3 Doctor Who: The Three Musketeers

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
17th Century Paris, but all is not as well it seems, the king's personal guards the Musketeers are disappearing daily, and there's something far more evil at work than the misterious Cardinal attempting to undermine the new king.

Submitted: June 29, 2012

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Submitted: June 29, 2012



Doctor Who Episode Script

The Three Musketeers

Written by Chloe Taylor


17th century Paris, the TARDIS materialises in a small back street lined with wooden stalls and stacks of straw.  A goat trots past as the Doctor pulls open the doors and steps out of his big blue box and starts to look around, sniffing the air.


Bailey:(Stepping out of the TARDIS groaning at the filthy street)

Where are we?

Doctor:Paris 17th century, sixth of June  1654 , 11:42 if you really want to know!


And you can tell that just by the look of the place?


No, the smell of it, typically 1654

(Holds out a hand for Bailey to take)

Shall we?!

Bailey: (Smiles and takes his hand sarcastically)

Oui Monsieur

Doctor:(Continuing his explanation)

It's funny how some years smell different to others, your time for instance smell a bit of apple pie.


Apple pie!

Doctor:Yeah, and anywhere in the 17th century seems to whiff of cinnamon

Bailey:(Dodging a pile of horse poo)

Cinnamon or poo?!


Bailey:Couldn't we have come to a more, hygienic year Doctor?!


They walk along the ally until they emerge onto a large main street where blue and silver banners are fluttering all around, embroidered with a royal coat of arms.


Doctor:(Realizing when they are

Oh sixth of June 1654, day before the coronation of King Louis the 14th, enormous parties all over France and especially Paris!


Seems like we arrived just in time then Doctor!


Suddenly a woman's cry is herd further down the street and the Doctor and Bailey rush to see what's going on. Two soldiers dressed in black and one with an eye patch covering one eye, burst out of a house dragging a man in blue uniform and a feathered hat on his head behind them; a woman follows, tears streaming down her face desperately trying to prise the soldiers off of her husband.


Andrea:No, no you can't take him, you can't take my husband; are you listening to me, my husband is a Musketeer and you shall show him some respect.

Bertrand: Andrea, no don't it'll be ok, look after our son while I'm gone!



She attempts to prise her husband away from the soldiers but the one wearing the eye patch flings her to the ground and a young man runs from the house to help his mother off of the ground; a disgusted look upon his face the boy picks up a sword from a barrel and attacks one of the soldiers, he swings his sword but the soldier merely catches it and using the sword tosses the boy to the ground. Bailey rushes to help him up to his feet, while the soldiers drag his father towards the palace.


Bailey:(To the boy beside her)

Hey are you ok? What's going on?

Dominique:(Seems not to hear her and walks over to his mother)

Doctor:(Strolls up to Bailey)

Bailey:Oh I get it, he's French, obviously can't understand me!

Doctor:Um, the TARDIS  translates everything for you once you've been inside, he can understand you and you could understand everything his mum was saying.

Bailey:Oh, so he's just rude!

Doctor:You were right Bailey, I think we have arrived just in time

Bailey:How d’you mean?

Doctor:(Ignores Bailey and joins Dominique and his mother)

Bailey:I see it's just ignore Bailey day, must have missed that memo!

Doctor:Hello I'm the Doctor I want to help.


Deep in the catacombs beneath the city the two soldiers still dragging Bertrand reach the end of a long tunnel, the walls lined with sculls and skeletons, faint screams are herd in the distance, slowly getting louder.


Bertrand:(verging on hysteria)

Where are you taking me, I demand to know where I am being taken, do you hear me? I am a servant of his majesty the king of France.

Rogan: (Robotic voice)

Soon you will have a new master

Bertrand:Wont you give me a straight answer man!


They turn a corner and the screams become unbearable and flashing lights fill the air. A final scream ends the scene.


Andrea:My name's Andrea and this is my son Dominique

Dominique:Mother they want to know about the disappearances, don't waste time!

Andrea:Of course, silly me

Doctor:No that's alright Dominique, you're very brave by the way, I saw you pick up that sword to help your father.

(Points to the sword now on his belt)

Dominique:My father is a Musketeer, he taught me to handle a sword when I was just four.

Bailey:(Arriving in the room wearing a Musketeer hat)

What do you think Doctor?

Doctor:(Disappointed and feeling left out)

I think I want one of those!

