14 Doctor Who: The Aliens Who Stole Christmas

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
After being absent from the Doctor for a while, Bailey is desperate for another adventure, but when the Doctor appears with a perfect Christmas present things don't necessarily go to plan.

Submitted: March 18, 2013

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Submitted: March 18, 2013



Doctor Who Episode Script

The Aliens Who Stole Christmas

Written By Chloe Taylor


A few weeks after the Doctor left Bailey in Portsmouth,  it's summer and Bailey is standing at the sink washing dishes when suddenly we hear the TARDIS materialising outside, Bailey rushes to the front door and onto the street, but when she gets there the noise is coming from a dodgy car engine, she sighs and walks back inside.

Autumn time, Bailey is sweeping leaves out of the front garden and into a pile on the path outside, a sudden gush of wind blows the leaves everywhere, Bailey rushes to the end of the road but there is only a street sweeper and a gentle breeze.

Christmas, Bailey is hoovering her living room, Louise is decorating a Christmas tree, seasonal music is playing, Ethan is on the floor trying to untangle Christmas lights. Louise and Ethan are singing along to Blue Christmas by Elvis, Bailey seems sad.


Bailey:(Annoyed with the song)

Could we put something else on please?

Louise:(Shrugs and changes the track)


'All I want for Christmas' starts to play.


Bailey:(Stops hoovering)

Are there any Christmas songs that don't evolve missing people?


Would you prefer jingle bells or frosty the snow man?


Louise:Come on Bails, where's your Christmas spirit?

Bailey:I just thought that, never mind, listen to what you want


Just thought what?

Bailey:It doesn't matter, I'm gonna go and clear the front path, Ethan you're about to cut off the blood supply to your arm doing that

(Leaves the room)


Louise suddenly realises that Ethan has wrapped the lights around his arm and is about to pull them tight, she rushes to untangle them as Bailey leaves the room.


Ethan:(Being untangled)

What d'you thinks' up with her?

Louise:(Removing the last of the lights)

I think it's a man


What? Bailey?

Louise:Have you seen her lately? She barely eats, she's always watching the front door, she hardly goes out any more and she can't stand anything to do with the colour blue

Ethan:And what does any of that have to do with her seeing someone?

Louise:You really don't know anything about women do you?

Ethan:(Throws a bauble at her head)


Bailey leaves the house, wrapped up warm in a large coat and hat, she begins shovelling snow off of the path outside the house and piles it into a large heap.

Bailey:(Talking to herself doing an impression of the Doctor)

Oh don't worry Bailey I'll be back for you! Here's an old key for you to remember me by! Oh I'll only leave you here for a few days!


Finishes shovelling snow and starts to sculpt a snow man from the mound of snow, she adds pebble eyes,  buttons and a nose, wraps her scarf around the snowman, looks at her work and goes back inside. Ethan and Louise are sitting in the living room watching TV eating mince pies, there are presents stacked up under the tree and decorations around the room. Bailey pokes her head around the door.


Bailey:I'm going to bed guys

Louise:Come watch some rubbish Christmas telly with us Bails

Bailey:Nah I'm really not feeling very festive

Ethan:But tomorrow's Christmas day!

Bailey:I just need to sleep, maybe I'll feel different in the morning



Bailey stops walking for a moment then continues up to her room, she opens her door and flops down onto the bed, she stares up at the ceiling which is covered in photos of alien planets and strange creatures, all taken by Bailey on her phone, she looks at one picture in particular, the Doctor is standing at the consol smiling at the camera.



Oh Doctor! Where are you?


Christmas morning, Bailey puts on a pair of jeans, a purple top and a grey cardigan. She strolls downstairs to find Louise and Ethan already opening presents.



You two just couldn't wait could you?

Louise:Sorry Bails, at least Ethan hasn't opened any of yours yet, like he did last year!
(Looks disapprovingly at Ethan)

Bailey:Anyone want a cup o tea?




Oh why did I ask?


