2x1 Doctor Who: Holes

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
A new series of adventures for Bailey and the Doctor begins with a journey back in time to investigate a mysterious disappearance but what seems like an innocent trip quickly turns into a dangerous matter of life and death

Submitted: May 16, 2013

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Submitted: May 16, 2013




Doctor Who Episode Script


Written by Chloe Taylor


18 August, 1590. A ship drops anchor off of the North coast of America, a row boat takes a few men to shore, one man is wearing finer clothes than the others.


Sailor:It'll be good to see your folks again I'd imagine Gov!

G. White:Yes, it's been three years since I last saw my wife and daughter, but this ghastly political business just couldn't be avoided.

Sailor:Ha, after nothing but stale bread, maggoty biscuits and a stinking ship for six weeks, all I want's a decent meal, an my wages!


 The other sailors laugh in agreement, as they reach the shore the Governor jumps out of the boat and rushes off inland. He emerges from a line of trees, before him is a small town, it's deserted. His smile disappears and a look of shock and horror spreads across his face, he walks slowly into the town, we pan down to see a sign with the name of the town, 'James Town' and the population, the highest number (145) has been crossed out, six other numbers have also been crossed out, we see that the last number is 2.


The TARDIS, Bailey skips into the control room, the Doctor is sitting reading a very old paper. Bailey tilts her head and gives him an odd look.


Bailey:What you doin?

Doctor:(Turns the page)

Reading a paper, I'd have thought that was a bit obvious

(His eyes light up when he notices one article)

Bailey:Yeah well what I meant was, why are you reading a paper? It's what my Granddad used to do when he was in a bad mood, and you are not a Granddad

Doctor:I could be a Granddad

Bailey:No you couldn't, could you?

Doctor:(Looks up at Bailey and smiles slyly)

Bailey:Oh I hate it when you do that


Bailey:That smile

Doctor:(Stands up and places the paper on the chair, walks over to the consol)

According to you I seem to have a smile for every possible phrase I would ever wish to convey, so which was it this time?!

Bailey:The, if I smile at her long enough she'll forget the question and I won't have to answer it smile, that one

Doctor:I didn't think people noticed that

Bailey:I'm not people though am I

Doctor:No, I suppose not

(Smiles again)

Right then where to next, oh I know!


The Doctor sets the TARDIS spinning off through the time vortex, we see the paper the Doctor was looking at, it's an article written about the disappearance of the people from James Town. The TARDIS materializes on the outskirts of the quiet American town, people are going about their daily lives but some stop and stare as the TARDIS appears.


Bailey:(Opening the door and peering out)

So where are we?

Doctor:(Almost pushing Bailey out of the TARDIS and closing the door)

America, no, sorry, Newfoundland

(Looks at his watch)

 1590, I'm getting old I swear!

Bailey:So this is America, pre war with England

Doctor:1775 to 1783, war of independence, nasty business

Bailey:I read about it once

Doctor:I was there!


Bailey laughs and they stroll off towards the town, they pass the sign, the population currently reads, 84, Bailey stops to look at the sign for a moment before catching up with the Doctor on the main street. We see a man with a rifle standing in the middle of the street, tapping the gun against his foot. He is the town's marshal.


M. Adams:Strangers!


Bailey and the Doctor stop walking a few paces away from Marshal Adams, he stares at both of them.


Bailey:How come he doesn't sound American?

Doctor:Now! You want to ask that question now!

M. Adams:(Points his gun at the Doctor)

Hay! I'll be the one askin questions around here

Doctor:(Raises his hands)

Now that is very American

Bailey:(Raising her hands)

What do we do?

M. Adams:You shut up Miss and answer my questions, now who are you?

Doctor:I'm the Doctor, this is Bailey -


We come in peace!

Doctor:(Gives her an irritated look)

M. Adams:Alright then, Doctor, how did you get here, in that box over there?

Doctor:I could explain it to you if you stopped pointing that gun at me, gave me some time and a crayon, but I'm not sure you'd understand

M. Adams:I'm Marshal Adams, and I'm in charge here until the Governor returns from England,  so don't insult my intelligence Doctor, how did you get here in that box?!

Doctor:(Opens his mouth to speak)


Cut straight to Bailey and the Doctor being locked in a cell, three wooden walls and one made of Iron bars, which Adams locks behind him. Bailey settles herself on a crude bench while the Doctor stands with his back against the bars. 


Bailey:Well that could have gone better!

Doctor:I have to admit that didn't really go according to plan


There was a plan?! So, when you don't have a plan we get locked up somewhere, and when you do have a plan the same sort of thing happens, anyone else noticing a pattern here?! So since we've got a bit of time, why are we here anyway?

