2x2 Doctor Who: The Feline Infection

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

The Doctor treats Bailey to a trip to Planet One but upon arrival they discover a group of human scientists have destroyed the planet in search of a cure for a disease, The Doctor must find a cure before the whole research base and Bailey are affected by the disease.

Doctor Who Episode Script

The Feline Infection

Written by Chloe Taylor


Inside the TARDIS, the Doctor is quietly flying the TARDIS, he is whistling a simple tune, while Bailey emerges from the upstairs corridor.


Bailey:(Walking into the control room)

So, where are we going?

Doctor:(Stops whistling)

We Bailey,

(Taps her on the nose)

are going to see something amazing

Bailey:Amazing sounds good, but do you think you could be a bit more specific?

Doctor:Thought we'd take a trip to Planet One

Bailey:Planet One, that's a bit of an unimaginative name for a planet isn't it?


Planet One Bailey is the oldest planet in the universe, the last time I visited I got, distracted and had to leave rather suddenly in order to save the universe and the entirety of time and space, but this time, nothing is going to prevent us from admiring the fascinating plants, strange creatures, and the fabled cliffs of diamond

Bailey:(Getting excited)

Cliffs of diamond?

Doctor:Pure diamond, one of the seven thousand wonders of the universe, and home to creatures I've never even heard of!


Wow, so really special then!

Doctor:(Gives her a disapproving look then lands the TARDIS)

Right, landed, bring that hamper will you, I've packed us a picnic

(Gestures to the picnic hamper on the chair and walks down to the doors)

Bailey:(Picks up the hamper and follows him to the doors)

Doctor:Now Bailey Jackson, welcome to...

(Flings the doors open)


They both step out of the TARDIS but the scene before them is anything but wonderful. The trees have all been cut down, there are no living creatures other then the odd fly, Bailey swats one away from her face as they look around at the destruction.


Doctor:...Planet, One


Planet of wonder and life, more like planet of the dead!

Doctor:(Equally unenthusiastic)

Bailey don't be absurd, planet of the dead looks completely different, besides, now isn't really the time to make jokes

Bailey:Sorry, so what do you think happened? When was the last time you came here?

Doctor:In local time, only three years ago, or thereabouts

Bailey:How could all this have happened in just three years?

Doctor:I don't know, let's go find out


Bailey drops the hamper to the floor before they walk off into the empty landscape, Bailey is still swatting a fly away. They wander through the destruction until they come around a large hill, masking an enormous man made structure, a large base of corridors and rooms that stretch out for miles.


Doctor:(Spotting the structure)

No, that's not right, no humans have ever lived on Planet One, at least they shouldn't be

Bailey:How can you tell it's man made?

Doctor:(Slightly snide)

It always is


Hay! We're not all bad you know!


I know! I know, sorry

Bailey:(Still swatting flies)

Apology accepted. So, are we going to investigate?

Doctor:(Distracted by something)


Bailey:You know, use the psychic paper and pretend we're officers from the ministry of health to get us in, split up, look around, discover some kind of sinister plot, get caught, escape then save the planet, isn't that how this usually works?!

Doctor:Sounds like a plan, let's see how it pans out shall we?!


Together they approach the base. Inside a large circular room within the compound, people are sitting at computer screens around the room, test tubes and glass flasks litter the space and occupy a whole table in the centre. Men and women in white lab coats flit in and out of the sterile environment. One woman sits at a desk on her own, looking at a series of monitors, she is dressed in military camouflage. Bailey and the Doctor appear on a CCTV monitor in front of her, causing the woman to jump up from her seat.


Stella:(Talking to two guards by the door)

Guards, it seems we have unexpected guests, bring them to me, I want to know what they're doing on a restricted planet

Guard 1:(Nodding)

Yes mam


The two guards leave the room as Bailey and the Doctor reach the front doors to the facility. A guard standing outside the doors blocks their way, he is wearing a gas mask that covers his face.



Evening soldier

Guard 2:Can I help you two?

Doctor:We'd like to take a look around your facility if that's alright with you?!

Guard 2:I'm afraid I can't allow you into the facility sir, unless you have the correct paperwork that is

Doctor:(Shows him the psychic paper)

There, I think you'll find everything in order!