Bailey:(Pulling another hat from behind her back)

I thought you might!

Doctor:(Places the hat proudly on his head)

Love the feather!

Bailey:(Clears her throat and changes the subject back)

So where do you think they've taken you're dad?

Andrea:No-one knows where they go



They! You mean your husband wasn't the first?


Dominique:They've been taking people for weeks, all Musketeers and they never return

Doctor:Does the King know about this? The disappearances I mean?

Dominique:Well if he does, he doesn't seem too bothered about it

Doctor:Bailey, have you ever meet a royal?

Bailey:Well there's my land lord but he's just a royal pain! Why?

Doctor:(Removing his psychic paper and waves it in front of her)


You mean we're going to gate crash a reel royal party!

Doctor:Oh yes


Come along then, let's go and meet Louis the 14th!

Dominique:Wait! I want to go too, they've got my Dad and I'm going to get him back!

Andrea:Dominique, no let the Doctor and Bailey handle this

Doctor:And besides, we don't even know who they are yet, could be dangerous

Dominique:So you're taking a girl to protect you is that it?

Bailey:Look Dominique, the Doctor and I will find your Dad for you and bring him home, besides you don't know what it's like around the Doctor...

Doctor:(Calling from the front door)

Come on Bailey, this mystery's not going to investigate itself.

Bailey:(Walking to the door )

Got to go, stay out of trouble yeah!


But I don't understand

Andrea:Dominique don't, there's nothing you can do to help son.

Dominique:(Looks down at his sword)


Front gates to the royal palace


Bailey:Come on then Doctor, work your magic!

Dominique:(Creeping up behind them)

Doctor:Just watch this!

(Flashes his psychic paper at the guard on the gate)

Count François Gabriel Robert Sebastian Noland Tristan Michel Joseph Lion Nicholas Pierre Von Racalnt, and my dear friend Mademoiselle Mary-Louise Dubois, by personal invitation of the king.

Guard:(Pointing at Dominique behind them)

And who is your other companion?


Bailey and the Doctor both turn to find Dominique standing patiently behind them, they look at him angrily and talk in whispers.


Doctor:Dominique go back to your mother, she needs you

Dominique:No, my father was taken away from me and I'm going to find out who did it, now get me in too!


I'm never having kids!

They turn back to the guard

Doctor:Yes, sorry, this is our personal servant, he goes everywhere with us, don't you...

(Trying to think of a name)

Bailey:Pierre, come along we mustn't keep the king waiting!


Bailey and the Doctor laugh as the guard allows them to enter the palace with 'Pierre' following behind them.

Within the catacombs Cardinal Mazarin, dressed in his crimson robes stands over something hidden by a cloth on a table in front of him; the eye patch soldier dressed in black approaches him.


Mazarin:(Turns his head slightly to see the soldier)

Are they ready?

Rogan:(Same robotic voice)

The first units await your Eminence.

Mazarin:Oh I won't be "Your Eminence" for much longer, tomorrow they shall crown a new king but it won't be Louis the 14th, mark my words with my new army France shall be mine.

Rogan: How is the final experiment progressing My Lord?

Mazarin:Very well

(Lifts the cloth slightly so see beneath it)

Very well indeed, tomorrow shall be a day to remember

Rogan:My Lord the King has requested your presence, he says he is missing you from the festivities

Mazarin:Of course, when I return have them ready to advance on my command.

Rogan: Yes my Lord


Mazarin sweeps from the dark and gloomy chamber and climbs the long winding staircases to the palace above. Meanwhile in one of the grand ball rooms the king is entertaining finely dressed guests, when the Doctor, Bailey and Dominique burst into the room; some of the women scream and a couple of Musketeers standing around the room wearing their blue uniforms draw their swords.


Doctor:(Talking to Bailey)  

You see this is what happens when you use the front entrance!


Doctor:(Addressing the room of lords and ladies)

Now my friends and I have come to see the king,

(Finding the king in the room he walks towards him pointing at him)

Which I'm guessing must be you, hello I'm the Doctor!


The Doctor stands waiting for a reply but the Musketeers advance and surround Bailey and Dominique while a couple of others direct their swords at the Doctor.


Bailey:Now what genius?

Doctor:(Changing his strategy)

Working on it!


Your majesty, my friends and I...

