7 Doctor Who: See or Be Seen

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Not all adventures happen away from the TARDIS, when Bailey discovers a relic from the Doctor's previous life the TARDIS recieves and unholy visit that threatens all of reality.

Submitted: July 03, 2012

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Submitted: July 03, 2012



Doctor Who Episode Script

See or Be Seen

Written By Chloe Taylor


On board the TARDIS Bailey is wandering through the labyrinth of corridors, poking her head through doors and drifting aimlessly from room to room.  In the control room the Doctor is giving Jenny a tour of the consol, naming various dials and switches.


Jenny:(Pointing at a leaver on the consol about to pull it)

And what does this one do?

Doctor:(Grabbing her hand before she touches it)

Ahh! That one rips a whole in the space time continuum

Jenny:Not good?

Doctor:A bit not good yeah!

(Looks around)

Bailey? Where's Bailey gone?

Jenny:(Walking down below the consol)

She went for a walk!

Doctor:(Mouths the words, not grasping what she just said)

A walk?!

Jenny:(Looking up through the floor)

Come on I thought you were teaching me about the TARDIS?

Doctor:(Shrugs and walks towards the steps that lead down to Jenny)

I'm sure she's fine!

Jenny:What harm could she do anyway?


Bailey reaches a door at the end of a corridor she tries the handle but it doesn't budge.


Bailey:What's behind you then?


She presses her ear to the door and we hear what sounds like something heavy being dragged along the floor inside, she jumps back from the door which creaks open slightly at her movement.


Bailey:(Getting a bit scared)

That's odd, I'm sure that was locked just then.

(Goes to push the door open but stops herself)

Wait what would the Doctor do? Well the Doctor would say...

(Tries to do an impression of the Doctor, straightens an imaginary bow tie)

...go on just take a peek, there's not going to be anything scary in there; but if there is you can always run away!
(Laughs at her own impression)


Back in the control room Jenny is just chilling while the Doctor does various things with the consol, after a moment he stops and looks about again.




Doctor:(Becoming slightly anxious)

How long ago would you say Bailey went off on her walk?

Jenny: (Thinking)

Erm, quite a while ago now I think about it, you think something might have happened to her?

Doctor:(Starting to walk towards the steps that lead up away from the consol)

Did she say where she was going?

Jenny:We're on a ship! Are there really that many places she could go?!

Doctor:(Striding up the steps two at a time)

On this ship! Who knows where she might be?! Won't be long!

Jenny:(Looking around at the empty room)

I'll just sit here then!


The Doctor begins to wind his way through the TARDIS' corridors, an anxious expression on his face.

Bailey pushes the door open with a shaky hand, it swings open but halts when it bashes against a pile of boxes and files. The room is very dark, only a few spot light around the room allow Bailey to judge just how big the room is; about the size of a small village hall. The room is filled with boxes, crates and stacks of files and ring-binders.


Bailey:(Removes a small torch from her pocket and starts staring around at the ceiling high towers of boxes)

Wow! Ever heard of spring cleaning Doctor?!

She moves further into the city-like maze of skyscrapers and towers; meanwhile the Doctor reaches the corridor where the door to the room of clutter is situated. He spots the open door and approaches it cautiously.


Doctor:(Tapping the door gently with his knuckles)

Hello, anybody home? Bailey are you in here?


Using the sonic as a torch the Doctor enters the maze. Bailey comes around a corner and finds a dead end filled with piles of old documents, atop the rest is a purple folder coated with a thin layer of dust. She picks up the folder, gives it a gentle blow to get rid of the dust and holds it up in her torch light. She flicks through the pages.


Bailey:(Struggling with the torch and folder)

Looks like a script, a conversation between...

(Finds a name on the page)

Someone called Sally Sparrow, and the Doctor

(We hear the dragging noise again and Bailey spins around but there's nothing there)

(Holding her torch out at arms length)

Is someone there? Doctor is that you? Hello?!


She continues to flip through the folder, until she comes across a photo of an grubby empty old room, there is a shadow in the shape of a winged angel on the floor but nothing to cast the shadow.


Bailey:That's odd why would someone take a picture of an empty room, I bet the Doctor knows what this is all about.

