2x3 Doctor Who: The Trans Atlantic Fault

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

The Doctor takes Baylie to be one of the first passengers aboard the brand new trans Atlantic tunnel, a train that runs from Paris to New York along a futuristic underwater tunnel, but when the tunnel comes under threat lives are at stake and there is little time to save them.

Doctor Who Episode Script

The Trans Atlantic Fault

By Chloe Taylor


It's the year 3000. We see an enormous train station made of glass and steel, people are filling into the station, past customs and security checks. A tannoy booms out over the bustling platforms and waiting areas.


Tannoy:Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, the UK Rail service welcomes you to the Michael Vern International station, and the Transatlantic service from Paris to New York, we hope that you have a pleasant and stress free journey along our state of the art Transatlantic railway, designed with your comfort in mind.


The tannoy begins again as the camera leaves the bustle and excitement of the platforms and pans up to a control room above the station, a security officer, a physicist and the resident engineer are in the control room awaiting the arrival of the train. Around the room is a circular desk covered in screens, buttons and switches.


Johnny:(Sighs and picks up an empty mug)

Any chance of a cuppa Phil?


What, with the first train due in five? Not on your nelly!

Johnny: Anything to report Geoff?

Geoff:(Looking at various screens)

Nope, ocean currents are normal, the cables are holding nicely and Amelia is on her way

Phil:Who came up with the name Amelia for the world's first Transatlantic train, surely they'd pick something that sounds a little more, groundbreaking?

Geoff:Well Amelia Earheart was the first woman to...

(Voice trails off as a light flashes in front of him)

Johnny:Geoff, what is it?

Geoff:(Trying to act calm)

Just a little tectonic distortion, nothing to worry about Johnny

Phil:Wont that put strain on the tethers?

Geoff:Nah, it's only millimetres we're talking about here, nothing worth delaying the trains for

Johnny:Speaking of which, looks like Amelia's bang on time


Geoff stands up to look out of the window as the train pulls into the station, emerging from the tunnel at one end of the station and stopping just before it reaches the end of the platform, people rush forwards and flood onto the train as the doors open and people take their seats. After a few moments the platform is almost empty and the train is about to close its doors, suddenly the Doctor and Bailey burst through a small crowd of well wishers and rush towards the platform, the Doctor is dragging Bailey along behind him.


Bailey:(Shouting at the Doctor)

We're gonna miss it!

Doctor:No we're not!

Bailey:Why couldn't you just put your screwdriver in the x-ray box? Instead of walking through security with it?!

Doctor:I've never had a problem with it before!

Bailey:Well those security guards certainly did!

Doctor:Come on!

They jump on board just before the doors close and the train starts to pull away, the other passengers look around in surprise at their sudden arrival, the Doctor waves sheepishly at the nearest woman.




The train enters the transatlantic tunnel and starts to gain speed, Bailey and the Doctor walk along the carriages to find their seats.


Doctor:(Looking at his ticket)

Right, coach D, seats 12 and 14

Bailey:What about 13?

Doctor:Some people think it's unlucky to have a seat numbered 13 on a train or plain, so they skip it

Bailey:Well that's stupid, surely it's still seat 13, whether it's called 14 or 13?! Besides our seats should be easy to find, they'll be the only ones that are empty!


Bailey and the Doctor enter carriage D and quickly find their seats. Just as they settle down someone flashes a camera in Bailey's face, startling her.


Alice:(Over excited)

Hello fellow travellers!

Bailey:(Getting over her shock)  

Er, hi!

Alice:Oh come on now traveller, let's turn that frown upside down, we're all here to have fun!

Doctor:(Sharing Alice's enthusiasm)

Yeah, that's right, come on Bailey loosen up a bit!

Bailey:(Shoots the Doctor a disapproving look)

Tom:(Leaning over his seat)

I'm Tom, and this is my wife Alice

Doctor:Lovely to meet you, I'm the Doctor and this is my friend Bailey


Tom:So what brings you two on this historic journey then? Other than the obvious of course

Alice:Tom and I have been waiting for this day for years, we were some of the first to book tickets!