(Grins slyly at Bailey)

Guard :(Eyes widen when he sees the paper)

My mistake ambassador, I am terribly sorry, I'll have an escort take you straight to the commander


The guard steps aside and opens the door to allow them to pass into a small room with another set of doors ahead.


Doctor:Well, er thanks, come along Bailey!

Guard 2:As you were

Bailey:(Above herself)

As you were!

Guard 2:(About to shut the door)

Don't forget to wait for the disinfection before you go through, I hope you enjoy your stay, sir

(Shuts and locks the door)

Bailey:(Waiting behind the second door)

Well that was odd, even by your standards, what happened there?

Doctor:(Looking at the psychic paper)

Well according to this, we're representatives of the human empire, here to inspect the inner workings of the IHS, here on Planet One

Bailey:The IHS?

Doctor:Intergalactic Heath Service, it's the 40th century, humanity has moved on, so has healthcare

Bailey:And what about the mask he was wearing, the air out there isn't toxic is it?

Doctor:One problem at a time Bailey

Bailey:(Gets bitten by a fly)

AW! Little blighter! What did that guy mean by...?


Suddenly jets of air and smoke are fired into the confined space, cutting Bailey off mid sentence. The jets stop abruptly, leaving Bailey's hair in a mess.


Bailey:(Looks menacingly at the Doctor)

Don't say a word!

Doctor:(Fighting back laughter)

Come on fluffy, let's go and meet our escorts 


Together they walk through the double doors and into a small foyer where people in white coats and some in military uniform, are flitting in and out of doors around the lobby.


Bailey:(Desperately trying to flatten her hair)

So where do we start, ambassador?!


The two guards sent by Stella enter the foyer and approach Bailey and the Doctor.


Guard 3:You two will come with us, the commander is expecting you

Doctor:With a trip to the commander it would seem, come on Bailey


The guards lead Bailey and the Doctor through various corridors, past labs and offices.



Why are we expected?


I don't know, better question would be, what are these people doing on this planet?

Bailey:Or what have they done to it?!


They arrive at a large set of double doors which one of the guards opens with a security pass, the doors open and Bailey and the Doctor are guided into the large round room, some of the scientists look up but quickly return to their work, Bailey and the Doctor stand facing Stella, still sitting behind her desk.


Stella:(Talking to the guards)

Thank you gents, please return to your duties, I'll take it from here


The two guards nod and leave the room, the Doctor starts to look about at the scientist and equipment.


Stella:Now I think we'll begin by asking who you two are?

Doctor:(Shows her the psychic paper)

You call me the Doctor and this is Bailey, my companion, we're ambassadors here to inspect your base on behalf of the Emperor, but that's not important



Doctor:No, what I want to know is far more consequential

Stella:And what might that be, Doctor?


What have you done to this planet?!


There is a moment of silence as Stella and the Doctor stare each other down.




Stella:Well as ambassadors to the Emperor I would have thought you'd know

Doctor:Yeah well we're new to this!

Stella:This is a research base Doctor

Doctor:And what are you researching?

Stella:That information is classified and this planet is restricted to all

Bailey:Restricted by who?

Stella:(Turning forcefully to Bailey)

By me!

Doctor:And who are you?

Stella:(Standing up and drawing herself up to her full height)

I, am Stella Basava, Commander of the twelfth fleet, protector of this research base and the only law on this planet, now I demand to know what is your purpose here?!

Bailey:We want to know what you have done to this beautiful, peaceful planet

Stella:What we have done, Miss Bailey, is to save the human race



Stella:The research our scientists have done here will end our suffering at the hands of NME1

Doctor:(Slightly shocked)

What did you say?

Bailey:NME1, what is it Doctor?

Doctor:NME1, the most deadly disease in the universe

Stella:And no one knows how it's transported, passed on, or...

Doctor:(Finishing Stella's sentence)


Bailey:What are the symptoms?

Stella:Dizziness, blindness, temporary paralysis and then, death!

Doctor:So you destroyed a uniquely beautiful and significant planet to find your cure?!

