6 Doctor Who: Trapped

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Trapped aboard an extensively dammaged starship, the Doctor begins to think there's something far more evil at work than it first appears.

Submitted: July 03, 2012

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Submitted: July 03, 2012



Doctor Who Episode Script


Written by Chloe Taylor


High above the planet Ghosthal a cruise ship orbits the planet, inside people of all different origins and species mill about talking and going about their holiday. Aboard the bridge the Admiral addresses the four other officers in the room, two men one alien and a girl.


Gosselin:(Addressing the others in the room)

Attention sailors. Now Ghosthal airspace is one of the most traitorous in this entire quadrant, many a ship has reported strange activity while in orbit of the planet, so take it easy on this old girl she's seen a heck of a lot of the universe and she's got a more than a few light years on her!

Crew:Yes Admiral Gosselin

Gosselin:Very well as you were men, and woman!

Jenny:I'll keep an eye on the scanners Sir

Gosselin:Good show, as you were.

(Pauses then turns back to her)

You know it's not regulation to allow crew members with so little experience aboard the bridge of one of our cruise liners, the flag ship at that, but I hear you're as good as they come.

Jenny:(Fiddling with controls smiling to herself)

That's what they tell me Sir!

Gosselin:But we seem to have no record of your employment, past the last four days.

Jenny:I only just applied

Gosselin:And yet you've already made it to the position of Commodore?

Jenny:(Getting a bit giggly)

 I know it's cool isn't it?!


Meanwhile onboard the cruise ship several passengers are strolling around the shielded outer decks gazing through force fields at the frosty planet below. One human couple stroll along arm in arm gazing into each other's eyes while other passengers attention is being drawn to a meteor shower crossing the planet's atmosphere.


Passengers:Oh, it's so beautiful, come look.

Splendid, just wonderful.

Almira:(Looking away from her lover amazed by the meteors)

Oh look Loric

(Rushes to the railings)

Isn't it beautiful, I can't think of a better place to get married, can you darling?

Loric:(Looking at the meters holding Almira)

No. No I can't Almira, now why don't you go and get yourself fixed up and I'll meet you in the chapel on deck 24 in around half an hour my sweet Ugumphian rose.

(Kisses her forehead)

 Almira:Oh I love you so much.

(Walks off along the deck)

I won't keep you waiting.


Almira strolls back inside the ship and Loric heads off in the other direction to a door at the other end of the deck. Suddenly the buzz of noise from the passengers watching the meteors grows louder and some even begin to scream, the meteors have changed course and are heading towards the ship.  On the bridge warning lights and sirens begin to whirr and the officers rush around in an attempt to understand the situation.



Gosselin:(Panicking slightly)

Status report, now!

Darrin:(Turns from a monitor to the admiral)

A large meteor shower is heading straight for our hull, port side sir.

Gosselin:How many?

Jenny: (Looking at another screen)

More than two dozen sir, it's hard to tell we're receiving mixed readings.

Gosselin:Are the shields holding Orlando?

Orlando:Yes sir, holding nicely at 100% shield density sir.

Gosselin:Then we needn't worry, those shield would last a proton fusion blast let alone a few meteors.


Wait a minute, shields now at 98%

Gosselin:(Gets up)


Jabari:(Moving next-to Orlando)

Shields now at 96% density. 94. 92.

Gosselin:What is happening?!


 Sir I'm receiving strange readings from the planet below

Gosselin:What kind of readings?

Crish:I don't know sir that's why I said they were strange!

Gosselin:Without full shield density we can't deflect those meteors, we're sitting ducks, get us out of here Jabari.

Jabari:(Moving to a consol full of switches and grabs a joy-stick)

With pleasure Admiral.


Jabari presses some buttons but nothing happens.



Now what?

Jabari:The controls aren't responding, and the engine's are failing sir!

Gosselin:How long until first impact?

Jenny:Minutes sir


 We're all domed, all two and a half million of us, there's nothing we can do.


