5 Doctor Who: Jurassica

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Bailey and the Doctor arrive on a planet populated by dinosaurs but it seems history is about to repeat itself when an asteroid threatens to wipe out all life on jurassica.

Submitted: July 03, 2012

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Submitted: July 03, 2012



Doctor Who Episode Script


Written by Chloe Taylor



The Doctor is hanging beneath the TARDIS consol, plugging in various cables and making sparks. Bailey is sitting reading a book, Jurassic Park. The Doctor watches her through the glass floor and, slightly confused, comes up and stands by the consol to see what she's doing.


Doctor:(Slightly confused)

Are you...reading?

Bailey:(Sarcastic tone)

No Doctor I'm riding a horse, what does it look like I'm doing?


But why are you reading when we could be exploring new worlds, saving doomed space ships...

Bailey:(Talking plainly)

Being chased by monsters, almost killed by robots and giant flying aliens!

Doctor:(Clearly lost that battle)

Where did you get it from anyway?


Doctor:(Talking to thin air)

See I said it would turn up someday!

Bailey:I'm still here Doctor!

Doctor:(Coming back to reality)

Right! Why did you pick that one? There must be hundreds of books in the TARDIS library.

Bailey:Well, I watched the film when I was a kid so I decided to see if the book was any good, it sort of jumped at me!

Doctor:Yeah sorry, thought I'd fixed that!

Bailey:And it's not like we're going anywhere right now

Doctor:(Turning to the consol)

That's what you think!

Bailey:(Puts her book down and joins the Doctor at the consol)


The Doctor types in his desired date, pushes some buttons and throws the TARDIS space time throttle. The TARDIS sparks into life and Bailey and the Doctor are thrown around the control room until the TARDIS finally comes to a stop crashing on its side, landing Bailey almost on top of the Doctor beside the front doors.


Bailey: (Breathless)

What sort of a landing was that?!

Doctor:(Clambering out from behind Bailey)

Sorry, don't know what went wrong there!

Bailey:You've been flying her for around 600 years, don't you know how to do it properly yet?

Doctor:(Attempts to stand up, now waling horizontally to the room)

 Well I can't be expected to know how to do everything you know


The Doctor clambers around the TARDIS and up onto the main consol and attempts to re-park the TARDIS which materializes the correct way up in a prehistoric jungle. Bailey and the Doctor pick themselves up off of the floor and open the doors to reveal the enormous forest.



Bailey:(Stepping out of the TARDIS)

WOW! Where are we?

Doctor:(Stepping out of the TARDIS and joining Bailey)

Planet Jurassica, first planet of the Prehissomean galaxy, been knocking about for around oooo, erm I don't know how old this planet is.

Bailey:Probably old age setting in Doctor!


Bailey:But is this planet safe?

Doctor:Don't know, never been here before!



Doctor:What?! Oh come on what's life without a little mystery ay?


The Doctor starts to lead Bailey into the dense jungle around them, they marvel at the colossal plants and trees that tower miles over head.


Bailey:(Suddenly becoming nervous)

 Doctor, why is this planet called Jurassica?

Doctor:(Stops walking)

Ok, um the next thing I am about to say might freak you out just a tiny bit, so take a deep breath and get yourself into a calm place.

Bailey:(Slightly freaking out already)

Doctor just tell me will you!

Doctor:It's where the dinosaurs came from!

Bailey:When you say dinosaurs, do you mean...?


Bailey doesn't get the chance to finish her question as a herd of dinosaurs comes crashing through the undergrowth splitting the Doctor and Bailey landing them on the forest floor where they remain until the enormous reptiles have disappeared.


Doctor:(Helping Bailey up)

Yeah, reel dinosaurs!

Bailey:I nearly got run over by a dinosaur!

Doctor:(Correcting her)

I think it was several actually!

Bailey:(Verging on hysteria)

I am on a planet full of dinosaurs!