The others laugh as Bailey goes to the kitchen to make tea, however when she reaches for the kettle she discovers a blue envelope with her name written on it. She picks it up and starts to open it.


Bailey:(Assuming it's from her friends)

Guys what is...

(Finds a note inside the envelope, smiles excitedly and looks at the front door)


Bailey drops the note on the worktop and rushes upstairs to her room, she pulls open a small drawer, she removes a pocket torch and the TARDIS key the Doctor gave her, she looks at it for a moment, pulls on a coat and rushes back downstairs and out the front door


Louise:(Gets up to see what's wrong)

Bailey where are you going? Bailey?

She Looks at the front door then goes into the kitchen, where picks up the note that Bailey left on the worktop, it says:  "Bailey Jackson, Dockside Quay, time I gave you your Christmas present, Dr  x" Louise smiles and walks back into the sitting room.


Louise:(Showing Ethan the note)

See I told you it was a man!

Ethan:(Looking at the note)

If she doesn't come back, can I open her presents?

Louise:(Whacks him on the head with a cushion)



Bailey dashes outside, searching for the TARDIS she hurries through the city streets to the quay, a large Christmas tree has been put up in the middle of the square, beneath the tree the TARDIS is sitting patiently.


Bailey:(Smiles when she sees the TARDIS)

Hello again old girl.


As she approaches the TARDIS the door opens and the Doctor comes out, wearing a Santa hat.


Doctor:Hello you. I see you got my note then?


Note? What note? I was just out walking when I came across a strange man with a blue box!



Really? I left it where I thought you would find it

Bailey:Of course I found it you idiot! So what are you doing here then?

Doctor:Came to give you your Christmas present!

Bailey:Christmas present, right...

(Walks slowly up to the Doctor until they are very close together and speaks slowly)
So erm...

Doctor:(Slightly confused by her actions, he tries to back away)

Bailey:(Slaps him round the face, shouts)

You're late!

Doctor:Aw! I can't be that late? It's only been...

Bailey:(Still shouting)

Six months!

Doctor:Right, six months, oops

Bailey:Yeah big oops! six months, twenty five weeks, 176 days!

Doctor:Sorry about that, happens sometimes, something to do with not being able to cross over my own time line, difficult to get near a date I've been to before

(Shows her the key she gave him)

I kept this though

Bailey:(Thinks for a moment)

So did I

(Shows him the TARDIS key)

So where's my Christmas present?

Doctor:(Smiles knowing she has forgiven him)

Follow me!


He rushes up to the consol and starts to dematerialise the TARDIS. Bailey smiles and joins the Doctor at the consol.


Bailey:Oh I've missed this old girl

Doctor:You know it hasn't actually been that long for me, only a few days

Bailey:(Looks at him disapprovingly)

Doctor:Right not helping, shut up Doctor!

Bailey:So where are we going?

Doctor:(Lands the TARDIS)



The Doctor leaps down to the doors and hold is hand out for Bailey to take, Bailey takes his hand and together they open the doors to reveal a pristine winter forest, a thick blanket of snow covers the ground and snowflakes fall all around. Together, Bailey and the Doctor step out of the TARDIS.


Bailey:(Walking around grinning)

Doctor:(Smiling at Bailey)

Bailey:(Hugs the Doctor and laughs)

Thank you Doctor!

Doctor:You are very welcome Bailey, now shall we take a look around?

Bailey:(Wraps her arm around the Doctor's)

I think we shall Doctor!


They walk off into the snow, winding their way through the trees and snow drifts, until Bailey realises she is still wearing a thin coat and a pair of jeans.


Bailey:Doctor, why aren't freezing to death?

Doctor:(Smiles and waves his arms about)

Welcome to planet Decentrio, home to the Tinsks, the jolliest race in the universe and do you know what their favourite time of year is?

Bailey:I don't know

Doctor:Really? Oh come on I thought that one was a given, it's Christmas!

Bailey:So we're on a Christmas planet? Ha, brilliant!