Good for you!

Tom:We planned this trip as our honey moon



Alice:Oh yes, we're mad on trains we are, and when we heard about this new transatlantic tunnel we just had to see it first hand, did you know they started work in 2985 and it's taken 15 years to complete, some people were worried that they might disturb the ocean floor, but there have been no complaints so far. So are you two together?

Bailey:No, we're just...

Tannoy:(Interrupting Bailey)

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen and welcome aboard this high speed service to New York, our estimated time of arrival is 9pm local time with a journey time of 45 minutes, the catering car is now open to all passengers, we hope that you have a pleasant journey along our state of the art railway, designed with your comfort in mind  

Tom:(Getting up)

Come on love, the French lot will have swiped all the croissants if we're not quick!


Alice:(Jumping up)

Just let them try! Catch you two lovers later

Bailey:We're not lovers!!


Tom and Alice leave the car and Bailey finally relaxes. Conversation starts to pick up in the car, the Doctor stares out of the window at the miles of blue ocean.


Bailey:(Looking over at the Doctor)

So come on then, you drag me all the way to the year 3000 to see this train, so what's so special about it?

Doctor:What's so special about it?! Bailey this is the transatlantic tunnel, a 3461.659 mile long tunnel suspended across the Atlantic ocean, 30 metres below the waves above, anchored down by pressurised clamps which are secured to 3970 metres of specially treated steel cabling, which are designed to hold the tunnel in place while still allowing it to cope with the Atlantic currents. Now have I impressed you yet?!

Bailey:(Takes a moment to answer)

Why doesn't it go clickedy-clack?

Doctor:(Doesn't know the answer)

Lewis:(Leaning over the back of his chair to face Bailey and the Doctor)

Well the train, if I may? Is built without wheels miss, it uses a system of magnets and jet propulsion to move the train forewords, the magnets prevent the train from moving side to side and they are designed to keep the train at a set height thus creating a seamless motion, does that answer your question miss...?

Bailey:(Filling in her name)

Bailey Jackson, and I think that answers my question...?


Lewis, just Lewis

Bailey:What don't you have a last name?

Lewis:Yeah but it's better if you don't know it

Bailey:So mysterious!

Doctor:(Clears his throat to interrupt)

Bailey:Sorry this is the Doctor

Lewis:Oh, Doctor who?

Doctor:Well we all have our secrets don't we!


About half an hour into the journey, back at the Michael Vern station Geoff is sitting in the control room on his own, half asleep in his chair, suddenly a light flashes on the desk which beeps intermittently waking Geoff.


Geoff:(Frowning at the light)

No, no that's not right, seismic activity's been minimal for hundreds of years, it shouldn't be moving that quickly, and horizontal motion's increased by 12 percent

(Presses a button on his walki-talki)

Johnny, Phil get up here quick, you need to see this


A few moments later Phil and Johnny burst through the doors and into the control room.


Johnny:What is it? What's wrong, is it the tunnel pressure?

Geoff:No, the pressure's fine, but it won't be for long, look


Geoff tilts a screen around so that Johnny and Phil can see, but when they do their expressions turn to shock and horror.


Phil:Contact New York, check their end of the line, see if they're getting the same readings

Geoff:And if they do?

Phil:For the sake of all those people on that train, let's hope they don't


Back on board the train, the passengers carry on, unaware of their imminent danger, Alice and Tom have returned and are in deep conversation with Lewis, a couple of children run up and down the aisles, while Bailey is talking to the Doctor.


Bailey:So Busted got it wrong then!


Bailey:You know the Busted song, Year 3000, they said we were gonna live under water, they got it wrong!

Doctor:Oh yeah! Great guys Busted, I was never sure about Tom though, he had a nasty twitch in his left hand, terrible habit for a guitarist, no wonder they kicked him out, just too bad my stint didn't last very long

Bailey:Wait a minute, you were part of Busted?!