The startled crew members exchange concerned looks over their admiral's urgency to give up and their grave situation.


Jenny:(Turns to the windows, speaks under her breath)

If you can hear me, I really need your help, now if convenient?!


The TARDIS, The Doctor and Bailey burst through the doors wearing Hawaiian necklaces and dancing to tribal music coming from outside, the Doctor shuts the door but Bailey keeps on dancing up the steps to the consol where she flops into a chair.


Bailey:(Out of breath, still singing her words slightly)

Oh Doctor did we have to leave we were having such a good time?!


(Pulls a flower necklace from around his neck)

...because if you hadn't noticed those islanders were in fact cannibals and we were definitely on the menu for tonight!

Bailey:(Just laughs and starts to dance again)

Doctor:Hold on a mo!

(Attempts to hold Bailey still why he examines her eyes)

Just as I thought, hemrildrick, the locals used it to lull their victims into a sense of, well...

(Indicates Bailey's behaviour)

This! Now hang on

(Rushes to a trunk beneath the consol and removes a box containing a bottle of greenish liquid)

Now Bailey I need you to drink this or you'll end up with a brain like mashed potato

Bailey:(Away with the fairies)

Dance Doctor, dance!

Doctor:(Grabs her)

Stop moving or, I can't help you! Sorry it smells like cheesy feet and rotten fish guts but it always used to help old Henry the 8th sober up in the mornings after an all nighter!


The Doctor forces Bailey to drink the slimy green liquid, at first it seems to have no effect but suddenly the dancing stops and the smile disappears for Bailey's face, she stumbles slightly and holds her stomach like she's going to be sick.



How do you feel?

Bailey:(Looks like she's about to be sick but forces it back)

Like... I've just been forced to eat cat food... did you say Henry the 8th?

Doctor:Old friend

Bailey:(Looks dizzy)

Oh, I don't feel too good Doctor!

Doctor:(Has his eyes closed, not paying attention to Bailey anymore he hears Jenny's call to him in his head)

How about a nice relaxing cruise on a 54th century star liner?

Bailey:(Sighs with relief)

Just what the Doctor ordered!


The Doctor rushes around the consol and suddenly she springs into action sending them flying through the vortex and materializing in a deserted corridor aboard the star ship. The Doctor opens the doors and peers out then strolls back inside.


Doctor:Right, come on then Bailey!

Bailey:You're going to be the death of me I swear!

Doctor:(Suddenly extremely serious)

Why what have you heard?

Bailey:(Smiles, feeling a bit better)

I was joking Doctor, come on!


The Doctor leaves the TARDIS, Bailey removes her necklaces and places them on the coat rack beside her and picks up a jacket which she throws on as she dashes out after the Doctor.


Doctor:Now first class is...

(Licks his finger and turns on the spot with it in the air, and points along the corridor to their right)

 ...this way, now you go on and make yourself comfortable while I go and do a thing. Ok?

Bailey:(Begins to walk away along the corridor, but pauses and turns back)

What thing?

Doctor:I don't know yet, it's a thing with a couple of bits missing, respect the thing!

Bailey:I was only asking! Wait a minute how do I get into a room, we haven't got tickets; hold on are we being stowaways?!

Doctor:Not as such! Here, this will get you into any room on this ship

(Hands her a card key like the ones in hotels)

Bailey:(Gives the card a slight wave)

See you after you've done your thing then yeah!

Doctor:Yeah! won't be long, you know me!

Bailey:(Mutters sarcastically)

Yes I do!


Bailey walks away down the corridor leaving the Doctor alone. He stands for a moment watching her until she disappears around a corner, he then turns in the opposite direction and marches off.


Bailey:(Skipping slightly down the corridor)

So, first class! Now how do I find a room?

(Spots an open door ahead of her and walks towards it pushing it open a bit more to peer inside)

Hello, anyone home?

Almira:(Wearing a white wedding dress, she screams when she sees Bailey in her mirror)


No, no! Shh, I'm sorry I'm looking for a room!