Doctor:Yes I thought so

Bailey:So why isn't it cold with all this snow around, I'd say it's at least fifteen degrees?

Doctor:We're on another planet Bailey, not all planets use the same physics as earth, and besides isn't it great? Imagine snow ball fights without numb fingers!

Bailey:You don't know why do you?

Doctor:No, but the Tinsks love it!

Bailey:So where are these, Tinsks then?

Doctor:(Mood changes to suspicious)

Good question, let's go find out


They walk a little further until they reach a small village, half hidden by mounds of snow, only a few people walk about, the town is deathly quiet and there are no lights in the windows.



Joyous and merry people you said, more like gloomy and cheerless


No I was here only a few weeks ago, something's wrong Bailey, and we're going to find out what

(Walks off into the village)

Bailey:How did I know he was going to say that? Wait up Doctor

(Jogs after the Doctor)


The Doctor strolls over to a man sitting on a chair, smoking a pipe outside one of the houses, he doesn't look up when the Doctor approaches.


Doctor:(Trying to be cheerful)

Hello, I'm the Doctor


The man doesn't respond


Doctor:What happened here? Decentrio used to be a cheerful planet, what happened?

Frido:(Keeps his eyes fixed away from the Doctor)

They came in the night, like ghosts, they took our spirit, our hope, they took him.


Him? Who's him?

Frido:The Wandering Wizard, The Lone Soul, The keeper

Bailey:(None the wiser)

Ok, what?

Doctor:Pater Natale

Bailey:(Still doesn't understand)

Doctor:The heart of this planet isn't a ball of burning rock, it's literally a man, a man born of the very ground beneath us, his soul is linked to the souls of every Tinsk on the surface of Decentrio, without him this world will slowly die.

Frido:It's started already, we have lost our souls, we are fading away.

Doctor:Who did this to you? Who were they?


The Doctor continues to talk to Frido while Bailey continues to walk through the houses, we see smoke rising from inside one of the houses, Bailey approaches the house, avoiding the snow drifts she makes her way to the open front door.


Bailey:(Knocking on the front door)

Hello, any one home?

Mary:(Looking up from the fire)

Who's there? What do you want?

Bailey:My name's Bailey, I want to help you

Mary:(Leaping up from her chair)

At last, the saviour has come!


Bailey and Mary are sitting in front of her fire talking, Mary is a young girl, with long brown raids.


Bailey:You don't seem to have lost your spirit, why aren't you like the others?

Mary:All I know is that, a few weeks ago I was out hiking in the mountains, and when I came back Pater Natale was gone and the whole village was acting odd.

Bailey:Why did you call me your saviour?

Mary:I saw Pater Natale before I left, he told me that soon the peace of our world would come under threat and that a traveller would come and save us.

Bailey:Well he must have been referring to my friend, he's usually the saviour, frequently in fact.

Mary:There are two of you?


Bailey and Mary find the Doctor sitting below an enormous Christmas tree, bare of decorations and presents, slowly folding and unfolding his Santa hat, looking troubled at the snow in front of him.


Bailey:Doctor? This is Mary

Doctor:(Standing up, leaving his hat on the floor)

Pleased to meet you

Mary:The pleasure is all mine good Doctor, I knew you would come to save us

Doctor:(Ignoring her, getting straight to the point)

You're not like the others, why?

Mary:I wasn't here when the village was attacked, I don't seem to have been affected by our loss


Bailey:So what now? We find whoever did this?

Doctor:Sounds like a plan, well a bit of a plan, but I have a better one, Mary as you seem to be the only person around who's going to be any use to us, can you tell me where Pater Natale lives?

Mary:No, but I can show you

Doctor:(Adamant Mary is not joining them)

No just tell us and we'll be on our way

Mary:But I might give you the wrong directions, if I came with you I would be able to remember the way

Bailey:(Smiles at Mary's tenacity)

She's got a point Doctor, if we get lost we're just wasting time!