Doctor:Oh yeah! For about three hours

Bailey:Let me guess, they discovered you couldn't, sing, play guitar, or read music?!


No! They caught me steeling all the tea and biscuits while they were practicing!



Suddenly there is a slight jolt, the tunnel and trains sway from side to side for a moment, then settle again, a few people scream but it doesn't last long.


Bailey:(Slightly scared)

What was that?


I don't know

Tom:It was probably just a whale or something, they said it could happen, easy for large whales or sharks to bump into the tunnel in the dark, nothing to worry about I'm sure

Bailey:(Whispering to the Doctor)

Why don't I feel reassured by that?!


Michael Vern control room. Geoff and the others are becoming more and more stressed as more data is presented and confirmed. Geoff is on the phone to the transatlantic station in New York.


Geoff:And you're sure? You are absolutely sure, this is going to cost us millions if we get this wrong you know? Yes I understand, alright, give the all stop and we'll do the same from our end, good bye and good luck sir

(Hangs up the phone)

Johnny:Well, what did New York say?

Geoff:They got the same readings, and they just recorded a massive shift in the Mid-Atlantic ridge

Phil:But that's impossible, the ridge only moves 2.5cm a year, how can it have moved...

(Checks a nearby screen)

...23cm? That's not possible, seismic activity like that we'd have felt it, for heaven's sake, the whole of Europe should have felt it!

Johnny:So why didn't we?


The Doctor is looking at the sonic, with a confused look on his face, the noise level in the carriage has died down and people are talking in hushed voices, Bailey is looking out of the windows.


Bailey:(Talking to the Doctor, looking out of the window)

What's it telling you?

Doctor:(Looks confused)

Not sure, she's angry about the water, it's messing up her sensors

Bailey:(Turning to look at the Doctor)

She? The sonic is a she?

Doctor:Yes, so?

Bailey:Well I understand why the TARDIS is a she, sort of, but the sonic, really?

Lewis:(Leaning over his chair again)

What is that thing Doctor?


She's not a thing!

Bailey:Sorry, he's very protective of his screwdriver

Lewis:That's a screwdriver, you really need to get out more!

Suddenly the tunnel shakes violently and deep under the tunnel one of the clamps breaks loose and the ground crumbles beneath it. The cable flicks back up towards the tunnel smashing into one of the windows, only cracking it. Back in the control room sirens and phones are ringing, and Geoff, Johnny and Phil are panicking.


Johnny:What the hell is happening?

Geoff:I don't I know! I don't know! One of the clamps has failed and the cable has left a rupture in the tunnel glass.

Phil:What section?


Phil:Seal it!

Johnny:What about the trains?!

Phil:That train has already passed 238, if we don't seal it now that pressurised tunnel will turn into a ticking time bomb, seal it!


Geoff presses a series of buttons and the enormous doors, that cut off the various sections of the tunnel, slide shut, not before the pressure from outside cracks the glass and floods into the tunnel, and starts to chase the train along the tunnel. The doors shut but the damage is already done. The water slams into the train shunting it forewords, throwing the passengers foreward as well, the train comes to a halt and everything goes dark for a moment, Bailey scrambles around in the dark to find the Doctor.


Bailey:Doctor? Doctor where are you?


I'm here, I think! Take my hand

Bailey:(Reaches out and grabs the Doctor's hand)

Ok, is anybody hurt?

Lewis:(Announcing himself)

I'm fine, just so you know!

Bailey:(Looking down at a woman on the floor)

Hay, Doctor I think she's unconscious

Connoway:(Sitting beside Bailey tending to the woman on the floor)

Alright I'll take a look at her

Bailey:(Slightly surprised)

And you are?

Connoway:Doctor Connoway, and I gather your name is Bailey, don't worry shell be alright

Bailey:(Talking to the Doctor)

You hear that, not every day I actually get to meet a real Doctor!

Doctor:Yeah well I bet none of his patients ever had gas masks growing out of their faces! Now Alice, Tom are you two ok?

