2x6 The End Game

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
The Doctor offers Louise a trip in the TARDIS but, their pleasant little outing turns nasty when the three of them are thrust into the gladiatorial games of Augustus 3.

Submitted: April 07, 2014

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Submitted: April 07, 2014



Doctor Who Episode Script
The End Game
Written by Chloe Taylor

A large stone room, flags and tapestries hang around the walls but they depict laser battles and space ships. A woman dressed in a purple roman-like dress decorated with silver alien patterns enters the room, along with two servants in matching white tunics. The woman has a sober look on her face and she doesn't flinch when a man enters to a fan fair. He is also dressed in a purple tunic with silver decoration but he wears a silver laurel wreath on his head, he approaches the woman and frowns at her expression.

Cesar:Put a smile on that pretty face of yours Julia
(Tries to stroke her face)
Julia:(Pushes his hand away)
I am not one of your pets Cesar, I am your wife!
(Sounding angry but her face remains plain)
Cesar:(Draws up to his full height)
Yes. And you would do well to remember that!

A roar of cheers and trumpets is heard outside of the room.

(Takes her arm)
Our adoring public awaits!

Together, Cesar and Julia walk through the large opening at the end of the room, out onto a starlit balcony on the edge of an arena that looks like a space age coliseum. They wave at the massing crowds around the space who roar in appreciation. Below the balcony, in the centre of the arena is an enormous maze of high metal walls and dark corridors. Cesar raises his hand and the crowd instantly falls silent.

Cesar:My people, you have travelled far and wide to be here
(Pauses as he waits for the cheers to begin and die down again)
And now your patience shall be rewarded as you bear witness to our humble games!
(Laughs and the crowd cheers again)
Thirty of the galaxies finest warriors will enter the maze, but only one will emerge, or will they?!
Julia:(Speaks without enthusiasm)
May your warriors fight valiantly, and may they do their systems proud
Cesar + Julia:(Raising their hands together)
Let the games begin!

A tremendous cry circles the stadium as, around the edges of the walls, thirty doors and gates open and warriors of all shapes and sizes are pushed into the maze at different points. Including Sontarans, Cyber-men, Ice warriors, Silurians and many more. We hear screams of terror mixed with cries and shouts from the crowd, as a single tear trickles down Julia's cheek and she closes her eyes.

Inside the TARDIS Louise is still taking in the scale of what lays before her, she circles around the consol while Bailey watches her and the Doctor closes the door and walks up to the consol.


Doctor:That's the spiders taken care of, San Helios will be perfect for them!
(Turning to Bailey and watching Louise)
How's she doing?!
Louise:(Wide eyed, mouth open, amazed)
This place is amazing!
I know!
Louise:It's...it's... I don't know what it is! But I love it! What does it do?!
(Getting excited)
Doctor:And then some!
Louise:(Looking up at the consol in awe)
Doctor:Oh, before I forget, give me your phone?
(Reluctantly hands over her iphone)
Doctor:(Sonicing her phone)
I'm just adding a bit of software, means you can make a call from anywhere in the universe
Louise:Just don't break it!
Doctor:Iphone, let's not hold out too much hope!
(Hands the phone back)
Now then, where to then?
Louise:Well, where can we go?
Doctor:It's your trip Louise, where do you want to go?
Bailey:(Starting to get excited too)
What do you want to see?
Doctor:(Joining in their excitement)
Louise:(Looking from Bailey to the Doctor like watching a tennis match)
Louise:(Starting to feel a little overwhelmed)
Ok, I want to see.... something amazing!
Doctor:(Smiles and starts flying the TARDIS)
Amazing it is Louise! Now everyone hold on to something!

The TARDIS flies off through the vortex and flings its occupants all over the control room, causing them to grab the railings and consol in an attempt to stay upright.

Louise:(Shouting over the racket)
Is it supposed to be like this?!
Bailey:You get used to it after a while!
Do you want to try it?!

The girls laugh as the TARDIS comes to a halt and throws them back against the floor and consol.

Doctor:Text book landing!

Bailey:(Picking herself up)
Ok, so where are we?!

The Doctor flamboyantly rushes towards the doors, preparing to reveal the world outside, the girls walk towards him with expectation in their eyes, Louise more so than Bailey.

Doctor:You asked for amazing Louise, I give you...
(Pulls the doors open)
Augustus 3!

