4 Doctor Who: Vive La Cyber Revolution

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With the threat of a Cyber invasion of Paris iminant and the Doctor's friends at the mercy of the emotionless monsters, can he stop the kings corronation in time to save France?

Submitted: July 03, 2012

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Submitted: July 03, 2012




Doctor Who Episode Script

Vive La Cyber Revolution

Written by Chloe Taylor


Deep in the Catacombs of Paris Bailey wakes up to find herself strapped to what seems to be an operating table, she struggles to free her arms and legs but she is strapped down tight. 



Help! Dominique...somebody...anybody!!

Cyberman 1:(Walking into view from behind a consol)

Bailey:(Concerned but still sarcastic)

Oh! I meant anyone but you really! Dominique!


Another Cyberman appears and grabs what looks like a lightsaber handle on the end of a long wire, and moves it towards Bailey.


Bailey:(Eyeing up the menacing looking tool)

Don't you dare bring that thing near me.

Cyberman 2:  (Not paying any attention)

Bailey:I mean it, I'll...I'll get angry and you won't want to see me when I'm angry!

(Looks down at her bonds)

Though I'm not quite sure what I'd do if I did


The Cyberman with the strange instrument hovers it over Bailey's head where it produces a bright blue light, then slowly moves it down her body scanning every inch of her. The second Cyberman walks over to a monitor on the consol and presses a few buttons and a cage-like contraption littered with saws and lasers begins to lower itself over Bailey..


Cyberman 1:  Ready for assimilation

Bailey:You have got to be kidding me!

Cyberman 2:  Begin!

Bailey:(Screaming with her eyes closed tightly shut)



A red light begins to flash on the monitor and the second Cyberman presses more buttons.


Cyberman 2:  Incorrect genetic blueprint

Cyberman 1:  Halting assimilation programme

Bailey:(Relieved and stunned)

What! Wait what do you mean incorrect genetic blueprint?

Cyberman 2:Subject not suitable for assimilation.

Cyberman 1: Initiate protocol 5

Bailey:Genetic blueprint, what genetics do they need then? Wait protocol 5 that doesn't sound too good!




Suddenly the first Cyberman stops and goes limp as a thin silver blade pierces its chest plate from behind and Dominique's head appears from behind it and the Cyberman falls to the floor.



Cyberman 2:Subject fits genetic blueprint, ASSIMILATE!

Bailey:Watch out!

Dominique:(Throws his sword into the Cyberman's logo on its chest plate)


The Cyberman wobbles on the spot for a moment before falling over and hitting the ground with a clang.


Dominique:(Looking down at Bailey on the table)

What you doing down there?

Bailey:Having a kip! What do you think? Get me off of here!

(Using his sword he cuts Bailey's bonds)

Bailey:(Rubbing her wrists)


Do they hurt?

Bailey:No I just always see people in movies doing this!


Bailey:(Sliding off of the table and picking up her sword from the floor a few feet away)

Never mind, and where have you been?

Dominique:Trying to lose that soldier, Rogan I think his name is

Bailey:Who is he?

Dominique:(Leading Bailey towards the edge of the cavern)

My Dad told me that he used to be a Musketeer, but he betrayed some of his fellows and was kicked out, left him a little bitter.

Bailey:(Spots a side passage)

Dominique wait, look

Dominique:A way out?

Bailey:Or they could be keeping the other Musketeers down here?

Dominique:Either way, can't be any worse than this place!



Together they venture into the low tunnel, its walls lined with skulls and bones of the deceased.


About half a mile above them, the Doctor is running through the palace being chased by Mazarin and a gathering group of Cybermen who are shooting at him. He narrowly misses blast after blast as they dash through the unbelievably long corridors of the palace.


Doctor:(Talking to himself in between strides)

Running, always running again and again, ay Bailey!

