2 Doctor Who: The Disappearing Act

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New companion in towe, the Doctor and Bailey go off in search of adventure!

Submitted: June 29, 2012

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Submitted: June 29, 2012



Doctor Who Episode Script

The Disappearing Act

Written By Chloe Taylor


The Doctor and Bailey are in the control room, The Doctor lies asleep in one of the chairs snoring, Bailey lollops up the stairs from beneath the consol and stairs at The Doctor.


Bailey:(Gently in a sing-song voice) Doctor, Bailey to Doctor (Louder) DOCTOR!!

Doctor: Jumping awake and falling from his perch

Wow-wup AGG

Bailey:What were you doing?

Doctor: Must have dozed off, what have I missed?

Bailey:Nothing, nothing’s happening and I’m really, really bored, and did you know you snore?

(Stressing the ‘really’ excessively)

Doctor:No I don’t

Bailey:(Impatient and wanting to go somewhere fun)

Yes you do now can we please do something other than just sit around you told me we'd be visiting ancient civilisations and far away worlds?

Doctor:(Annoyed about the snoring but also wanting to go somewhere new)

Of course we can

(leaps up off of the floor and rushes to the other side of the consol)

But I’d appreciate it if you didn’t mention the snoring to anyone in future.

Bailey:Sure (Sly smile spreads on her face)

Doctor:So where will it be? The crystallite moons of Genosis, the deserts of Tonfarelli.

Bailey:Doctor I fancy some entertainment, not just a pretty landscape.

Doctor:(Claps his hands and points at Bailey, as an idea comes to him)

I’ve got just the cure for boredom.


The Doctor rushes around the consol narrowly missing Bailey standing in his path, flicking the appropriate leavers and switches and he dials in their destination, the clock on the consol spins wildly and the dials wiz round and round until the TARDIS comes to a stop. Bailey rushes down the stairs and flings open the front door, before her lies a super cityscape alive with light, music and lots of people


Doctor:Welcome to Planet Amusay 64th century, which in the local language translates as planet of entertainment

(The Doctor looks satisfied with his choice and checks to see that Bailey is equally impressed)

Bailey:(Speechless all she can manage is one nod of her head and suddenly her silence turns to gleeful laughter)

It’s Huge!

Doctor:You can go and find some different clothes if you’d like there’s plenty of choice in the wardrobe, it's just you look a bit formal at the moment.

Bailey:Well I haven't had a chance to change out of my college clothes! If you hadn't noticed my life suddenly got very hectic.


Bailey rushes back inside and flys up the stairs, she reappears in the TARDIS wardrobe; it’s an enormous room that looks like a library but instead of books the towering shelves house hundreds of clothes: big, small, blue, sixties, styles and colours from around the universe all fill the vast expanse of room. The walls glow with the same light as the control room, the roundels on the walls also the same as in the control room except they were covered in various ties and pieces of clothing. Bailey takes no time in finding the perfect outfit; a short dark purple dress with matching heels and a wine red leather jacket.


Bailey: (Walks out of the TARDIS and turns on the spot next to the Doctor)

What do you think?

Doctor:(Slightly embarrassed by the question when he speaks he has a slight lump in his throat)



What do you think of Amusay?

Bailey:We're on a different planet, with different aliens and everything.

(Hugs the Doctor)

Now this is going to be fun, I’ve never seen a bigger amusement park.

Doctor:Well it was founded by some of the first colonisers from earth who wanted a theme park and over the centuries other races have just added on to it, cinemas, roller-coasters, bars, night clubs, jesters, you name it it’s here.

By the time the Doctor has finished his history lesson Bailey has already started walking away down the hill they have parked on and The Doctor swiftly follows behind her. As they enter the mass of people and noise The Doctor stays close by but allows Bailey to soak up the atmosphere alone.


Bailey:This is amazing, there’s just so much to do, I mean you could spend a lifetime here and you’d never get bored, not that I’m going to but still.

Doctor:You know that’s the advertiser’s slogan, Stephano Gladdening

(The Doctor points to a holographic sign showing a large man in what looks like a circus ringleaders costume)

He owns almost half the planet now, his ancestors built half of the park and now he owns the whole thing.

Bailey:How come? There must have been other contributors.