As the three of them emerge from the TARDIS, they enter a steady stream of people flowing past the TARDIS all heading towards an enormous stone coliseum, where flood lights and holographic bill boards light up the stone walls. Louise looks about her in astonishment at the aliens, exotic stalls and unfamiliar sights. The Doctor talks and points things out as they start to make their way through the crowds.

Doctor:Fifth planet in the Milky Way alliance, first colonised by humans in the early 89th century. Famous for its food and...
(Gestures to the coliseum)
The biggest games in the universe!
Louise:It's amazing! I guess this means you were right about all this alien stuff Bailey
Yeah it does doesn't it!

They both laugh as they continue walking, the Doctor seems just as fascinated by the sights around him as they are. Finally they manage to squeeze their way towards the coliseum where people are slowly heading inside after being checked by security.

Louise:This is almost as bad as trying to get into the O2!
Bailey:Or out of the college at the end of the day!
Doctor:(Trying to talk to a security officer)
Excuse me, three for the games please!
(Holds up the psychic paper)
Think you're funny do you?!
Officer:Yeah you will be, trying to get in with a fake ticket!
Bailey:(Noticing the kafuffle)
What's going on?
Officer:You three are under arrest, that's what's going on! Guards!
Officer:All the guards are trained to spot a psychic paper from a mile off! You're coming with me!

Suddenly the other guards turn on them and Bailey, Louise and the Doctor are hand cuffed and taken away, through the crowd towards another door which leads to the royal chambers. As they are dragged up a stair case Louise turns to Bailey.

Louise:(Whispering, worried)
How are we going to get out of this?!

Bailey:(Relaxed, taking the situation in her stride)
Don't worry, the Doctor will think of something
(Glances ahead at the Doctor)
Louise:Why doesn't that fill me with confidence?!

The three of them are pushed into the large stone room full of tapestries where the king and queen are standing talking, the king is angered by the interruption

What is the meaning of this intrusion? And who are they?!
Officer:(Pushing Bailey, Louise and the Doctor foreward)
These crooks tried to enter the arena without a ticket my lord Cesar!
Officer:(Immediately pulls out a gun and points it at Louise's head)
That's not necessary officer!
Cesar:Stay out of this Julia
Doctor:Julia and Cesar!
(Tries to stop himself from laughing)
Cesar:King and Queen of Augustus 3, and whom might you be?
Doctor:Oh, I'm the Doctor, this is Bailey and that's Louise

The guard removes the gun but remains at Louise's side.

Bailey:Look we didn't mean to do anything wrong...
But you did! The penalty for such a heinous crime is death
(Pauses as he thinks for a moment)
But I have a better idea, guards take them to the holding cells, tomorrow you can fight for your freedom
(Turns to leave the room)
What does that mean?!
Cesar:It means that tomorrow you shall enter the labyrinth of fallen warriors, if you survive then you shall be set free
Julia:(Talking in a low voice)
Cesar, consider for a moment, what people will think
Cesar:I do not care what people think Julia, as long as the people fear me they will not challenge me! Take them away!

The guards drag Bailey, Louise and the Doctor to the dungeons where they are thrown into a small cell surrounded by dozens of barred cages all the same. The Doctor brushes himself off with difficulty as their hands are still bound. Bailey leans against the bars while Louise paces back and forth in a panic.


Well this is brilliant! I've only been here for five minutes and I'm locked in a cage awaiting my execution!
(Laughs desperately but starts sobbing)
Bailey:(Comfortingly places her arm around Louise's shoulder)
Hay! Don't worry, I've been in worse scrapes than this, trust me!
LouiseSo come on then?! How are we gonna get out of here?! Have you got a ray gun hidden in you pockets because they're bigger on the inside? Or are we going to wait for maybe a dinosaur to break into the jail and free us all? Or perhaps...?!

Louise suddenly stops talking and falls unconscious as the Doctor places his hands on her head and gently lays her on the floor. Bailey is slightly shocked.

Bailey:What did you do that for?!
Doctor:She wasn't coping very well and I'm trying to think!
Bailey:(Bending down to check Louise is ok)
You didn't have to knock her out!
Doctor:I didn't! I sent her into a mild sleep to calm her nerves, she'll be fine when she wakes up, well better then she was before anyway!
Bailey:In the mean time, how are we going to get out of here?!
Seck:(Croaky voice in the darkness)
You don't

Bailey screams and jumps away from the bars as a lonely Sontaran enters the dim pool of light, he's covered in scars and his eyes look heavy and tired.

