't worried about little old me now were you?

Bailey:(Thumps him gently on the back)

What the hell was that all about?

(Remembering what happened)

Wait a minute, did I just cheat death?



Bailey:(Walking about trying to understand)

The tower overloaded and fried the ships, but I was in the way I should have... Doctor am I dead?

Doctor:Well some of my past companions would say that's occupational hazard, but no I'm pretty sure you're not dead, which means I'm not dead either, Yay I love it when I do that!

Bailey:(Scared and worried)

Doctor what is going on?!


Over Bailey's shoulder the Doctor sees the floating alien again.


Doctor:Maybe we should ask her?

Bailey:(Turns around to see the alien and gasps)

Doctor that thing was here before, before the TARDIS went funny and we got separated

Doctor:(Approaching the alien)

I know, I saw her too

(Cocks his head to one side and looks at the alien)

Bailey:(Stays by the consol)

What is it, she?

Doctor:A Somme, a distant relation of the Star Poets, messengers, travelling the stars bearing information and foretelling the distant future, am I right?

Somme:(Doesn't move her lips when she speaks but her voice fills the room)

Yes Doctor, you are right

Doctor:(Calm but suspicious)

Why are you here? What are you doing? What do you want?

Somme:I was sent to test you Doctor, to test you both

(Looks to Bailey)

Bailey:So none of it was real? The invasion the space ships, my friends?

Somme:I created a scenario I thought you would believe, a scenario designed to test you individually, to assess your strengths and weaknesses, to discover the truth behind your actions

Doctor:But why?

Somme:There are dark days ahead of you Doctor, days in which you will face a darker power than you have ever seen before, the test was created to assess whether or not you are ready to face those days yet

Doctor:(Slightly angry)

And what did you learn from your test?

Somme:That you are loyal to each other, that no matter the danger you will both strive to find the good in the universe and make it survive, that you are both willing to sacrifice yourselves so that others may live on.

Bailey:You did all of this just so you could be sure of that?

Somme:The Somme elders were unsure, but now they shall see that the Doctor is rising and the question will be answered, for the good of the universe, the question must be answered.


The Somme slowly disintegrates and disappears, the Doctor rushes to stop it from leaving but he is too late.


Doctor:(Shouting into thin air)

No, come back, what darkness?

Bailey:(Slightly shocked)

Doctor:(Turns to Bailey frantically)


Bailey just turns away and walks out of the room leaving the Doctor standing alone in the TARDIS, confused.

The Doctor stands at the consol, half heartedly flying the ship, Bailey enters the room quietly and sits down on one of the steps, the Doctor continues working, all is silent for a moment.


Bailey:What did she mean then?


Bailey:The Somme, she said dark days are coming, what do you think she could have meant?

Doctor:(Stops working and sits down beside Bailey)

I don't know, my days always seem to be full of darkness and foreboding though, so nothing new there

Bailey:She said that the question must be answered, well what question?

Doctor:(Sighs talking to himself)

The question, hidden in plain sight, the oldest question in the universe and one that must never be answered

Bailey:But what question?

Doctor:(Turns and smiles at Bailey and jumps up)

Bailey:(Sighs and shakes her head)

Doctor I think I need a holiday

Doctor:(Claps his hands together)

Right I know the perfect getaway spot, well it's more of a planet really, very nice been there once myself, nearly got eaten by a sand monster, maybe the sands of Alfamus nine aren't such a good idea after all!

Bailey:(Talking slowly, sad tone)

No I mean a holiday from all of this

(Stands up and gestures to the TARDIS)

Doctor:Ok fine, you want to go home, that's, fine


No not like that, I just want to spend a few days at home with my friends, after , that whatever it was I just need to see them again, do some normal things and then maybe get back to running down corridors being chased by aliens in outer space!

Doctor:(Slightly sad)



The TARDIS materialises on the corner of Bailey's street, the door opens and they both emerge, the Doctor stands by the TARDIS.


Doctor:Here you are, day after you left, no one will notice you've even been gone

Bailey:And you will come back for me in a few days?



Why wouldn't I come back for you?

Bailey:Well you told me all about the companions you used to have, I don't know you might go and pick up one of them instead, and then there's River



Doctor:You are so much like your gran!

Bailey:(Snorted laughter)

And what's that supposed to mean?

Doctor:It means I'll be back

Bailey:You really are just a mad man with a box aren't you

Doctor:I don't think the universe would survive if I were any more than that, do you?

Bailey:A mad man with a big ego yes!

Doctor:Oh wait, before you go

(Fumbles around in his pockets and pulls out a TARDIS key and hands it to Bailey)

Bailey:What's this?

Doctor:Frequent flyers privilege , front door key

Bailey:Ok then

(Takes a key out of her trouser pocket)

This is for you, key to my flat, you come back you can let yourself in!

Doctor:(Salutes with the key)

Will do. Farewell Bailey Jackson.

Bailey:Farewell Doctor.


They both wave solemnly to each other, then Bailey turns away and walks towards her flat, she turns her head as she reaches the front gate, the Doctor nods and turns, goes back into the TARDIS and closes the door. Bailey watches as the TARDIS dematerialises and disappears, a single tear rolls down her cheek as she opens her front door and enters her house.











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