Doctor:There were, but they all disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

(Rushing the last part hopping that Bailey wouldn’t catch what he said)

Bailey:What? Mysterious circumstances, Doctor, we’re not here to investigate are we?


Doctor:(Suspicious tone)

No, no I brought you here because you said you were bored, so here’s some money, now go and entertain yourself.

Bailey:(Taken aback by her sudden dismissal Bailey obeys and flies off down another street)

Ok but you try and have some fun too Doctor.

Doctor:Oh I will, yes.


The Doctor strolls down a slightly gloomy looking street on the corner of which there is a sign post with five signs at the top pointing in varying directions. They read: Games, Virtual Reality, Shopping, Cinema, Music; the Doctor looks questioningly at the one that says ‘music’ and with a nod of his head he heads off in the direction in which it points


Doctor:If in doubt, follow the signs!


He continues to walk until he reaches a bright and very loud disco club with flashing lights and signs outside. He delves within the many pockets of his jacket and pulls out what looks like a screwed up cutting from a newspaper, the name in the headline matches the name above the door of the club and cautiously the Doctor enters the smoky building. Inside there are people and aliens milling about having drinks, talking and dancing, The Doctor strolls over to the bar and starts talking to a man perched on a stool at the bar.


Doctor:Noticed anything unusual lately?

Boril: Well there was that sepherapod with eight heads and only six girlfriends; there was also this wired looking guy in here earlier he had huge bushy orange hair and he drank all of the Brovillian Mud Juice in the joint, and then of course there’s a really strange chap talking to me now.

Doctor:Ok, not quite what I was going for, maybe this wasn’t the best way to approach it.

(He begins to walk away from the man)

Boril: Then there are the disappearances.

Doctor:(The Doctor stops walking and turns to face the man)

 What disappearances?

(Intrigued and seems to have got what he wanted to hear)  

Tell me.

Boril: No one’s supposed to mention them; in fact I don’t even know why I said anything to you?

Doctor:Yes, well I’ve just got one of those faces; people never seem to stop talking to me.

Boril:It started happening eight days ago, there was a woman in here; she was with a group of friends, they had a seemingly ordinary evening but then she just stood up, walked through the back door and never came back again, people went out to search for her but no body was ever found.

Doctor:(He unfurls the first fold of the newspaper cutting revealing the face of a pretty young woman)

Is this her? Polova Yamane 

Boril:Yes, but how could you have a picture? No one’s supposed to know about this but the staff.

Doctor:Well I’m a... sort of a... special detective...

Boril:And you’re investigating the disappearances.

Doctor:Well it seems that way yes; hang on if only the staff are supposed to know?

Boril:I was only a simple security guard, this used to be my patch but after what happened I got fired.

Doctor:Well it wasn’t your fault

Boril:I know but I can’t help but blame myself for not doing anything.

Doctor:We can’t dwell on the past it stops us moving forward.

Boril: What are you a fortune teller!?

Doctor:(Not sure he likes that title and aware of the relevance to him in his last statement he changes the subject back to the missing people)

Tell me more about the missing people.

Boril: Well there have been seven more incidents since the first woman, for men and three more females.

Doctor:And they all disappeared in exactly the same way?


Doctor:Thank you...?


Doctor:Thank you Boril, your knowledge has proved most enlightening, I’m sure we’ll be seeing each other again soon so I will simply say see ya round.


The Doctor nods in thanks and gives the man a pleasant smile before turning to leave the bar, as he does a new song begins to play and the small crowd cheers in appreciation of their favourite tune. The Doctor walks back down the street and onto the main high street in search of Bailey who he takes no time in finding in an enormous video arcade.

Doctor:A little low tech for you isn’t it?

(Gesturing to the space invaders on the screen in front of her)

Bailey:(The game flashes and the words GAME OVER fill the screen)

ARRG Doctor I was about to beat my high score! So where have you been for the last few minutes?

Doctor:(Stating the obvious although slightly concerned)

Bailey we’ve been here for almost two hours now.

Bailey:Oh, guess I just lost track of time, so where ‘have’ you been then?

Doctor:(He exhales a long solemn breath before revealing his alternative motives for coming to this planet)

Let’s find somewhere to eat.