Oh fine, but don't blame me if something happens to you, come on!

(Walks away)

Mary:It's the other way!

Doctor:(Turing around, grumpy)

I knew that!


Bailey and Mary giggle before following the Doctor out of the village and into the forests beyond, after hours of walking they finally reach a clearing in the woods, filled with an enormous log cabin, inside is dark, the front door is wide open and strange footprints cover the ground.


Bailey:(Noticing the footprints)


Doctor:(Walking towards the cabin)

Yes, I see them, you two wait out here, keep a look out

(Enters the cabin)

Mary:Is he always like this?

Bailey:You get used to it, I suppose


Bailey:Like this, come on!

(Walks into the cabin)

Mary:(Smiles and follows Bailey)


Inside the cabin tables have been turned over, books striped from shelves, wooden toys litter the floor, the Doctor is on the other side of the room pointing his sonic screwdriver at various things, he turns around when he hears Bailey and Mary enter the room.


Doctor:Thought I told you two to stay outside where it's safe

Bailey:Safe! When is it ever safe around you?

Mary:Besides, safety in numbers and all that!

Doctor:Fine you two go check up stares start looking

Mary:Looking for what?

Bailey:(Places her hand on Mary's shoulder)

Don't worry, we'll know it when we see it, probably!


Bailey and Mary make their way upstairs, the scene is the same as below, everything is in a state of disarray, there is a large hole in the roof and snow has started to collect on the floor.


Mary:Bailey, I think I've found something

(Pointing to the hole in the roof)

Bailey:Well done Watson


Bailey:Never mind, this must be how they got him out, either that or he was just waiting for someone to come fix the roof!

Mary:We should go tell the Doctor

(Starts to head back down stairs)

Bailey:(Stops Mary)

Wait, let's just see if we can find anything else, other than the obvious I mean

Mary:You want to impress him don't you

Bailey:(Blushing slightly)

No, he's my friend and he's married! I think!

Mary:That wasn't what I meant

Bailey:(Breezing over Mary's comment)

So clues, get looking!


Back downstairs the Doctor is still sonicing, carefully stepping over broken objects, he narrowly misses a photo frame lying on the floor, the glass is smashed but the picture is visible, Mary and a bearded man smile up at the Doctor. Suddenly his screwdriver starts beeping like a metal detector.


Doctor:There you are

(Looks at the screwdriver)

Knew it, traces of an electron discharge, so this is where you took him from, but where did you take him to?

(Looks towards the stairs)


Bailey:(Jumping backwards with slime on her hand)


Mary:(Looking up)

What is it?

Bailey:I don't know, but it's slimy, and it smells!

Doctor:(Rushing up the stairs)

I heard a noise, what's up?

Mary:Bailey found a clue!

Doctor:(Sonicing the slime)


Doctor what is it?

Doctor:Ah, well you could say it's the remnants of a genetic release from an irassious being, or...

Bailey:Or what?

Doctor:Or you could call it mucus


Doctor:Alien mucus!

Bailey:Right because I thought it was going to be something disgusting!

Mary:When you two have quite finished, do you think we could get back to looking for Pater Natale?

Doctor:(Sonicing the hole in the roof)

Traces of an electronic discharge surrounding this whole area, get it hole!

Mary:What does that mean?

Doctor:It means that someone teleported in and out of here recently

Mary:How recent?

Doctor:Less than a few weeks ago for certain

Mary:You mean they came back after they took Pater?


Bailey:So what now Doctor?

Doctor:(Fiddling with his screwdriver)

If I can isolate the trace I should be able to fold back the signal and...

(Points the screwdriver through the hole)

Everybody say YAHWEIGH!!


Suddenly a bright light fills the room as a teleport beam surrounds the house and Mary, Bailey and the Doctor are transported up into an enormous ship orbiting the planet, they appear inside a small circular room, bright circular disks cover the floor and each of them is standing on an individual disk.


Bailey:(Getting her bearings)

Oh how did I know you were going to do something like that?