Louis:(Angry interrupting)

Who the hell are you and how did you get inside my palace?

Doctor:Your majesty do you really want to discuss how we got here, or shall we talk about your faithful Musketeers being snatched cruelly from their homes and families while you seem to stand by and do nothing to protect your most loyal guards? 

Louis:(Confused but no longer angry)

What disappearances?



Within one of the Kings private chambers the Doctor and the others are discussing the issue and anything that could be done about it.


Bailey:So you have no idea who could be behind this, nothing?

Louis:I wish I did, and I certainly never authorized anything of the sort.

Doctor:Of course you wouldn't so who would?

Dominique:Or, who else has the power to give such an order?


The doors into the room burst open and the Cardinal enters the chamber followed by two of his black clad soldiers, everyone in the room turns to see him enter.


Louis:Ah, Cardinal.

Mazarin:You sent for me your highness

Louis:Yes I was wondering if you had finished whatever it was you have been working so secretly on?

Mazarin:Oh yes I have made wonderful progress, the whole of France will feel the ripples of what I have created my Lord.

(Suddenly seeing the others in the room)

and who are you?

Doctor:(Gesturing to Bailey and Dominique)

These are my friends Bailey and Dominique

Mazarin:And who are you sir, in such peculiar dress? 

Doctor:(Holds his hand out to shake)

Me? I'm the Doctor!


The Cardinal grasps the Doctor's hand but the Doctor quickly pulls away his robes which fall to the floor in a heap, to reveal a crude exo-skeleton suit with the unmistakable Cyber logo pressed into the front. Gasps follow from all around the room.



Mazarin? What is this?

Mazarin:The future!

Doctor:Not yet it's not!

Bailey:Doctor that's definitely not 14th century is it?!

Dominique:(Walking closer to Mazarin to get a better look)

What is it? Some kind of armor?

Doctor:(Pulling Dominique away towards the door)

Yeah big bad scary armor! Bailey, Louis I suggest we take our leave NOW!

Bailey:(Grabbing the King)

Sorry your Mage but we need to leave! Now follow the Doctor.


Then the two other guards remove their uniforms to reveal the same exo-skeletons and advance on them.


Dominique:(Pulls his sword ready to defend)

Doctor:(Puts an arm around Dominique to drag him away)

You have got to be kidding, fat lot of good that's gonna do against them now, everyone get out, get out now!


They dash from the room, closely followed by the Cardinal and his men they run through the castle.



Bailey:(Panting as they run through the castle)

Where are we running to? Do you even have a plan at this moment in time Doctor?

Doctor:Working on it!

(Spots some patio doors ahead of them)

Head for the exit!


We should turn and fight not run away like cowards!


Suddenly the Cardinal begins firing cyber lasers at them, narrowly missing and hitting various walls and nearly dropping an enormous chandelier right on top of them as they fly through the doors and outside.


Rogan: My Lord, shall we advance?

Mazarin:Not yet, let them run and hide, go and recruit more men, I need an army big enough to launch an assault on France itself.


The Doctor, Bailey, Dominique and the King hurry towards the outskirts of the palace grounds where they find shelter in the stables where they stand in silence for a while panting and mulling over the past moments events.


Bailey:(Out of breath)

Doctor, you seemed to know what that thing was.


That was Cyber technology, I've met them before and believe me, where there's one piece of Cyber tech there'll be a whole army somewhere.


Hold on go back a bit, what the heck is a Cyber whatever?

Doctor:Cybermen, Dominique are you but encased inside a metal shell, living, breathing, screaming to be free, having to obey whatever order is put to you.


What d’you mean, they're us?

Doctor:Cybermen, take... parts of humans and place them inside a metal suit, wire them up into a fighting and killing machine, remove all emotion so they're completely compliant and there's no bringing them back once you've been "ASSIMILATED."  

Bailey:(Shocked at the horror of the thought of assimilation)

Oh my God!! How could anyone do such a thing?!

Dominique:Wait you said something about suits, the Cardinal and those soldiers just had that strange armor, not a funny suit, and the Cardinal seemed very emotional when he met you Doctor.

Doctor:(Amazed at Dominique's powers of deduction)

Oh, Bailey can we keep him?!

Bailey:He's right Doctor, so where are the Cybermen?





(Starts rushing around)

The Cybermen, the proper ones need bodies right?

Dominique:(Not quite following)

That's what you said.