Tom:I'm alright, Alice bumped her head but I think she's ok

Bailey:What happened? Did we hit something?

Doctor:We need to get the lights back on, then we can ask questions

Lewis:I'm on it!


Lewis pulls himself up towards the end of the carriage and starts ripping panels off of the walls until he finds a power cable, the Doctor follows behind him and watches Lewis attempt to restore the power, he notices a large leather watch on his wrist, a vortex manipulator.


Doctor:(Trying to stop Lewis)

No come on let me, I'll have it done in a flash

Lewis:I think you'll find...

(Replaces a wire and the lights come back on)

...I've already done it!


Everyone breathes a sigh of relief when the lights come back on and most people return to their seats, a mother calls to her two children who rush back to her side. Bailey looks at Lewis and nods, impressed by his work, Lewis replaces the panels.



How did you know how to do that?

Lewis:(Almost avoiding answering the question)

Well you know how you pick these things up here and there

Doctor:Yeah, suppose, what did you say your name was?

Lewis:Lewis, just Lewis

Doctor:Well Lewis just Lewis, what do you make of this situation?

Lewis:At a guess, I'd say one of the clamps has failed and has caused a rupture in the tunnel, that would have released the pressure in the compartments and...


Lewis is interrupted by a woman screaming, he and the Doctor rush back to the window where everyone is watching the water level rising higher and higher outside.


Lewis:I hate it when I'm right

Doctor:I know the feeling!

Bailey:Doctor what do we do?

Doctor:I don't know, we're stranded, sinking in the middle of the Atlantic ocean


A few minutes later, a couple of people are walking around the carriage, some are trying to comfort others, the two children are huddled close to their mother, Dr Connoway has woken the young woman and Tom and Alice stare blankly out of the window while the Doctor paces back and forth, Bailey and Lewis sit and watch.


Lewis:They'll have shut the emergency doors by now, but if we can't restore the pressure in this section it's just going to keep filling up with water

Bailey:But there's no way to get outside to make repairs

Lewis:Even if we could we haven't got any tools or materials

Bailey:(Watching the Doctor pacing)

Anything from the sonic Doctor?

Doctor:(Tapping the sonic trying to make it work)

Nah, there's a load of interference coming from somewhere but I can't get a lock on it


So what do we do?!


Inside the control room Geoff, Phil and Johnny are frantically trying to find a solution to the catastrophe.


Phil:We need to try and establish contact with Amelia, our communications are dead down there, the water's almost destroyed everything!

Johnny:The trains just aren't responding!

Geoff:Have you tried the emergency frequency

Phil:Yes but there was no reply from the driver's cabin, I'll try widening the field

(Puts on a set of headphones with a microphone)

Amelia 1932 do you read me? Come in Amelia! Come in!


On board the train, the speakers around the cabin fuzz and Phil's voice begins to come through.


Phil:(Voice on the train)

Hello, Amelia 1932, can you hear me?

Bailey:Who's that?

Lewis:Sounds like help to me

Doctor:Only if we can respond, there must be an emergency com unit around here somewhere

Lewis:By the backup power unit, I found it earlier

Doctor:Show me!


Lewis and the Doctor rush to the end of the car, the Doctor kisses the sonic before attempting to get the com working. The sonic lasts long enough to get it going, Lewis nods and the Doctor picks up a small microphone.


Phil:Hello Amelia do you read me?

Doctor:Oh yes! Loud and clear, who do I have the pleasure of addressing

Phil:Oh thank god there are survivors, my name is Phil Hastings and I've been trying to make contact with the driver for ages.

Doctor:(Lowering his voice)

The driver? What's wrong with the driver?

Phil:(Sighs and looks over his shoulder at Geoff and Johnny)

We think that the first few carriages collided head first with one of the safety doors, as far as we can tell there are no survivors beyond your carriage and I'm afraid it could be hours before we can get anyone down there to help

Doctor:What's the damage like Phil?