Seck:No one leaves the games, even if you are victorious, they lock you back in here and the nightmare begins again
Doctor:(Frowns and approaches the bars)
Seck:My name is commander Seck! Who are you?
Doctor:This is Bailey, say hi Bailey
Doctor:And I'm the Doctor
Seck:(Tries to stand up straight)
The Doctor?! How did such a noble warrior find himself in this sorry place?
Doctor:Long story, but I think there's a more interesting one going on here, am I right?
Seck:I was told of your ingenuity
Doctor:Because I've been here before, long time ago mind and Augustus 3 was nothing like this
Bailey:What happened Seck?
Six decades ago, when the games began, their founders sent invitations to the finest warrior classes in the universe. Many gathered to watch the spectacle and to take part to prove their genetic worth. However, three years ago the last founder died and his responsibilities were taken over by King Cesar, he corrupted the games and turned them into a blood sport, designed to entertain the eager masses. I was sent by my clone batch to represent the Sontaran empire, I was victorious but my reward was to continue this endless, pointless game!
Doctor:That's not very Sontaran of you
Seck:There is a great difference between war and this entertainment Doctor, you should know that!
Bailey:So there's no way out of here?

Doctor:(Looking about the cage)
There has to be a way out!
Seck:There isn't one, believe me I've tried, a year I've been stuck in here, and look what it's done to me, I'm a disgrace to the Sontaran empire
Bailey:But you're still alive though, so you must have found a way to survive the games
Seck:Is this survival boy?!

Suddenly there's a commotion as the queen pushes her way through the guards and walks towards the cages.

Doctor:Your majesty?
Julia:No please don't do that, down here I'm not the queen
Bailey:Then why are you here?
Julia:To apologise for my husband's treatment of you
Your apology is meaningless if we are to endure the horror that lays beyond those walls!
Julia:I know Seck, I am still trying to petition him for your release, you have endured enough
All heads turn as Louise groans and she sits up on the floor and looks about at the faces staring down at her.

What did I miss?
Nothing yet!
Julia:I can't promise you anything
(Reaches through the bars and takes the Doctor's hand)
The king is stubborn and blind, but I will try to help you if I can

The Queen turns and leaves the dungeon as Louise struggles to pick herself up due to the handcuffs.

Louise:Would someone please explain to me what's going on?!
(Her gaze falls on Seck)
And why can I see a potato man standing over there?
Seck:Is that a comment on my appearance boy?!
Louise:(A little afraid of Seck)
Sorry, it's just been a weird day!
Bailey:And I'm afraid it's going to get worse
Doctor:It seems we're being entered into a labyrinth designed to kill us, along with twenty seven other prisoners who are all fighting for a freedom that isn't coming, any questions?
Louise:(Opens her mouth to answer)
Doctor:No good! Right then, I suggest we all get a good night's rest, and hope that I come up with a plan by tomorrow!
Louise:(Crosses her arms and frowns)
Doctor:Because that's what I said
Louise:But why do you have to come up with the plan? Who put you in charge?!
Doctor:(Sarcastic and authoritative)
Alright then Louise, what would you suggest? I'm all ears if you have a plan!
Bailey:(Just looks between them)

Louise:(Gives in)
Fine, I don't have a plan either
(Sighs and sits down beside Bailey)
Nice try!
Louise:(Sighs, also whispering)
How can you trust him Bails? He's mad and dangerous, and he's got a serious hero complex!
Bailey:I trust him with my life Lou!
Louise:It's because of him that our lives are now in danger! God knows how I'm going to get any sleep!

Louise curls herself into a ball on the ground beside Bailey. Her gaze wanders across to the Doctor, sitting with his back against the bars and his eyes firmly closed, deep in thought. Bailey sighs and also sits up against the bars before closing her eyes and falling asleep.

When dawn breaks over the planet, the King and Queen stride out onto the balcony to the roaring applause of the crowds below. Inside the dungeons however, things are a little different. Bailey wakes to find the Doctor pacing back and forth around the cage and Louise sitting beside her, talking to Seck behind her.