Doctor:(Slightly confused by her reaction)

Is that a good thing?

Bailey:(Hugging him tightly)

It's amazing!

Doctor:Actually, it's a bit boring!


How can you say that, to see an actual living dinosaur is amazing, no-one on Earth can say that they've seen a living dinosaur.

Doctor:To be honest I'd rather visit the ice world of Heximas 6

Bailey:Oh come on Doctor! Can't we take a look around?


Bailey:(Rushing off)


Doctor:Just be careful, dinosaurs may be boring but they're not to be taken likely!

Inside the control room of the planets Rogantillian base the captain sits in the bridge with five other crew members. (Rogantillian's are distant relatives of the Silurians except they are more closely related to dinosaurs than humans, with long tails and sharp teeth)


Sorin:Captain, sensors indicate herd 105 has begun their annual migration

Captain:Excellent, keep me posted, anything to report Zafrone?

Zafrone:(Looking at a holographic monitor)

Herd 246 has also begun migrating mam

Captain:(Leaving her seat to see Zafrone's screen)

That's not right, they're not due to start migrating for another few centennials

Magda:And the 148 mam


Where are they all going?

Fi:Mam every single herd on the planet seems to be moving to the southern hemisphere

Yvonne:I've got the same here too Captain

Captain:Sorin, Zafrone go out and run environment checks I want to know why they've decided to go

Sorin:Right away mam, come on Zafrone

Zafrone:(Smiling at Sorin)

I'm coming!


Sorin and Zafrone leave the room and enter a small chamber with flashing lights around the walls, the lights flash faster and faster until the room is filled with brilliant white light and when the light fades the pair of them have disappeared.


Back out on the planet floor Bailey and the Doctor are still wandering around watching the herds of dinosaurs grazing around them, they wander into a large clearing where they can see most of the planets forests from.


Doctor:Can we go somewhere more exciting now?

Bailey:Oh come on Doctor, if you had the chance to see something you had heard about since infantry and never seen before would you pass it up? 

Doctor:(Tripping over a large fern and getting angry with it)

Well what do you think I've been doing most of my life?!


So come on tell me about dinosaurs Doctor

Doctor:(Sighs, but he likes showing off)

Well, like I said this world is ancient but a few hundred years ago several different species of dinosaurs were transported to your planet, which at the time was a lush jungle like this one, perfect dino habitat, but you know the rest of the story.

Bailey:Giant asteroid strikes the planet, wipes out the majority of life on Earth and mother nature has to start from scratch, but who took the dinosaurs to Earth in the first place? 

Doctor:(Looks over the trees in front of them and spies the roof of the Rogantillian base)

Hello! Now you don't look like you belong over there!


Suddenly an enormous gust of wind blows the Doctor and Bailey to the ground and in a whir of white light Sorin and Zafrone appear in the clearing.


Sorin:(looking at a holographic map in front of her)

Sub soil levels seem normal

(Turns the screen up towards the sky)

And atmosphere seems to be holding nicely

Zafrone:Tell you something though, it's getting hot out!

Sorin:(Spotting the Doctor and Bailey)

Zafrone, look are you seeing this or are my visual sensors failing me?

Zafrone:(Picks up a communicator and addresses his captain)


Captain:(Just her voice replies through the communicator)

Yes Zafrone, have you completed your environment checks?

Zafrone:You'll never believe what we've found mam, we've got warm bloods

Captain:Bring them aboard

Zafrone:Yes mam

Captain:Awaiting transport, this won't take a minute

Sorin:(Removing a gun from a pouch on her trousers)

So who are you two? And how did you get onto this planet? Our sensors would have picked up any ship entering our atmosphere.

Bailey:Doctor what are they?

Doctor:(Getting excited now)

Don't know let's ask them!

Bailey:But it's got a gun!

Doctor:Bailey I think that's a girl


Doctor:(Walking over to Sorin and Zafrone)

Hello, I'm the Doctor and this is Bailey, who are you?