Mary:Where are we?

Doctor:Space ship, orbiting planet Decentrio if I'm not mistaken

(Rushes to a window on the far wall)

Mary:(Stands beside the Doctor)

Bailey:(Looking down at the disks on the floor)

Well this is all a bit Star Trek!

Mary:So beautiful, I wish you could have seen my people before, we had parties every night and Christmas, oh we did it justice!

Doctor:And you will do again, now Bailey can you locate the nearest control panel let's get to know our hosts shall we?


Bailey salutes and starts skirting the walls. We see a fuzzy CCTV image of Bailey, Mary and the Doctor in the teleport room, we hear a gruff voice.


Grimch:Send some guards to teleport pad six, we have some unwelcome visitors.


Bailey reaches a small panel on the wall, she presses a button and a piece of the wall slides away to reveal a large screen and more buttons.


Bailey:Ah ha!

Mary:(Watching Bailey)

How did you do that?

Bailey:Well I have a knack for finding concealed control panels!

Doctor:Yes you do, now let's have a look see here

(Starts looking through various files)


Bailey:What is it?

Mary:Who's ship is this Doctor?

Doctor:The Nociens

Bailey:Not good?

Doctor:Very not good, very not good indeed, the Nociens are a parasite race they feed off of other beings, specifically their hopes, their dreams. Their souls.

Mary:And Pater Natale? What will they do to him?


Suddenly the a door on the other side of the room slides open to reveal three extremely tall cloaked figures carrying large guns, the Doctor raises his hands and gestures for the others to do the same. The figures enter the room and herd it's three inhabitants towards the door and out into the corridor beyond.


Bailey:(Whispering to the Doctor)

Where are they taking us?

Doctor:I don't know let's ask them, where are you taking us?

Guard 1:(Sniffing)

Silence, you are our prisoners, as such you are to be transported to the brig to await further punishment

Guard 2:Yes, our boss is very angry with you!

Guard 3:Don't tell them that!

Guard 1:(Sniffing)

Why not, he is though!

Guard 3:Stop talking will you, you're just embarrassing!

Guard 2:We're embarrassing?

Guard 3:Shall we just get the prisoners to the brig before you two have another tiff?


So glad you asked them!

Doctor:(Mouths the word sorry)


The six of them emerge into a long room, the walls on either side are lined with bared cells, two of the guards place Bailey and Mary in one cell, while the other guard locks the Doctor in a separate cell. Bailey takes a swing at one of the guards before they lock the door, the guard's cloak falls off as he falls over, revealing three short fury, slimy gremlin like creatures, one looks up at Bailey.



Now look what you made us do!

Guard 2:It's your own fault, you should have never let Alrus be your feet

Alrus:(Standing in front of guard 2)

Me! Nugrick was navigating!

Filuck:Oh don't start on Nugrick, you're the one who's got two left feet!

Nugrick:You tell him Filuck!

Bailey:(Bored of the bickering)

Guys! Seriously, can you just lock us up and get the hell out of here before I lose my mind!!

Guard 1:Certainly! We'll take them to the extractor later, this lot have got some fire left in them!


He locks the door and the Nociens leave the brig, pushing and shoving each other as they go.


Mary:(Watching the Nociens leave)

What were those things, they were so rude?

Doctor:Those were Nociens, and lucky for us, they don't have very big brains!

(Produces his screwdriver from within his jacket and unlocks his cell)


Nice one!

Doctor:(Crosses the corridor and unlocks the girl's cell)

Mary:(Rushing past the Doctor)

Now we go find Papa!


What did you say?


Pater, I said Pater, we have to find him before it's too late!


Bailey and the Doctor exchange glances before following Mary to the end of the corridor, however the door is locked.


Doctor:It's locked!

Bailey:Use the sonic!

Doctor:(Points to a hand scanner by the door)

It's a genetic lock, you can only open it if you're a Nocien

Mary:So we're stuck?