Seck:(Noticing Bailey waking up)
I would wish you a good morning, if what were the case!
Bailey:(Smiles half heartedly)
Morning Seck!
(Watching the Doctor)
What's wrong?!
What's not wrong about all of this?!

Suddenly doors are opened all around the dungeons, dozens of guards enter and begin unlocking the cages. Bailey and Louise get to their feet and watch as the other competitors are dragged away towards the arena. Frantically, the Doctor turns to the girls.

Doctor:Don't get sucked into their game, avoid the others if you can and just keep moving. If we try and find each other then we have a better chance of survival
(Nods to Bailey)
Bailey:Take care of yourself won't you!

They attempt an awkward hug despite the handcuffs.

Louise:So there's no plan then?
Doctor:Not yet
Louise:Not to rush you or anything but we could do with one right now!
Bailey:Don't worry, you'll be ok, won't she Doctor?!
Doctor:Everyone's going to be ok

Three guards enter their cage and one drags the Doctor out, while Seck is also being taken away, much to his dismay.

Doctor:Don't worry about it!

He winks slyly and Bailey's gaze falls upon his jacket where he taps the pocket where he keeps the sonic. She smiles for a moment before nodding to the Doctor as the other guards take her and Louise away to the arena. Inside a long corridor that runs around the edge of the arena, guards are waiting with the competitors by the gates. Bailey and Louise are hurried along the corridor until Bailey is dragged aside, Louise franticly tries to stay with her.

Bailey:(Calling to her)
Don't worry, you deserve an apple after all of this
(Stresses the word apple)

The guards continue to walk Louise around to the next door to wait for the king's word. Their hand cuffs are removed as the King and Queen walk out onto the balcony and we see Bailey, Louise and the Doctor waiting to enter the arena.

Cesar:My people, you have travelled far and wide to be here
(Pauses as he waits for the cheers to begin and die down again)
And now your patience shall be rewarded as you bear witness to our humble games!
(Laughs and the crowd cheers again)
Thirty of the galaxies finest warriors will enter the maze, but only one will emerge, or will they?!
Julia:(Speaks without enthusiasm)
May your warriors fight valiantly, and may they do their systems proud
Cesar + Julia:(Raising their hands together)
Let the games begin!

The crowds cheer as the doors are opened and gingerly, the competitors step into the arena. Bailey, Louise and the Doctor, now on completely different sides to each other, move through their doors and into the labyrinth. The doors close behind them, blocking off their only means of escape and we zoom out to an aerial view of the maze and the thirty people inside.

We join Bailey in a tight corridor, she accidentally kicks a pile of bones and armour on the ground.

Bailey:(Trying to stay calm) 
Ok, keep it together now! I guess they don't call it the labyrinth of fallen warriors for nothing then!
(Noticing a sword on the floor she picks it up)
The Doctor would not approve of this!

She carries on walking and we join the Doctor in his own corner of the maze where he pulls out the sonic and starts scanning the space around him.

Doctor:Come on then, let's be having you!

The sonic suddenly beeps and the Doctor stops. Looking about he can see a burnt line on the floor in front of him. He scans the floor and picks up a rock which he throws over the line. Instantly a row of lasers skims the floor, scorching the line again and again, splitting the rock in half. The Doctor stands up and breaths deeply.


Doctor:Ok, wasn't expecting that!
(Starts to look at the walls around him)
Well if I can't go forewords, then I'll have to go...

He pushes hard into the wall next to him which slides open to reveal another passage.
Doctor:...this way!
(Chuckles and tests the ground before moving foreward)

Far away, Louise is barely making any progress whatsoever. She gingerly skirts around the edges of the walls, her breathing is fast and her eyes look wild in the dim light. Suddenly a laser beam hits the wall above her shoulder and she screams as an armour clad alien charges towards her. She closes her eyes and shields her head as the alien gains ground, but before he reaches her, a hole opens up in the ground and he falls. Surprised to be alive, Louise moves towards the hole and looks down into the darkness and shivers.

Ok! Now there's that!

The hole disappears as Louise carries on through the maze. When she reaches the next corner she stops as we hear heavy breathing ahead, she crouches down and picks up a long metal club from off the floor and stands up again. The breathing gets closer and Louise prepares to strike. But when Seck suddenly comes hurtling around the corner with a large blaster, she shouts and lowers her weapon.

