8 Doctor Who: Happy New Year

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After recieving a mysterious summons, the Doctor and his companions find themselves chasing aliens in ancient China.

Submitted: August 13, 2012

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Submitted: August 13, 2012




Doctor Who Episode Script

Happy New Year

Written By Chloe Taylor


The TARDIS materialises inside a museum in England around present day, the Doctor steps out followed closely by Jenny, Bailey follows a few moments later, slightly unimpressed by the Doctor's choice of location.


Jenny:(Excited about being on Earth)

Thanks for this Dad, I've never been to Earth before!

Doctor:(Watching her gaze at the exhibits)

My pleasure!

Bailey:Not very exciting though, I mean it's just a dusty old museum, what adventures are we going to find in here?

Doctor:(Looking at the glass cases not paying attention)

Bailey:Well I guess if you're an alien, a museum dedicated to the Chinese Ming Dynasty is something of a treat! I'm going to find the gift shop!


1382, Ancient China, The Forbidden city. A geisha girl walks hurriedly through the palace at night (we only see her from the waist down), she comes to a halt beside an enormous set of doors, she pushes one open and slides inside. The room is small and dark, lit only by a few candles, along one wall there is a long desk covered with various papers and scrolls.


Jenny:(Looking at a case containing some lavishly decorated scrolls)

Doctor do you read Chinese?

Doctor:(Looking at some strange Chinese masks, trying to match his reflection with their eye holes)

Bailey does, Bailey?

Bailey:(About to leave the room)



The geisha girl picks up a brush, dips it in some ink and begins writing in Gallifreyic symbols onto one of the scrolls.


Jenny:Can you translate this for me, I want to know what it says?

Bailey:(Crosses the room reluctantly and stands next to Jenny reading the scroll)

No, I...I can't in fact I don't even know what language that is, Doctor?


The geisha girl finishes writing the message, takes a lipstick out of the folds in her dress fabric, coats her lips in deep pink lipstick and kisses the scroll in the bottom right hand corner.


Doctor:(Strolling over to the two girls)

What's so special about this scroll?

(Seeing the Gallifreyic text, painted onto the scroll)

Bailey:Doctor I thought the TARDIS could translate anything? So why can't I read it?

Doctor:It's Gallifreyic, it doesn't translate.

Jenny:Well what does it say then?

Doctor:(Smiles disapprovingly)

Hello Sweetie!


We see that the geisha girl is actually River Song, she rolls up the scroll and places it back onto the table patting it gently before dashing from the room.

Doctor:(Rushing back to the TARDIS)

Come on girls!

Bailey:(Looking at Jenny disapprovingly at the Doctor's comment)


Jenny:(Laughs at Bailey then follows the Doctor into the TARDIS)


The three of them enter the TARDIS which begins to dematerialise and whizz of through the time vortex, the Doctor enters co-ordinates into the monitor and rushes around the consol.



Doctor what are we doing? And what was with that scroll back there?

Doctor:(Laughing as he runs around the consol)

Someone back in 1382 is trying to attract my attention.

Jenny:So we're just gonna go and see what they want?

Doctor:(Stops running)


Bailey:But who left you that message and how did they even know you would end up at that museum, why would someone do that?

Doctor:(Smiling as he lands the TARDIS)

Because I know who she is!


The TARDIS materialises in China on a bustling market street


Jenny:(Stepping out of the TARDIS)

So we're actually in the past?!

Doctor:(Stepping out of the TARDIS looking at his watch)

Yep, China, 1382 to be precise, Ming Dynasty same as the scroll back at that museum

Bailey:(Stepping out of the TARDIS, she looks at the blue box)

Doctor can you change its appearance?

Doctor:Why would I do that? She's sexy just the way she is!

Bailey:Yeah but I mean this is 1382, police telephone boxes won't be invented for hundreds of years, people might think it's a bit odd!


Every time the TARDIS materializes in a new location, within the first nanosecond of landing, she analyses her surroundings, calculates a twelve-dimensional data map of everything within a thousand-mile radius, and then determines which outer shell would best blend in with the environment.


And then disguises herself as a police telephone box from 1963.

Doctor:Yes! Besides it's worked for the last 700 years!

(Turns to follow Jenny)


(Rummages in her coat pocket before producing a mobile)

Here, just in case we get separated, I've noticed that happens a lot when I'm with you, or not with you!

Jenny:(Realising the Doctor and Bailey aren't following her)

Come on you two, we came to find an adventure not to stand around chatting all day!

Doctor:(Pointing at Jenny)

Quite right, and if my hunch is right we're definitely in for an adventure.


They walk along the street passing beautifully dressed Chinese men and women hurrying about buying groceries and doing general shopping. The three of them reach an arch over the road, as the walk through it River walks out in front of them smiling.