Doctor:No, don't you see?

Bailey:The disappearances!


Dominique:What I don't understand?

Bailey:(Sympathetic tone)

The Cybermen need human bodies to function, like the Doctor said, but they need bodies to build them as well.

Doctor:The Musketeers.


No, no but, they can't... my father... we have to stop them, save him and any of the others we can.


YES! that's the spirit, but first there's a thing.

Bailey:A thing?

Doctor:What do we do with him?

(Points at the King quivering inside one of the stable stalls)


Leave him here?!


NO! He's the king we cannot just leave him in a stable

Bailey:Right forgot your dad was a Musketeer!

Dominique:(Angry, speaking in a low tone)

And he still is!

Bailey:So what do we do with him then?

Doctor:I say we send him back to the palace

Dominique:Are you mad? Not with Cardinal Coo-coo on the loose!

Doctor:Just think about it, now what I know about the Cybermen is that once they feel you are no longer relevant they will kill you but they let him get away, why?

Bailey:They need him alive for something

Doctor:My thoughts exactly


 So you want to use him as bait?!

Doctor:No we're just going to get him to carry on as normal, as if there's nothing wrong.

Dominique:But why?

Bailey:To confuse them, am I right?

Doctor:Yes, the less predictable we are the better chance we have against the Cybermen.

Bailey:So what's our next move then Doctor?

Doctor:(Ignores Bailey and Runs awkwardly to the door to take a peek outside)

Bailey:Ignore Bailey day I swear!

Doctor:Coast's clear


Doctor:Right then, Bailey you go back to the TARDIS, Dominique you go home and protect your mother, and I take the King back to the Palace find the Cardinal and stop the probably enormous Cybermen army waiting patiently somewhere to destroy Paris. Any questions?


(Both talking at the same time)


Bailey:How can you send me back to the TARDIS, no I'm staying here you're gonna need my help, and how exactly are you going to defeat and I quote an enormous Cyberman army all by yourself, I'm staying!

Dominique:You can't send me home, I have to know if my dad's still alive and even if I go back home I'd be no safer there than I would be with you, Doctor you're going to need my help to beat these guys, I'm staying!


There's a moment of silence as the Doctor absorbs everything Bailey and Dominique just said.

Doctor:You two really want to help?







(Walks over to the King)


Louis:What do you want?

Doctor:Does the Cardinal have any private chambers?

Louis:I...I don't know.

Doctor:(Getting frustrated)

Right, come here

(Grabs his head and places his hand around his face and closes his eyes)


The Doctor closes his eyes and searches the Kings mind trying to find where the elusive Cardinal might be hiding his Cyber army, he goes through years of the Kings memories, parties, lovers, birthdays, until finally he finds  what he's looking for, a day the King allowed the Cardinal the begin his experiments in the catacombs; The Doctor releases the King who just remains speechless at what the Doctor just did.


Doctor:The Catacombs

Bailey:The Catacombs, but aren't they full of dead people?

Dominique:People have been burying their dead in the Catacombs for hundreds of years, they're having to dig new ones at the moment to keep up.

Doctor:Right new plan...


Really, from you?!


It's always good to try new things!


Doctor:(Clears his throat)

So, Dominique and Bailey you two go down to the Catacombs and find the Cardinal's work shop, and I'll take...

Dominique:The king back to the Palace, hopefully find the Cardinal, stop and arrest him before he can launch his attack on Paris.

Doctor:Something like that yes! Ready?!



Doctor:Ok, this is where it begins!


They all place their hands on top of each other and break off into their pairs to leave the stables in different directions.


Doctor:(Hauling the King to his feet)

Come on Louis let's get you back in there

Louis:What back to the palace? Are you mad?

Doctor:Trust me?

Louis:You didn't answer my question

Doctor:Because you wouldn't be able to give the correct answer to mine if I answered yours the way I always do!


At the other end of the stable Dominique and Bailey and preparing to dash toward the Catacombs.


Dominique:How exactly does he think he's going to arrest the Cardinal?

Bailey:I don't think he plans that far ahead!

Dominique:Yet you trust him?

Bailey:(Looks over towards the Doctor talking to the King)

That man saved my life twice the first time I met him, I thought he was mad

Dominique:And now?

Bailey:Now I know he is!