(Looks beside him but only sees the Cybermen advancing, Getting angry with the Cardinal)


Mazarin:You cannot run forever Doctor, you will tire soon and then I shall kill you!

Doctor:(Removes his sonic screwdriver and stops running)


Mazarin and the Cybermen stop running too and surround the Doctor cutting off all escape routes.



Good choice Doctor, now maybe it will be less painful, but I doubt it! Take aim! Any last words Doctor?

Doctor:(Holding his screwdriver vertically in front of him)

This is your last warning Mazarin!



Mazarin:(Laughs cruelly)

You are in no position to threaten me medicine man I have you completely surrounded and your friends right where you cannot get to them.

Doctor:And right now I've got you right where I want you


They all look up at an enormous chandelier hanging from the ceiling right above their heads and the Doctor lifts his sonic screwdriver above his hatted head.


Mazarin:You'll be killed too Doctor, you wouldn't kill yourself to avenge your friends!

Doctor:You want a bet!

Mazarin:(Mazarin's expression changes and he lowers his weapon)

Lower your weapons, all of them!


The Cybermen obey and they move aside to allow the Doctor to move through.


Doctor:(Slips through the gap in the circle)

Mazarin:What are you fighting for now Doctor, your friends are mine and France soon will be, why not just

let the Cyber revolution commence?

Doctor:Because it's in the job description!


He hurries off around the next corner which leads to the kitchens, the staff are startled by his prescience but he keeps walking until he reaches a door at the far end which takes him outside into a courtyard. The sun is just rising and From here he can see the Cybermen rampaging through the city, fires beginning to rage through the streets and laser blasts crash into buildings. 


Doctor:(Utterly broken)

Oh Bailey I'm so sorry!


 Back inside the low tunnel bailey and Dominique reach a sliding metal door built into the walls.


Bailey:There has to be a control panel or a door switch somewhere start looking!

Dominique:(Starting to feel around the walls in the dark)


Bailey:(Finding the panel with her hand on the wall)

Oh! I think I've found it, wait a moment.


She presses her hand against the box on the wall and the door slides open with a clang, behind the door stand fifty or so men dressed in blue uniforms, some wearing hats with big feathers, they all stand lifelessly as if they are in a trance.



Bailey:This must be where they've been storing them.

Dominique:(Enters the room and starts to move amongst the Musketeers)

What have they done to them?

Bailey:I don't know, they look like they're in some kind of hibernation mode

Dominique:(Finding his father)

 DAD! Look Bailey it's my father, he hasn't been assimilated yet!

Bailey:Great! But I foresee a problem

Dominique:(Too happy to really pay attention)

What's that?

Bailey:How do we wake them up?

Dominique:Oh, I hadn't thought of that, what would you suggest?

Bailey:There has to be some way to wake them or they would be no use to the Cybermen

Dominique:What about that panel thingy, might there be some kind of switch?

Bailey:See, I told you, you were brilliant Dominique!


Bailey rushes back to the door and finds a large button on the control panel, the moment she presses it the Musketeers snap out of their trance and begin looking around with seriously confused expression on their faces.


Dominique:(Trying to help his dad)

Dad, are you ok? It's me Dominique.

Bertrand:Dominique! Son!

Bailey:(To Bertrand and the other Musketeers)

Come on, now we don't have much time to explain but we really need your help right now.

Musketeer:And who are you to give orders to a Musketeer?

Dominique:(Defending Bailey)

This is Bailey, and without her you would all be dead pretty soon so I'd just do what she says

(Looks at her)

It's worked for me so far!

Bertrand:Very well lead the way Bailey and we shall follow you into battle!


Back in the Cardinal's chambers Rogan bursts into the room followed by some Cybermen and the other soldier, the Cardinal is working on something with the help of a Cyberman.


Mazarin:(Stays working but talks to Rogan)

I trust our new recruits didn't put up too much of a fight!