Doctor: The paper


The paper, of course why didn't I think of that?!

(Raises her eyebrows at the Doctor)

Doctor:There was an article about this town in the paper I was reading earlier, something about missing people.

Bailey: Well that's got us written all over it!

Doctor:Well you're not wrong there, you wrote the article!

Bailey:No I didn't 

Doctor:No you haven't

Bailey:You mean I will?


Bailey:So what do we do then?

Doctor:I don't know

Bailey:What you read an article about us being here and you don't know what we're supposed to do?

Doctor:I didn't read it, Bailey if I had read it then it would become a fixed point in time, everything would have to happen exactly as it was written

Bailey:And what's so bad about that?

Doctor:My point exactly

M. Adams:(Throws a stone at the bars near the Doctor's head)

Hay! You two gonna talk all night?! I'd save your voices for your trial if I were you

Bailey:(Standing up)

Trail! What trial?

M. Adams:This afternoon you two are gonna be tried as beings from another world


Is that a crime?

M. Adams:It is in my town Doctor

Doctor:When this town was built there were 145 people living here, now there are 84.

M. Adams:What's your point Doctor?

Doctor:What happened to those 61 people Adams?


There is a moment of silence, Adams stretches his neck and Bailey joins the Doctor behind the bars of their cell.


Doctor:Adams, what happened to those people?

M. Adams:Your kind took em from us, didn't you! You swoop down at night and take em in their sleep, like shadows, and the next morning they're gone, taken from their loved ones by your filth.


Bailey:Hay! I'm not an alien!

M. Adams:Miss that's what they all say

Bailey:(Slightly offended)

But I'm not a filthy alien, no offence Doctor...

(Realising her mistake)

M. Adams:(Face lights up when he understands the Doctor is an alien)

Well, well, well, so I actually caught one, a real alien! I thought you'd look a little more frightening!


The Town square, a small podium sits in the middle, a hangman's noose stands off to one side. The Doctor stands in the middle of the podium, his hands are tied and a deputy has one hand on his shoulder and a gun to his head. Marshal Adams stands slightly to one side with Bailey, the whole town has turned out to watch the trial (And the hanging)



M. Adams:(Shouting to be heard)

Doctor, you have been accused of being a vile, deceitful, evil, alien! How do you plead?

Doctor:Bit of a tricky one to answer that!

Bailey:(Still standing by Adams, laughs and rolls her eyes)

Doctor:Yes, I am an alien, well from your perspective I suppose, but by no means vile or evil no, am I Bailey?!




The crowd jeers and cries at the Doctor following Bailey’s response, the Doctor sneers irritated at Bailey.


Doctor:(Turning to Bailey

Oh, side with them why don’t you!


Sorry, you just look so funny when you’re irritated!

M. Adams:(Talking to the crowd)

The accused has failed to present any evidence to support his case, how does the court find him?


The crowd shouts ‘GUILTY!’ Bailey’s eyes widen as she realises the Doctor is now in real danger, Adams and the officers drag the Doctor towards the Gallows leaving Bailey desperately trying to stop them.


Bailey:No, wait! Hay! Is anyone listening to me? Hay!

Doctor:(Standing under the noose)

Well this is a very fine ‘how do you do!’ I came to help you lot!


Just before the noose is placed around the Doctor’s neck, there is a shrill scream, everyone turns to look at a house on the main street, there is a crash and then silence. Everyone is so shocked that they don’t notice the Doctor jumping off of the gallows and running, slightly awkwardly with his hands still tied; with Bailey towards the house.

The Marshal is the first to react and follows Bailey and the Doctor to the front door of the house, Bailey opens the door cautiously but almost falls straight down a gaping hole in the floor, the Marshal is quick to catch her and pulls her back to her feet.


Bailey:(To Adams, catching her breath)


M. Adams:Don’t mention it Miss

Doctor:(Staring around the front room of the house)

Adams, untie me

M. Adams(Looks at him mistrusting)


Untie me now!

M. Adams:(Uses a knife to cut the rope around the Doctor's wrists)

Doctor:(Immediately takes out the sonic and carefully jumps over the hole)

Bailey:(Indicating the hole in the floor)

Er, Doctor, what did that?

Doctor:(Sonicing the hole)

Something, big, something very big indeed, and powerful, that hole goes down nearly seven miles! (Helps Bailey over the hole)

Check the back rooms, where did that scream come from?


Bailey:(Walking into the first room and moving some furniture around)

There's no one here Doctor

(Walks back into the front room)

Doctor:(Rubs his face with his hand)

Yes, I was afraid of that, now...

(Noticing Adams' confused expression)

Now would probably be a good time to ask questions seeing as I'm not too busy right now!