Almira:Well you can get out of mine!

Bailey:Sorry, wait you don't know if there are any spare rooms around here do you?

Almira:(Sighs, still on the offensive)

I think there' s one next-door hun, and who are you?

Bailey:I'm Bailey, I'm on holiday!


 Almira, and aren't we all pet?!

Bailey:(Getting her act together)

Right of course, cruise ship, got it!

Almira:(Confused by Bailey)

What are you talking about? Are you ok?

Bailey:Yeah, I'm fine! Just had a dodgy drink earlier that's all!

Almira:Well if you've got nothing better to do would you mind giving me a hand pet? It's just, I'm supposed to be getting married in about ten minutes!

(Getting giggly and excited)

Bailey:(Surprised, but glad to help)

Yeah sure!


Meanwhile the Doctor reaches the ship's bridge, he presses a button on the wall and the door in front of him slides open to reveal four frantic crew members and the admiral slumped in his chair in

the centre of the room. The Doctor enters and asserts himself within the room, while the others look at him in pure surprise.


Crish:(Confused and extremely stressed)

Who are you?

Orlando:Why the heck are you in here?

Jabari:What are you doing?

Darrin:And how did you get in here?

Doctor:(Addressing the room)

Hello, I'm the Doctor and I'm here to help, I'm going to save you, and through the door! Obviously!

Jenny:(Approaching the Doctor with questioning eyes)

Is it really you?!

Doctor:(Slowly remembering)

I know you! But how could you be...?


Yes you do, but are you really him? I mean you don't look like him




Jenny:(Knowing that it's him)


Doctor:(Awkward hug)



(Breaking the hug)

You got my message then Dad!?

Doctor:(Now rushing around the scanners)

Yes I did, never could resist a cry for help me!

(Sonics the scanners)

Gosselin:(Becoming increasingly more irritated)

Who is this man? Orlando get him out of here!

Orlando:(Moves to removes the Doctor from the bridge)

Jenny:(Stands between them)


Crish:(Shocked at her disobedience)


Jenny:Admiral Gosselin, this is the Doctor, I brought him here to help us, and he will help us because that's what he does so please just hear him out because he knows what he's doing. I hope!


There is a moment of silence while Gosselin decides what course of action to take and the others simply look at him waiting while the sirens still ring around the room.


Gosselin:(Making his mind up)

 What do you think you can do for us Doctor?

Doctor:(Rushing around)

Right, according to your scanners you've got an entire meteor shower headed straight for you, how did that happen?

Jabari:we don't know one minute we were sailing in clean airspace and the next...


Jabari is interrupted by an enormous rumble, the room and the whole ship shakes violently as an enormous meteor shoots past narrowly missing the ship.


Gosselin:(Climbing back into his seat)

Were we hit?

Crish:(Grabbing a scanner to haul himself up with)

No sir but it was close, and I don't think we'll evade the next wave.


Right. Ok. Ok! I don't know what to do! What can I do? Bailey!


Back in first class Bailey is sitting laughing with Almira while helping her prepare for her wedding.



Almira:So is there a man in your life?

Bailey:Well I don't know?

Almira:Ooh! so it's complicated! How interesting!

Bailey:Well I think he likes me but sometimes it just seems that he hardly notices me at all and thinks that I just get in the way.

Almira:Not a lot I can do there hun!


The room suddenly shakes violently knocking things over and causing the girls to fall out of their seats screaming.


Almira:(Getting up in a huff trying to sort her dress)

What was that?

Bailey:I don't know but I don't think it was just turbulence!

Almira:Why d'you say that?

Bailey:Because in my experience it's never anything as simple or as harmless as that!

Almira:Your experience sounds, interesting.

Bailey:That's one word for it yeah!

(Crossing to the door)

 Come on!


Where too?


Outside to take a look at what's going on! You coming?

Almira:(Following Bailey reluctantly)

If I must!