Phil:One of the pressurised clamps has come loose, there's a broken observation window in section 238, water has made its way to section 246 and, hang on why am I telling you all of this?! Who are you?

Doctor: Yeah well for some reason people can never stop talking to me, I'm the Doctor by the way, and if you want to save the people left on this train you're going to need my help, but I also need yours Phil


There is silence in the car for a moment as the Doctor and the passengers wait for Phil's answer, Phil looks at Geoff and Johnny then turns back to the microphone.


Phil:Ok Doctor, looks like it's up to you

Doctor:Thank you Phil

Phil:But I can't see what you can do, I assume you've got no equipment down there with you?

Bailey:He's right Doctor, the sonic's no good to us, we need a plan and fast

Lewis:We just need a way out!


Doctor:Well what Phil?

Phil:I shouldn't really be telling you this but...

Bailey:Please Phil, there can't be much air left in here

Phil:Alright, there's a diving helmet and breathing apparatus stored beneath the flooring, but it's only to be used in emergencies

Lewis:Well I think this qualifies


Lewis and Bailey clear everyone out of the centre aisle and start tearing away the floor panels, beneath are several storage compartments, one oxygen tank and a breathing mask. Lewis picks up the tank and examines it.


Lewis:There's only enough air in here to last 20 minutes at best

Bailey:And there's only one mask!


Suddenly the tunnel rocks violently, breaking another cable, dark shapes dart around the tunnel and peer in at the observation windows, some people scream and yellow eyes can be seen amidst the shadows.


Alice:(Verging on hysteria)

Tom, what's going on?!

Tom:(Attempting to comfort her)

I don't know love, sounds like something's out there

Doctor:(Hands the microphone to Lewis and staggers towards the window)

We're under attack!


Suddenly one of the creatures appears inside the tunnel and looks the Doctor straight in the eye, in that moment he understands what he has to do, the tunnel stops moving and the Doctor turns around and walks back to Bailey.



Bailey:Doctor? You have a plan?

Doctor:Almost a plan

Lewis:Almost a plan is better than no plan at all, let's hear it Doctor

Doctor:Doctor Connoway

Connoway:  Yes sir

Doctor:I need you to keep everyone calm, if you panic you'll use up the air supply which is already dwindling, and don't call me sir

Connoway:Of course, right...

Doctor:Bailey, keep talking to Phil get him to keep you updated on the tunnel, the fault line, air pressure, anything that might be useful

 Bailey:Ok, but Doctor...


Doctor:(Interrupts Bailey and turns to Lewis)

Lewis, I want you to keep the power going for as long as possible, it fails you have no hope whatsoever


Lewis:Got it

Bailey:Doctor! What are you going to do?!

Doctor:(Holds his hand out)

Give me the mask bailey

Bailey:(Grips the mask tighter)


Doctor: Come on Bailey this is wasting time

Bailey:Now is not the moment for grand stupid gestures Doctor

Lewis:Doctor she's right, going out there gains us nothing

Doctor:You don't know that

Bailey:And you do?!

Doctor:(Almost shouting)

Yes! Now give me the diving gear, and lock the door behind me


Lewis helps the Doctor to haul the oxygen tank onto his back, while Bailey reluctantly hands over the breathing mask, a tear in her eye, the Doctor places a hand on her shoulder and looks her in the eye.


Doctor:(Wiping away her tear)

Hay, no tears for me I hope



Doctor:Come on, trust me, I'm the Doctor

Bailey:You know that doesn't actually mean that you know what you're doing!

Doctor:When do I ever?!

(Winks at Bailey then walks over to the door)

Lewis:(Standing beside the Doctor)

Now Doctor the pressure between the doors of our compartment and the next will only hold for a moment, and I'm afraid there's no way to get you back inside

Doctor:Just a regular day at the office!


Good luck Doctor

Doctor:Thanks, I'm gonna need it!

Lewis:Ok on my count, three, two one, go!