M. Adams:So if you're not alien...


Well I am, but not the sort that you've got around here

M. Adams:Then why are you here?

Doctor:(Exchanges looks with Bailey, chooses his words carefully)

Er, we detected that you were having a, er, a spot of bother, with some locals, so we thought we'd lend a hand.

M. Adams:(Even more confused)


Doctor:Ok, try this, Bailey and I are like intergalactic pest controllers, no I don't like the sound of that actually, we're just Bailey and the Doctor, and we're here to help.

M. Adams:Doctor who?

Bailey:(Snorted laughter)

Doctor:You're really not getting this are you Adams?

(Bending down beside the hole)

M. Adams:(Bending down opposite the Doctor)

But who made that hole?

Doctor:(Slaps him gently on the cheek)

Now you're getting it!

M. Adams:So what's our next move?

Doctor:(Standing up)

No, Bailey and I will handle this, don't you worry Marshal

Bailey:Actually Doctor, we could use a bit of local knowledge, I mean how much do you actually know about 16th century Newfoundlanders?

Doctor:(Signs and frowns at Bailey)

 I so hate it when you're right! But unfortunately she is, Adams we're going to need your help.

(Sits down on the edge of the hole and shuffles foreward)

Bailey:(Slightly worried)

What are you doing?

Doctor:(About to jump)

Well the only way to find out what's down there is to jump in head first, or feet first in this instance


Bailey and Adams both rush to grab the Doctor's arms just before he can push himself off of the edge.


Bailey:Oh no you don't!! You're not going down there until we know what we're up against, and besides you just said that hole's seven miles long, you'd never survive the fall!

Doctor:(Considering for a moment suspended between Bailey and Adams)

I didn't really think this through did I?

M. Adams:Doctor might I suggest you try and pull yourself up, you might be as skinny as a been pole but you're a hefty fellow!

Doctor:(Dragging himself up)



The Marshal's office, Bailey and Adams are sitting either side of a desk and the Doctor is pacing up and down thinking.


Bailey:So are we sure they're aliens?

Doctor:(Stops pacing for a moment)

Are we sure they're aliens?! Of course they're aliens Bailey that is a stupid question! Good point though, are they aliens?

Bailey:Thank you!

Doctor:Wait what?

Bailey:Adams, have you seen anything that might give us a clue to what's down there taking your people? Has anyone seen anything?

M. Adams:No nothing I've seen, like I said they usually come at night, this is the first attack that's happened during daylight hours.

Doctor:So what's changed? Why have they changed their habits?


Doctor:No that can't be it

M. Adams:Now I think about it, there is one person who might be able to help you, but I have to warn you, he's an odd fellow


Outside a small house on the outskirts of the town, the Doctor's eye is caught by strange contraptions in the garden that look like solar panels and wind turbines. Adams walks up to the front door and knocks a few times, crashes and bangs are heard inside as someone ruses to the front door and flings the door open.


Jacob:(Shouting from inside)

Yes, I'm coming, what is it now?!

(Pulls the door open)

Ah Marshal, how inconvenient of you to pop round at this particular moment!

Doctor:(Spotting a large machine inside the house and barging past Jacob)

Ooh a solar powered generator! Very nice

Jacob:Could you please not touch that, it's taken me months to build that generator!

M. Adams:(Whispering to Bailey)

I told you he was a bit odd!

Jacob:I'm not odd! And I'm not deaf either Adams! So sorry, where are my manners, I'm Jacob Williams and who are you to come barging into my house like this?

Doctor:But it's not your house is it Jacob?

Jacob:I beg your pardon!?

Doctor:Because you're not from around here are you, just like Bailey and I

M. Adams:(Looks at Jacobs, confused)

Jacob:How did you know?

Doctor:Oh come on, you only have to take a look around your house to work it out, futuristic technology, improvised machinery, quite frankly you're an absolute genius!

Jacob:I thank you for your compliments sir but I'll ask you again, who are you?

Bailey:I'm Bailey, and my enthusiastic colleague here is the Doctor, we're time travellers

Jacob:(Expression turns to utter joy)

Have you come to rescue me? Oh I've been trapped here in this ghastly century for five years, my vortex manipulator was damaged and being stuck here in this technologically starved age I was unable to repair it

Doctor:I'm afraid not Jacob, but if you can help us, Bailey and I can return you to your own time

Jacob:Could you really do that? I mean I've tried everything but the technology of this time is limited

Bailey:Of course, but we need your help first

Jacob:Anything to get me home!

M. Adams:We need you to tell us about what you saw Jacob

Jacob:You mean the night?