Sorin:I must insist you answer my other questions first Doctor

Doctor:We arrived here in my ship, the TARDIS it's a time machine that's why your sensors wouldn't have picked her up!

Sorin:(Smiling but still slightly suspicious)

Sorin, this is my lieutenant Zafrone

Doctor:(Waving slightly at Zafrone)

Hello, oh we come in peace by the way, you can put the gun away I don't really like guns!

Bailey:Sorry, hi I don't want to sound rude in any way, since you have a gun, but what are you guys?


We are the Rogantillian, dinosaur shepherds

Sorin:(A light on her screen begins flashing)

Teleporter's' ready now, time to meet the Captain

Zafrone:Take my hand

(Holds out his scaly hand for Bailey to hold onto)

Or you'll be left here

Doctor:(Already holding Sorin's hand)

Just take his hand

Bailey:(Places her hand in Zafrone's)

Doctor:They need to have physical contact with you...


The white light engulfs the four of them and they re-appear in the small circular room on the base.


Doctor:(Continuing his sentence)

...Or the teleporter won't pick you up.

Sorin:(Opening a door on the opposite side of the room)

Come on this way to the bridge

Zafrone:(Slides past Sorin smiling lovingly at her)

Doctor:(Sideways glance at Bailey smiling)

Bailey:(Returns the Doctor's look)

Zafrone and Sorin lead Bailey and the Doctor through the base until they reach the bridge where their four other crew mates are waiting for them.


Zafrone:(Walking back to his seat and swinging from side to side in it)

Environment checks out A OK, nothing different there, but the herds are moving away from the base towards the other side of the planet.

Captain:(Fascinated by Bailey and the Doctor)

 And who are our guests Sorin?

Sorin:This is...


Call me the Doctor, and this is my companion...


Doctor:And you must be the Captain, Captain what?

Captain:Just Captain, Rogantillian officers do not require names

Doctor:But Zafrones a lieutenant, why do you call him Zafrone?

Magda:(Turning round in her chair to see the Doctor)

Because he's Zafrone!


The others laugh and Zafrone joins in mocking them, while the Doctor begins to wander around the bridge.


Doctor:So who are you lot, and I like your base, very nice!

Captain:We're a research centre looking at the habits and natural patterns in the dino's daily life cycle. This is my crew, Magda, Fi, Yvonne and you've already met Sorin and Zafrone.


The five Rogantillians in the room wave slightly at the Doctor and Bailey as their names are called by the Captain.


Captain:How did you end up on our planet?

Doctor:(Looking around at the different screens in the room getting in the others way

Um we travelled in my time machine

Captain:A time machine?

Bailey:Yeah the TARDIS the Doctor reckons you wouldn't have seen us because our ship is so small and we materialised on your planet, sort of!

Doctor:(Talking to Fi)

Which one were you again?

Fi:My name's Fi, Doctor

Doctor:(Loving her name)

Fi! I love the name Fi, Bailey why can't your name be Fi?!

Bailey:(Just sighs in embarrassment)

Doctor:(Looking back at Fi)

Well Fi have you been watching your monitor lately?

Fi:(Slightly offended)

Of course I have, what do you take me for?

Doctor:It's just your sensors have picked something up and it's the size of an intergalactic star liner

Yvonne:(Coming over to have a look)
let's see

(Looking a Fi's screen)

It's only an asteroid Doctor, there are hundreds in this sector of space

Doctor:(Changing the subject)

I believe my friend Bailey has a question to ask you lot

Bailey:(Just forming the question in her head)

Yeah actually!

Doctor:There you go!

Bailey:If this planet is the perfect habitat for dinosaurs, why did you send a load to Earth?

Captain:That programme was abandoned years ago, but how could you know about that? In fact...

(Picks up a scanner beside her and scans Bailey)

That's not possible, the readings say that you're Homo Sapiens

Bailey:The Doctor and I are time travellers, I'm from Earth's future

Magda:(Marvelling at Bailey)

So you're actually human?