Stella:It was a necessary sacrifice to make for the greater good of man, take a look around, make your report, but don't judge me Doctor, don't think your capable of that



Thank you


The Doctor turns and storms out of the room, Bailey waves nervously at Stella before running after the Doctor.


Stella:(Talking to herself)

The needs of the many Doctor, far outweigh the needs of the few


Bailey half jogs beside the Doctor as he storms along a corridor.


Bailey:(Trying to keep up)

So what now? Stella seemed to go a bit odd when she mentioned NME1

Doctor:(Stops abruptly)

It's a dangerous disease Bailey, kills hundreds in days, kind of thing that affects everyone

Bailey:But not a good enough excuse?

Doctor:Not in my books no, definitely not a good enough excuse to destroy an entire planet

Bailey:That explains the guard outside with the mask

Doctor:(Starts walking away, half talking to himself)

Yeah, suppose it does

Bailey:Doctor? Where are you going now?

Doctor:Split up and look for clues!

(Disappears around a corner leaving Bailey alone in the corridor)

Bailey:(To herself)

Yes Fred! Right then, investigate, what am I supposed to be investigating?


Bailey starts to walk off in the opposite direction to the Doctor, she suddenly leans against the wall and holds her stomach as if in pain.


Bailey:Wow, suddenly feel light headed, dizzy even

(Shakes her head and stands up)

Must have been something I ate, now come on Bailey let's go take a look around


She walks off again but stumbles a little as she opens a door ahead. The Doctor enters a room full of scientific equipment and people in lab coats.


Rachel:(Approaching the Doctor)

Can I help you sir? You are aware that this is a restricted area?

Doctor:Not for me it isn't, what do you do here Dr...

(Looking at her name badge)

...Rachel Adams?

Rachel:(Slightly taken aback)

I experiment with various compounds, expose them to controlled environments and determine which chemical would best suit the required purpose

Doctor:Right, so what is it that you do here?!


I'm here to try and cure NME1 sir

Doctor:(Entering the room and looking around)

Call me the Doctor

Rachel:It's been a while since we had a doctor in Jenna Base

Doctor:Jenna? As in...

Rachel:The man who cured smallpox yes

Doctor:Speaking of cures, how far along are you with yours?

Rachel:Well, we're struggling to find the right combination of anti bodies and naturally occurring chemicals that will effectively combat the NME1 infection

Doctor:So you haven't found one yet?

Failure to a scientist, Doctor, is just a rehearsal for success


Meanwhile Bailey opens another door and stumbles into a forest full of flowering plants, but no animals.


Bailey:Ok, wasn't expecting that

(Looks back at the corridor then walks into the trees)

Strange, that they should destroy the surface of the planet and yet, grow this lot in such controlled conditions, what for?


She ventures further into the foliage and suddenly a fly buzzes past her face, she flaps her hand around in an attempt to swat the fly but it's no use, we see things from Bailey's view and her vision starts blurring in and out of focus. She holds her hands out in front of her to check her vision.


Bailey:Wow, now that's um, that's not good, what's...?


All of a sudden she looses consciousness and falls to a heap on the leaf covered floor. The Doctor and Rachel are still talking, pouring over sheets of data and test tubes.


Doctor:There must be something here, you've destroyed a whole planet in search of answers for Peat's sake so why haven't you found any?!

Rachel:Are you some kind of expert on medical cures then Doctor?

Doctor:I'm not a Doctor Rachel, I'm a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey, now we found cures for almost every known disease and ailment, we even keep ourselves from death, but NME1, now that's something we never quite got round to

(Looks into a microscope)

Rachel:A Time Lord?


Rachel:I thought you were all extinct!

Doctor:Yeah well we are, well all but me anyway. Wait a minute!

(Looks up and stares into space for a moment)

Rachel:What is it Doctor?

Doctor:(Realising something)

Time Lords!!

Rachel:(Not following his train of thought)

What about them?

Doctor:(Getting a bit excited)

We can keep ourselves from death! Oh that's brilliant, don't you see how brilliant that is? You know I surprise myself sometimes!

Rachel:(Slaps the Doctor out of irritation)


Doctor:(Recovering from the slap)

AW! Sorry, what was that for?!