M. Adams:Yes Jacob, the night

Jacob:Right, you had better come and sit down, it will be dark soon and you don't want to be caught outside, but I'm sure you know that by now


Jacob's small living room, Adams is sitting by a fire with Jacob, the Doctor is looking out of the window, watching the last of the sun set over the town, Bailey enters the room carrying a tray of drinks. As she hands them out Jacobs regales them with his tale.


Jacob:(Taking a mug from Bailey)

It was the first week in James Town, everyone was so excited about arriving in a new world

M. Adams:Until folks started disappearing that is

Jacob:Right, anyway I decided to investigate so I staked out the house that the first person was taken from, see if anyone or anything showed up

Bailey:And did it?

Jacob:You could say that

Doctor:(Turning away from the window)

Tell us what happened Jacob

Jacob:(Pauses for a moment and sighs before continuing)

There was a hole in the floor, a tunnel that plunged down into the earth, something started climbing up towards the surface, up towards me.

M. Adams:(Leaning forewords)

And what was it?

Jacob:It was too dark to see clearly but for a moment there was something there watching me in the dark.

Doctor:Yes but what was it Jacob?

Jacob:I couldn't tell you for sure, but it was big and gangly and it had eyes that glowed bright green when it looked at me, then when it saw me it vanished, dropped back down the hole and disappeared

Bailey:There must be a network of tunnels running under the town, that must be how they get around

M. Adams:All this proves is that out enemy is far smarter and far more crafty than we first anticipated

Doctor:Not necessarily, we still don't know who they are

Bailey:And how do you propose we find out?

Doctor:I suggest we revert to plan A

Bailey:Plan A was a terrible idea, throwing yourself into one of those holes and just seeing how it turns out

Doctor:I've adapted plan A a little bit since my first attempt

Bailey:Oh yeah, how's that?


Bailey, Adams, Jacob and the Doctor are standing in front of the TARDIS.


Doctor:(Holding his arms up in front of the TARDIS)

Say hello to plan A mark 2

Bailey:The TARDIS! The TARDIS is your plan B?

Doctor:No! Plan A mark 2!

M. Adams:So that box will take us down one of those tunnels? To where those creatures have taken our people?

Doctor:That's the plan, wait no, not us, me and you Adams, Bailey you and Jacob will stay here and guard the villagers

Bailey:What?! Why can't I come with you into the deep dark scary holes in the ground?

Doctor:Because it's d...

Bailey:Dangerous, you're going with dangerous on this one?

Doctor:Yep, Bailey I need you and Jacob to stay and protect the villagers while Adams and I try to figure out what's going on down there, trust me

Bailey:Now I was prepared to go along with your plan right up until you said those words!

Doctor:(Smiles and places his hand behind Bailey's head)

Trust me, I'll be back just don't let these creatures take anyone else

(Open's the TARDIS doors)

M. Adams:(Before he steps inside he turns to Bailey and takes off his Marshal badge)

Bailey, until the Doctor and I get back I'm leaving you in charge, keep my people safe

(Hands the badge to Bailey before entering the TARDIS)


Bailey and Jacob are left standing alone as they watch the TARDIS dematerialise. Inside Adams stands by the doors staring around in amazement and disbelief. The Doctor is rushing around the consol looking quite stressed.


Doctor:Yes I know, I've heard it all before, it's bigger on the inside, now hush this is going to be a bumpy ride, I don't think these guys designed their tunnels to be TARDIS shaped!

M. Adams:But what is this thing? How does it work?

Doctor:Didn't I just tell you to hush?!


Suddenly the TARDIS jerks violently throwing Adams and the Doctor about the room as it tries to squeeze through the long tunnels as it plummets towards the bottom of one of the tunnels.


Back on the surface, Bailey and Jacob are still standing where the Doctor left them, Bailey is looking at the badge in her hand, slowly she pins it to her jacket and turns to Jacob.


Bailey:Right, Jacob, the most defaceable and secure place in town is?

Jacob: (Flustered by her sudden question)

Err, the town hall, one way in one way out

Bailey:Great so fish in a barrel but defendable! Right, help me round everyone up and get them into the town hall, and bring something to defend ourselves with, I don't hold out much hope for woodwork and old farmers.

Jacob:OK, like what?

Bailey:I don't know whatever we've got, now come on!


Inside the TARDIS control room the Doctor and Adams are still being thrown around, the Doctor frantically trying to hold onto the consol.


M. Adams:(Clinging onto a chair)

How do you control this thing?!


Beats me!


Suddenly the TARDIS comes to a crashing halt, throwing Adams and the Doctor to the floor, the TARDIS makes a ping noise like a lift reaching its destination.