Rogan:They have disappeared My lord

Mazarin:(Stops working and rushes at Rogan pinning him to the wall)


Rogan:(Choking slightly under Mazarin's grip)

They overpowered the Cybermen I left to assimilate them

Mazarin:(Becoming even more angry)

Have they found the unprocessed Musketeers?

Rogan:(Doesn't respond)

Mazarin:(Lifts him off of the floor)

Have they found the Musketeers?


The holding cell is empty my Lord

Mazarin:(Drops Rogan to the ground but grasps his collar)

If you don't find them immediately, I'll give you to the Cybermen to use as target practice!

Rogan:(Picking himself up and leaving the chamber)

Yes my Lord

 Mazarin:(Turns to the Cyberman behind him)

Is it ready?

Cyberman:It is complete

Mazarin:Perfect, have it installed and gather the court we're going to have a party!


Out in the courtyard the Doctor sits on an old barrel staring blankly at the destruction before him. But behind him a paving slab in the ground begins to move, he moves slowly towards it as it is thrown aside by a Musketeer. Around fifty of them emerge from the hole in the ground, and some of them draw their swords and aim them at the Doctor who raises his hands.


Doctor:(Doesn't care)

Well go on then, if you're going to kill me just kill me!

Bailey:(Her voice comes from the direction of the hole)

Don't kill him!


The Doctor turns around to see Bailey and Dominique clamber out of the hole in the paving and walk towards him.


Bailey:Not yet anyway!

Doctor:(Close to tears)

Hello you, would you mind?

(Indicating the Musketeers)

Bailey:At ease gents, he's on our side!

Doctor:Come here you

(Wraps his arms around Bailey and squeezes her tightly)

Dominique:(Clears his throat)


Doctor:(Releases Bailey)

Yes, well you two are late I've been waiting for you two for ages


You thought we were dead didn't you?!

Doctor:I was certainly starting to yeah!

Dominique:(Looking out at the city)


Doctor:I know it's awful

Dominique:No! Look the Cybermen are returning to the palace

Bailey:What? Why?

Doctor:(Takes a pair of binoculars out of his jacket)

They are, they're coming back here, Mazarin must be calling them back to him but what for?


Doctor:Not now Bailey I'm thinking

Bailey:(Fed up with the Doctor ignoring her she walks up to him and slaps him around the face)

Doctor:(Recoiling from the slap)

AW! What was that for?

Bailey:If you ignore me one more time, then I swear I'm going to hit you so hard you're going to feel it for the next hundred years!

Doctor:What were you going to say Bailey?!

Bailey:Today is the day of the coronation right

Doctor:Yes but not if today continues the way it's going, oh!


Dominique:What's Oh now?

Bailey:We have to get to the King


Bailey:Nice little plan getting him back inside Doctor

Doctor:Yeah I'm starting to make a habit of that aren't I

Dominique:Sorry can someone explain what's going on?

Doctor:Apologies, Dominique I've made a terrible mistake and we have to save the king


Bailey:There's something in the throne room, we don't know what but something will be there to turn him into a Cyberman, like the others.

Doctor:The only problem is going to be getting back into the palace in time.

Dominique:Let me take care of that

(Strolls over to the Musketeers)

We need to carve a path through the Cybermen to get to the throne room, now the armour is weakest around the chest and back plates, strike hard enough and your blades should penetrate their metal.


Nods and words of agreement passed amongst the Musketeers and they all drew their sword and hold them aloft above their heads.




Headed by the Doctor and his sonic screwdriver, Bailey, Dominique and the Musketeers charge into the palace destroying Cybermen as they hurtle through the corridors towards the throne room. Inside the throne room the Kings guests are being herded by the Cybermen and Mazarin who looks down at the scene from a balcony in one of the walls.


Doctor:(Bursting into the Kings chambers)

Hello again Louis, sorry to burst in on you like this

Bailey:(Following the Doctor in)


Dominique:(Following Bailey and closing the doors behind him)

Your Majesty you are in grave danger

Louis:As if I didn't know that already, anything to report on the cyber situation Doctor?