The two girls exit the suit and enter the corridor outside, the ship is still shaking slightly and they struggle to walk properly.

Back on the bridge the others are still panicking.


Doctor:(still thinking)

I could get everyone onboard the TARDIS, but it would take a long time, Jenny how much time have we not got?!

Jenny:(Hurrying the scanner)Erm, less than a minute to calculated incursion Dad!

Doctor:Not enough time! Are there any escape pods on this ship?

Gosselin:(Glances at the other officers)



But there must be, this is a class 6 galaxy cruise liner there must be escape pods aboard.

Orlando:We've lost almost all power, the escape pods are useless, any power we can spare is being used to keep us in orbit.

Doctor:What about emergency power?

Jabari:Our stores have mysteriously disappeared Doctor

Doctor:What about the backups for those?

Jabari:Gone too!

Doctor:(Stands silently, powerless)

Jenny:(Eyes widen as she sees a meteor heading directly for the ship)

Everyone brace yourself for impact, this is gonna hurt!


A meteor heads straight for the ship's left flank. Bailey and Almira still stumble along the corridors. The Doctor and the officers grab anything they can, Jenny grasps the Doctor's hand and stares into his eyes. Suddenly the meteor flies straight through the ship, about two fifths from the tip of the hull, it tears it's way straight through the ship and out the other side leaving behind it a gargantuan hole through the ship. Bailey and Almira are thrown backwards due to the sheer force the meteor is throwing off, the Doctor and the others on the bridge are tossed around in all directions. People onboard scream and run for cover away from the damaged area of the ship.


Bailey and Almira lay on the floor, surrounded by debris and covered in dust. After a few moments pass, Bailey coughs and starts to pick herself up, moving pieces of metal that surround her, she moves towards Almira.

Bailey:(Attempting to wake Almira)

Almira? Come on we've got to get moving, I don't think it's a good idea to stay here

Almira:(Groaning as she comes around)

What happened?

Bailey:(Helping her up)

I don't know but I know someone who probably does! Let's just get out of here before we choke to death on this dust.

Almira:(Choking slightly and waving the dust away)

Bailey:(Taking her hand and leading her along the rest of the corridor avoiding pieces of debris)

Come on, this way

Almira:You sure?


They turn a corner and approach a door at the end with a small porthole window, as Bailey is about to open the door Almira suddenly stops her and stares out of the window.


Almira:(Grabbing her shoulder)

Bailey wait!


Almira:(Staring at the porthole)


Bailey:(Looks wide eyed out of the small porthole at the enormous gap in the ship beyond)

How the heck did that happen?

Almira:(Starts crying)

We're going to die!

Bailey:(Trying to snap her out of it)

Hay! No we are not going to die, now if I've learned anything from my time travelling with the Doctor it's you do not give up in a crisis, you carry on until you and everyone else if safe. So come on, pull yourself together, you're getting married.

Almira:(Still sniffing)

I don't suppose I'll be getting married now, the ships chapel was in there somewhere on the 24th deck.

(Points to the space beyond the window)

Bailey:(Comforting her)

Hay, there's always tomorrow! Now come on we have to find a way to get back to the main part of the ship.

(Having a sudden realisation)


Almira:The what?!

Bailey:The TARDIS! The Doctor's ship, he taught me how to fly it. Sort of, we can use it to find him!

Almira:Do you know where it is?

Bailey:It was somewhere around her on one of these corridors, come on I bet you we can find it!

Almira:(Follows Bailey back along the corridor as they start to search for the TARDIS)

I feel breathless, do you feel that?

Bailey:(Suddenly finding slightly hard to breath)
Yeah, oh no!

Almira:What?! Don't say 'oh no'!

Bailey:There might be an air leak somewhere, causing the air in this section to escape, come on if that's the case we had better move quickly.

Back on board the bridge the room is still and broken like the rest of the ship, with wires and debris scattered around, the only sounds are the sirens, gradually six of the seven people in the room begin to stir, Orlando remains unmoving, flopped over the desk in front of him.