(Closes the folder and continues through the room)


Doctor:(Searching all corners of the room)

Bailey? Bailey Jackson come out come out wherever you are!


The Doctor spins around when he hears the dragging noise, his eyes widen when he recognises it as the sound that Weeping Angels make when they move unseen. W hear Bailey scream from a far corner of the room, the Doctor rushes around in an attempt to find her. She stands face to face with an Angel, its arms aloft and its horrific face twisted and angry.

Bailey:(Sighs with relief, and taps the statue in front of her)

Oh God, it's just a statue!

(Looks down at her torch as it flickers and bangs it against her palm)

Strange I only put fresh batteries in the other day

(She looks back up and there's another Angel behind the first)

Doctor? Are you playing some kind of trick or something? Because it's not funny!


Doctor:(Running through the maze frantically searching for Bailey)

Bailey! Bailey we need to get out of here, this room is full of Weeping Angels! Bailey!


The Doctor turns the corner to find Bailey and the two Angels.


Bailey:(Hears the Doctor behind her and is about to turn around to see him)

Doctor what's going on?

Doctor:Bailey don't turn around it's just me!


Doctor:(Trying to speak calmly)

Bailey keep looking at them and just listen, they are Weeping Angels, the deadliest creatures in all universe and if you look away they will kill you. You can't even blink understand?

Bailey:But they're just statues!

Doctor:Until you turn your back!

Bailey:(Turns around)

Doctor this is ridiculous!




As Bailey turns around the Angel behind her reaches out and grabs her shoulder, before she disappears Bailey creams for the Doctor, but it's too late she's been sent back in time, only the purple folder and her torch are left in the spot where she was stood


Doctor:(Angry with the Angels)

When did you send her? Bring her back now! Oh but you can't bring her back while I'm looking at you, but If I turn away you'll kill me too, even though you'll kill me kindly. How did you get in here? I thought all the existing Angels fell through the crack on the Byzantium?

(Spots the file on the floor)

 Sally Sparrow's file on the Weeping Angels

(Picks it up still keeping his eyes on the two angels, he stands up with the folder still open, with one eye on the angels and the other on the page he sees the empty photos)

Ah! The image of an Angel is itself an Angel! So you came out of Sally's photos, but why couldn't you get out of this room, you must have been here years, what have you been waiting for? Now I know Angels can be patient, so what were you waiting for?

(Getting frustrated)

Tell me!!


Bailey wakes up on the floor in the TARDIS control room (Tenth Doctor's) The Doctor and Martha Jones are standing at the consol staring at Bailey lying on the floor.


Martha:(Talking through her teeth)

Doctor, who's that?

Doctor 10: I have no idea! Who are you?

Bailey:I...I'm Bailey, Who are you? And where's the Doctor? I have to get back to the Doctor!

Martha:Think she's got a screw loose!

(Spins her finger beside her head)

Bailey:(Standing up)

I'm not crazy! I was with the Doctor a moment ago on the TARDIS we were talking about angels and now suddenly I'm here! And who are you?

Doctor 10: (Moving cautiously towards Bailey)

Well stranger things have happened! You said your name was Bailey?

Bailey:That's right, now where is the Doctor?

Doctor 10: Bailey. I am the Doctor.


No you can't be the Doctor, I mean no offence but his dress sense is even worse than yours mate!

Martha:(Walking over to them)

Doctor who is this and how did she get aboard the TARDIS like that, I mean she just appeared!

Doctor 10: Don't know but I have a few theories

Bailey:Don't be silly this isn't the TARDIS!

Doctor 10: Why d'you say that?

Bailey:Well the TARDIS is definitely cleaner than this and it's orange!

Martha:Ok Doctor I'm confused explain

Bailey:You're not the only one!

Doctor 10: Look at me

Bailey:(Looks into his eyes and her smile slowly fades)

But you can't be, it's impossible! Wait he said that he could change his face, pity he didn't change his hair style

Doctor 10: (Laughs)

So you know me?

Bailey:I think so, well a different version of you at least, this is so weird!

Martha:Doctor explain!

Doctor 10: Martha...


Martha! I know you, you were the Doctor's companion, he told me about you!