Doctor:(Sniffing the air)

What is that smell?

Bailey:Oh I think it's me, I can't get that slime off of my hand

Doctor:Bailey you're a genius!

Bailey:Yes I know but how are we going to get through the door?

Doctor:(Grabs Bailey's hand)

Here press your hand on there


The Doctor pushes Bailey's hand onto the scanner, it scans her slime covered hand and recognises the slime as Nocien DNA, and the door slides open.


Doctor:Right, come on!

Bailey:Who knew slime would ever come in so handy? Get it Handy!


Bailey waves her hand but the others ignore her, she wipes her hand on her jeans to try and get rid of the slime. They rush from the brig and start searching the ship, they stop in a deserted corridor.


Bailey:Doctor, this ship is huge, we're never going to find Pater Natale!

Mary:Do you have any idea where they might be keeping him Doctor?

Doctor:The guard


Doctor:Didn't you hear him, he said they were going to take us to the extractor, they're extracting the planet's life force that's why they haven't left yet, there's still a bit of hope left, now they'd probably put the extractor close to the main engines to get the most power to the extractor, so it should be,

(Licks his finger and pints around the corridor like he is testing for wind direction)

This way, come on!


They make their through the ship until they can hear the hum of the engines, they reach a door at the end of a corridor labelled extractor, slowly they open the door and enter a large round room, harnesses and tubes line the walls of the room and a large cylinder sits in the centre, the tubes all flow into the cylinder, which is covered in mist. The Doctor slowly walks over to the cylinder and wipes the mist off of the glass, inside is an old man with a white beard.


Bailey:Doctor what is it? What's in there?

Doctor:(Speaking solemnly)

It's him, it's Pater Natale

Mary:(Rushing towards the glass)

Papa! How do we get him out? Please how do we help him?

Doctor:(Sonics the cylinder)

His energy levels are fading, in a few moments his life force will disappear and so will the planet below us.


So what do we do?

Doctor:He's your father isn't he, Pater Natale is your father

Mary:(Looks through the glass at Pater, almost crying)

Yes, he's my Papa

Bailey:That's why the Nociens haven't left yet, why they went back to Pater's house, they were looking for you weren't they Mary

Mary:Yes, I was with Papa when the Nociens attacked, he managed to get me out of the house before they took him, but they chased me into the woods, I got away eventually but when I went back to the house, Papa was gone

Doctor:You're the last source of hope left, you're what the Nociens have been looking for

Mary:(Nods slowly)

Please you must help him, he's all I have

Doctor:(Places his hand on her shoulder, whispers to Mary)


(Stands up and starts rushing about)

Right, we need to give Pater Natale his life force back, return hope to the Tinsks and give the Nociens a right telling off!


Doctor:(Noticing the harnesses)

These harnesses, they're linked to the machine, if I can access the mainframe I can reverse the process, but I'll need something to kick start the machine.


Mary:Like what?

Doctor:(Looks at the pair of them)

Something that never loses hope, not even when they are faced with extreme danger or loss, something that always believes that good will prevail over evil


Something like me


Mary:Why can't you do it Doctor?

Doctor:(Smiles sadly)

Bailey:What do you want me to do?

Doctor:I need you to get into one of those harnesses and give the machine something to start on



Mary:Hook me up to the machine, he's my father and I am a daughter of a planet, I have far greater hope than any human.

Bailey:You're just a kid, I'm not gonna let you do this

Mary:We don't have a choice, either we do this now or the whole planet dies!


There is a moment of silence as the two girls stand their ground, but the Doctor quickly resolves the situation.


Doctor:Oh for pity sake, both of you just get strapped in, besides with both of you it won't have to take as much of your energy!