Doctor:(Standing up and straightening his jacket)

Text book landing! Well it would be if there was one, maybe I should write a new manual? Nah I'd forever be rewriting it! Now aliens, come on Adams

M. Adams:(Walking towards the doors)

Er, Doctor? What's out there?

Doctor:(Placing his hand on the door and taking out his sonic screwdriver)

I have no idea!

M. Adams:Sounds good to me!


The Doctor slowly opens the doors to reveal the TARDIS sitting in a wide tunnel with a low ceiling, above it is the vertical shoot leading up to the surface. Adams and the Doctor emerge from the TARDIS cautiously and slowly, the Doctor sonics the tunnel as they walk along.


Doctor:(Looking at the sonic)

Now that's interesting, that's very interesting!

M. Adams:What?

Doctor:I don't know, I've never seen life signs like this before

M. Adams:Is that a good thing?

Doctor:Well, whenever I say 'I don't know', people tend to panic!

M. Adams:Plan?

Doctor:Follow the tunnel and see where it leads?

M. Adams:Good enough for me


Adams and the Doctor make their way slowly along the tunnel checking every side exit until they reach what appears to be a dead end. The Doctor is walking backwards still sonicing.


Doctor:That signal's getting stronger, there must be a creature nearby

M. Adams:(Looking straight ahead)

Yeah I think there probably is!


The Doctor turns around, just as a pair of green eyes appear in front of them in the darkness and everything goes black.

James Town Hall, the town's remaining population are huddled in the hall while Bailey sits outside the front doors and keeps watch in the dark of night, Jacob emerges from the hall, a rifle hung over his arm.


Bailey:(Watching Jacob sit beside her)

Everyone settled?

Jacob:As settled as they can be with the imminent threat of aliens!

Bailey:Point well made!

Jacob:So, you and the Doctor, are you...?

Bailey:No, no we're friends, if you can call us friends, he saved my life and we have adventures in time and space!

Jacob:Fair enough, any signs of movement?

Bailey:Nothing so far, but I can't shake the feeling we're being watched

(Stands up)

Jacob:I know what you mean, come on I'll take over for a while, you go and get some rest

Bailey:Rest! Who needs rest?! I'm going alien hunting!

Jacob:(Jumping up from his seat)

You can't go looking for aliens, besides Adams left you in charge and the Doctor told you to stay here!


And how's a girl supposed to resist defying a direct order?! Keep watch I won't be long

(Starts walking off)


Suddenly there is a crash inside the hall, Bailey and Jacob rush inside to discover everyone crowding around a large hole in the floor. Bailey tries to pull everyone back.


Bailey:Get back! Get back, everyone out! Quickly!

Jacob:(Leading people out through the front door)

Come on! Go! Get out all of you run to the woods!


Suddenly two dark shapes leap up from the hole and shoot through the roof, landing outside. All of a sudden the creatures are everywhere as holes open up in the ground and people are pulled down into the earth. Jacob dashes outside and begins firing his rifle, he hits one of the creatures which promptly disappears down a hole, inside Bailey spots a young girl and her mother cowering together in a corner of the hall, the girl screams attracting the attention of the nearest creature, which charges towards them, Bailey shouts out to attract its attention.



Hay! Leave them alone! Come on I'm right here so why don't you come and get me?!

(Realising the creature is now after her)

Oh dear!


The creature turns and runs at Bailey who also turns and runs outside, turning back to see the girl and her mother leave the hall safely. The creature chases her into the middle of town. Jacob sees Bailey being chased and dashed after her. All of a sudden a hole opens up in the ground in front of Bailey, she almost falls in head first but Jacob throws himself at her and pushes her away from the hole.


Jacob:Don't worry I've got you, you're safe

Bailey:(Looking over Jacob's shoulder)

You want to tell that to them?!


Two creatures tower over them one of them reaches out at Bailey, she screams and everything goes dark.

Everything is still dark but we can hear machinery, gruff voices and movement. Bailey slowly opens her eyes but still can't make out much around her.


Donec:Segam brig arltra. Dogan im forta


As the TARDIS translation system starts to kick in Bailey can understand what is being said.


Sertus:(Standing beside Donec looking at Bailey)

Greviga, this one is different, it's body contains traces of Volixas, this one has travelled through the void, it may be useful


Donec:Complete the scans and then send it to join the other one, they will help us, help us or die


Donec leaves the room as Bailey's eyesight returns and she regains consciousness, she is in a large room with a low ceiling, it's hot and musty, she is fastened to a large metal board stood against the wall, as she looks about we see that the other villagers are also strapped to similar contraptions, but all remain unconscious. Bailey focuses on the creature beside her which turns to face her straight on. It's tall and has dark coloured flesh, long gangly arms and legs that stick out at funny angles, and bright green eyes that look deep into Bailey's own eyes. The creature presses a button on a panel beside Bailey and her restraints are released and she falls to the ground in a heap.