River:(Looking directly at the Doctor)

Hello sweetie!


Jenny and Bailey exchange confused glances.


Doctor:Hello honey, I believe you called!

River:Well actually I left you a message over 600 years old telling you to meet me here at this exact date, hoping it would someday find its way into a museum for you to come across one day! Childs play!


Bailey:(Talks through her teeth)

Doctor who is she?

Doctor:Sorry everyone, I believe introductions are in order. Doctor River song this is Bailey Jackson.

River:(Shakes Bailey's hand)

Nice to meet you

Bailey:You too, I think!


Bailey? I know...but if we haven't met...spoilers! And I'm a professor now Doctor, not a Doctor.

Doctor:Oh congratulations!

Jenny:What about me? You going to introduce me or what?


Doctor:Yes sorry Jen, River I'd like you to meet Jenny

Jenny:Nice to meet you Professor Song!

River:(Shaking hands)

Doctor:(Smiles to himself)

She's my daughter!

River:(Still holding Jenny's hand she looks straight into her eyes, a look of disbelief on her face)



River:(Looking back at the Doctor)

Daughter? Doctor this had better not be the biggest spoiler I've ever seen!

Bailey:(Just stands aside watching the awkward family before her find their voices)

Doctor:Long story, ended up on a planet where they were creating soldiers form people's DNA, they used an

imprint of mine and got Jenny.

Jenny:But I'm no ordinary human!

Doctor:She's got two hearts


Jenny:And I can regenerate! But I can't change my appearance like dad can, I'm stuck with the face of an 18 year old!

River:(Coming to terms with what has been said)

Not the worst thing in the world to be stuck looking like!

Doctor:And River's kind of my wife!

Jenny:(Face drops and her jaw drops open in shock)


River:Kind of! Our wedding day was one to remember! Ok partly because the fate of reality depended on it but who's really keeping track?!

Doctor:Another long story for another time I think


Bailey:(Trying to understand everything)

let me just get this straight.


The others look at her


Bailey:Jenny is the Doctor's half human daughter, the Doctor is also married to River Song, who is also half human half time lord , so that makes her Jenny's step mum. Did I miss anything?

River:Nope, I don't think so!

Doctor:Couldn't have said it better myself!

Bailey:Yes you could Doctor

Jenny:So I now have two parents? Cool!

Doctor:Right now we've got that out of the way, can we get to why we're all here in the first place?

River:(Looking at Jenny intrigued)

You know she's got your eyes!



River:Oh give me a minute sweetie, this has already been an interesting day and we haven't even started yet!


Suddenly we hear a scream coming from further into the town, the Doctor rushes away towards the source of the scream followed by Bailey, River and Jenny stand watching each other for a moment before following Bailey and the Doctor back along the street and around a corner. Carts and stalls lay strewn along the ground and two people lay dead on the street.


Doctor:(Sonics the two bodies)

Bailey:Doctor are they...?

Doctor:(Looking at the sonic)

Dead yes, they're dead

Jenny:What could have done it?


River:Well don't look at me, I called you remember!

Bailey:(Spots a scaly tail slither around a corner and out of sight, she follows but there's nothing there)

Did you see that?

Doctor:(Getting up and following Bailey)

What was it?

Bailey:Probably nothing, forget I said anything Doctor!


The four of them sit under a beautiful Chinese pergola in a garden full of blossoming trees, the Doctor paces up and down, River and Jenny keep catching each other looking at one another.


 Doctor:(Turning to River)

Why are we here? You must know something?


Look all I know is that these mysterious deaths have been going on for almost a month now.

Doctor:Exactly the same as today?

River:Yes, no sign of the murderer, but as you saw, plenty of signs indicating a struggle.

Doctor:But you haven't seen anything else?

River:No there's been nothing

Bailey:So we don't even know what we're fighting?

Jenny:Well that's helpful!

Doctor:Who said we're fighting anything?

Bailey:I just thought that since there's probably a monster out there, most likely an alien since it's you, that we would be looking to fight it and get it off my planet before it kill more people!

Doctor:(Sitting down next to Bailey)We don't know what it is yet, now whatever it is doesn't eat its victims, it just kills them, now there are only two reasons why anything would do that, number one, it's a mindless murdering monster bent on Armageddon, or...


Or it drains the life from its victims and that's how it feeds!

Doctor:Ok three reasons...

River:Or it was just defending itself and because it's super strong it accidently killed its attackers?

Doctor:(Getting annoyed)

Ok four reasons...


Doctor:(Losing his temper)

 OK! More than two reasons then, would you like to hear mine now?!