(Starts to strap herself into a harness)

Mary:(Nods and rushes to one of the harnesses)

Doctor:I should be able to disconnect your harnesses before they turn critical


The Doctor hurries over to a control box beside the cylinder where he activates the extractor, lights come on around the room and spot lights light up Mary and Bailey in their harnesses, the Doctor uses the sonic to reverse the extractor, he looks over at Bailey and Mary, they both nod before the Doctor presses a button and the machine springs to life, sparks fly out of the control box and the tubes linking Bailey and Mary to the cylinder begin to glow. They squirm as the extractor takes some of their hope, feeding it into the cylinder.


Bailey:(Shouting over the noise)

Err, Doctor, it's not stopping!


Neither is mine!


The Doctor rushes over to their harnesses and forces them to release the girls, the cylinder gives a final spark and flash of light before the glass slides away to reveal Pater Natale standing alone in the middle of the room. Mary rushes to his side while the Doctor tends to Bailey.


Doctor:(Helping Bailey to stand)

You ok?

Bailey:(Slightly breathless)

Yeah, I'm fine, did it work?

Mary:(Standing in front of Pater Natale)

Papa? It's me Mary, please say something!

Pater:Mary? My Mary, what are you doing child?

Mary:(Looks joyfully at the Doctor)

It's a long story


Suddenly the extractor fires up again and the harnesses begin to spark and explode, the Doctor rushes to the control box, but it blows up before he can reach it.


Bailey:(Shouting over the explosions)

What's happening?

Doctor:(Shouting and panicking)

It's angry, very angry, it didn't like what I did to it!

Pater:(Coming to his senses)

What do we do?

Doctor:On this occasion I'd suggest, run, RUN!


He grabs Bailey's hand and dashes to the door, closely followed by Pater and Mary. Suddenly the door opens revealing a rather large Nocien and two guards standing outside.


Grimch:Going somewhere are you?

Doctor:And you are?

Grimch:I am lord Grimch, and you are the Doctor

Doctor:How do you know who I am?

Grimch:You think we just blunder through this universe without picking up bits of information on the way, and there's a lot going around about you.

Doctor:Let my friends go

Grimch:(Waves his guards aside to allow the others to pass by)

Bailey:(Waiting for the Doctor to follow her)

Doctor come on this ship is about to blow!

Doctor:(Keeps his eyes on Grimch)

Get the others to the teleport I'll be right behind you

Bailey:(Guiding Pater and Mary though the door)

Don't do anything stupid!


Bailey, Mary and Pater rush back through the ship to the teleport room while the Doctor moves into the corridor to stand in front of Grimch.


Doctor:What do you know about me?


Save me and find out, because you will save me, because you just can't resist knowing your future can you?

Doctor:(Getting angry)

What makes you think you're worth saving?

Grimch:I know things

Doctor:Like what?

Grimch:Like how you'd never let your companions think ill of you, and how there's one thing in the universe you fear more than anything, and it's catching up with you.

Doctor:You're right, I always try to save everyone, even when they have sucked the life out of an innocent planet, but you know something else, Grimch? My companion isn't here!

Grimch:(Smile disappears and he stars firing a gun at the Doctor)

Stop him!

Doctor:(Doges Grimch's blasts and dashes towards the teleport)



As he runs, the Doctor sonics every control panel he passes, setting the ship to self destruct, he finally reaches the teleport room and leaps through the door. Sonicing the door shut behind him and the controls for the pads.


Bailey:What happened?

Doctor:(Looks shamefully at Bailey)


They teleport back to Decentrio as the self destruct reaches zero and the Nociens ship is blown apart, the four of them reach Decentrio and watch the explosion from outside Pater Natale's cabin. The Doctor doesn't watch, he walks slowly away from the cabin and into the woods, Bailey follows him slowly as they walk towards the village.


Doctor:(Stops walking and stares at the ground)

I suppose you're going to hate me now

Bailey:(Stops just behind the Doctor)

No, I understand why you did it, but I just don't understand why?


You know that doesn't make sense

Bailey:Now you know how I feel when you talk!

Doctor:I wanted to punish them, I wanted them to feel the pain of the Tinsks

Bailey:(Walks around to face the Doctor)

I know you did, but what does that make us, it makes us no better than them

Doctor:(Can't look Bailey in the eye)

No, it makes me no better than them, not you


Is this what happens?