Lewis opens the door and the Doctor hurries inside, the door clicks shut just as the pressurised seal between the carriages breaks and water comes gushing in tearing the Doctor away from the train. Lewis looks back at Bailey who gives him a very concerned look. The water settles again and the Doctor can see the creatures surrounding the train.


Doctor:(Deciding what to do)

Err? Oi! Ok not sure that was a good idea but it got their attention! Now what was step two of the plan?


The creatures turn around and stare at the Doctor, they look like large men, with scaly bodies and webbed hands and feet, but they are larger and more muscular than a human and have gills along their necks, then some of them start to swim towards the Doctor, their arms outstretched.


Doctor:Ah yes that was it, get captured!


Inside the train the banging from outside has stopped and the passengers breathe a sigh of relief, Phil's voice is heard on the speakers.


Phil:Hello? Hello Doctor, are you there, we've detected a strange set of life forms in your area, can you identify, can someone find me the Doctor please?

Bailey:(Picking up the microphone)

Hi Phil

Phil:(Surprised to hear Bailey's voice)

Who are you?!

Bailey:My name's Bailey Jackson but that doesn't matter right now

Phil:So where's the Doctor?


Lewis walks over to the window and spots the creatures leaving the tunnel, but two of them are holding the Doctor and are taking him down deeper into the ocean.


Lewis:(Staring out of the window)

Bailey, I've found the Doctor

Bailey:(Joins him by the window)

We've um, found the Doctor Phil, and your strange life forms

Phil:Excellent, where are they?

Bailey:Currently headed down towards the floor of the Atlantic ocean, with the Doctor!


Lewis and Bailey exchange worried looks as we head down to the bottom of the ocean where the broken clamp lays beside a large strange ship, sitting on the ocean floor. We see the creatures swim towards the ship and enter through a hole in the side with the Doctor between them. Inside the creatures' ship, they walk the Doctor through various corridors, debris, cables and broken glass lay and hang everywhere.


Doctor:(Looking around the damaged ship)

You fellas have had some cowboys in here!


The creatures appear to ignore the Doctor's remark and take him to a large room with two chairs in it, a small one and a large throne like chair, the Doctor is sat down on the small chair.


Doctor:(Attempting to lighten the mood)

Well this is nice then!


Back onboard the train the air is already running low and the water has filled the tunnel section, Bailey and Lewis sit opposite each other, watching the other passengers talking, trying to stay calm.


Lewis:Do you think he will come back?

Bailey:Of course I do, he always comes back, takes him a while sometimes but he always comes back for me, and he always will

Lewis:Do you love him?

Bailey:(Offended by the question)


Lewis:(Raises an eyebrow)

Bailey:There was a time when I thought that... but he's not that kind of man, I think he just needs someone, someone to keep him going, to make him want to fight on, and I think without that he'd be a very different man, a very different Doctor

Lewis:You said your name was Bailey Jackson

Bailey:Yeah, what about it?

Lewis:It's just I used to know someone by that name

Bailey:Well it can't have been me!

Lewis:No I suppose not


All of a sudden the lights go out again and this time more people scream, Lewis jumps up quickly to try and fix the power, slowly Bailey makes her way over to him.


Bailey:(Slightly breathless)

You have to get the power going again, otherwise the pressure will fail

Lewis:(Breathing deeply)

I know, but I can't concentrate with this lack of oxygen

Bailey:(Talking to herself)

Come on Doctor, don't let me down


Inside the ship below the tunnel the Doctor is still sat in the empty room with his diving apparatus still on.


Doctor:So what are you lot doing down here anyway? By the looks of this ship you're certainly not leaving in a hurry

Jaed:(Just his voice)

This ship is doomed, much like the people you left behind in that contraption, we've been watching you

Doctor:So why can't I see you?


Slowly another of the creatures enters the room through another door, using a warped piece of pipe  to help him walk, Jaed makes his way over to the throne, he looks frail and has many wounds, one of the others helps him down.


Jaed:(Talking to the creature)

I'm fine now leave me be!

Doctor:(Taking off his breathing mask and oxygen tank)

You don't look fine to me, I'd say you're in very poor health indeed, what happened to you?