Doctor:Only bad news I'm afraid, but Bailey and Dominique did manage to free some of the Musketeers that were being held in the Catacombs.

Louis:(Slightly relieved)

Oh, good I'm glad some of my men are still themselves and not those hellish creatures.

Bailey:We believe that Mazarin is planning something for your coronation...


Which should start at any moment, now I must insist you leave at once, I shall be along once I am properly dressed my good people.

Dominique:But Sire

Louis:A Musketeer always obeys his king

Dominique:Yes your Majesty

(Turns away)

Come on, let's go to the throne room and search for this thing then

Doctor:Just be careful Louis

Louis:I shall Doctor


Dominique leads the others to the throne room where the Musketeers are waiting outside, destroyed Cybermen sparking around their feet.


Musketeer:What can you tell us Doctor?

Doctor:Not much you would understand I'm afraid, no offence!

Musketeer:Quite a bit taken actually


Bailey:You, the Doctor and I will go in there and try to find whatever it is Mazarin has planted inside and stop it from killing the king.

Doctor:Maybe you should come up with the plans from now on Bailey

Bailey:Maybe I should Doctor! 

Dominique:If we need you we'll give you a call ok



Bertrand:I'm coming in there with you son, it's the only way I can be sure you're safe

Doctor:Can we just go in now the King will be in there any minute now.


The Doctor, Bailey, Dominique and his father enter the throne room and move towards the front of the crowd and start to scan the room. However it doesn't take them long to find what they're looking for. In the centre of the room on a raised podium sits an oddly shaped object covered by a large white sheet.


Doctor:I hate white sheets, there's never anything good underneath a white sheet!

Dominique:What do you think is under there?

Bailey:Nothing good!

Dominique:How do we stop it?

Doctor:I can't know how to stop something I haven't seen yet Dominique!

Bertrand:Can't we just stop the King from getting there? 

Bailey:(Working something out)

Musketeers, blueprint, Cybermen !

Doctor:What are you babbling on about now?

Bailey:Back in the Catacombs, the Cybermen said they couldn't assimilate me because I had the wrong genetic blueprint

Doctor:They've only been converting Musketeers, they don't know they can use anyone else.

Dominique:What are you suggesting?

Doctor:Nothing, just thinking out loud!


The King enters the room through a door right at the end of the room and the crowd turn to see their King approach his throne. Suddenly each Cyberman begins playing an irritating tune but the Doctor realises what it is.


Doctor:(Covering Bailey's ears with her hands)

Don't listen to the music, it's hypnotic

Bailey:You call that music?!

Doctor:Just trust me and do as I say Bailey

Dominique:What, that's impossible!

Bailey:Dominique, Bertrand just do as he says block your ears

Doctor:Just look, look at everyone else


All the other guests in the hall and the King have their heads drooped in front of them and their limbs have gone limp like they are being held up by strings. Mazarin appears on the podium and drags the sheet off of the strangely shaped object to reveal a wicked throne of metal and wires, sending off sparks and making a strange humming noise.


Mazarin:All hail the King!


With everyone around them hypnotised and the King approaching the horrific chair before him, The Doctor, Bailey and Bertrand feel helpless, but Dominique formulates a plan and charges at the closest Cyberman tackling it to the ground and stabbing it through the chest. The music stops and the crowd begin to come back round along with the King but by now he is so close to the throne that Mazarin drags him towards it.


Bailey:Dominique! What are you doing?!

Dominique:Saving the king! Father Bailey get these people outside now


Dominique:Just do it!

Bailey:(Urging Bertrand to help)

Come on these people will get hurt if we don't get them out

Bertrand:(Looking back at the Doctor and Dominique)

Right, come on everyone follow me, this way is clear get outside as fast as you can, now, go, go ,go!