Magda:Wow, what's Earth like in the future?


Magda leave the poor child alone, apologies Magda's obsessed with the human race thinks they're going to be fascinating. Please finish your question.

Bailey:So I guess the Earth programme was shut down when the asteroid collided with the planet?

Captain:It was a dark day for all Rogantillians after that we stopped trying to expand our empire and focussed on improving our own planet.

Doctor:Now I've met creatures like you before but they evolved on Earth

Captain:You must be referring to the Silurians, yes we found them in the early stages of their evolutionary process, they must have become a magnificent race.

Doctor:Yeah, so what happens now?

Captain:Well now we've sorted this little episode out you are free to leave the base and the planet at your leisure Doctor, Bailey, it's been a pleasure.

Doctor:More than you know! Come on Bailey time to go!

Bailey:Oh, ok coming!

The Doctor drags Bailey through the door and back to the transport room where he places her on the teleport mat and uses the sonic to start it up.


Bailey:(Extremely confused and a bit worried)

Doctor what's going on? What are you doing? Doctor you're scaring me now!

Doctor:Me? I'm not doing anything! Right.

(About to press a big button on the teleport control pad)

Mustard, ketchup, blue leaver, bath tap, 421958693/squirrel, got all that?

Bailey:I think so but why?

Doctor:(Pressing the button solemnly)


The transporter begins to light up and Bailey starts to disappear.


Bailey:(Trying to fight the teleport)

Doctor what are you doing? DOCTOR!!

Doctor:(Talking slightly breathlessly)

Saving you!


Bailey re-appears in the TARDIS control room where she immediately runs to the door, she attempts to force it open but the doors are locked.


Doctor:(Rushing back onto the bridge)

Right then, that Asteroid Fi how big is it?

Fi:(Checking the scanner)

Err, over three thousand feet sir

Doctor:(Rushing over to Magda's screen)

Never sir always the Doctor, now Magda was it? bring up its trajectory

Captain:(Looking around the room)

Where's your friend? Bailey?

Doctor:I sent her back to my ship

Captain:And why did you do that?

Doctor:(Turning to face the Captain)

Because right now it's the safest place to be on this planet

(Sonics the monitor behind him enlarging the information displayed on an enormous screen in the centre of the room)

That asteroid's changed its course, and it's heading for Jurassica and it will crash into us in... Magda?


Twenty minutes Doctor

Doctor:Twenty minutes

Captain:What do we do?

Yvonne:Twenty minutes isn't enough time to evacuate the planet

Doctor:No it's not, so we have to find a way to re-direct the asteroid

Sorin:Like change its current trajectory?




 I don't know!


There's a moment of silence as the Rogantillians take in everything the Doctor just said and the fact that they are in grave danger, the Captain stands as if she's about to say something but seems to forget what is was.


Yvonne:Who are you Doctor?

Doctor:Concerned party

Magda:Concerned for who?

Doctor:You six, the billions of dinosaurs, and this planet


Doctor:Because this is what I do





The Doctor sonics the various control panels in the room bringing up a holographic map of the planet in the centre of the room, dims the lights and brings the shutters down on the windows.


Sorin:We've gone into full shield mode, nothing can get onto this base now

Zafrone:(Trying to stop the Doctor)

He's going to ruin the programme data!

Doctor:Oh forget the programme data, I'm trying to save your planet

Captain:Zafrone, leave him, he's right we need to organise our priorities right now

Zafrone:But Captain!

Captain:That's also an order Zafrone!



Magda:(Walking over to the Doctor to get a better look at what he's doing)

So what are you actually doing?

Doctor:Who me? Oh I wouldn't worry about what I'm doing, now Yvonne I need you to monitor the internal temperature of this base for me

Yvonne:Of course Doctor

Sorin:Why are you doing that?