Jaed:I suppose I could tell you before I execute you

Doctor: (Shocked)


Jaed:Naturally, you attacked our vessel

Doctor:Oi, oi, I'm the Doctor, now tell me what happened?

Jaed:My name is Lord Jaed of the planetary system Mongpoul, our ship was testing a new hyperdrive generator, it would have made vast improvements to our Mongpoulian trade franchise you see

Doctor:But I'm guessing something went wrong  

Jaed:Very wrong, as we were passing this planet the generator failed and we lost all power, I attempted to pilot the ship but she just wouldn't respond, we fell through the atmosphere and crash landed here, the bridge was destroyed, my crew managed to pull me from the debris, but it would take a miracle to heal me and with no hope of rescue.


A broken generator giving off electrical interference would disrupt the sonic's signals. Wait a minute, how long have you been down here then?

Jaed:We have been trapped here for fifteen of this planets rotations of its sun

Doctor: Fifteen years!

(Remembers Alice telling him about when the tunnel was built)

So you crashed into the ocean floor and then they built the tunnel right over your heads, I'll bet they even managed to secure one of their pressurised clamps to your ship, I'll bet that got your attention.

Jaed:Most of my men were in cryogenic sleep, the construction woke them early, the life support systems failed and they died Doctor, like those people up their will die

Doctor:(Gets up and walks over to Jaed, looks him in the eye)


Jaed:What? I don't understand

Doctor:No they're not going to die, no you're not going to die, and yes I'm going to save us all

(Pauses for a moment)

Now, can I borrow your phone?


The train passengers are slumped on the floor or in their chairs, one of the children is unconscious, Dr Connoway and the young woman are huddled together, Bailey is sitting watching Lewis working on the power, her eyes keep shutting.


Lewis:(Fiddling with various cables and wires, slightly out of breath)

Almost there, and we'll be able to see again

(Looks over at Bailey in her chair)


Bailey:(Her eyes are shut)


Lewis quickly finishes his work and the lights come back on, he then rushes to Bailey's side and tries to wake her up while he too is running out of air.


Lewis:(Shaking her)

Bailey come on wake up, stay with me, you can't die here!

Bailey:(Eyes open and she tries to take in deep breaths)

Lewis:That's it keep your eyes open, the power's back


Phil:(Urgent voice)

Bailey? Bailey are you there, does anyone respond?

Lewis:(Picks up the mic)

I do

Phil:And who are you? Look never mind just listen, the pressure in the tunnel is changing, there's too much water inside

Lewis:What are you saying?


I'm saying that in a few moments the windows won't be able to take the strain and they are going to break

Lewis:(Looks down at Bailey)

Flooding the carriage with water?

Phil:I'm afraid so

Geoff:(Taking the mic from Phil)

Listen son you guys are on your own, I'm sorry but the rescue crew are still half an hour away and...


Suddenly the Doctor's voice comes through the speakers in the train and in the station control room. He is standing in a teleport room onboard the Mongpoulian ship using the sonic as a microphone.


Doctor:I beg your pardon but the rescue crew is already here!

Bailey:(Regaining consciousness)

It's the Doctor!

Doctor:Don't you know it's' rude to give up hope on someone?! Now then they've only got two minutes worth of air left in that carriage and seconds before the carriage is flooded with water, but what I've got planned will take even less time than that, is everyone ready to be impressed?


Doctor what are you up to?!

Doctor:Jaed, if you'd be so kind


The Doctor sonics a control panel while Jaed's men operate the teleport, the Mongpoulians and the Doctor disappear in a flash of light, while inside the carriage the passengers disappear just as the windows break and the carriage is flooded with water, the tunnel section breaks off and sinks to the bottom of the ocean. Outside the station in New York city, the American end of the tunnel, the train passengers, the Mongpoulians and the Doctor all teleport into the car park. The passengers all regain their breath and begin to cheer, upon seeing him Bailey rushes to the Doctor and hugs him tightly.