Bailey:No, come this way it's safer, get out!


Suddenly Dominique dashes from the Doctors side and runs towards the King and Mazarin.


Doctor:Dominique come back!

Dominique:(Talking to himself)

Sorry Doctor!


Just as Mazarin is about to force the King into the throne Dominique charges at the pair of them knocking them to the ground, but in the process Dominique falls into the chair which begins to bolt pieces of cyber armour to him.


Mazarin:(Seeing Dominique on the throne)


Bertrand:(Rushes to Mazarin and punches him back down to the floor)


Doctor:No, no Dominique get out of there!

Dominique:I can't!


Doctor help him out of there!

Doctor:(Tries desperately to sonic the cyber-suit open)

I'm trying!


As Bailey comes back into the now empty room followed by the Musketeers, the final pieces of cyber-armour bolt themselves into place followed last of all by the helmet. The Doctor and Bertrand slump down in front of the throne and just look at each other; the Cybermen around the room advance on the Musketeers who draw their swords and attack.


Bailey:(Fighting the Cybermen)

Doctor we could use an extra pair of hands down here, or one sonic screwdriver!

Doctor:(Eager to help his friend)

Right coming!


The Doctor and Bertrand rush into the battle and join in with the attack on the Cybermen.


Doctor:(Watching Bailey)

Since when did you know how to fight with a sword!

Bailey:Fencing lessons!

Doctor:Fencing lessons! When did you have fencing lessons?


Bailey:(Killing another Cyberman)

Do you really want to discuss that now?

Doctor:Fair enough!

Bertrand:(Stabbing a Cyberman)

That one was for my son!


Suddenly the Cyberman containing Dominique stirs in the throne and begins to move, some of the Musketeers and Cybermen watch as it rises from its seat and makes its way towards the battle.




However instead of attacking the Musketeers like the other Cybermen, Dominique's begins firing at the Cybermen blowing them apart with single shots from its arm laser.



He must be overriding the command core!

Bailey:Go Dominique!


The Musketeers cheer and continue fighting until they corner a small group of Cybermen and surround them.


Bailey:(To the Cyberman in front of her)

Any last words tin can?

Doctor:(Sighs and steps between Bailey and the Cybermen)

I'm sorry.



Doctor:I can't let you destroy them all


Doctor:Because it's who I am, I have to give them a choice

Bertrand:I understand, even though they slaughtered us doesn't give us the right to do the same to them, that would make us as bad as them Bailey.

Doctor:(Turns to the Cybermen)

Right, you lot listen carefully, now I have defeated you time and time again, I saved two versions of this planet from you and evidently lived to tell the tale, so I am telling you to leave this planet and never return or I will destroy you and you know I can. So what's it going to be? Delete or survival?

Cyberman:We shall withdraw, and leave this planet in peace


Really! I mean good choice, now Musketeers escort these Cybermen back to their ship and make sure they leave the planet.


The Musketeers and the Cybermen leave the hall, leaving just the Doctor, Bailey, Bertrand and the Cyberman with Dominique still inside.


Bailey:(Looking sympathetically at Dominique)

Doctor we have to help him out of there, he saved my life and the Kings'



Suddenly the Doctor rushes at Dominique and kicks him square in the chest dropping him to the floor where they land with an almightily crash.


Bertrand:What are you doing? That's my son in there!

Doctor:Exactly, the bravest, most loyal young man I have ever met, that's how he overrode the programming, his will power was strong than the suit.

Bailey:So why did you just drop him like a wrestler?


(Removes his screwdriver and starts sonicing the helmet)

I had to cut off the circuits without killing Dominique which would have been a bit of an anticlimax if you ask me.


The Doctor keeps sonicing the cyber-suit while Bertrand and Bailey wait in suspense, until unexpectedly there is a massive click and the suit hisses as the chest piece opens up and the helmet falls off to reveal Dominique laying with his eyes closed.