Doctor 10:  Martha it's really not that hard to get your head around! Look Bailey has been transported here from somewhere in my future, I've got a future that's nice! Anyway she's obviously come along way because she doesn't recognise me, she knows me as someone I haven't been yet. Understand?!

Martha:I Think my head's gonna explode!

Doctor 10:  But how did you end up here?

Bailey:I...I can't remember, wait it had something to do with Angels, Weeping Angels?


Martha and the Doctor exchange worried looks and Bailey just stands there confused.


Back in the future, the Doctor is running for his life through the maze of towering boxes, the angels hot on his heels, appearing at various corners and turns until eventually he reaches the door and launches himself through it. Kicking it shut with his foot.


Doctor:(Out of breath)

 Bailey! Wait...I'm...I'm remembering Bailey, I remember.


The TARDIS control room several years ago.


Bailey:Wait I remember the Doctor telling me a bit about the Angels before I was sent here, what are they exactly?

Doctor 10: They're deadly multidimensional beings, they kill you by displacing you in time, which I'm guessing is what they've attempted to do to you but they can't have sent you back far enough, something to do with the TARDIS I presume, oh she's good!

Bailey:But they were statues, when I saw them they were stone.

Martha:Yeah, that's exactly what they are

Doctor 10: Until you turn your back

Bailey:Wait, what do you mean?

Doctor 10: When observed by any living thing the weeping Angels literally do not exist they're just stone, dead locked in fact, they can only move if they're unseen.

Bailey:But how could they get aboard the TARDIS?

Doctor 10: I don't know


The Doctor attempts to catch his breath while he flicks through the file and remembers meeting Bailey all those years ago.


Doctor:(Laughs slightly)

Time can be re-written, these photos are the key to this, if only I'd known then what I know now. I have to get back to Jenny, that door won't hold them for long.


The Doctor rushes along the corridor, the lights flickering overhead and back to the control room, he appears at the top of the stairs, Jenny looks up as he enters the room.


Jenny:(Slightly concerned)

You've been ages, where'd you go? Did you find Bailey?

Doctor:(Walks silently to the consol)

Jenny:Doctor what's wrong?

Doctor:Keep your eyes on all the exit's we're under attack

Jenny:(Shocked and fearful)

What? Under attack from what?

Doctor:Weeping Angels, now I don't have time to explain, but if you just keep looking at them they can't move but don't look at the eyes.

Jenny:Ok but why?

Doctor:Because they can climb inside and kill you of course!

Jenny:So how do we fight them? And what are they after? Doctor?

Doctor:(Stands silently staring at the door at the top of the stares)


Doctor:I don't know, but if they have any idea where they are they'll be after the TARDIS, but don't worry because I've got a plan!

Jenny:Great, what is it?

Doctor:I'll tell you when I know!

Jenny:You mean you haven't actually got a plan?!

Doctor:It's like a plan, but not quite a whole plan just yet!

Jenny:(Suddenly realising Bailey isn't in the room)

Where's Bailey?

Doctor:She's...been sent back in time!

Jenny:What how?

Doctor:The Angels sent her back in time

Jenny:So she could be anywhere?!

Doctor:Almost anywhere, the TARDIS sort of intervened and made sure she didn't go back to far.

Jenny:And how many Angels are there?

Doctor:Minimum of three!

Jenny:Great! An extra pair of eyes in this situation would have been helpful!


Back in time the Doctor, Martha and Bailey are trying to think of just how the angels could have got on board the TARDIS in the future.



The photos!

Martha:Sorry what?

Bailey:There were these photos in a purple folder, but they were just pictures of empty rooms, there weren't any angels in the pictures.


Recalling the purple folder Sally Sparrow gave him, the Doctor rushes around the room and down below the floor, he drags out a box filled with files and pieces of paper, he riffles through until he finds the purple folder; in slightly better condition than the one in the future.


Doctor 10: (Hands the folder to Bailey

Like this one?


Yes exactly like this one!

(She flicks through until she finds the photos)

Huh! There's three Angels in these photos, but they're not there in the future

Martha:Well they're pretty powerful beings, maybe they can just walk out of a picture?

Doctor 10: Don't be ridiculous Martha! What if they can reanimate themselves through a portrait and channel their very existence into them, bringing them to life?