Bailey:(Disappointed that she didn't get to say her idea)

Doctor:The last time I met a monster trapped on Earth it only attacked people out of instinct, fear, pain.

River:So what are we going to do about it?


We're going to catch ourselves a monster!


The Doctor walks back along the street to where the TARDIS is parked but it has disappeared.


Doctor:Right I'll just activate the mobile containment field and...

(Seeing that the TARDIS has gone he searches frantically for the TARDIS)

No, no, no, no! Where've you gone?! You can't just disappear

(Searches the stalls, even inside pots and baskets)

Come on let's be having yah!

(Sonics the area)

Fry particles, so something teleported you away from here, but what?


River, Bailey and Jenny wait patiently for the Doctor to return to the garden with the TARDIS.


Bailey:(Talking to River)

So how did you meet the Doctor then?

River:It's complicated!

Bailey:(Raises an eyebrow)

River:Ok, well the Doctor travelled with my parents for a while, when I was born my mother and I were kidnapped so that I could be used as a weapon to kill the Doctor when I grew up, I am the child of the TARDIS.

Bailey:Not really what I had in mind for the time traveller and his wife but I'll let that pass for now! What happened?

River:I tried to kill him, but I just couldn't, I loved him, well it was bound to happen, a young impressionable girl who grew up on stories of the Doctor and the day I met him he was just so...ridiculous I just knew the only thing in the universe I wanted was the Doctor.

Bailey:So you ended up married to the man you were trained to kill.

River:Stranger things have happened! But that wasn't the first time we met.

Bailey:How can you have met before you were born?

River:Time travel love, we're both heading in different directions though, each time I see him he's younger and younger, and every time he sees me I get older, I have a feeling it won't last forever though.


There is a moment of silence as they both ponder the meaning of River's last comment.


River:(Lightening the mood)

Anyway enough of me, how did he pick you up?!


Well long story short we both ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time, he saved my life and I helped him save the world from aliens.

River:Yes that sounds like him!


They laugh about the Doctor, but as he approaches they stop and look at him curiously, Jenny strolls over to join them from where she had been sitting.


Jenny:Where's the TARDIS then?


Bailey:Gone! How can it be gone?

Doctor:It's been towed

Bailey:Would this be a bad time to say I told you so?!

Doctor:Yes it would, but there'll be time for that later, right now we've got a monster to catch.

River:And how do you propose we do that without the TARDIS containment fields?


We'll just have to do it the old-fashioned way!


As evening draws near the Doctor stands idly in the middle of a street whistling as if calling to a dog, Jenny and River hide behind crates and boxes, while Bailey sits on top of a roof looking down at them.


Doctor:(Whistling a strange tune)


I sure hope this plan of yours works Jen

Jenny:Don't worry I used to be a soldier, I know all about military tactics

Bailey:(Laying on her front against the roof tiles looking down at River and Jenny)

Hay you two, stop chittering, I think something's coming.


We hear a low growling noise and something leaps out of the darkness and swoops towards the Doctor, who turns around pointing his screwdriver at the monster, it wines painfully and drops to the ground, River and Jenny spring foreword as Bailey throws a net over the creature, which they secure before stepping back and gazing at the creature they had captured.


Doctor:(Shouting out in success)

Ha ha!


The others look at him strangely.


Doctor:(Clears his throat then kneels down to look at the creature)

Jenny:What is it?

Bailey:(Joining the Doctor on the ground)

It looks like, a dragon! Is that possible?!

River:All legends stem from truth Bailey

Bailey:But what is it? Some kind of alien Doctor?

Doctor:It's one of the Doranith

Jenny:Is it dangerous?

Doctor:They searched the universe for suitable nesting grounds to raise their young


Doctor:(Seams upset)

They're supposed to be extinct, I didn't think there were any left in the universe.

Jenny:You didn't answer my question Dad.

Doctor:Well anything can be dangerous when it's frightened and alone, especially if you're being hunted.

(Something clicks in his mind but he keeps it to himself)

We should get it out of the city before it can do any more damage.


Jenny, River and the Doctor carefully remove the net but Bailey seems enchanted by the Doranith's great and flaming eyes, it seems to fear her and backs away slightly as she raises her hand.


Doctor:Careful Bailey, we can't predict how this thing will react to us.

Bailey:(Gingerly places her hand on its nose feeling its breath)

Shh, shh you're not dangerous are you, it's ok I'm not going to hurt you, the Doctor just wants to help you.


It can understand her!



Bailey:(Closes her eyes as if she's trying to focus)

Doctor! Doctor what's happening?

Doctor:I don't know, you tell me!

Bailey:I, I can feel him, in my head it's like he's searching for something, no wait, they, they search, you are so alone

River:Doctor what's happening to her?