Bailey:(Picking herself up)

Well that was rude!

Sertus:You will come with me

Bailey:Will I now? And what makes you so sure of that?

Sertus:(Holds a large gun in front of her)

You will come with me or you will be incinerated

Bailey:(Raises her hands quickly)

Ok, you're the boss!

Sertus:(He gestures towards a passageway with the gun)

This way

(He pushes Bailey in front of him)

Bailey:(Shaking him off and walking into the passage)

Yes alright, no need to man handle me I said I was coming!


The Doctor wakes up suddenly, looking wildly about himself, breathing heavily he spots three or more creatures looking at him or working on pieces of machinery. The Doctor is tied to one of two tables in the middle of a large circular room with a domed ceiling.


Doctor:(Straining his neck to look around)

Nice place you've got down here, what are we? About eight miles down now, very nice bit warm down here for you lot though isn't it? Now what I really want to know is what have you done with my friend?


Bailey and Sertus emerge from a tunnel and enter the domed room, Sertus guides Bailey down towards the Doctor.



Nope that's the wrong friend, unless you've turned Adams into a 23 year old girl that's really not who I was talking about!

Bailey:Nice to see you too you old fart!


I thought I told you to stay topside?!

Bailey:I did! For a while, so what's going on then because I'm stumped


Sertus lifts Bailey off of her feet and places her onto the table beside the Doctor, she kicks and punches at Sertus but doesn't hit anything.



Oi! Let me go you big brute! Sertus put me down!


Sertus hold her onto the table as braces and straps mechanically tie her down.


Bailey:(Fighting against the straps)

Not quite what I had in mind! Doctor this is usually the point where you start explaining, so can you hurry it up?

Doctor:Sorry Bailey I'm as lost as you are right now, I'm not even sure what species they are, I've certainly not encountered their kind before, but they are fascinating, they seem to be able to adapt to anything, you saw their big green eyes earlier, that's to help them see in the dark tunnels, but look now they're smaller because of the lights.

Bailey:Yeah I was wondering more along the lines of why are we both strapped to a table?!

(Shouts the last few words)

Jacob:(Voice is heard but not seen)

Now that Bailey is a very good question

Bailey:(Almost relieved to hear his voice)

Jacob! Jacob is that you, can you get us out of here? Where are you?


Jacob enters the room from another tunnel, walks up behind Bailey and stands just behind her head looking down at her.


Jacob:And you'll get your answer very soon I assure you


Jacob? What's happened to you?

Jacob:(Walking over to a control panel on a podium)

Nothing I assure you, this was all part of the plan

Doctor:Oh so there was a plan then, well we're all dying to hear it, though not literally!

Jacob:What I told you was true Doctor I was trapped here on earth when my vortex manipulator malfunctioned and I was unable to repair it


Yes but you failed to mention that you brought some friends along for the trip!

Jacob:My mission was to rescue the surviving  Croatoan from a crisis and then deliver them to a new planet, but when my vortex manipulator malfunctioned we crashed here.

Doctor:Nope, they crashed here, didn't they?! You lost your cargo and ended up on the wrong side of the planet! So you used what was left of your manipulator to track the...

Jacob:Croatoan Doctor

Doctor:Lovely lot they are too, so you tracked them here, to early America, and then what?

Jacob:I hopped aboard the first ship headed in that direction, all I knew was that I had to find the Croatoan and return them to their proper place in the universe

Bailey:So why didn't you?


Jacob ignores Bailey's question and nods his head towards one of the Croatoan who turns to a screen behind him and begins pressing buttons, after a moment the Croatoan turns back to Jacob.


Thork:The machine is ready sir

Jacob:Excellent Thork, get ready to pack your bags boys!

(Presses a large button in front of him)


A machine suddenly starts to lower itself over Bailey and the Doctor until it rests half a metre above them. Two Croatoan walk over to the machine and begin to attach various pieces of apparatus to Bailey and the Doctor.


Doctor:(Amazed by the machine forgetting his impending doom)

Oh it's a void stuff detector! Amazing, you know what I had something like that, much smaller and cooler as I seem to recall, but what do you need that for?

Jacob:(Doesn't respond, just stands and watches)


Oh that's good, oh that is rich! Your vortex manipulator was broken so you couldn't access the time vortex, ha!

Bailey:Doctor I don't understand

Doctor:Void stuff collects around a person or being that has travelled through the time vortex, like dust collects on an object, it sticks to time machines too but not for long, and if you have enough you can use it to power a time machine, no matter how small

Jacob:Quite right Doctor and the Croatoan inform me that you two are covered in Volixas, just ripe for the picking!