They walk to a small and surprisingly quiet café where the Doctor orders the two of them some orange juice.


Doctor:This should explain why we’re really here

(He hands Bailey the newspaper article and she begins to read)

Bailey:'Two months ago a quiet disaster began to unfold within the immensely popular theme park ‘Planet Amusay’ a young woman named Polova Yamane disappeared from an admired disco club named ‘Magoo’s’, the owner of the park Stephano Gladdening insisted that the matter was insignificant and that the young lady had been found wandering the outskirts of the park. However, this turned out to be a simple lie to deter the press as in the months that followed over forty people are thought to have disappeared from the park in the same club and in the same way with no trace, Stephano refused to give a statement on the matter and has all but disappeared from the public eye; it is believed that people are still disappearing from ‘Planet Amusay’, though it attracts less and less visitors each year, the park is still open for business.’

This is awful, hang on Doctor, you said that the TARDIS is a time machine as well so let me ask this right, at what stage in Plant Amusay’s time line are we?

Doctor:(Takes the article back and places it in his trousers pocket)

Some where just after the first eight disappearances, in picked this up years ago and thought i might take a look.

Bailey:And no one knows how they disappeared?

Doctor:Apparently not, but it seems to me that there could be one person who might.

Bailey:(Cottoning on to the Doctor’s train of thought)

Stephano Gladdening, but according to this no one even knows where he is.

Doctor:Yes but don’t forget when we are that article hasn’t even been published yet, so I’m thinking Stephano’s still around here somewhere.

Bailey:You think he kidnapped all those people?

Doctor:The question is no if he kidnapped them but why. Why did he kidnap those eight people and the other 32 people yet to disappear?

Bailey: I don’t know

Doctor:Me either, but I’m sure there’s someone here who does, but before any of that finish your juice!


They sit in the café for a few more moments then the Doctor decides that they should go to Magoo’s and see if they can find any clues.


Bailey:(Gulping down the last of her juice)

 So, where to now?

Doctor:Magoo’s, to see if anything has happened.

Bailey:How will you know if it has?

Doctor:I’ve made a new friend!

Bailey:(Sighs, laughs at the same time)

You seem to be rather good at that!?

Doctor:(Getting up ready to go)

Come on it’s not far

Bailey:How can you possibly remember exactly how far away we are from some club you’ve only been to once?

Doctor:I count my steps, always count your steps Bailey; you never know when it might come in handy!


Outside Magoo's


Bailey:It doesn’t look like the most happenin’ place in the park does it!

Doctor:No but obviously it has some sort of attraction or more than forty people wouldn’t go missing.


Doctor:Yes Bailey

Bailey:Is it right?

Doctor: Is what right?

Bailey:Changing the past to stop something bad happening

Doctor:Well I guess that depends on your perspective of things, the way I see it we are saving tens of people from being stolen from their loved ones, and I would hope that you would see it in the same way.

Bailey:Yes, you’re right of course I was just thinking out loud Doctor; don’t read too much in to it.

Doctor:Ok, shall we?


Once again the Doctor enters the club, this time followed closely by Bailey; Boril still sits at the bar, another drink in his hand and he looks up at them as they enter the room. One corner of the club is deathly silent but the music almost masks the abnormality of it, however the Doctor notices the difference in the mood.



Boril:(Sad and glum)


Doctor:Don’t tell me it happened while I was gone?

Boril:Not moments after you left mate, there was a guy sittin’ on that very chair over there

(he pointed to a simple curved plastic chair Bailey had perched on but she promptly stood up)

He went just like the others did; he stood bolt upright and walked through that door in the back

(He gestured to a small door just to the side of the bar)

Doctor:Thanks Boril, and please don’t call me mate again

Boril:Well what do I call you mate?


(Realising that he hadn’t introduced himself)

I’m the Doctor and this is my friend Bailey.

Boril:(Wolf whistles at Bailey)

You investigatin’ the missin’ people too?

Bailey:Yes, and you are?

Boril:Boril, chief lay about and all round useless clot.

Doctor:Well that may be true but so far you’ve been very helpful; can you tell me anything else about what happened before the man left?

Boril:It’s like I said he just stood up and walked out the back door.

Doctor: (Growing impatient)

Yes but was there anything else? Something he did; said or heard.