Martha:Yeah I just said that!

Doctor 10:  No you didn't I did.

Bailey:Well Martha's explanation was simpler and I didn't understand most of yours Doctor. Nothing changes!

Martha:(Looking down at the pictures)

Wait. Look!

Bailey(Also looking at the photos)

What?  Oh my God!

Doctor 10: (Looking at the pictures)

They've moved, all three of them!

In the pictures we can see that the three angels have changed position as if they were completely different photos.


Doctor 10: Right someone needs to keep an eye on them at all times or they'll move again.

Martha:(Takes the file from Bailey keeping her eyes fixed on the photos)

I'll do it

Doctor 10: And remember do not blink!

Bailey:What do we do now? I'm pretty sure you haven't got plan yet!

Doctor 10: I always have a plan!


Yeah, improvise!

Doctor 10:  (Looking at Bailey, intrigued)

What am I like? In the future

Bailey:I don't think I should say, the Doctor would tell me not to, or you would, I'm getting confused!

Doctor 10:  Quite right! Spoilers!


Martha:(Calling to the others)

Erm, guys my eyes are gettin tired, and I'm finding it really hard not to blink!

Bailey:What are we going to do?

Doctor 10: Only thing we can do, destroy that file.


Back in the future, Jenny's eyes begin to flicker with the strain of staying open, staring at the door before her, her eyes shut for a split second, when they open again there is an Angel standing in the doorway.



Doctor! They're here!

Doctor:(Doesn't turn from his spot)

How can they, I told you not to blink!


Well it's harder than it sounds, I just couldn't stop myself and then when I opened my eyes...

Doctor:There was an Angel at the door well just keep it in sight, don't let it move...

(Turns to look at the angel for a moment then turns back)

Ah, problem!

Jenny:Don't tell me!

Doctor:Never mind! We still have Bailey

Jenny:You said she got sent back in time, how's she gonna help?

Doctor:I also said that the TARDIS intervened, she got sent back 15 years along the TARDIS' time stream so...

Jenny:So right now she's probably talking to a younger you, and I'm guessing you remember everything that happened?

Doctor:Up to a point yes.


Suddenly the lights go out and Jenny screams, when they come back on the Angels have advanced and are now only a few feet away from the pair of Time Lords, the third angel has also appeared on the edge of the room, it reaches up towards the time rotor.


Doctor:Ok, not good, they want the TARDIS

Jenny:How not good would that be?

Doctor:On a scale of very not good to end of the universe!

Jenny:What happens then?

Doctor:If the Angels get their hands on the TARDIS they could destroy every living thing in the universe

Jenny:But why?

Doctor:Well they can't move if they're seen by another living thing, destroy all life and they're free.

Jenny:Makes sense, completely mad, but makes sense! But what if the lights go out again?

Doctor:Erm? Keep your eyes on them for a minute, just keep looking at them as fast as you can!


The Doctor quickly ducks underneath the consol and starts sonicing various wires and things, the angels he was looking at takes a chance and moves slightly closer to the consol, Jenny spins around violently trying to look at all three angels at once, each time she spins away the edge closer. Suddenly the lights become extremely bright and intense, and the Doctor pops up and fixes his view on the angel three feet in front of him.



Jenny:(Squinting against the harsh light)

 What did you do?

Doctor:What? Oh dead locked the lights, they can't shut them off now, well not for a while now anyway!

Jenny:You mean they can still shut them off?!

Doctor:It'll take them time but not even a dead lock can truly stop an Angel

Jenny:Let's hope Bailey has something good up her sleeve coz it looks like we've just played our last card


Back in time on the TARDIS Bailey takes the folder from Martha and stares unblinkingly at the angels.


Martha:(Blinking and rubbing her eyes)

How do we destroy it then?

Doctor 10: (Smiles)

Easy! We just need a super nova!

Bailey:(Stays looking at the pictures)

What? Why?

Doctor 10: (Starts rushing around the consol and the TARDIS fires into action)

It's the only way we can know for sure that the Angels are truly gone

Bailey:(Drops the folder while trying to hold onto the TARDIS)

Martha:(Holding onto the consol for dear life)

Where exactly are we going to find a super nova?!