I told you I'd come back for you

Bailey:I never doubted you for a second


Bailey:Ok maybe towards the end there, but I was running out of air and about to be drowned! And you are soaked!

(Pulls away from the Doctor)

Doctor:(Looks down at his wet clothes)

fair enough!

Lewis:(Sauntering over)

Bailey:(Indicating the Mongpoulians)

Er Doctor, who are they?

Doctor:They Bailey are the Mongpoulians, and I do hope you'll rethink my execution Jaed?

Jaed:You saved my life and the lives of my crew, how could I take your life when I am so indebted to you Doctor? But we are on a strange world that we do not know, it may take some time for us to get home

Doctor:Ah, I've thought of that

(Rummages in his jacket pocket and pulls out a slightly soggy business card)

Here, this will get you in touch with UNIT, make sure you speak to Kate Lethbridge-Stewart and tell her the Doctor sent you, she'll get you home you can count on that

Jaed:(Takes the card from the Doctor)

Thank you Doctor, in return I would like to present you with a gift, though it is a merge thing it managed to disable our generators, one of my men found it inside the machinery

(Hands the Doctor a small silver disk)

Doctor:(Takes the disk and examines it)

Jaed:I hope that one day we can repay your kindness properly, goodbye Doctor and thank you.

Doctor:Goodbye Lord Jaed


The Mongpoulians turn and head towards the station where a few police cars and a large crowd have gathered outside.

Lewis:Well that was eventful!

Doctor:(Slightly suspicious tone)

Wasn't it just

Lewis:Well I'd better be off then

(Starts to walk away)

Doctor:Never did get that last name Lewis!

Lewis:(Stops and turns around)

No you didn't, but I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours Doctor

Doctor:You first

Lewis:(Smiles and looks at Bailey)

It's Harvey, but my middle name is Jackson, as in Bailey Jackson, my Gran used to tell me stories about you, about her gran and how you travelled through time and space, so I found myself a little piece of time travel and started looking for you, it was by chance that I decided to check out the train, but I'm glad I did

Bailey:(Mouth open, eyes wide in shock)

So you're my... Doctor he's my... you can't be my

What about you Doctor?

Doctor:(Walks up to Lewis)

Some things are best kept a secret, and some things shouldn't be medalled with

(Grasps the vortex manipulator and sonics it so it starts to flash)


Hay! What did you do?

Doctor:I'm sending you home, time isn't something you can play with Lewis

Lewis:No fair!


In a flash of lightning Lewis disappears, leaving Bailey and the Doctor alone as the other passengers begin to disperse, the Doctor turns to a very confused Bailey.


Bailey:So let me get this straight he's my great, great, great, great...




Doctor:I think someone needs a little time to unwind

Bailey:Doctor you just read my mind!

Doctor:Come on, a friend showed me this great restaurant in Central Park once, well when I say friend I mean an angry Slitheen, and I say great, but I wasn't really paying much attention as I was being chased through it, but at least I can remember how to get there, I think!


Oh, what did Jaed give you?

Doctor:(Wraps the disk up in his hand behind his back)

Oh nothing, just a trinket, not very interesting, very dull indeed

Bailey:Ok, come on then!

(Walks off)

Doctor:Right behind you


He stops to examine the disk in his hand, it is almost identical to the other disks they have found, realising he has stopped Bailey calls to the Doctor.


Bailey:Come on you I'm starving, who knew that being starved of oxygen would make you so hungry?!

Doctor:(Hiding the disk in his pocket)

Well actually it's pretty simple because...


His voice trails off as the camera pans up to see the New York skyline and a star shoot across the night sky.







Submitted: August 04, 2013

© Copyright 2021 ChloPo359. All rights reserved.

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Another fantastic script Chloe, I love this story and the different characters, keep up the good work!! XD

Sun, August 4th, 2013 4:49pm


Thanks so much!! I like to keep my stories interesting, but it's hard to keep track of all my characters sometimes! XD

Sun, August 4th, 2013 9:51am

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