There was a moments silence between the doctor and Boril while he tried to remember anything out of the ordinary he might have noticed.



(He said it with a sigh knowing the Doctor’s disappointment)

Sorry Doc


(Disappointed and pathetic tone)

Bailey:So that’s it, we can’t figure it out?

Doctor:Like you said maybe we’re not supposed to?


Suddenly the track playing changed and the spirits in the club seemed to rise and they cheered at the song now filling the room; it was repetitive and the words were in some alien language and were very slurry and monotonous. Then it happened, a woman in the corner of the room with bright red hair and wearing a sort of dark green Lycra suit with metal scales sewn onto it, stood up unblinking and walked robotically to the back door of the club.


Doctor:(Shocked and excited at the same time)

Oh here we go.

Boril:Oh my!!

Bailey:See ya!



Before the Doctor could do anything Bailey was on the tail of the red haired woman and had followed her through the door in the back, the Doctor rushed to follow but the door had shut behind them before he reached it and when he forced it open there was nothing there only the way into a dark back alley.



(He shouts into the emptiness of the alley, he sonics the alley at both ends several times before returning inside the club to Boril)

Why did she do that? Why does she have to do that?

Boril:I’m guessing this aint your first encounter with somethin’ like this Doc

Doctor:Doctor and no I’ve seen over 900 years of this sort of hullabaloo.

Boril:900 years! You looking good for it, what’s your secret?

Doctor:Being a regenerating Timelord!

Boril:Noooo, you can’t be?

Doctor:Yes I’m the last Timelord, I’m the Doctor, now help me figure this out.

Boril:Of course, but I don’t see what help I can be.

Doctor:Well you just saw what happened there must be something that happens each time when they disappear that makes them go.

Boril:The only thing that’s the same is their faces when they get up and leave.


And the music.

Doctor:What did you say?

Boril:Yes now that I think about it, they only disappear when that song is playin’.

Doctor:Did you understand the words?

Boril:Yeah, why didn’t you?

Doctor:I know most of the languages in the known universe, but that’s not one I’ve come across before, where’s it from?

Boril:A distant, cold and dark world called Satek. The Satins as they’re know, though they are not well know, are a sly and aggressive race, they live in sparse dug out caves built buy slaves stolen from the neighbouring planets, but word is that they became so greedy and powerful that they abducted all of the people from the surrounding system and worked them all to death.

Doctor:What are you suggesting?

Boril:What if... some of the Satins got hold of a ship and found their way here?

Doctor:And they’ve been kidnapping people visiting the park, but they didn’t want to attract too much attention so they stuck a trap in this bar to hypnotize people onto their ship.

(He rushes to the back door and scans it with his sonic screw driver)

Traces of transdimentional transport.

Boril:For those of us who don’t do the technical jargon?

Doctor:They’ve been using this door as a teleporter, but it seems you can only get in if you’ve been hypnotized.

Boril:By the song?

Doctor: Yes

Boril:So how come your friend managed to get through too?

Doctor:There must be a time limit on the door, she got through just in time; I have to get her back.

Boril:And how do you propose we do that? We can only get in if we get hypnotized.

Doctor:What do the words say exactly?

Boril: I can only translate so much of it...

Doctor:(Worried about Bailey and impatient about solving the mystery)

Please try.

Boril:Something about soldiers, soldiers obey, obey the hand of Gladdening.


Meanwhile Bailey arrives in a brightly lit room standing just behind the woman with the red hair that she followed through the door, her face is still as emotionless as before and she stands ridged and straight. Bailey walks round in front of her and waves a hand in her face, she clicks her fingers and tries clapping but nothing will break the hypnotism. Suddenly there is a noise at the other end of the room and with nowhere to hide Bailey is trapped.

The creatures that enter the room are slimy, vile monsters with bat-like wings folded behind them; they speak in a fast and hypnotic tone that Bailey can’t understand but they don’t look very friendly, their skin is leathery and a sickly green colour only reserved for things that are extremely foul. The creatures begin to approach Bailey and the hypnotized woman, when they notice her they begin to shout and advance on her; her only escape is the door that they came through and she attempts to grab the woman but she is stuck to the spot, she gives up her rescue attempt and makes a dash past the creatures towards the door.