Bailey:(Picks up the folder from the floor)

Doctor 10: (Pulling a final leaver and leaping towards the door)


Bailey:Doctor! I dropped the folder and they've moved again!

Doctor 10: (Holding out his hands)

Quick shut it and throw it!

Bailey:(Slams the folder shut and tosses it across to the Doctor)



The Doctor grabs the folder and pulls open the TARDIS doors, outside the light of a blazing super nova explodes through the doors blinding the two girls, before the Doctor can throw the folder from the TARDIS a stone arm protrudes from the pages and attempts to grab the Doctor, he uses all his energy to hurl the folder into the super nova where it explodes into atoms, destroying the angels forever. The Doctor slams the doors shut and strolls back up to the consol brushing his hands together as if to clear off dust.


Bailey:(Breathes a sigh of relief)

We did it, we saved the future!

Martha:I still have a few points I want to clear up

Doctor 10: Don't worry about it!

Bailey:Wait, if we destroyed the Angel photos in this time, that means...

Doctor 10: They're no longer around in your time to threaten your time stream

Martha:So if it won't ever happen in the future, then...

Bailey:There's nothing to send me here...

Doctor 10:  Nice to meet you Bailey, I won't remember any of this but I look forward to meeting you properly

Bailey:I remember it well!

Martha:So what happens now?

Doctor 10:  Time will start to change and we won't remember any of this, it will never have happened

Bailey:Wait what do you mean it will never have...


Suddenly Bailey is engulfed by a bright white light, the events of the past few hours begin to unravel like a tape on rewind the angels attacking the Doctor and Jenny disappear and time rewinds until it reaches the original tipping point and Bailey finds herself at the door to the room full of boxes, her hand resting on the door.


Bailey:...happened, that was weird!

(Remembering everything that just happened)


She rushes back to the control room, she appears at the top of the stares and finds Jenny sitting in the chair by the steps and the Doctor leaning over the consol.




Doctor:(Slightly anxious)

How long ago would you say Bailey went off on her walk?


Erm, quite a while ago now I think about it, you think something might have happened to her?

Bailey:(Walking down the stairs)

Oh I wouldn't worry about Bailey, she can take care of herself!

Doctor:Where've you been?

Bailey:What? Don't you remember? Angels, photographs, I got sent back in time!

Jenny:Bailey what are you talking about?

Doctor:I think you've just been dreaming Bailey

Bailey:(Talking to herself)

Of course, the time stream must have fixed itself so that the Doctor never remembers meeting me before he's supposed to, and if those photos never made it into that room then none of what just happened, happened!

Doctor:(Edging closer to Bailey)

Um, Bailey?

Bailey:(Acting as if nothing's wrong)

Yes Doctor!

Doctor:What are you talking about?

Bailey:I don't know what you're talking about Doctor

(Smiles sweetly)

Doctor:(Scrunches up his face and twiddles his fingers before laughing at her)

You know there's something about you Bailey, it's as if I've known you for a long time.

Bailey:If you say so Doctor!

Jenny:Ok I'm getting confused what's happened?

Doctor:Your guess is as good as mine Jen!

Bailey:(Leaning on the consol expectantly)

So where too now?

Doctor:I think Jenny should choose this time

Jenny:You mean I get to pick our next adventure?!

Doctor:Might as well call it that seeing as that seems to be what happen wherever I go


Too right!

Jenny:(Looking up at the time rotor)

Then, TARDIS take us somewhere electrifying!

Doctor:(Claps his hands and rushes to the other side of the consol but pauses and looks up at the others)

Brilliant idea, Jenny you grab that and pull it!
(Points to a leaver on the consol panel in front of her)

Jenny:(Grabs the leaver and pulls it out of the control, and continues to push it up and down)

Doctor:(Moving around the consol)

And Bailey you keep those gages level!


Bailey:(Starts twiddling the tap handles)

Why are we doing this?

Doctor:Well just thought I'd make less work for myself and get you two to fly the TARDIS with me, otherwise I have to do it on my own and it's very tiring!

The two girls laugh and they continue to 'fly' the TARDIS through the time vortex towards their next adventure.







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