Bailey:When you travel alone for a while, is this what you become? A man without mercy?

Doctor:(Nods slowly without looking at Bailey)

Bailey:(Gently lifts the Doctor's head to look her in the eye)

Then I am never leaving your side again, and just you try and stop me!

(Tilts his head and kisses his forehead lightly)

Come on mad man, let's go find your box


Bailey Jackson, what would I do without you?

Bailey:Let's not think about that shall we


Pater and Mary appear behind them and Pater hugs all three of them tightly, the Doctor is clearly uncomfortable but Bailey just laughs.


Pater:Now, Doctor, Bailey, I insist that you stay and enjoy tonight's festivities, it is Christmas after all!

Bailey:We would be honoured Pater

Mary:What about the villagers, will they be back to normal now?

Doctor:Let's go find out


They walk back towards the village, as they get nearer they can hear music and people singing loudly, the four of them walk through the houses until they reach the Christmas tree, which is now covered in decorations, and the Doctor's hat takes pride of place right at the top, children dance and sing around the tree and the adults talk and laugh merrily. Suddenly the Doctor is swept into ring of people dancing around the tree, he looks to Bailey for help but she just laughs and allows herself to join in as well.

They stay and celebrate with the Tinsks all night, until the children fall asleep, the presents are all open and the food and drink are all gone. As Bailey and the Doctor are preparing to get back to the TARDIS Pater and Mary join them at the edge of the village.


Mary:(Calling to Bailey and the Doctor)


Pater:Thought you could leave without saying goodbye did you?

Doctor:Goodbye's aren't really my strong point!

Mary:We just wanted to thank you, to both of you, for what you did

Bailey:Hay it wasn't all us, you helped bring back your father and save your people too you know!

Pater:And for that I shall be eternally grateful to you all, and to show my gratitude I would like to present you with a gift, this is for you both

(Takes a small parcel out of his pocket)


Pater hands the parcel to Bailey, she unwraps it curiously, inside is a small metal disk, about the size of a 50 pence piece, it is engraved with various shapes and patterns and made from a deep blue metal.



Err, what is it?


Honestly, I don't know, but I just feel like you are meant to have it, maybe it will be of use to you?

Doctor:Thank you for you kindness Pater, and your courage Mary, we shall remember you and your people always

Mary:Will you come back and see us?

Bailey:Well there's always next Christmas!

Doctor:Time to go

(Half salutes Pater and Mary before turning away)

Bailey:Goodbye Mary

Mary:Goodbye Bailey, and thank you


Bailey gives them a final wave before hurrying after the Doctor, she catches up with him just as he reaches the TARDIS.


Bailey:(Examining the disk)

It's an odd thing isn't it, I mean look at all these patters



Bailey:I know that 'hmm' you know something that you're not telling me


Bailey:(Laughs and sighs)

So where to now then?

Doctor:What d'you mean where to? We've just saved a planet!

Bailey:Yes and I have a very long Christmas list and a time lord that left me waiting for six months! 

Doctor:(Opening the TARDIS door)

Point taken!

Bailey:(Stops the Doctor for a moment)

Hay, merry Christmas you

(She produces a small perfectly wrapped present)


Is that for me?

Bailey:No it's for Rudolf, of course it's for you, you old coot!

Doctor:You had it with you all this time? But you didn't know I'd be coming back

Bailey:I hoped!

Doctor:(Shakes the box and walks into the TARDIS)

What is it?

Bailey:Open it and you'll find out

(Walks into the TARDIS and shuts the door)


The TARDIS is left alone in the scene, snowflakes start to fall and the TARDIS dematerialises leaving a square hole in the snow, inside the square is a Gallifreyic symbol burned into  ground and the TARDIS noise sounds more sinister and deeper as it disappears.







The End





© Copyright 2020 ChloPo359. All rights reserved.

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