Bailey:(Rushing past the creatures)

Sorry must have got the wrong door, bye!!


The creatures shout and try to grab at her but she reaches the door before they can get a hold of her. The other side of the door is a long corridor, and on the wall opposite her is a large window through which Bailey can see dark space, stars and the planet Amusay.



Why, why, why did you follow that woman? You never think things through do you? Didn’t even try and bring the Doctor did you, and now he’s probably worried stiff about you.

(Looks down at her outfit and her high heeled shoes)

And now I’m trapped on some strange ship, by some really gross aliens, in a cocktail dress and stilettos, I’m not even sure how I ran past those guys in these ridiculous shoes.

(She promptly removes her shoes and, choosing a random direction, leaves them on the floor)


Now what is it the Doctor’s always saying? ‘Count your steps Bailey, always count your steps; you never know when you might get abducted by creepy aliens.’ Ok maybe not the last bit but counting your steps might not be a bad idea.


She keeps running down the corridor until she comes to a door and a lift shaft


Bailey:Ok up, down or straight ahead?

(She looks up at the wall at some signs written in the aliens’ language)

Oh well that’s useful! Hang on.

(The TARDIS translator kicks in and she can translate the signs)

Hanger bay, Bridge, Engine room, Brig, and Egg house? I think I’m beginning to understand what’s going on here, let’s see the brig is down three floors I'll log that somewhere, and leave a note for the Doctor, I’m sure he’ll be up here soon.

(She leaves a cherry red kiss on the lift door in front of her then steps inside and clicks a button she assumes will deliver her to the sixth floor, the lift doors close and zooms up to the sixth floor.)


Back in the corridor the two Satins who were in the white room, emerge and spill out of the entrance, they seem to yell at each other until one of them notices Bailey’s shoes lying on the floor, it approaches them and with a long bony finger it picks them up and sniffs them, its eyes immediately narrow and its pupils widen and it heads off in the direction off the lift, urging the other to follow, where they find the lipstick and enter the lift I search of their lost prisoner.

Back down on Planet Amusay the Doctor is contemplating what to do and how to do it fast.


Doctor:We have to rescue Bailey and the other people who were taken.

Boril:Thanks for stating the obvious, but we need a way to do that genius!

Doctor:I’m working on it ok!

Boril:Well don’t let me distract you

Doctor:I’m trying not to! Got it!

Boril:Got what?




Doctor:(Grabs Boril by the shoulders and pulls them face to face)

The TARDIS can lock on to the energy trace I found on the back door and use it to find their ship which I’m guessing will be somewhere orbiting the planet and if Bailey is being as smart as I know she is she will have found somewhere good to hide and keep well out of sight from the Satins on board, got all that? Good see ya later Boril.

(Leaps off of Boril and dashes to the front door)

Boril:And where are you off to?

Doctor:(Spins around and faces Boril)

To rescue my friend.


The Doctor rushes back trough the streets of Amusay, narrowly missing the gathered masses by inches and reaching the TARDIS in no time at all. He leaps through the doors and flys up to the consol, at break neck speed he sonics the consol inputting the energy trace data and dialling in the destination he throws the space time throttle and the TARDIS disappears from the hill and reappears in the corridor on the Satins ship that Bailey just vacated Bailey. The Doctor’s head pops out of the TARDIS and he sonics the corridor.


Doctor:Now, where are you?

(The sonic starts making a blipping noise when it is pointing in the direction of the lift and the signs

Found you!

(The doctor walks cautiously to the end of the corridor and spots the lipstick on the lift doors)

Now you’re gettin’ it!

(He whispers to himself ,he gets in the lift but suddenly realises he doesn’t know which floor she’ll be on)

Looks like I’ll have to do this the hard way!

(Presses the first button he sees and the lift flys down)


Bailey:(Getting out on her desired floor)

Ok where to start? Well finding out who these people are and what they’re doing might be something.


Ahead of her is a long suspended walkway that hangs over what looks like a war room, dirty and full of Satins standing over maps and holographic screens, the righting is in the same language as the signs that were on the wall, and squatting down she attempts r to translate the text on the screens.