The Cardinal observes through an upstairs window in the Palace, the sun just dipping below the horizon, as Dominique and Bailey dash for the front gates and the King and the Doctor stroll back to the palace. Rogan enters the room and stands next to the Cardinal.


Rogan: Your Eminence, shall we delete?

Mazarin:No, no that won't be necessary, escort the King to his chambers and bring this Doctor to me I want to know everything he has to say about my metal warriors.

Rogan: (Bows his head slightly and leaves the room)


A corridor somewhere in the palace.


Louis:So you want me to carry on like nothing's happening, while there's a mad man trying to bring Paris to her knees?

Doctor:Yes sorry no alternative!

Louis:You sound like you have experience with this sort of thing sir


Oh yeah loads, but it ever seems to pay off funnily enough!

Louis:And do you always travel with that girl.

Doctor:(Stops walking)


Suddenly we hear the clang of metal against the marble floors of the palace, the soldier and four fully armored Cybermen come marching around the next corner and approach the Doctor and Louis.


Doctor:(Angry at the sight of the Cybermen)

Hello, long time no see!

Cyberman:The Doctor! He must be DELETED!

Rogan: No, the Cardinal wants him alive.

Cyberman:You humans show too much mercy, you should all be upgraded.

 Rogan: Your majesty you shall be escorted to your chambers where you will remain until tomorrows ceremony.


Two of the Cybermen walk over to the king and place themselves either side of him and try to move him foreword.


Louis:(Trying to show some back bone)

And what if I refuse?

Doctor:No, don't do that!

One of the Cybermen fires a laser blast at a portrait of the King hanging on a nearby wall which hits the painting's face and leaves nothing but a smoky black hole.


Louis:(Allows the Cybermen to take him to his chambers)

Don't let them get away with this Doctor!

Doctor:(Answers even though the king is out of sight)

Trust me I don't intend to. Now, take me to your leader!


I always love saying that!


The remaining Cybermen and Rogan, escort the Doctor through the castle where there are now growing numbers of Cybermen around. Mazarin still stands by the window with his cloak around his shoulders to reveal the armor beneath as the Doctor is shunted into the room by the Cybermen.


Mazarin:(Doesn't turn from the window when he address his soldier)

Go and find the others, they won't have gone far.

Rogan: (Bows and leaves the room)

Mazarin:Bring him to me


Meanwhile beneath Paris at one of the entrance shafts to the Catacombs Bailey and Dominique are attempting to open a hatch into the skeleton filled tunnels.


Bailey:Why would the Cardinal hide himself away down here?

Dominique:I don't know, something about being closer to the dead makes you closer to God apparently!


Dominique:(Finally breaking open the hatch)


Bailey:Never ready...

Dominique:(Revealing a rapier for Bailey to use)

Always prepared!

Bailey:For me?

Dominique:Well do you seen anymore mad women around climbing into a Cyberman infested Catacomb? Of course it's for you.

Bailey:(Takes the sword and marvels at it for a moment)

Thanks, but the Doctor said these wouldn't work on the Cybermen

Dominique:Every suit of armor has a weak spot, all we have to do is find it.

Bailey:(Places the sword in her belt loop)

You know what?

Dominique:(Placing one foot over the edge of the hole to find a ladder)


Bailey:I think your dad would be proud of you

Dominique:(Climbing down a wooden ladder into the gloom)

Oh come on!

Bailey:(Following after Dominique)

No I'm serious, I think you could make an excellent Musketeer one day.

Dominique:(Climbing down)

 Not at the rate I'm going.

Bailey:How d'you mean?

Dominique:Well to become a Musketeer you have to commit an act of total bravery, no self concern or thought for your own safety, just doing something to save someone else.

Bailey:Is that why you're really going down this horrible hell hole with me?

Dominique:Let's just find my dad.


They climb for a while in silence until suddenly the rung that Dominique places his foot onto gives way and he falls a few feet into the darkness.


Bailey:(Calling into the darkness)

Dominique, are you ok?


I'm fine, just watch your step I'll help you down

Bailey:(Reaching the bottom avoiding Dominique's broken rung)

Ok, can you see anything down there?

Dominique:There's a light coming from my left and on my right...

(Screams slightly when he is faced with a Cyberman standing beside him)



(Taps it with his sword)

I don't think it's awake

Bailey:(Joining Dominique)

What you mean like it's off

Dominique:Yeah, but why?