Bailey:Ok that doesn't fill me with confidence

(One of the Croatoan places a breathing tube onto Bailey's face)

 and neither does that! Get off of me! Doctor!

(She falls unconscious)

Doctor:(Shouting trying to see what's going on)

What are you doing to her?

Jacob:Extracting the Volixas Doctor, what you so ignorantly call 'void stuff', it will power my machine and get me and the Croatoan away from this wrenched planet  

Doctor:Is that what you did to the others Jacob? Experimented on them, tried to extract Volixas from ordinary humans?!

Jacob:It was a necessary test

Doctor:(Anxious and angry)

But that kind of machine won't work on humans their bodies can't survive the process!!

Jacob:Your companion has enough Volixas energy to power a whole ship Doctor


But you'll kill her!!

(Calming down a bit)

Ok, ok, ok, take it from me instead. Come on you've got the equipment, just don't hurt Bailey! Please

Jacob:(Taking to the Croatoan)

Attach the second link

Doctor:(Sigh of relief)

Oh, thank you, now let her go

Jacob:Start the generators, engage both extraction links

Doctor:(Shouting as the breathing tube is placed over his face and he slowly looses consciousness)

NO! NO! Bailey!


Suddenly Adams emerges from one of the tunnels followed by a few of the villagers, most of them are carrying alien guns.


M. Adams:(Shouting at Jacob)

Jacob Williams you are charged with murder, theft and general evilness, how does the court find?


All of the villagers shout 'Guilty' before charging into the room and attacking the Croatoan and Jacob, Adams fights with Jacob and the villagers pin the Croatoan to the ground or up against the walls, awaiting Adams' orders while the machine begins extracting the Volixas from Bailey and the Doctor. Adams finally pins Jacob to the wall.


M. Adams:(Hand on Jacob's throat)

Now, what button releases Bailey and the Doctor?


Jacob looks reluctantly down at a red button on the control panel in front of him, Adams head butts Jacob knocking him unconscious, he crosses to the panel and pushed the button turning off the machine which grinds to a halt and rises back towards the ceiling. The Doctor groans and stretches his face as he wakes up. Adams rushes over to release their restraints.



Well that was unpleasant!

(Noticing Bailey hasn't woken up)

Bailey? Bailey! Why hasn't she woken up?

M. Adams:Has he killed her?

Doctor:(Listens for her breathing then sonics Bailey)

No, she's alive, just but a few more minutes and the machine would have killed her for sure

(Taking Bailey in his arms)

M. Adams:So why aren't you the same?

Doctor:(Groaning under Bailey's weight)

Oh Adams we really don't have time to talk about that now, unfortunately that button Jacob got you to press was a failsafe, a self destruct system, this whole place is going to fall to pieces and bury us eight miles below the earth's surface unless we get a move on!

(Starts dashing out of the room carrying Bailey)

M. Adams:(Talking to the villagers)

You heard the man now leave those things and get out! Go!


The villagers leave the Croatoan and rush along the corridors with Adams and the Doctor at the lead, the tunnels and passages begin to collapse as explosives dotted around begin to go off, Jacob wakes just as the domed ceiling collapses on top of him. The TARDIS is in sight but before they reach it an explosive goes off bringing down the roof behind Adams and the Doctor crushing the few remaining villagers.


M. Adams:Doctor wait! We have to save them!


Adams I'm sorry, I am, but there's nothing we can do for them now, but we can still save Bailey and ourselves, now keep running!


They burst through the TARDIS doors as the last of the tunnel collapses, the Doctor hands Bailey carefully over to Adams.


Doctor:Now, hold this, I don't fancy staying down here forever!


He dematerialises the TARDIS just as the last of the tunnels collapses, they reappear in the centre of town, a town that is now empty and silent. The Doctor leans over the consol and breath a deep sigh of relief.


M. Adams:(Sitting on the steps with Bailey in his arms)

Doctor! She's barely breathing!

Doctor:(Rushing to their side)

Ok Bailey come on you're better than this, you really are so come on come back to me!

Bailey:(Doesn't respond)

Doctor:Ok, Bailey Jackson of Earth, I'm not going to make this easy on you!


The Doctor cups his hands around Bailey's head as Adams stands and takes a few steps back, the Doctor's regeneration energy begins to circle around him. He kisses her gently on the lips and his regeneration energy is absorbed into her body, she starts to breath and the Doctor draws back.


Bailey:(Slowly opening her eyes)


Doctor:(Smiling with joy)


Bailey:What just happened? Did you just kiss me?