Bailey:Satins, new home, mission, abduct, enslave and conquer!
(She gasps and every Satin in the room looks up in her direction, she lies flat on her stomach to avoid being seen, suddenly a door in the room below opens and the Satins avert their gaze to the open door)

Doctor:(Strolling through the open door)

Oh hello, sorry am I interrupting anything?

(The Satins growl and advance on the intruder)

I should probably get going now.

Doctor:(Turns to leave through the open door behind him)

Bailey:(Standing up so the Doctor can see her)



Four of the Satins unfurl their slimy bat-like wings and chase after Bailey, the rest are left to deal with the Doctor who is just happy he has found Bailey.


Doctor:Ah Bailey, If I might make a suggestion I say you should start running!

Bailey:(Seeing the flying Satins chasing her she immediately runs back along the walkway and out through the door at the opposite end.)

That's not a bad idea!

Doctor:(Being chased back down the corridor he just left)

Look can’t we just sit down and talk this over?


Doctor:I’m guessing that’s a no!?


The Doctor sonics a door up ahead and quickly jumps through the open threshold and closes the door swiftly behind him.  In the same moment Bailey is also being chased down another corridor and she in turn leaps through a door and shuts it behind her and leans against it catching her breath.


Bailey:Great, the Doctor’s here but you’re not with him 'and' you don’t know where he is either. Come to mention it

(Looking around)

where am I?


Bailey has arrived in an enormous cave-like room that is sloped at the back and is full to the brim with colossal slimy green eggs, hanging from the walls, ceilings and rooted to the floor they glow with an ere pale light when Bailey walks close to them and inside one of the glowing chrysalises she can make out a silhouette of a fully formed Satin waiting to hatch.


Bailey:(About to scream but clamps her hand to her mouth just in time)


No mustn’t make a noise it might wake them and then I’d be in big trouble!


She stumbles back to the door and presses her ear against the thick metal door, she can’t hear anything beyond and decides to make a run for it, and with any luck she will run into the Doctor; she hauls the door open and sneaks into the corridor where she is immediately caught by a Satin.


Doctor:(Has arrived in an equally large room that looks a lot like a cargo bay but is filled with crudely built cages, eleven of them contain the missing abducted people from Magoo’s club)

So there you are; now how to get you all out?

Bailey:(Being dragged into the brig by the Satin that caught her)

Aww let me go, let me go

(sees the Doctor)

Doctor help

Doctor: I was about to do that

Bailey:Well get on with it then!

Doctor:(Rushes over to the Satin and Bailey and tries to release the creatures hold on her)

Let her GO!

With its free arm the Satin knocks the Doctor off his feet and sends him flying into a stack of empty cages, it then resumes its task and locks Bailey in one of the cages.


Bailey:Could you let me out, please it’s just I don’t think I’m suitably dressed for being kidnapped!!

Doctor:(Snorted laughter, he picks himself up and is then throttled by the Satin)

That was rude! Now take me to your leader. Your master? Commander? Chief?


The Satin seems to get the message and releases its grip on the Doctor’s shirt and tie which is now covered in strange green slime where the Satin’s slime has stained it. He drops the foot to the floor and begins to follow the Satin out of the brig.



Doctor!? Don’t just leave me her.

Doctor: (Walks back to Bailey’s new cage)

Don’t think I have much of a choice at the moment, I’ll see what I can learn from their leader and try to settle this peacefully and get you and the others released.

Bailey:And if that fails?

Doctor:Then there’s always plan B

Bailey:Since when do you ever have a ‘plan B’?

Doctor: Well there’s a first time for everything!

Bailey:Don’t be too long, it smells really bad in here and my legs are getting cold.

Doctor:(Strips off his jacket and passes it through a largish gap in the bars of the cage)

Here, I’ll be back before you know it!


The Doctor walks back towards the Satin who leads him out of the brig and leaves Bailey crouched on the floor, wrapped up in the Doctor’s jacket, locked in her cage. The Satin and the Doctor walk along two corridors, through three doors and finally arrive at a large round door with a huge wheel in the centre, the Satin turns the wheel releasing the doors lock and opening the vault-like door.