Doctor:Because according to your sensors that asteroid is giving off a heck of a lot of radiation, that's what you felt when you found us Zafrone

Zafrone:Right, but if you've raised the shields the radiation won't be able to harm us right?

Doctor:No, but the heat the radiation is giving off very well could!

Captain:(Getting slightly frustrated)

Doctor, what are you doing with my base?


Bailey sits at the consol, sulking at the fact that the Doctor has simply left her on her own, in her head she goes over the last thing the Doctor said to her.


Bailey:(Talking to herself)

Mustard, ketchup, err

(Struggling to remember)

 blue leaver, bath tap, but what were the numbers?

(Stands and starts wandering around the consol tapping her head)
Oh come on it can't be harder than trying to remember a phone number. A phone number!

She hurries to the phone and picks it up on the inside is a sticky label with a number scrawled onto it


I hope this works

(Dials in the number)

421958693, come on Doctor!


Inside the Base the crew are getting annoyed with the Doctor for withholding his plans from them.


Captain:Look Doctor this is my research base, I am its Captain and you will tell me what you are doing!

Doctor:Can someone get the phone?

Sorin:It's not ringing

Doctor:Isn't it?


A phone starts to ring somewhere


Yvonne:(Picking up a communicator)


Captain:(Reaching out for the communicator)

Give me that! Hello?


Doctor it's your friend

Doctor:(Smiling taking the communicator)

Oh Hello Bailey


Inside the TARDIS


Bailey:Doctor what is going on?

Doctor:I see you found my emergency number on the phone then, or rather I hear!

Bailey:Doctor just give me a straight answer, what is going on?

Doctor:(Looks around at the Rogantillians)

Bailey that asteroid I pointed out has changed course, it's going to collide with the planet in, Magda?

Magda:Sixteen minutes Doctor

Doctor:Sixteen minutes and right now it's spewing out radiation so I thought it best to send you back to the TARDIS also I have a job for you to do

Bailey:(Eager to help the Doctor)

What's that?

Doctor:First, Captain are there any missiles on this base, a ship anything?

Captain:There's a launch pad on the other side of the base for our rocket trasporter, why?

Doctor:Because we need to give that asteroid a shove! Bailey do you remember the code I told you?

Bailey:Bits of it yeah, why?

Doctor:I need you to fly the TARDIS


You what!

Doctor:I need you to fly the TARDIS onto the asteroid, then we can extend the gravity shell and move it away from the planet, a small boost from one of the Rogantillian rockets should give you a hand too.

Bailey:Sounds like you've actually thought of a plan Doctor

Doctor:I always have a plan, contrary to popular belief

Bailey:Yeah great, there's just one problem though

Doctor:What's that then?

Bailey:(Shouting through the phone)

I don't know how to fly the TARDIS and you can barely do it yourself so how do you expect me to do it?

Doctor:All you have to do is use the instructions I gave you to pilot the TARDIS and land it on the asteroid ok?

Sorin:Can your companion actually fly your ship?

Doctor:Anyone can fly the TARDIS! Bailey you have to do this or the planet will be destroyed and there will be nothing I can do about it

Bailey:(Looking around the consol)

And why's that?

Doctor:Because I'll be dead after  that!

Bailey:(Takes a deep breath)


Doctor:(Starts rushing around the bridge)
Excellent, now I'm going to need a team to go and prime your rockets Captain.

Captain:Yvonne, Sorin your with me, we'll activate the rockets and await your signal Doctor

Doctor:(Salutes with two fingers)

The Captain, Yvonne and Sorin leave the bridge and rush off towards the launch pads on the other side of the base. Meanwhile Bailey is still waiting for the Doctor to give her his next instructions.



Doctor:Right Bailey use my instructions they should help you to land the TARDIS on the far side of the asteroid, all you have to do then is wait for the rockets to impact on the asteroid and pull the TARDIS space time throttle

Bailey: That's the big silver one with yellow light right?

Doctor:Err, yes I think...