Rachel:You were starting to rabbit and in my opinion lost words waste lives, now do you have a solution to our problem or not?

All eyes in the room turn to look at the Doctor as he smiles slyly. Meanwhile, through Bailey's fading vision we can see two people appear over her and lift her onto a gurney and wheel her down a corridor into a brightly lit room, all the while we hear muffled voices but as we enter the bright room they become louder and louder until a breathing apparatus is placed over Bailey's mouth and everything goes dark.


Bailey:(Starting wake)

Ah! What? Where?


Bailey looks around the small room, she is laying on a bed attached to the wall, opposite her is a glass wall, looking out at a round room with similar pods around the walls, however the others are mostly empty. In the middle of a room, two guards sit at a round desk, monitoring screens and pieces of equipment.


Bailey:(Attempts to stand up but falls under her own weight)

Hay! What's going on? And why do I feel like I've just been thrown through a blender?


Bailey places her hand on the wall to steady herself but as she does she sees that it is covered in black fur, holding her hand away from herself she stares at it, her breathing speeds up and her eyes widen. She suddenly closes her eyes.


Bailey:(Talking with her eyes shut)

It's just a dream, it's just a dream, your hand is not covered in fur, now when you open your eyes you'll be back in the TARDIS with the Doctor, on your way to a nice pick-nick on beautiful planet one, it's just a dream!

(Slowly opens her eyes)

Ok, not a dream! DOCTOR!!

(Ruses up to the glass and bangs her fist on it in desperation)


The Doctor is rushing around the lab, carrying flasks and test tubes, ordering the scientists about and being a general nascence.


Rachel:(Irritated by the Doctor's lack of information)

Doctor! Would you please explain to me what you are doing with my lab?!

Doctor:(Stops rushing around)

Before a Time Lord dies we have a chance to repair ourselves, we completely alter our cellular structure, it allows us to change our form into one that isn't dying

Rachel:Ok, but I still don't see how this is going to help cure NME1

Doctor:Oh come on Rachel, I thought you were a scientist? Besides Bailey understands, don't you Bailey?!

(Looks round expecting to see Bailey standing behind him, but is shocked to find her missing)

Bailey? Where's Bailey? Anyone seen Bailey? About yay high, short hair, annoying?!

Rachel:Your friend was never here Doctor, you entered this lab on your own

Doctor:No, something's not right, she should have come and found me by now, she always does

(Takes out the sonic and tries to lock onto Bailey's position)

Come on Bailey show yourself

(The sonic beeps, the Doctor smiles and rushes out of the room)

Rachel:(Following the Doctor)

Oi! Doctor, what about your cure?! Come back here!


As they leave the room a fly lands on a stack of papers on the desk. Rachel and the Doctor rush through the base towards Bailey until they reach the containment area where the sonic beeps the loudest.


Doctor:(Frowning at the door before him)

Now what would you be doing in here?


The Doctor presses the panel beside the door, which swiftly moves aside, Rachel and the Doctor enter the large round room, the two guards look up and the Doctor approaches the desk.


Doctor:Hello I'm the Doctor and I'm looking for my friend


Upon hearing the Doctor's voice Bailey jumps up and rushes to the glass, but we don't see her face.




Doctor:(Staring at Bailey looking concerned)


Rachel:Oh my god!

Bailey:Doctor? It's me, what are you waiting for? Get them to let me out of here! And there's something wrong with my arm. Doctor?


We pan up to see that Bailey's hand isn't the only thing covered in fur, her face is partially obscured by black fur, a few whiskers and her right eye has turned from blue to lime green. Rachel slaps her hands to her mouth in shock while the Doctor slowly moves closer to the glass.


Bailey:(Scared by the Doctor's caution)

Doctor you're scaring me, what's going on?

Rachel:(Takes a small mirror out of her lab coat and holds it up in front of Bailey)

I think you'd better take a look for yourself

Bailey:(Bailey screams upon seeing her reflection)
Doctor what is going on?!


Rachel:(Interrupts the Doctor and moves closer to the glass)

They've tested a cure on you


They've what?! You told me you were miles away from finding a cure!