Inside the room, which turns out to be the ships bridge, there is a long desk covered in buttons, leavers and more screens; behind the desk there are three large chairs, two of which are occupied by two Satins: the pilots; and in the centre of the room there is a throne of a chair that spins around like a tacky James Bond movie, to reveal the captain of the ship. He is the Biggest Satin the Doctor has encountered so far and above his bug like head he has a vampire-like collar with sharply pointed ends. The Satin behind the Doctor shoves him forward so the captain can inspect him clearly.


Doctor:Hay no need for that, look I come in peace! I love saying that!

Captain: (Makes some sort of grunting and clicking noise

Doctor: (Just sort of nods along not understanding a word)

I can see this might take a while, cogh I can speak baby but I can’t speak a rare alien language. Hello I'm the Doctor!

Stephanno:(Steps out from a shadowy corner into the light)

Perhaps I might be of assistance Doctor?

Doctor:Stephano Gladdening, see I knew you had some part in this; well it was rather obvious actually.

Stephanno:Well be that as it may, if you’ll forgive me I won’t be worrying about my secret being leaked by the likes of you Doctor.

Doctor:Well you shouldn’t because that’s not my intention.

Stephanno:Oh? What is then?

Doctor:You keep unusual company Gladdening.

Stephanno: We share a common goal

Doctor: And what’s that then?

Stephanno:Domination, complete and utter domination

Doctor: How big you thinking?

Stephanno: To start with I just wanted to take over the insignificant planet beneath us, but when I met the Satins my horizons were widened.

Doctor:Talking of which, how did you meet?

Stephanno:Well our meeting begins almost half a century ago; the Satins had consumed theirs and the surrounding planets of their system, they acquired this ship from some rather reluctant miners and they went in search of new worlds to enslave, their ship broke down on Planet Amusay, the park at the time was only half the size it is now.

Doctor:And I’m guessing that was when you acquired it?

Stephanno: Yes, I killed off the competition for the land and began construction on my half of the park. I was unaware that they had arrived at the time but they soon made themselves known, they enslaved the entire population of the planet and I somehow managed to find Scorlag here the missions’ leader and organized a treaty. They would provide a vast workforce to complete my park and I would provide them with a place to live.

Doctor:The supposedly unpopulated half of the planet?


Doctor:And presumably the workforce finished well before their deadline and began digging the tunnels and caves for the Satins to live in?

Stephanno:You’re good at this Doctor

Doctor:Well I’ve had some practice! So when did you agree that they could kidnap people from back street bars and take them back to Satek?

Stephanno:That was admittedly an unexpected expense, I thought I could hide the disappearances from the public and the press but as you can see they have already gotten out of hand.

Doctor: (Moving towards Stephano)

The Satins on this ship are holding eleven innocent people captive, including my friend so do whatever you can do to get them back to Amusay.

Stephanno:Are you threatening me?

Doctor:(Very low and serious tone)

Not yet but give me long enough and I just might.


There is a moment of silence between the Doctor and Stephano, they stare unblinkingly into each others eyes, until Stephano begins to laugh.


Stephanno:Doctor what could you possibly do to stop me and an entire army that, as we speak, is preparing to hatch.


Stephanno:That army will swarm and race across the park like a disease snatching up all potential slaves

Doctor: But what do you get out of this attack? Surely you would profit far better from leaving those people where they are?

Stephanno:System wide domination Doctor not a meaningless existence as a theme park ringleader

Doctor:Your rise to power will come crashing down and wipe you from the universe Gladdening.

Stephanno:You could never predict something like that, even as a petty threat.

Doctor:Ok should have seen that one coming, but, no hang on

(Pulls the newspaper article from his trouser pocket)

No your army will never leave this ship I promise you.

Stephanno:And I promise you Doctor, neither will you. Seize him.

Two nearby Satin guards approach the Doctor and make to grab him; he promptly slips out of the way just in time and makes his way to the door which he left slightly ajar.


Doctor:Your reign’s over Stephano call off the attack; the Satins go back home and you go back to Amusay.

Stephanno:Am I supposed to be scared of you Doctor?

Doctor:You should be!

(Dashes through the open door but pops his head back round for one last remark)

And another thing Steph, unlike you I always keep my promises.