Gosselin:(Getting up, scanning the room)

 Is everyone alright?


Jenny, the Doctor, Jabari, Darrin and Crish all start to pick themselves out from under the rubble, but Orlando remain motionless, Jenny moves to his side.


Jenny:(Small cry of sadness when she discovers Orlando is dead)

No, sir, Mid-shipman Orlando is dead sir

Darrin:(Comes over to check that he is dead)


Darrin:(Checking for vital signs)

I'm sorry sir, he's gone sir.

Jabari:(Given up hope)

And the rest of us will be dead too before long.

Doctor:(Trying to boost moral)

No! Come on, we've lost one good man today, and he will be the last I swear! Now what's the damage report Crish?

Crish:(Checking his monitor which keeps going fuzzy)

Well Doctor the meteor, tore right through the ship, ripped through at least 23 decks, the first class section is utterly unreachable.


A different siren joins the ringing and the crew members share anxious glances, while the Doctor just looks around perplexed.


Doctor:(Annoyed with all the alarms)

And what's that one for then?

Jabari:It's the oxygen level in first class Doctor.

Doctor:What about it?

Darrin:It's going down, our side of the damage has been sealed off by the air lock, but first class is too far away from the bridge to be protected by it.



(Sonics the controls which just buzz at him)

AAARRRGGG! There has to be a way to get to those people!

Gosselin:(Standing and moving in front of the Doctor)

Doctor, my priority is to protect the remaining people aboard this vessel, not to sacrifice members of my crew while you go looking for the dead.

(Turning back to his crew)

Now the ship's still drifting and we still seem to have some power so we need to try and...

Doctor:(Interrupting Gosselin)



What? Doctor?

Doctor:(Trying to level his anger)

You may have given up on those people but I sure as hell haven't, now I'm going to find my friend and you are going to see if there is a way down there, because I 'm the Doctor the oncoming storm!

Gosselin:(An expression of utter disbelief spreads across his face)

The Doctor. I know! But how? It's impossible


You've heard of me?

Gosselin:(Keeps his eyes on the Doctor)

Jabari, scan the damaged decks see if you can find one still intact.



But sir?

Gosselin:Just do it Jabari!

Jabari:Yes sir

Doctor:Thank you Gosselin

Gosselin:Find your friend, but do not trust to hope Doctor

Jabari:Sir, I've found one.

Doctor:(Rushing over to have a look)


Jabari:(Pointing at the screen)

Cargo hold's still clear sir, almost no damage near the engine bay, it should still be passable.

Darrin:But that would be suicide! Even though the engine's have failed, the outputs for engines are completely exposed down there, and there's no way to teleport you down and get you through the engine bay alive.

Doctor:No choice I'll have to risk it


You can't go down there, you heard what Darrin said the engine outputs are completely exposed down there, so how exactly do you plan on getting past them?

Doctor:I'm going to do a thing!

Jenny:What thing?

Doctor:Don't know yet? But I'll let you know as soon as I do, deal?!

Jenny:(Smiles at him)

Deal, but I'm coming too!


Crish:Jenny no! You can't go down there with him

Jabari:He's right, it's way too dangerous!

Jenny:(Looks at the Doctor)

Not for us it isn't!

Gosselin:Let them go boys, I trust the Doctor


Gosselin:There are so many stories of the Doctor and his friends, I never believed them until today, and I am very sorry Doctor I truly am.


Gosselin:You don't know?

Doctor:Do I look like someone in the know?!

Gosselin:Then I shouldn't tell you sir

Doctor:Good I always love having things to look forward too! Jenny we're going to find some survivors.

(Heads off towards the door)

Jenny:(Moving towards the door)


Gosselin:(Handing the Doctor a few pairs of face masks)

Here, if the airs escaping you'll need these where you're going.

Doctor:Thank you Gosselin


The Doctor opens the door and together, he and Jenny leave the bridge and break into a run along the corridor, dodging injured passengers as they run.