Suddenly the connection between the TARDIS and the base breaks up and an enormous shockwave hits the base splitting the shell.

Magda:(Picking herself up off of the floor)

What was that?

Doctor:(Helping Fi to her feet)
You alright?

Fi:(She has green blood pouring from a gash on her head)

Yeah I'm fine

Doctor:Zafrone can you help Fi, she bashed her head on something

Zafrone:(Clambering towards them)

Yeah sure

Doctor:That, Magda, was a sonic vibration from the asteroid

Magda:What does it mean?

Doctor:It means that it's entered your upper atmosphere, now ten minutes until BOOM and...

(Grabs the communicator)

 Bailey? Bailey? It's knocked out our communications, I just hope Bailey's being as good as I know she is


Inside the TARDIS Bailey is searching the consol for the parts of the Doctor's instructions.


Bailey:Mustard, mustard, mustard...

(Finding a yellow mustard bottle wired into the consol as a button)



She presses the bottle down into the consol and the TARDIS begins to whir.


Bailey:(Keeps searching and finds a similar ketchup bottle)

Well if that was mustard then this must be ketchup

(Presses the button)

Blue leaver

(Pulls a blue leaver and laughs at the various controls)

Bath tap! Now the numbers, oh what were they?

(Suddenly remembering the series of numbers and typing them on the typewriter)

421958693, and the slash squirrel must be literally what it says!

(Types in the word squirrel)


Suddenly the TARDIS jumps into life and dematerialises leaving a flattened square in the rainforest floor. Bailey is being flung all over the place around the consol until the TARDIS finally comes to a halt, landing on the asteroid.


Bailey:(Picking herself up)

Well! That was easy!


Back inside the base the Captain, Yvonne and Sorin have arrived at the launch pads and begin flicking controls and entering codes into a large desk littered with buttons and switches.


Captain:Right Yvonne I want to know where to hit this thing

Yvonne:Yes Captain

(Starts typing)

East side, 4800 clicks mam

Captain:Excellent, Sorin inform the Doctor we are ready to fire on his command



Sorin:Yes mam

(Puts on a nearby head-set and starts talking)
Captain our telecoms have been knocked out, we can't reach the Doctor or Bailey


 You'll have to run then!

Sorin:(Nods in understanding and rushes from the room)


The bridge


Doctor:(Sonicing the communicator)

Come on you piece of junk, WORK!

Suddenly the communicator starts to fuzz like a de-tuned radio and he hands it to Zafrone


Doctor:See if you can get to the Captain

Zafrone:I'm on it!

Doctor: Now we have to assume Bailey is already onboard the asteroid and ready for the blast from the rockets to reach the TARDIS

Zafrone:(Handing the communicator back to the Doctor)

 It's patchy but it's working Doctor

Doctor:(Taking the device)

Brilliant! Now Captain can you hear me?


Inside the control room the Doctor's voice comes through the head phones and the Captain rushes to put them on.


Captain:Doctor is that you?

Doctor:Oh you bet

Captain:I just sent Sorin to tell you that we're ready this end just awaiting your order Doctor

Doctor:She'll be with us in a minute then, but as for you two, Bailey should be ready and waiting now so fire!

Captain:(Not hearing the Doctor's last word)

Sorry Doctor I didn't catch that!

Doctor:I said fire! Fire now!

Captain:(Shouts the order at Yvonne)


Yvonne presses two more buttons and there is an almighty rumble as a rocket is launched from the pad and heads off into space. The rocket collides with the asteroid and sends a shockwave that reaches Bailey and the TARDIS on the other side. Bailey takes that as her cue and pulls the space time throttle leaver as hard as she can. The TARDIS engines kick in and the asteroid begins to slow down and turn away from the planet below, however a small fragment of the asteroid breaks away from the main body and comes hurtling back down towards the base landing in between the launch control room and the bridge.

Suddenly Bailey can hear everything going on down inside the base but no-one can hear her.