The Doctor leaves the bridge and seeing the Satins charging after him, he turns around and sonics the door sealing it shut forever. He makes his way back through the ship trying to remember the way to the brig, three doors and two corridors later the Doctor is facing the brig door which he promptly opens and inside he finds Bailey exactly where he left her.



Doctor:(Trying to sonic the lock on her cage to get it open)


Bailey:I’m guessing by how out of breath you are that plan A failed?

Doctor:Sort of

Bailey:(Raises one eyebrow)

Doctor:Ok yes it failed

Bailey:(Finally out of her cage)

So what’s plan B then?

Doctor:Um improvise!

Bailey:Suppose that’ll do for now.


They start to leave the brig, but Bailey turns back to the other cages with a worried look on her face.


Doctor: Come on Bailey we don’t have much time to waste.

Bailey:Well we can’t just leave them here we have to save them too.

Doctor:But there’s an army waiting to hatch right beneath our feet.

Bailey:Big room full of green eggs?

Doctor:(Making shapes with his arms above his head to show the size of the eggs)

Yes, big deadly Satin eggs of death

Bailey:I know where they are


Bailey:So I’ll go get rid of the eggs and you release these people and get them to safety.

Doctor:I thought I was the one who was supposed to come up with the plans?

Bailey:Doctor it seems to me that none of your plans actually work!

Doctor:Faire point, but how are you going to destroy the eggs?

Bailey:(Turning to leave the brig)
I’ll just have to improvise!

Doctor:And the TARDIS is on the first corridor you found on the ship ok

Bailey:See you there!


Still bare foot, Bailey flees from the brig and rushes back through the ship to the egg chamber, she opens the door and enters the chamber, now however all of the eggs in the room are glowing with the ere green light.


Bailey:So how do I get rid of you lot before you hatch?

(Suddenly a ventilation shaft in the far corner of the room catches her eye)

They still need oxygen, of course they do otherwise I wouldn’t be standing here right now, if I can cut off the supply to the room I can kill the eggs before they hatch.


She crosses the room to the surprisingly low vent in the wall and finds the leaver on the side that shuts the flaps of the vent to stop the flow of air, Bailey then runs from the room back into the corridor where she slams the vault door shut, beside the door on the wall she finds a control panel, guessing at many of the words and commands she selects the most promising and hopes for the best.


Bailey:Here goes nothing

(She flattens her finger onto the pad in front of her and sirens sound inside the chamber as the air inside is evacuated)

Oh it worked, it worked!

(Very chuffed with her achievement she journeys back to where she believes the TARDIS is currently parked)


Doctor:(Helping the abducted people into the TARDIS)

How’d it go?

Bailey:Oh I left them breathless!

Doctor:Let’s get out of here

Bailey:What about the other Satins?

Doctor:That’s why we should get out of here.



They rush up to the TARDIS consol past their new passengers, completely awestruck. The Doctor flips some switches and the TARDES dematerialises, reappearing back on the same hill it started from on Amusay.


Doctor:(Leaving the TARDIS followed by Bailey, he points the sonic to the skies)

Bailey:What are you doing?

Doctor:A little coming home present!

Stephanno:(Back on the Satin ship)

 Ready to launch the invasion in three, two, one.....


Nothing happens


Stephanno:(Angry, shouting)

What’s going on, I said launch the invasion!



Suddenly the ship bursts into life and in a flash it flys off at warp speed back to the Satek System.

Bailey walks down the stairs into the control room, the Doctor is at the front doors saying goodbye to the kidnapped people they just rescued. Bailey has changed back into more casual attire and a pair or trainers, the Doctor joins her in front of the consol.


Doctor:Well I think that’s more than enough entertainment for one day!!


Well that wasn’t quite what I expected for the days activities, and I’m definitely not wearing heals around you anymore Doctor!

Doctor:I can understand that! So now where?

Bailey:Ummmm Bed!?

(They both laugh)

Doctor:If you insist


I do!

Doctor:Night then Bailey

Bailey:Good night Doctor, you get some sleep to ay

Doctor:Uh hu


Bailey stalks slowly back up the steps to her room while the Doctor stays facing the consol, he doesn’t want to go to bed.


Doctor: Anywhere you’d like to go dear?


The TARDIS replies with a whirr and the Doctor begins to flip switches and fly his beloved ship to their next random destination.






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