Rachel:We are, but we've tested all gene strains and plant matters to simulate cures, Bailey must have contracted the disease and they tested the latest in an attempt to save her

Bailey:Disease! You mean NME1?

Doctor:But how is that possible? This whole base is sterile, and when we arrived Bailey and I were disinfected before entering the base, so how can she have contracted the disease?!

Rachel:(Trying to stay calm)

I don't know, maybe NME1 is native to Planet One?

Doctor:(Realising something)

Or, maybe you brought the cause with you? I need to check something, Rachel with me?

Rachel:If you think you have a solution then yes

Bailey:(Pressing herself up against the glass)

Hay! What about me?



Doctor:(Standing close to the glass with his hand pressed to Bailey's)

Bailey, Bailey I'm sorry but there's nothing I can do right now, I won't be long and to be honest how bad can it...

Bailey:Don't you finish that sentence, don't you dare finish that sentence, this is as bad as it's going to get, got it?!

Doctor:Yes boss!

(Turns to leave)

Bailey:Now go and find your cure before I start biting my new claws in fear of spending the rest of my life as a cat!

Doctor:(Stops walking)

What did you just say?

Bailey:I said, go and find your cure

Doctor:No you said something about biting, no it can't be

Rachel:What is it?

Doctor:It's been staring me in the face from the moment we stepped out of the TARDIS I should have realised

Rachel:Realised what?!


The Doctor flashes back to the moment he and Bailey stepped out of the TARDIS and Bailey was irritated by the flies, then back to the front doors where again Bailey was swatting flies, then back to the lab where a fly was circling the room.


Doctor:Rachel with me, Bailey I'll get you sorted as soon as I can just stay put

Bailey:No problem there


Bailey sits back down on the bench as Rachel and the Doctor rush out of the containment area and back to the lab, there are now considerably more flies around.


Rachel:Alright Doctor, what aren't you telling me?

Doctor:I know how the disease is being spread




Rachel:What do Dragonian mud flies have to do with anything?


They are interrupted by a muffled thud coming from the end of the corridor, they rush around the corner to discover two scientists and an army officer laying on the floor, three flies rise up from the bodies and disappear along the corridor.


Rachel:(Rushes down to the closest body and checks for a pulse)

Dead, not long, maybe three minutes, if we'd have been faster...

Doctor:There wouldn't have been anything we could have done for them, we still don't have a cure

Rachel:Then let's get to work


The Doctor smiles at Rachel's will to find the cure and together they hurry back to the labs, the other scientists have disappeared, but the Doctor rushes over to the test tubes he was using earlier and grabs a syringe.


Rachel:Anything I can do to help? Many hands make light work and all that

Doctor:(Hands Rachel the syringe)

I need you to take some of my blood and isolate the regeneration gene in my DNA as fast as you can

Rachel:But that could take days of tests and examinations!

Doctor:Yes but we don't have days, speaking of which is there a way to seal the base?

Rachel:There's a remote override in the main control room

Doctor:Call Stella and get her to seal every floor, every lab, every room, we need to contain the Drosophila before they have the chance to spread even further


(Presses an intercom button on the wall)

Stella? This is Dr Rachel Adams, we need you to seal the base, NME1 has broken out among several of the lower levels


Stella answers Rachel's call in the control room


Stella:Are you absolutely sure you can't contain it yourselves?

Rachel:We are working on a cure, we just need to contain the cause

Stella:Which is?

Rachel:I'll explain later over a pint if you'd like but right now we don't have time, now seal the base!

Stella:Alright Dr, any advice?

Rachel:If you see a bug, squish it!



Rachel returns to the Doctor's side and takes the blood, they spend ages analysing the Doctor's gene structure, in the mean time Bailey's condition is worsening and more people are falling unconscious in the corridors, a fly lands on Stella's desk which she promptly squishes under her mug of tea. Back in the lab Rachel and the Doctor are almost finished.


Rachel:(Examining a flask containing a yellow liquid)

Doctor, I think it's ready, I've isolated your regeneration gene and added that to the stem cell of the Trigona lichen, which can also re-grow parts of its anatomy, hopefully together they should be able to fight off NME1 hopefully it will fight off the disease by attacking the foreign cells and helping the body regenerate them instantaneously

Doctor:(Looking up from his work)

Excellent, can it be administered?