Louise:(Overjoyed to see him)
Louise:It's Louise! Man am I glad to see you!
Seck:I'm surprised that you've managed to stay alive this long boy! I thought you would be a pile of bones by now!
Louise:Thanks for the vote of confidence Seck!
Seck:Where is the Doctor?
Louise:I don't know, you're the first person I've seen
(Glances over her shoulder)
Seck:We must locate him immediately, did he say anything to you?
Louise:Not really, but Bailey said something odd, something about apples, I still haven't figured it out!
Seck:You must! It could be important, now let's keep moving
(Starts walking away)
Louise:Why don't we just stay here?!

All of a sudden, large metal spike shoot out from the walls and floor, Louise screams and rushes to Seck's side.

Seck:Believe me, it's safer to keep moving!
Ok, your way sounds good!

Together, Seck and Louise make their way through the maze while Bailey stops for breath in an empty corridor. She pulls her phone out of her pocket and tries to ring Louise but there's no reply.

Oh come on Lou! I couldn't have made it clearer if I had spelled it out for you! Just pick up your phone!

Suddenly there's a clank at the end of the corridor and the corridor is plunged into darkness. All we can hear is Bailey's breathing, the distant gunfire, screaming and the roar of the crowd disappear too and Bailey is completely alone. Cautiously she feels her way along the corridor using her hands to guide her along the walls.

Bailey:(On the verge of crying)
Oh please let this end! Please let it end!

Just as Bailey's about to give up she stops as we hear someone crying. Feeling her way around and listening to the sound, Bailey locates the source. A cheetah woman, curled up on the ground in the gloom.

Bailey:(Trying to be comforting)
Hay, are you...? Never mind, bad question really!
(Sits down on the floor beside her)
Joanna:(Looking up at Bailey, sniffing)
Who are you?
Bailey:I'm Bailey, and I'm a friend, what's your name?
Joanna:Joanna, but I am no longer worthy of that name, or my people
Bailey:I'm sure that's not true!
Look at me! I was a great warrior on Earth, now I'm no good to anyone
Bailey:Don't talk like that, we'll get out of here!
Joanna:I have tried and now I can't see a thing! How are we supposed to get out if we cannot see our way?
Bailey:I've got a friend, he's going help all of us to escape, for now we just have to survive whatever this maze can throw at us
Joanna:You're sure he can help us?

The lights come back on in their corridor, Bailey is a little startled by Joanna's appearance but she holds out a hand for Joanna to take, she doesn't.

Joanna:I cannot get up
Bailey:Sure you can
Joanna:No I can't! I injured my paw on a spike and I can't walk on it
Bailey:(Sighs and holds out her hand)
Come on, I said I would help you so let's go
Joanna:(Takes Bailey's hand and smiles)
Thank you Bailey

Bailey pulls Joanna's arm around her shoulder to support her and together they continue on through the maze. We return to the Doctor as he walks along with the sonic held out in front of him, scanning every inch of the maze before he makes a move.

Doctor:Come on Bailey, let's be having ya!

The sonic beeps and the Doctor arrives in a round room with no visible way out, he sighs and frowns in frustration before turning back the way he came.

Doctor:(Talking to the sonic)
And you told me that there was a passage through here!

Suddenly the passage he came through is blocked by a wall and the Doctor is trapped. He looks about him at the solid walls and moves into the centre of the space as the walls slowly begin to move, revolving around the circular space. They spin faster and faster until they just become a grey blur. However, as they spin, the Doctor spots a passage beyond the walls, he tries to reach through but nearly gets his arm chopped off by the walls. Limbering himself up he points the sonic as the spinning mass before him and waits until it beeps, he then uses the sonic to slow the walls down enough to get through. Taking a run up the Doctor leaps through the gap and hurls himself onto the floor before the walls pick up speed once again.

Doctor:(Out of breath)
Now that's what I call, a revolving door!

The Doctor groans as he picks himself up and dusts off his jacket. There are passages leading away from him on all sides, down some we can see aliens fighting each other, or the maze. He decides to take the empty passage to his left and we return to Louise and Seck, in a corridor that's only a few feet tall, Seck has no problem but Louise almost has to bend double to get through.