Dominique? Doctor tell me he's not...

Doctor:I'm sorry, he must have been dead before we got to him.


Then Bailey notices that she can see Dominique's breath condensing on the open inside of the helmet, she places her hand on his chest and can feel his heart beating. Without warning she bangs hard on his chest with her fist and he starts awake.


Bertrand:(Embracing his son)

Dominique! Son!

Dominique:(Looks over his shoulder at Bailey and smiles)

Doctor:How did you know to do that?

Bailey:I guess you never went to school did you?

Doctor:Not here no!

Bailey:What some kind of alien high school on your home planet?

Doctor:(Just looks away at Dominique and Bertrand)


Doctor:Oh! I almost forgot then!

Dominique:(Looking over his father's shoulder)

Look out!!


Without warning Rogan suddenly hurls his sword at Dominique who agilely rolls out of the path of Rogan's blade, and picking up his own, begins fighting Rogan; they exchange several blows until Dominique strikes and hits Rogan square in the chest, through his cyber armour and his heart, he falls to the ground with a clang on the marble floor. 


Bailey:(Looking up at Dominique)

If you're not good enough to be a Musketeer, no-one is!

Dominique:(Just smiles triumphantly)


The Doctor jumps to his feet and walks over to the king still laying on the floor by the throne, and hold out a hand to help him up.


Doctor:Your majesty.

Louis:Excellent work Doctor, thank you!

Doctor:What will you do with him?

(Gestures towards Mazarin)

Louis:He'll stand fair trial, probably!

Doctor:Now don't just go around cutting heads off will you Louis?!

Louis:After today's events I have no current desire for bloodshed Doctor

Doctor:Well then...

(Picks up the crown sitting on a cushioned podium)
Erm, kneel.

Louis:(Kneels in front of the Doctor)


As the only onlookers, Bailey, Dominique and his father simply giggle at the Doctor as he attempts to crown the King of France.


Doctor:(Making it up as he goes along)

By the powers that are vested in me, by someone, I now pronounce you as King Louis the 14th of France.

(Places the crown on his head)

Louis:(Stands and bows at the four people in the room)


The Doctor, Bailey, Dominique and Bertrand walk back through the palace gates and back into the city. All around people are hurrying to put out fires and the injured are being attended to; they stroll along to Dominique's house as his mother comes rushing out to greet them.


Andrea:(Verging on hysteria)

Oh my boys! You have been returned safely to me at last!

Bertrand:(Hugs his wife)

Oh Andrea!


Andrea:Oh my Dominique!

Doctor:Quite a son you have there Andrea, he just saved the whole of France single handily.


Dominique:I couldn't have done it without you Doctor


Dominique:And you Bailey!


Through the streets a carriage comes winding towards Dominique and the others, two sleek black horses pulling a finely decorated carriage.


Bailey:I wonder who that could possibly be?!



The carriage draws up opposite the house and a footman leaps down to open the door to reveal the King.


Louis:(Handing the Doctor a piece of paper)

I wanted you to have this, all of you.


The carriage pulls away again and darts back through the streets.



What does it say Doctor?

Doctor:(Scans through the note then looks up grinning)


The throne room of the palace is once again filled with people in fancy gowns and rows of Musketeers, including Bertrand and his wife. The King stands with a sword in his hand looking down at the three people before him, the Doctor, Bailey and Dominique kneel at the Kings feet making sideways glances at each other, and giggling slightly.


Louis:Dominique, son of Bertrand, in the past 48 hours you have shown true courage, loyalty and utter selflessness, you have saved the life of your king and defeated the forces of darkness.

(Tapping the sword on Dominique's shoulders)

As such, by the power vested in me as King of France I dub thee Dominique a royal Musketeer.

Dominique:(Bowing his head slightly)

Thank you your Majesty.

Louis:And you Doctor and Miss Bailey I proclaim you honorary Musketeers for your services to the crown and to France.