Rachel:Absolutely, what exactly are you working on Doctor?

Doctor:(Picks up a spray bottle and tests it)

Time to exterminate some pests!


The Doctor picks up a few more bottles, opens the door and waits for Rachel as she picks up her mobile communicator and calls Stella before dashing out the door.


Rachel:Ok, Stella we're coming to the control room now, we have the antidote and something the fight off the Drosophila, now open the doors so we can get through

Stella:The way's clear, just be quick about it!


Rachel and the Doctor rush through the corridors once again, they happen upon a small group of flies on the wall of the corridor, the Doctor aims his squeegee bottle at them.


Doctor:Moment of truth, Asta La Vista


He sprays the solution at the flies, it takes a moment but soon they begin to freeze up and fall to the floor, Rachel and the Doctor celebrate as they dash towards the control room.


Rachel:(Still running)

Doctor, it's going to take far too long to administer this cure to everyone on the base

Doctor:I've already thought of that!

Rachel:Of course you have!


The door is open when they arrive in the control room, a few people are unconscious, but Stella, a few marines and scientists are huddled around Stella's desk. Rachel and the Doctor hurry towards them, the Doctor sprays some more flies before they can reach the others in the room.


Stella:Doctor, Dr Adams, what is that?

(Indicating the squeegee bottle)

Doctor:(Throwing a spare bottle at Stella)

This is your ammunition soldier, it's the only thing that will kill the Drosophila

Stella:(Takes the bottle)

Ok, so this is the cure?


(Shows her the bottle containing the cure and flutters her eyelashes a little)

...this is the cure Stella

Stella:You don't say?! So how do we administer the fly spray and the cure?

Doctor:Well, that's where we need your help Stella

Stella:What do you need me to do?

Doctor:Where are the ventilation feeds?


Bailey is still in her cell, her condition is getting worse the doors to the containment facility are open and a single fly enters the room and lands on the desk, it buzzes towards the guards and bites both of them. Bailey watches as they both fall unconscious.


Bailey:(Gasps when she catches her reflection in the glass)

Come on Doctor, you've never let me down before!


The Doctor, Rachel, Stella and two marines are running down a corridor, they enter a noisy room full of machinery and large fans.


Stella:(Pointing to a machine)

There, that's the air purifier for the entire base, all the air travels through here and is purified before being pumped around the air ducts

Doctor:Maintenance hatch?

Guard 4:Over here sir


The guard directs the Doctor to a hatch on the side of the filter machine, the Doctor lifts the hatch and opens pours the contents of squeegee bottle inside, closing the hatch quickly the solution begins to work its way through the air ducts and piping, dispersing the spray throughout the base. It spreads around the corridors and reaches as far as the containment facility, every Drosophila caught in the mist suddenly drops dead mid flight. The solution also reaches the filter room where previously hidden flies drop dead around the Doctor and the others.


Rachel:That was close!

Stella:Afraid of a few flies dear? Now what about the cure?

Doctor:Rachel, would you care to do the honours?


Rachel pours the cure into the ventilation filter and the same process ensues. Guards and scientists begin to regain consciousness including the guards in the containment room. Bailey cheers as they wake up and look about, but her sudden burst of energy takes its toll and she falls unconscious.


Back inside the filter room


Stella:Is that it?

Doctor:That's it, NME1 defeated

Rachel:You did it Doctor, you saved the base, and this cure will save human populations across the universe

Doctor:(Trying to be modest)

Well I suppose I did alright

Stella:Alright?! Doctor you saved us all!

Doctor:(Remembering Bailey)

Not all of us!


The Doctor bursts into the containment room but stops when he sees Bailey on the floor of her cell, the Doctor circles the room to her cell door.


Doctor:(Shouting at the two guards)

Open this door! Now!


The slightly dreary guards open Bailey's cell door, which disappears into the ceiling, the Doctor rushes to Bailey's side and sonics her, Rachel enters the containment room and slowly approaches Bailey and the Doctor.


Doctor:Bailey! Bailey, there isn't much time, the cure will it reverse the process?