Seck:I don't see what you're complaining about boy!
Louise:Well you may have been bread for this sort of thing, but I certainly wasn't! And stop calling me boy, I'm clearly a girl!
Seck:Well how am I to know? All you humans look the same to me!
Louise:(Shakes her head then stops)
Seck:(Noticing that Louise has stopped he walks back to her)
What is it boy, er girl?!
Louise:Shh! Listen

They both stand in silence and listen, then we can hear the sonic on the other side of the wall.

Doctor? It's the Doctor! Seck it's the Doctor!

On the other side of the wall, the Doctor hears Louise calling him and he stops to study the wall.

What's this? Another one of your tricks, trying to give me hope?!
Louise:(Shouting to be heard through the wall)
No Doctor it's really me! It's Louise!
(Looks at Seck beside her)
And Seck!
Doctor:Oh you found Seck, that's nice! How are you doing?
Louise:Ok, still, not desperate to hang around!
Seck:According to my calculations Doctor, there should only be fifteen competitors left within the arena, including the three of us and the Bailey boy!
Doctor:Has anyone seen Bailey?
Louise:We were hoping she might have found you
Doctor:Hasn't she contacted you yet?
Louise:What do you mean?
Doctor:Well she said that she was going to try and call you
Seck:But how would we hear her if she was on the other side of the arena?
No Seck, he means my phone, my apple phone!
Seck:You failed to announce that you have a communications device?!
Louise:Sorry! Doctor, we're gonna try and find Bailey, will you be ok?
Doctor:Oh don't worry about me, I've got a plan!
Louise:Are you saying that just to stop me worrying?!
No! I do actually have a plan! Sort of, never mind, I'll try and track you down once you've found Bailey, good luck!

The Doctor hurries off leaving Seck and Louise to squeeze along their passage which opens up into a large open space in the middle of the arena. Meanwhile, up in the stands, the Queen looks on while the King lounges on his throne, not paying the slightest bit of attention to the games below.

Cesar:I don't know why you stand there and watch, if you hate it so much?!
Julia:Because I pity those who must endure the labyrinth, while you could so easily set them free
Julia, need I remind you that without the games, this planet would be nothing, and you would be nothing!
Not much different to how things are now then!
Cesar:(Trying to sound concerned)
Why don't you go and lay down deer? This constant fretting will do you no good
Julia:(Sighs then has an idea)
I shall, only to get away from this madness
Cesar:(Stops her as she passes him)
Have you lost an earring?
Julia:(Touches her ear)
Oh so I have, must have fallen out earlier, no matter

Julia leaves the room with her two servants who she dismisses at the door. She then hurries through the stadium towards the dungeons. The guards don't take any notice of her as she hurries along the passage that runs around the arena, she stops in a vacant section and approaches the door beside her. Beyond we can see an empty corridor in the arena before she slowly opens the door and removes an earring which she hangs on the door before she hurries away again. The earring begins to beep very quietly, too quiet to be heard above the din of the crowd.

Bailey and Joanna stumble into a short passage, there are bodies and bones at either end but nothing in the middle. Joanna lets go of Bailey and slides down onto the floor.

Joanna:I need to rest, I can't go on like this for much longer, you shall have to continue alone
Bailey:(Dropping down opposite her)
Hay! Don't talk like that, we're gonna get out of here together and I'll take you home to your people and then you can tell them that you succeeded where many warriors failed!
I would like that!

They sit for a moment before the walls suddenly start to creak and the ends of the corridor are blocked off.

Bailey:What now?!

 All of a sudden the walls start to close in, pushing Bailey and Joanna towards each other.

Quick try and brace it or we'll be crushed!

Joanna:(Pushing her good foot against the opposite wall)
This isn't going to work!
Bailey:(Pushing both of her feet against her opposite wall)
We have to try!

The walls keep closing in despite their best efforts and Joanna's broken paw doesn't help. Not too far away, Seck and Louise step into the open space before them, but as they do, sink holes open up before them in random locations on the ground.

Louise:(Taking a step back)
Ok, how do we do this?
Seck:Quickly! Sontarans a bread for speed!
Louise:Good for you!
Seck:When I say, you run straight for that passage over there
(Points to an opening on the other side)

They both dash across the open space, sink holes opening up around them but they dodge their way across, though on the other side, another competitor isn't so lucky but Louise and Seck make it through. Louise stops on the other side to catch her breath but Seck is ready for the next challenge.