Jenny:(Panting as they run)

Any idea as to how this could have happened? I mean the shields just dropped and the power suddenly started draining away.

Doctor:Not yet, but I'm sure the answer will present itself to us eventually.


Suddenly the Doctor comes to a halt beside a small door, he sonics the door which clicks and swings open to reveal a very long staircase.  


Doctor:Right! After you

Jenny:(Looks questioningly at the stairs)

How many?

Doctor:(Peers down the staircase)

At a guess I'd say around 1182 steps, give or take.

(Starts down the stairs)

Jenny:(Regretting asking her question and following the Doctor down)

Right! So glad I asked!

Back in first class Bailey and Almira are making their way back to where Bailey and the Doctor left the TARDIS. But something doesn't seem right. They turn the corner to find the TARDIS surrounded by strange grey and white, legless translucent creatures who immediately turn and look at Almira and Bailey, who both scream and turn on their heels back the way they had come. the creatures give chase, they float along the ships corridors like ghosts.



Come on, keep up

Almira:(Falling behind)

I'm trying, but it's hard to run in this dress!

Bailey:(Grabbing Almira's hand)

Quick in here!


She uses the key card the Doctor gave her to open a door marked 'staff only', they slip through the thresh hold and slam the door behind them. They find themselves in a simple store cupboard.


Almira:(Out of breath from running and the lack of oxygen)

What...were those things?

Bailey:(Listening by the door)


Almira:Did we lose them?



Almira:(Goes to speak but thinks better of it and listens)


On the other side of the door the creatures examine the door the girls escaped through but eventually they move away along the corridor and spread out around the first class floors.


Bailey:(Holds up the key to look at)

Nice one Doctor!

(Places it back into the door)

Almira:Wait, what if they're still out there?


Ok we'll wait here for a while until we can be sure they're gone, but we shouldn't stay here too long, we've only got the air we came in with and by the looks of it this room's air tight.

Almira:Not like it's any better outside!


Meanwhile on the very bottom deck of the ship Jenny and the Doctor come to the foot of the stairwell and find themselves in the engine outlet bay. The room is dark, lit only by the enormous vents overhead; suddenly one of the vents opens violently and an a huge jet of boiling hot air and flame shoots at the ground sending sparks flying in all directions all the other vents along the room open in sequence and the room glows bright orange.

Doctor:This is poor ship planning!

Jenny:(Sees the defeated look on the Doctor's face, shouting over the noise of the engines)

We gave it our best shot Doctor, but there's just no way past that, I'm sorry.

Doctor:(Scanning the room)

There's always a way, there's always a way. There's always...

(Realises a way through the room)

...A way!

Jenny:(Ready to turn back)


Doctor:(Turning to Jenny)

Do you trust me Jenny?

Jenny:Course I do you're my Dad

Doctor:And I would never purposefully put you into harm's way


I'd hope not!

Doctor:So you can either trust me and come with me or wait here and I will never think anything less of you?

Jenny:(Smiles and grabs the Doctor's hand)

Did you really have to ask?!

Doctor:(Talking to himself more than Jenny)

The exhausts are automated, but they each fire in sequence, so all we have to do is time it perfectly and we should be safe!

Jenny:(Slightly worried)



The exhausts fire once more and once they finish the Doctor suddenly starts running dragging Jenny along behind him. They run at break neck speed in the attempt to outrun the exhausts, when they get half way the first of the exhausts begins firing again and they increase speed, just reaching and bursting through the door at the end before the last exhaust fires.


Doctor:(Out of breath)

Now that wasn't difficult...was it?

Jenny:(Brushes some rubble off of her shirt, laughing at the Doctor)

Doctor:Come on you, we've still got a way to go and I would certainly like to know what's happening to this ship.

(Walking away)

Jenny:All right, you know it's this way!

Doctor:(Walking back in the opposite direction)

I knew that!