(Taps the sword once on their shoulder)

Rise Dominique, Doctor and Bailey, rise Musketeers.


The three of them rise and turn to face their audience who cheer and applaud their saviours.

A little while later everyone is dancing and talking and celebrating their victory against the Cybermen.


Doctor:(Talking to the King)

The Cybermen?

Louis:My men tell me they left peacefully and that they disappeared in the blink of an eye?

Doctor:They probably opened up a warp whole in the fabric of time and space and used it to take them  back to the future.

Louis:(Just looks at him blankly)

Doctor:Right, as long as their tunnels are sealed off and the equipment destroyed you won't be seeing them again Louis.

Louis:It shall be done Doctor!

Doctor:Though it won't be the last time this planet has to suffer because of them.

Louis:And what about you Doctor? Will you stay and protect Paris and her interest, a man with a mind like yours would be mutually beneficial?

Doctor:I have to be going, Bailey and I don't ... I mean we just travel, we can't stay in one place.

Louis:Very well Doctor, where is your companion?

Doctor:Erm, excuse me Louis!


The Doctor pushes through the enormous dresses and powdered wigs until he reaches the door to the ball room. Bailey and Dominique are strolling along the streets of Paris in the moonlight, Dominique wearing his new Musketeer uniform.


Dominique:I can't believe you have to leave so soon, and we have barely got to know each other in our brief time together.

Bailey:Well it would take a long time to get to know each other properly and I have to go with the Doctor.

Dominique:Do you know the Doctor very well?

Bailey:Um, no, not at all really, he just sort of appeared one day, saved my life and whisked me away in his little blue box.

Dominique:I saved your life!

Bailey:And I believe I saved yours too! Look Dominique I know you want me to stay here, but I just can't it's hard to explain.



Dominique:Then say goodbye


Ok, good.....


Dominique suddenly grasps Bailey swinging her around so she is looking up at him and kisses her passionately, as the Doctor arrives around the bend they break away and Bailey just smiles at Dominique.


Doctor:Are you sure that's entirely appropriate Bailey?

Bailey:(A bit breathless)

Quite sure Doctor!


Doctor:(Herding her around the corner towards the TARDIS)

Come on Bailey the universe calls!

Bailey:I know, but could we go somewhere a little less dangerous this time?!

They find themselves back in the small ally facing the TARDIS once again, the Doctor bounds towards her and unlocks the door.


Doctor:(Shakes Dominique's hand)

Good to meet you Musketeer Dominique, you know you and this whole event reminds me of something I just can't put my finger on it, anyway must dash.

Dominique:The pleasure's been all mine Doctor!


Come on Bailey move yourself!

Bailey:I'm just coming!

Doctor:(Goes into the TARDIS and starts fiddling with the consol)

Dominique:You could stay?!

Bailey:(Steps into the TARDIS)

It would never have worked out anyway!

Dominique:And why not fair one?!

Bailey:Because I'm 358 years older than you Dominique.


At that moment the TARDIS dematerialises and Bailey stares at the inside of the TARDIS. She rushed up to the consol and finds the Doctor typing and switching and pinging to his heart's content.


Doctor:So where to next? The crystal fountains of Straximus Six, or the jungles of the Amazon pick a decade, they're all good? Bailey?

Bailey(Looking at him questioningly)

Doctor:What is it?

Bailey:(Leans closer to the Doctor and looks into his eyes)

Who are you, really?


They always ask this!

Bailey:Doctor can you just talk to me please?!

Doctor:(Flicks some leavers then sits down on the seat behind him)

I'm from a planet called Gallifrey.

Bailey:(Sits down next to him)

Doctor:A planet ruled by a race called the Time Lords....


The Doctor starts to tell Bailey everything about where he came from and how he has travelled over the last 600 years, they fade out and we just hear the wheezy murmurs of the TARDIS as she flies through time and space.




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