Seck:Oh the thrill of it all!
Louise:I thought you hated all of this?!
Yes but there's nothing like feeling the blood pumping through your circulatory system!
Louise:(Pulls her phone out of her pocket)
Now let's find Bailey!

Bailey's phone starts to ring and she manages to get it out of her pocket and answer it.#

Bailey:(Straining against the weight of the wall)
Louise:Bailey, where are you?
Bailey:Being crushed to death!
Louise:She's in trouble, come on Seck!
Seck:You're right, we must save the boy!

Louise and Seck arrive in the corridor and dodge the bodies to get to the wall, behind which, Bailey and Joanna are almost squished together.

Bailey?! Bailey are you in there?
Bailey:(Relieved but still pushing against the walls)
Lou! Get us out of here! Now hurry or you're gonna have a flat mate from now on!
Louise:Seck what do we do?!
Seck:(Pushes Louise aside and holds up his blaster)
Step aside!

Seck blasts the wall apart but the sides are still moving in.

Joanna:Go Bailey, go now!
Bailey:What about you?
Joanna:I'll be fine just go!

Bailey shuffles along the wall while Louise pushes past Seck and tries to grab Bailey, with Seck's help they pull her out but it's too late for Joanna and Bailey turns around just as she screams and the walls come together.

Louise:(Hugs Bailey)
Come on, we've got to keep moving
Seck:Your friend was honourable to save you
Bailey:But I couldn't save her. Now we have to find the Doctor
Louise:We found him a while ago but we couldn't get to him, he said he was going to come find you
Seck:He must have been killed!
(Poking his head around the corner)
I don't think he was!

She rushes over to him and hugs him tightly, when she pulls away she hits him.

Where have you been?!
Seck:(Watching Bailey and the Doctor, talking to Louise)
I shall never understand the complexities of human emotions
Louise:(Also watching Bailey and the Doctor)
Join the club!
Doctor:Ok, now that we're all reunited we can focus on getting out of here!
Bailey:And how are we going to do that?
Doctor:With this!

He holds up one of the queen's earrings, a small silver disk with Gallifreyic patterns.

Louise:An earring?
Bailey:Hang on that looks like...
Where did you get it from?
Doctor:Queen Julia gave it to me when she came to visit yesterday and if I'm right, which I usually am
(Takes out the sonic and points it at the earring)
It will lead us to our way out!
Doctor:(The sonic and the earring both start to beep)
Like this! Come on, we haven't got long this signal is very weak

The Doctor charges off around the corner, closely followed by the others. They dodge various traps that have already been sprung and dash through the maze towards the beeping earring on the door at the edge of the maze.

Louise:(Overjoyed to see the open door)
There it is!
Doctor:Oh Julia you beauty!

The four of them dash through the door and into the corridor beyond, pausing a moment to catch their breath.

Louise:We made it!
Doctor:Don't sound too surprised will you!
Bailey:I told you we would
Louise:So let's get out of here!
Doctor:Nope we've got one more thing to do before we leave
Bailey:What's that?

Suddenly we hear shouts from the other end of the corridor as three guards come charging towards them. Seck immediately turns on them.

Seck:Doctor! Take the boys and leave, I'll hold them off!
Yes commander Seck! Come on you two!

The Doctor grabs Bailey and Louise's hands and hurries off along the corridor towards the exit while Seck charges off towards the guards, firing his blaster as he does so.

Seck:(Overjoyed, shouting)
This is brilliant!

The guards start to run away.

Seck:Come back here you whimpering cowards so that I may destroy you!

The Doctor sonics the door at the end which slides open, Bailey hurries through but Louise looks back after Seck.

Louise:Do you think he'll be alright?
Doctor:Course he will, I think you'll find he's in his element
The three of them make their way up towards the throne room. The king is still lounging about, unaware of the commotion outside, until Bailey, Louise and the Doctor burst into the room.