Bailey:Wait look


Bailey points over the Cyberman's shoulder at an endless row of Cybermen, unmoving.


Bailey:They're waiting to be activated

Dominique:So they're like, in storage?

Bailey:Until the Cardinal needs them for his attack.

(Heading towards the lit end of the tunnel with her sword drawn)

 Come on


Where too?

Bailey:To find your Dad and the other Musketeers is that alright with you?!

Dominique:(Snorts in silent laughter)

After you then!


Together they creep along the tunnel towards the source of the light, as they get closer and the light becomes brighter they start to hear terrified screams and the sound of electric saws grinding away at metal. The tunnel opens out into an enormous cavern filled with circular chambers that seem to be the source of the screams.


Dominique:What's that awful noise?

Bailey:I think that's assimilation

Dominique:(Realising the brutality of what he is seeing)

Oh my, are they? They can't have Bailey we have to...

Bailey:(placing her hand on his arm)

I know, but there's still hope your dad was only taken this afternoon.

Dominique:(slightly teary eyed as he spots a pile of Musketeer uniforms)

Bailey:(Grabs Dominique as a Cyberman approaches them)

Get down.


They both duck behind a pile of scrap metal and cabling as the Cyberman walks on past. They creep out from behind their hiding place only to come face to face with Rogan and a group of Cybermen, he smiles cruelly at them.


Back within the Cardinals chambers in the palace, the Cybermen push the Doctor towards the Cardinal who finally turns to face him.


Doctor:You've been busy Mazarin

Mazarin:Yes I have, the Cyber-forms have taught me so much.

Doctor:(Looks either side of him at the two Cybermen standing silently)

So why aren't you and your two soldiers like them then? All metal and no emotion.

Mazarin:I have my reasons

Doctor:And they would be?

Mazarin:Rogan was the first of my little experiments Doctor, he paved the way for my revolution, without these harnesses the Cybermen would simply have no-one to answer to.

Doctor:How did they get here because the last time I met them was around 4000 years into the future?

Mazarin:(Invites one of the Cybermen to answer)

Cyberman:We fell through a rift 3000 clicks away from this sector of space, we drifted through time and space until our ship crashed here in the local year of 400 AD


 400 AD, that's a long time ago, so what happened?


 Oh! You'd crashed 1612 years out of your comfort zone, you couldn't call for help, the Cybermen were stuck brilliant! Then what? What woke you?

Cyberman:1834 Earth years ago the human race began to tunnel into the planet seeking metals, the vibrations from above re-booted our circuits and we were re-animated.

Doctor:(Turning back to the cardinal)

So how did you get involved?

Mazarin:Six years ago I ventured deeper into the Catacombs than I had ever been, and I found an old mine shaft that took me right down to the Cybermen's vessel, they showed me all the secrets of the universe they illuminated my true purpose in life

Doctor:Let me guess, it wasn't to serve the Lord almighty?

Mazarin:To rule this great city and restore this country to its former glory.

Doctor:(Talking to the Cybermen)

But what do you lot get out of this human revolution?

Mazarin:I Told you Doctor they are built to serve me, that is their purpose.

Doctor:(Just smiles mistrustingly)

The Cybermen answer to no-one but their king

Mazarin:Then I shall be their king



Doctor:(Stepping away slightly)

Must be a default setting, hardwired somewhere deep inside their data banks.

Mazarin:What are you talking about?

Doctor:(Removes his screwdriver and sonics the Cybermen)

It is

Mazarin:What is?

Doctor:The Cybermen are programmed to follow orders from the highest figure of authority, in times of emergency they will follow any commanding figure even if it isn't cyber-form, and when you found them that's what you were to them, but tomorrow is the Kings coronation, you won't be the head man any more Mazarin.

Mazarin:But the King of this nation won't be King Louis the 14th

Doctor:How do you mean?

Mazarin:(Just smiles at the Doctor)

Doctor:(Getting frustrated shouting)

What have you done!

Mazarin:Your friends are lucky, they shall survive this period of transition, they shall survive everything this petty world has to throw at them now.

Doctor:(Realising that he means they have been upgraded)

No, no you can't have!

Mazarin:(Raises his arm with a Cyber-blaster strapped to it)

But you Doctor, shall not live to see the light of the new day, au revoir!


Outside the day slips into night and from all over the city the Cybermen march from the Catacombs and advance on the city.





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