Rachel:Er, it should do, there's still some in the lab, come on!


The Doctor picks up Bailey and carries her back through the base to the lab, Rachel opens the doors and everything goes white for a moment. We see the Doctor sat at the end of a hospital bed with his head in his hands, camera pans up and we see Bailey laying on the bed asleep, suddenly her eyes flash open and she looks around at the small recovery room. The Doctor looks up as Bailey sits up.



Bailey:Doctor! What happened?

Doctor:I, we cured you


Doctor:Dr Rachel and I


Doctor: (Stands up and walks to bailey's side)

Story for another time, but right now

(Hugs Bailey tightly)

Bailey:Wow, somebody's got separation issues! Wait, am I back to normal?

Doctor:I'm pleased to say the cure has worked wonders on your complexion! Unfortunately I can't say the same for planet one, there's nothing we can do

Bailey:(Having a sudden thought)

I wouldn't be so sure!


Inside the control room Stella is talking to Bailey, Rachel and the Doctor.


Stella:You do realise this is no small task?!

Bailey:Yes we do, but it must be done none the less Stella I'm sure you realise that, now will you help us?



Outside the scientists are planting various plants and shrubs, while others are fetching the plants from the forest lab inside the base and bringing them outside. Bailey and the Doctor watch as Planet One is replanted.


Doctor:(Sideways glance at Bailey)


Doctor:Ok I'm impressed, satisfied?!



They both laugh together as Rachel joins them.


Rachel:We can't thank you enough Bailey, thanks to your idea of using the remaining samples to heal the planet, Planet One should make a full recovery, and the Doctor's cure is now being duplicated and sent off around the galaxy

Doctor:Just glad we could help!

Stella:(Stands next to Rachel and takes her hand)

We are equally glad you did Doctor!

Bailey:(Exchanges startled glances with the Doctor)

Right then, I think we'd better be off!

Doctor:Yes I do believe that's our queue to take our leave

Stella:Oh really, you won't stay?!

Doctor:No we really better be off, come on Bailey!

Rachel:Well, if you insist on leaving at least promise that you will return one day to see this planet returned to its former glory


Doctor:Will do, now...

(Starts to walk away)

Stella:Wait, Doctor


Stella:(Removes a dog tag from around her neck)

I want you to take this, I found it in battle and I've never understood the symbols, you may find more use for it than I

Doctor:(Eyes widen slightly as he takes the tag)

Thank you Stella

Stella:Thank you Doctor.


Bailey and the Doctor wave to Stella and Rachel as they walk back to the TARDIS.


Bailey:(Indicating the tag)

What is that?

Doctor:I don't know

Bailey:What are those circles? All intertwined like that

Doctor:It's Gallifreyic Bailey, old high Gallifreyic, but I've never seen anything like this before. Wait! I have, we both have, Bailey don't you remember Pater Natale gave you something like this?

Bailey:As a Christmas present! But what are they?

Doctor:I don't know, but I have a feeling that they mean something, there's more to this than meets the eye

Bailey:Like what?


Doctor:I don't know!

(Smiles as he opens the TARDIS)

Come on.

Bailey:(Sighs, shakes her head and enters the TARDIS)


Bailey shuts the door and the TARDIS dematerialises as it does it leaves a Gallifreyic symbol burned into the ground where it was stood.




















Submitted: June 13, 2013

© Copyright 2021 ChloPo359. All rights reserved.

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You said this one would be up soon after the last one! But it was worth the wait, great episode, kept me on the edge of my sofa!! I need more KMU XD

Thu, June 13th, 2013 8:13pm


I'm sorry it took so long, I had this great idea but I struggled to put it into words! I'm so glad you liked it, I won't make any promises about the next episode this time!! XD

Thu, June 13th, 2013 1:15pm


Wow!!! I want them as TV series!!! Do you want to write every episode of Doctor Who on TV??? I will not miss anything!!!

Mon, June 17th, 2013 12:42am


It would be sooooo cool if I could write for Doctor Who! To see my story being acted out by the Doctor and his companion! Who knows, maybe I could be the next Steven Moffat!! XD

Mon, June 17th, 2013 3:18am

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