Jenny:(Just laughs and follows the Doctor)

I'd forgotten what it was like with you around!

Doctor:(Handing Jenny one of the masks)

Here you better keep this on from now on

(places one on his own face)

Jenny:(Strapping the mask to her face)

Thanks! You look ridiculous in yours by the way! Sorry!


They start to climb a staircase identical to the one they just came down, a sense that they are close to their goal spurring them on. They reach the end of the stairs and exit through a door opposite into a corridor littered with debris, lights flicker and shatter around them; passengers suddenly flood the corridor running towards the Doctor and Jenny.


Jenny:(Watching them rush past until they turn a corner and disappear)

What are they running from?

Doctor:(Watches as two of the translucent creatures appears around the corner in front of him)

Try asking them!


What are they?

Doctor:Don't know, let's ask them!

(Addressing the creatures)
Hello, I'm the Doctor and what, might I ask are you lovely things?


There is no reply but the creatures begin floating towards the Doctor and Jenny. A man suddenly bursts through a door beside them and rushes into the path of one of the creatures, but before he can scream the creature reaches out, touching his shoulder and he is immediately turned to dust.



 He didn't need to die! You need to restore power to this ship and leave.



No response


Jenny:(Whispering sarcastically)

I don't think they feel up to talking today, maybe they're shy!

Doctor:That'd be a first!


The creatures advance and the Doctor grabs Jenny's arm and hurries her along the corridor, however more creatures approach from the other direction and they are trapped. The Doctor uses his sonic screwdriver to unlock a door on their right and pushes Jenny through it.


Doctor:(Pushing Jenny through the door)

Go on get in!

(Turning back to the creatures)

I don't know what you are, but if I find you've harmed my friend or any more passengers on board this ship you'll be sorry.

(Slips through the door and sonics it shut)


As the Doctor looks around from the door, he discovers that he and Jenny have stumbled across Bailey and Almira's hiding place, causing the four of them to become rather squished in the small cupboard.


Doctor:(Smiling at himself)

Hello, sorry to burst in on you like this but we were being chased!

Bailey:(Laughs breathlessly)

So I guess you're thing didn't go as planned?!

Doctor:No, no this was all part of the thing, I told you it was a thing in process!

Bailey:(Finally noticing Jenny)

And who's this then?

Doctor:(Beginning introductions)

Oh, sorry, Bailey this is Jenny, Jenny Bailey.

Jenny:(Shakes her hand awkwardly)

Pleasure! I'm the Doctor's daughter!


She's your, your daugh...daughter!

Jenny:It's a long story for another time!

Almira:(Becoming impatient)

Is nobody going to tell me what is going on here? and what have you two got on your face?




(Hands Bailey and Almira a mask each)

But the ship has lost almost all its power, we've been hit by a meteor that's ripped a gaping big hole through the ship cutting off the first class decks, and there now seems to be extraordinary spectre-like creatures roaming the halls killing at will. Any questions?


What are we going to do?

Doctor:We need to get to the TARDIS

Almira:Your ship? We tried that but those things kept cutting us off

Jenny:We need to create a distraction, nice dress by the way Almira!

Doctor:Yes. Jenny and Almira will draw the creatures away while Bailey and I make a run for the TARDIS, I have a feeling that the planet below is somehow connected to these strange events, but I'm not sure how just yet. If we can reach the TARDIS I can use the ships homing beacon  to guide this ship away from its orbit and out into clear space, then hopefully the power will return and the creatures will disappear.

Bailey:(Slightly anxious)

That's a lot of 'ifs' and 'maybes' Doctor. So let's do it!

 Jenny:Sounds like a plan to me!


A rare occasion indeed!

Almira:Anything to save the ship


Right so Jenny, Almira get ready when I open this door you've got to run like hell to draw the creatures away from us and the TARDIS, and don't let them touch you!

(Holds the sonic ready to open the door)



Both girl not and shuffle towards the door ready to sprint out.