Inside the bridge, smoke fills the air and everything is dark, the Doctor begins to stir.


Doctor:(Brushing debris off of himself)

Magda? Zafrone? Fi? are you with me?

Magda:(Groans as she tries to stand)

I'm here Doctor

Zafrone:(Waves a hand to show the others where they are)

We're here, I've got Fi


What about the asteroid?

Doctor:(Using the sonic to try and get the screens working again)

Here...bailey did it, she used the TARDIS to pull the asteroid away from Jurassica, now it can float away into a nice quiet corner of space.


Inside the TARDIS Bailey is celebrating to herself, and now feeling she's an expert she uses some leaver to release the asteroid which floats quietly away leaving the TARDIS just drifting in space. She can hear the Doctor talking through the gramophone speaker on the consol.


Bailey:(Jumping up and down with joy)

Oh yes! Who can fly the TARDIS? Bailey that's who! Now what's the Doctor doing?

(Listens to the speaker)


Magda:What hit us then, if the asteroid is gone?

Doctor:I think...hang on

(Sonics the hologram in front of them)

When the asteroid flew away, a piece broke off and fell back and hit the base

Zafrone:(Seriously worried)

What's the damage like?

Doctor:(Doesn't answer, just looks at the image)

Zafrone:Doctor what about the others?

Doctor:The fragment hit the entire eastern corner of the base, squashed it flat

Zafrone:We have to search for Sorin

Fi:And Yvonne and the Captain, they might still be alive

Doctor:(Toneless voice)

If they survived the impact then the radiation that shard was still dishing out will have killed them by now.


Bailey:(Listening in)

No, Doctor you have to find out if they're still alive!



(Rushes over to her screen which the Doctor has re-activated)

Ha! Look I'm getting vital signs somewhere in the east wing

Zafrone:(Rushing to her side)

Where, can you narrow the field?

Magda:We can try, here goes

(Turns a dial beside the screen)


The screen becomes less pixelated and in a corridor near where the shard crashed is a cold blooded life form growing fainter.


Zafrone:It must be Sorin, she was coming back to us remember, I have to find her

(Starts walking towards the door)

Doctor:(Rushes to stop him)

You can't go out there

Zafrone:(Pushing past and hissing slightly)

And you can't stop me!

Doctor:(Stopping him again)

Zafrone the current radiation levels out there will kill you in under a minute, now that's not enough time to find Sorin and get her back here, because for some reason we still seem to have air, now step aside.

Magda:He's right Zafrone, you can't save her, I know what she means to you, what she means to all of us but is it worth risking two lives?


Doctor:(Getting ready to open the door)

Right just popping out, back in a while, oh and stand clear of the door please


What are you doing? You just said it wasn't safe to go out there with that level of radiation around

Magda:Humans can't deal with that, you'll melt

Doctor:Good thing I'm not human then!

(Goes to open the door)

Oh one more thing, 749583/, err, hat, and I meant it when I said stay away from the doors!


The Doctor opens the door and immediately closes it behind him, sealing the others into the room. He then dashes along the smashed corridors choking and groaning with pain as he runs.


Bailey:(Understanding the Doctor's last message)

749583/hat! Oh Doctor you are, just are!

(Types in the co-ordinates on the typewriter)


The TARDIS phases in and out of reality as it hangs in space until finally disappearing and materialising in a corridor on the base. The Doctor finally reaches Sorin slumped against a wall in a corridor close to death


Doctor:(Rushing to he side)

Come here you

Sorin:(Struggling to speak)


Doctor:(Placing his arms underneath her)

Shh Shh, don't try to speak, just hold on


He picks her up and carries her around the next corner where the TARDIS is waiting, he kicks the doors open and rushes Sorin inside and places her on the sofa.


Bailey:(Goes to close the doors)

Doctor:(Rushing ahead of her)

No, no, no! I said stay away from the doors, and I knew having them open inwards would come in handy some day.