Doctor:Well yes but it was only...

Bailey:(Slaps him round the face)

Doctor:(Recoiling from the slap)

AW! What was that for? I just saved your life!


I would have been fine without a kiss from you thanks

Doctor:(Slightly charming)

You are fine without it!

Bailey:(Looks at him as if about to slap him again)

Doctor:Yes you're right, best I don't do that again

Bailey:Yeah probably for the best!

Doctor:Now Adams, let's see what we can do for you


The three of them are standing outside the TARDIS looking at the empty town.


M. Adams:(Looking about in dismay)

I'm not sure what you can do for me Doctor, there's no one left here for me to protect, besides my real family are still in England

Doctor:Is that so, right then, we had better take you to them, in you get, quick march

M. Adams:(Elated)

You're going to take me home?


The Doctor nods and Adams rushes back into the TARDIS, Bailey and the Doctor are about to follow him when something catches Bailey's eye. The woman and girl that Bailey saved walk around the corner of a building and into the light of morning


Bailey:Doctor wait

Doctor:(Turns back)

Eleanor:Can you take us to my daddy?

Doctor:(Smiling and kneeling down so he face to face with Eleanor)

Of course I can, now you and your mother just come with us, will set things straight


The Doctor leads Eleanor and her mother into the TARDIS allowing Bailey to follow, the TARDIS dematerialises and leaves the town empty. Three years later the Governor White is sitting on an old bench in the town square, he has been crying, suddenly the TARDIS materialises and knocks White off of his bench. The doors open and Eleanor and her mother step out, when they spot White they rush to his side.



G. White:(Amazed and overjoyed)

Oh! My wife! and my Eleanor! Oh how I've missed you both, what happened? Where is everyone?

Doctor:(Poking his head out of the TARDIS)

 Yes, that's going to be a difficult one to answer that, I'd think it's probably got something to do with the Croatoan

G. White:The what sir?

Doctor:(Thinking on the spot)

Local race of native Americans, other than that I have no idea, now if you'll excuse me I have one more stop to make

G. White:But Sir! You haven't explained yourself

Doctor:I know, but you've got your family back, isn't that more important to you right now?

G. White:Yes, yes I suppose it is, thank you sir


Disappears back inside the TARDIS which promptly dematerialises leaving the governor utterly perplexed. The TARDIS reappears on a busy street in London, England. Adams and the Doctor emerge from the TARDIS and step out onto the street.


M. Adams:(Surprised and amazed)

This is my town, I know that street! And that butcher's shop! Thank you Doctor, I can't thank you enough

Doctor:Don't mention it Adams, besides your home now, no more monsters to worry about, unless you count the incident in 1602. Never mind, it's been a pleasure

Bailey:(Bailey calls from the TARDIS)

Oi! Adams, forgetting something?!

(Throws his marshal badge at him)

M. Adams:(Catches the badge and throws it back)

Keep it, you deserve it Bailey

Bailey:(Catches the badge and salutes Adams before going back inside the TARDIS)

Thank you

Doctor:Now Adams it's probably not a good idea for you to go around talking about what happened...

M. Adams:Don't worry Doctor, I'm in no hurry for them to cart me off to one of their asylums the secret is safe with me, but there's nothing I can do that will rid me of those people's faces, snatched from their loved ones, crushed under rock and earth Doctor, what do I do about that?


You live on, you love, you lose, to never forget them, but you never let yourself like you could have saved them either, just hold onto their memory and have a good life Adams.

M. Adams:Now there's an order I'll follow, thank you Doctor.

(Salutes the Doctor and turns away)


The Doctor salutes before turning back and stepping into the TARDIS closing the door behind him and walking up the stairs to the consol.


Bailey:So, where to next then?

Doctor:Not so fast, you've got an article to write and I've got a few loose ends to tie up

(Dashes off below the consol)

Bailey:Oh yeah, like what?

(Picks up a note pad and starts writing)


The Doctor has just finished carving the word Croatoan onto a tree near James Town, he takes one final look before stepping back into the TARDIS.


Doctor:Did you write the article?

Bailey:Yep, but I left out all the bits about aliens just like you said, see wouldn't have hurt if we'd read it after all

Doctor:Yeah, well better safe than sorry

Bailey:So what happened then, officially

Doctor:(Typing on the computer and bringing up old records)

Well according to reports that were made at the time, the only people left in the town were Governor White's wife and daughter, and officials blamed the disappearance on a local tribe called the Croatoan

Bailey:Now where would they get that idea?!


Bailey and the Doctor smile at each other before the Doctor rushes around the consol and the TARDIS springs into action once again.









© Copyright 2020 ChloPo359. All rights reserved.

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