Doctor:(Sonics the door)



The two girls rush from the room, to find a group of the creatures loitering in the corridor, they immediately give chase and follow them away from the cupboard and out of sight. Bailey and the Doctor hurry away in the opposite direction and soon find the TARDIS, broken glass and pieces of metal surrounding her. They dash inside and up to the consol where the Doctor begins rushing about flicking switches and pressing buttons, he reaches for the microphone and presses a button, while Bailey hold on tight as the TARDIS dematerialises.


The bridge


Darrin:(Spotting a flashing green light on the desk)

Sir, incoming transmission.

Gosselin:Patch it through Darrin.

Darrin:(Fiddling with some switches)

Yes sir

Gosselin:Who is this?

Doctor's voice:Ah! Admiral Gosselin the Doctor here and I've got a plan to get you out of here.

Gosselin:Glad to here it Doctor



Doctor:Now I need you to divert as much power as you can to your navigational homing beacon


Gosselin:What for?


Doctor:Because I'm going to reprogramme it to lock onto my ship and use it to tow you to safety


Gosselin:Very well Doctor, but you had better be right about this. Crish, Jabari divert all spare power to the homing beacon.

Crish:But admiral!

Gosselin:Just do it damn you!


Crish and Jabari rush around until the lights begin to go dim and the whole ship comes to a halt.

A light begins to flash on the TARDIS consol



Doctor:Yep, got them, now time to blow this popsicle stand!




The Doctor holds the sonic to the consol and pulls a leaver, the TARDIS jumps into action, an invisible link now connected to the ship begins to tug it away from the frosty planet below, the strain is a lot for the TARDIS to cope with and she struggles but the Doctor knows she's pulled bigger. On board the ship the crew on the bridge cheer and congratulate each other, in first class the lights are dim but as Almira and Jenny turn to look at their pursuers the ghostly creatures fade away until there's nothing left and the girls stop running and celebrate.


Out in empty space the TARDIS materialises back onboard the starship where Jenny and Almira are waiting, they step inside and the TARDIS disappears, to re-appear on the bride where the admiral and his three crew members stand ceremoniously as the Doctor steps out.




At ease!

Gosselin:The power's returned and the engines are all back on line

Doctor:Yes well you just needed to keep your distance


Doctor:I don't know everything about what happened today, but my guess is, that planet is something new, something that was beginning to become disturbed by the residue from your engines, all those years of traffic passing by must have woken something down there in the cold, it turned those meteors against you, drained your power and sent those creatures up her to kill you.

Gosselin:What can we do about it?

Doctor:Well my advice would be to leave Planet Ghosthal off of your cruise route from now on, or there'll be more incidents like today.

Gosselin:We thank you for your help Doctor, and offer you our full support in all of your future endeavours.

Doctor:(Tips his head and walks back into the TARDIS)


Almira:Can I get married now?

Doctor:(Joining them at the consol)

Yes of course, Almira you go and get married, and the best of luck to you and the lucky man.



Almira:(Walking down the steps towards the door)

Thanks to you I still have a man to get married to, thank you Doctor!

(Leaves the TARDIS)

Jenny:(Staring around her, gazing at the TARDIS interior)

She's just as I imagined she'd be, if slightly smaller!





The Two girls laugh together.


Jenny:So what happens now? You going to drop me off somewhere?

Doctor:When we met I said you could come with me

(Looks at Bailey)

You could stay with us for a bit


You wouldn't mind?

Bailey:It's fine by me!

Jenny:So where too then? Or when?

Doctor:(Pulls a lever and the TARDIS flies off)

Who knows?!

Now we're all acquainted and before we go anywhere I believe there are some stories to tell.

Bailey:Yeah! Like how can you have a daughter?

Doctor:(Serious tone)

And how can she still be alive?

Jenny:(Pleased with herself and content)

Ah, all in good time my friends!


The three of them begin to talk while the TARDIS drifts silently through space, guiding them towards their next adventure somewhere in space and time.






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