Bailey:I've been listening to everything

Doctor:(Slightly out of breath)

I know!

Bailey:I know you know!

Doctor:(Groaning with pain and grasping his chest)

Bailey:Doctor what is it are you hurt?

Doctor:(Dropping to the floor)

It's the radiation, I absorbed it but I need to expel it somehow.


What do you mean? How?


I hoped it wouldn't come to this! I just have to channel the radiation into something.

(Clutches his bow-tie and wiggles his head, before ripping the bow-tie from his neck, opening the doors and throwing it out)

I liked that tie!

Bailey:(Shocked and impressed)

Doctor:(Holding out his arms to Bailey)

You are spectacular!


I was rather amazing wasn't I!

Doctor:Amazing! You flew the TARDIS, only one other person in the universe who's flown the TARDIS singlehandedly, speaking of flying the TARDIS, there are some Rogantillians who currently need rescuing.

(Rushes around the consol flicking switches and pulling leavers)


The TARDIS materialises on the bridge where Zafrone, Magda and Fi sit in a huddle together, the door opens and the Doctor pokes his head out.


Doctor:Need a lift?!


The TARDIS appears in the large clearing on the hill where the Doctor and Bailey first met the Rogantillians and they step out of the TARDIS just in time to watch the whole research base come crashing to the ground.


Zafrone:(Turning to the Doctor)

Thank you Doctor


I'm sorry about the Captain and Yvonne, but there was nothing we could have done

Magda:They gave themselves so that we could be saved

Sorin:(Slightly horse)

And helped to save the planet

Fi:They shall be honoured by our elders and forever remembered for what they did to save Jurassica

Doctor:Good, I'm sorry I couldn't do more to save your base

Magda:It's alright, we can always build another one

Bailey:Maybe some kind of asteroid defence network as well, wouldn't hurt!

Zafrone:(Laughing slightly with his arm around Sorin's shoulder)

We'll keep that in mind!

Magda:How long do you think until the asteroid fragment will be safe enough to move or approach?

Doctor:I shouldn't think it will be long for the radiation to be absorbed by the soil, nothing will grow around it for a few years but it should be safe by then, I wouldn't worry.

Fi:Thank you Bailey and thank you Doctor, we shall always remember what you did for us today, until the ending of the universe every generation of Rogantillian shall know of the courageous Doctor and his resourceful companion.

Doctor:(Bows his head slightly)


The slightly battered Rogantillian walk away down the hill away from the wreckage of the base into the jungle and Bailey and the Doctor return to the TARDIS. The Doctor rushes up to the consol while Bailey lags behind walking slowly.




Doctor:(Looking down at Bailey)

You ok?

Bailey:Yeah I'm fine

Doctor:You don't look fine!

Bailey:The Captain and Yvonne


There was...

Bailey:Nothing you could have done I know, but they're still dead aren't they

Doctor:When you get to be as old as I am you learn to live with death

Bailey:That's not an answer

Doctor:What was the question?

Bailey:How can you live with allowing people to die?


I didn't leave them in that room to die, they went to help save their world, and without me and you the whole planet would now be nothing but a lump of radioactive rock.

Bailey:(Realising her insensitivity)

Sorry Doctor, I didn't mean...I just...

Doctor:I know, you're only human!

Bailey:Well I've certainly learnt my lesson for the day

Doctor:What's that?

Bailey:Never read a book in front of you, it seems to give you ideas!

Doctor:Well if you will be boring on my ship

Bailey:(Lightening up)

But now I can fly the TARDIS!

Doctor:(Leaping up and hauling Bailey with him)

Right then, Miss expert on flying the TARDIS, show me what you're made of!

Bailey: (Laughs and joins the Doctor at the consol)

Doctor:The TARDIS is really supposed to be piloted by six people anyway!





Together they spin around the consol pressing buttons and pulling leavers while the TARDIS hums, whirs and sparks in the background.






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