Cesar:(Leaping from his throne)
What the hell are you doing here?! Guards!
Doctor:Oh there's not much point calling for them, they're a bit busy being chased by a Sontaran at the moment
Bailey:So it's just us!
Cesar:How did you escape?
Julia:(Entering the room)
I helped them
Julia:(Ignoring Cesar)
I presume then that my homing beacon was of some use to you then Doctor?!
Doctor:Yes your majesty
Julia:I am glad to hear it, time that piece of tin did something good
Louise:Thank you
Julia:Oh think nothing of it, I just wanted to show this thorn in my side that I not so easily controlled, and neither are his subjects!
(Looking directly at Cesar)
Cesar:(Sounding defeated and angry)
What do you want?
Doctor:For you to end these games; to set free those that are still alive and to pay your respects for those that aren't!
Cesar:Or what?
Julia:Or I shall remove your powers and have you thrown out of my palace!
Bailey:Your palace?
Julia:Oh yes, I am of royal birth, this, is not!
Cesar:Fine! But I warn you...!
Warn all you wish, I still hold the greater power and you are currently outnumbered

Cesar turns and walks out onto the balcony where he quietens the crowds so that he can speak.

Cesar:My good people, things have been brought to light that I can no longer ignore. I regret to inform you that this shall be the last warrior games, the end game for this planet. That is all, now release the competitors.

Walks back inside while the crowd boos and begins to leave the stadium. around the edges of the arena, all of the doors are opened and the last remaining warriors are set free.

Cesar:There! Are you happy now?!

Cesar storms off out of the room, leaving Julia with a very satisfied smile on her face.

Julia:Thank you Doctor, and to you both
Doctor:All in a day's work!
Julia:Although I now need someone to help me rebuild this planet
Louise:I think I know just the Sontaran mam!
Doctor:Excellent idea, now we really must be off

Julia:(Disappointed and flirtatious)
So soon? And we were just getting to know each other Doctor!

The Doctor finds the queen's flirting a little uncomfortable, but Bailey and Louise just look at each other and giggle.

Sorry, yes, must dash, got to get the kids home!
Well, if you ever get bored of kids Doctor, you know where I am!
Right now we really need to go, come on girls!

Bailey and Louise laugh as they wave goodbye to the queen and follow the Doctor back towards the TARDIS. The markets and stalls seem empty now and everywhere is quiet and still.

Louise:Are you sure they'll be ok? Seck and Julia I mean?
Doctor:Yes of course they will
(Unlocking the door)
With her ambition and Seck's Sontaran-y-ness, they'll be unstoppable

The three of them stroll into the TARDIS which dematerialises as the Doctor sets their course for earth and they land on the road outside Bailey and Louise's house.

Doctor:There we go, safe and sound
Louise:Thank you Doctor, it's been...
Doctor:Amazing, fantastical, a once in a life time experience?!
Louise:I was going to say, dangerous and terrifying, but there you go!

Louise nods to the Doctor who smiles in reply as she and Bailey walk down to the doors and out into the street.

Louise:It's like nothing's changed here
Bailey:(Staying close to the TARDIS)
It has for me
Louise:You won't stay will you?
Bailey:I can't! Not with a whole universe of possibilities out there!
Louise:(Trying to reason with her)
But it's dangerous Bailey!
Bailey:But it's also beautiful and mesmerising, there's nothing like it for me here Lou
Louise:Well just promise me one thing then
Bailey:What's that?
Louise:That you'll take care of yourself, and that you'll come back home in one piece
Well I can't promise anything!
Louise:Bailey I'm serious
Bailey:Ok, I promise

Louise hugs Bailey then walks back towards the house, giving her one last wave before she opens the door and disappears. Bailey sighs and heads back inside the TARDIS where the Doctor is leaning against the consol waiting for her to join him.

Bailey:(Walking up to the consol)
Well that was an interesting day!
Doctor:Certainly was, is she gonna be ok?
Bailey:You'd be amazed by how well Louise bounces back!
What about you? You still ok?
Bailey:(Thinks for a moment about what Louise said)
Never better!
Doctor:Right then, off we go!

He starts spinning around the consol but as he does so, the Queen's earring drops out of his pocket and Bailey picks it up.

Bailey:(Looking at the earring)
I thought so!
Doctor:What's that?
Bailey:This is another one of those disks isn't it, with those strange patterns, what did you sat they were?
Old high Gallifreyan
Bailey:Because that makes three of them now!
Doctor:Four actually
Doctor:One of the Mogpoulians gave it to me after we saved their ship
Bailey:Then there are the burn marks on the TARDIS, what does it all mean?
Doctor:I don't know, but I have a feeling that we're going to find out soon






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