Doctor:(Slightly apprehensive)

Err, I think he's using a telekinetic transfer to pass his thoughts directly through Bailey, sort of like leaving a message on an answer machine

Jenny:I understand, like he's recording a message in her mind and she's reading it out.

Doctor:No, well yes but no, if it helps yes!

Bailey:(Opens her eyes)

We need to leave the city now, as in right now.

River:Come, this way it's not far.


The three of them rush from the city while Bailey slowly ushers the Doranith to follow her from the city.


Bailey:Come on, it's ok, we're trying to help you, I know they're coming for you but the Doctor won't let them take you away, he'll find you somewhere to live in peace I promise you.

Doctor:(Coming back around the corner to hurry Bailey along)

Come on Bailey, and bring Lassie with you!


They leave through the city gates where the Doranith begins to flit this way and that in the air before his four observers.


Bailey:He is beautiful!

Jenny:Really?! Just looks like another monster to me.

River:I suppose, but in a creepy alien sort of way!

Doctor:(Gazing at the Doranith)

No, she's right, he is beautiful and we will get him away to somewhere safe.

Bailey:But without the TARDIS how can we get him away from here without being followed?


Followed? What do you mean? What's following him?

Bailey:(Seems scared to answer the question)

Doctor:(Talking in a low voice directly to Bailey)

Bailey, what exactly did he tell you?


Before Bailey can answer bright spot lights begin to circle around them, and set themselves around the group. An enormous blue light focuses upon the Doranith, almost holding it in place like a force field. Above the lights three colossal space ships circle their position making an immense racket with their engines, and an alien voice booms out around the hills (The Judoon)


River:(Screaming above the noise from the ships

Doctor! What is it?

Jenny:(Also screaming)

What's happening, Doctor!

Bailey:(Rushes from her circle of light towards the Doranith)

Don't worry I'm coming!

Doctor:(Dashing after Bailey)

Bailey don't!


Bailey reaches the Doranith before the Doctor and breaks through the force field, now free the Doranith grasps Bailey and soars up into the sky and back towards the city carry Bailey close to his chest. The ships follow suit leaving River, Jenny and the Doctor slightly puzzled. After a moment they dash off after Bailey.


Bailey:(Flapping her arms about in the grip of the Doranith)

Put me down! I want to help you, we all do! Just put me down and we can stop them together!


The Doranith grunts in defeat and swoops down over the palace landing less than gracefully upon the roof. The crashing Doranith wakes the Emperor who rushes from his chambers collecting his guards as he rushes into the courtyard. The ships finally catch up and surround the palace placing their search lights once again; Bailey frantically searches for a way out as the Emperor's men, armed with crossbows all now aimed at the activity on the roof. The Judoon voice once again booms out vibrating the stones below, the Doctor, Jenny and River burst through the city gates as the Emperor's men ready to fire.


Bailey:(Attempts to comfort the Doranith)

I am not going to let them hurt you, I swear, the Doctor will save us and I am going to save you!


The Doctor tries to rush to help but the guards hold him and the others back.


Doctor:(Shouting up to Bailey)

Bailey! Let it go! Come down!

Bailey:(Screams back to the Doctor in shock)

NO! This is what you taught me Doctor, that everyone has a right to live!


Suddenly the light intensifies then disappears suddenly leaving the roof empty, the soldiers and the Emperor bewildered and the Doctor on his knees with no clue as what to do to save his friend.




River:(Breathless with shock)

 Where did they go?!

Jenny:They've been teleported away, to who knows where!

Doctor:(Slumps onto his knees and looks at the palms of his hands)

River:Doctor please say something!

Doctor:(Gets up slowly turning to face the others, still holding his hands slightly in front of him)

Jenny:(Really worried about the Doctor)


Doctor:(There is no emotion in his words, they are nothing more than a whisper but they are shockingly powerful)
I...I...don't...I don't know, I don't know what to do, there is nothing I can do.


Jenny and River just stand in shock at the Doctor's lack of will and energy, as the guards surround them and take them back inside the palace.

Finally Bailey and the Doranith find themselves in a dimly lit room surrounded by towering figures dressed in black.


Bailey:(Attempting to hide her fear)

 Who are you and what do you want with him?


One of the Judoon steps forward and places a voice scanner in front of Bailey.


Bailey:I won't let you hurt him!


Her voice is played back on the device and the Judoon removes it's helmet to reveal the rhino-like head beneath, Bailey screams a little and places herself between the Judoon and the Doranith.


Judoon:Language assimilated, Earth, Human, take them away.

(The Judoon move in to grab Bailey)



Everything goes dark and Bailey's cry for help fades away into the darkness.




To Be Continued


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