9 Doctor Who: Prisoner of the Judoon

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
With Bailey and the Doranith trapped aboard the Judoon ship, River and Jenny arrested by the Emperor, the Doctor must come up with a plan to save the day.

Submitted: August 13, 2012

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Submitted: August 13, 2012



Doctor Who Episode Script

Prisoner of the Judoon

By Chloe Taylor

The Forbidden City, River, Jenny and the Doctor are marched, with their hands tied behind their backs towards a large set of crimson doors, four guards push open the colossal doors to reveal the Emperor's throne room, he sits in a gilded throne at the end of the room watching as the family of time lords is pushed to their knees before him and his council.

Emperor: (He half slumps in his throne as he begins a monolog for his prisoners)

My people murdered in the streets, a strange new woman, reports of a vanishing blue box, a colossal beast attacks my palace, and now you, the strangest man I have ever met during my reign as Emperor. Who are you people and where did that creature come from? Speak!

Doctor: (Still downhearted about failing to save Bailey)

I'm the Doctor, this is my wife River Song, and my daughter Jenny

Emperor: Such strange names, and an even stranger looking family, Doctor.

Doctor: You don't know the half of it!

Emperor: Where did the Long come from?

Jenny: (Confused)

The Long? I thought we were talking about a dragon?

River: The traditional Chinese word for dragon is Long Jen.

Emperor: (Jumps up suddenly from his seat and points at River)

How dare you speak without my permission! Take her away!

Doctor: Wait! She didn't know, just let's you and me talk about this alone ay?

The Emperor nods his head and two guards approach Jenny and River, grasping their bonds and marching them from the room, while a third cuts the Doctor's.

Jenny: (Before she leaves the room she turns back to the Doctor)

Don't lose faith, find Bailey and the Doranith and bring them home!

Emperor: (Addresses his entire court)

Leave me with this man

The room empties until only the Emperor, the Doctor and a handful of guards are left, the Emperor returns to his throne before continuing his conversation with the Doctor.

Emperor: Now, Doctor I will ask you for a final time where is my Long?

Doctor: (Stands up and starts walking about)


Emperor: What?

Doctor: It's not a Long or a Dragon, it's called a Doranith your Emperorness, and it's not from your world.

Emperor: It is a daemon then, it must be hunted down and slaughtered

Doctor: No, that, that's not the way and besides it's not from the world of the dead, it's from the worlds beyond the stars

Emperor: The lands of the spirits.

Doctor: (Slightly irritated by his lack of factual knowledge)

If you like, and that's where I'm from

Emperor: You are travelling spirits, from the nether world, come to rid us of this Doranith

Doctor: Yes, but to do that I need to get back to the 'nether world' so that I can find the Doranith and return it to its rightful place in the universe.

Emperor: (Becoming incredibly excited by the Doctor's stories)

Do it, show me how you can depart this world at will.

Doctor: (Suddenly realising that he can't leave without either the TARDIS or River's vortex manipulator)

Ah, well you see, slight problem with that...

Slowly opening her eyes, Bailey wakes up to find herself in a dark, dimly lit room, gradually she hauls herself up onto her tired legs and begins searching her new surroundings.

Bailey: So where am I?

(She finds a barred window on the wall opposite her, Earth and space lie beneath her)

Ok that answers that one! But what were those things?

(Her mind flashes images of the Judoon before her eyes)

They looked like rhinos!

The Doranith!

(She rushes to the wall behind her which is comprised of solid black bars)


Suddenly a Judoon enters the cell bay causing the lights to activate allowing Bailey to see some of her rather large cell, the Judoon peers into each cell as it moves along the corridor, it grunts when it sees Bailey, but keeps on moving down the line of cells. With the lights now on Bailey can now see her cell, and on her right, just a few feet away, now illuminated by a flickering spot light, sits the TARDIS beckoning to Bailey.

Bailey: (Walking towards the TARDIS)

Well whoever these guys are, they sure aren't very bright! Come on you!

(She pushes open the door and slips inside, skipping up to the consol)

All of a sudden, Bailey remembers giving the Doctor her mobile, she immediately picks up the phone and dials her number willing the Doctor to pick up. Back inside the Emperor's throne room, the Emperor isn't pleased with the Doctor.

Emperor: You are no spirit, you are a liar, cease him!

From the depths of the Doctor's jacket a jingly electronic, ci-fi, ringtone emanates from the Doctor's jacket. The Emperor and his guards stand bewildered and slightly wary of the strange music.

Doctor: (Reaching into his jacket pocket)

Sorry do you mind if I get that, terribly embarrassing!

Emperor: It is magic

(Bows down to the Doctor on the floor)

Doctor: (Answering the phone not noticing the Emperor)

Yes who is this?

Inside the TARDIS

Bailey: (Talking sarcastically and giggling slightly)

It's the insurance company sir, I'm very sorry but we're going to need to talk about your new premium, would ten next Monday morning suit you?!

Doctor: (His spirits returns when he hears Bailey's voice)

No sorry I'm busy Monday!

Bailey: (Laughing)

Well what about Wednesday then?!

Doctor: Oh come on Bailey we could do this all day but I'm pretty sure we have more important things on the agenda at the moment.

Bailey: Basically you're saying stop messing about aren't you

Doctor: Basically yeah

(Looking down and finally noticing the guards and the Emperor bowing on the floor around him)

Tell you what Bailey...

Bailey: Yeah!

Doctor: Go to the...third panel on the consol heading...left away from the doors.

Bailey: (following the Doctor's instructions and stretching the phone cable around the consol)

Third on the left, got it! And would this be a bad time to discuss the possibility of upgrading to a cordless in the future?!

Doctor: Yes it would now pay attention, there's a yellow leaver at the top do you see it?

Bailey: Err, yep

Doctor: Don't touch it!

Bailey: (Sighs and shakes her head)

Doctor: Now do you see the grey leaver with the keypad beside it?

Bailey: Yep, now what?

Doctor: Now you need to lock onto my position, hope you don't mind me making a few alterations to your phone!

(Sonics Bailey's phone which starts to beep methodically)

Now the co-ordinates should be up on the monitor

Bailey: (Laughs out loud to herself)

I've got you N1° 17' 25.49", E103° 50' 43.63" that's pretty cool!

Doctor: Now just enter the digits into the keypad, push the leaver up and, stand back

Bailey: (Entering the numbers into the keypad)

Wait stand back from where?!

Doctor: Honestly I don't know!

Bailey: (Pushing up the leaver)

Oh great!!

The TARDIS springs to life, sparks and explosions fill the air as Bailey desperately holds onto the consol for dear life. Inside the Emperor's throne room, halos of light hum around the Doctor and he begins to fade in and out, like the TARDIS as it dematerialises, until he completely vanishes leaving the Emperor and his guards on their knees.

Emperor: (Whispering)


Guard: You can say that again!

(Realises he has spoken out of turn)

A ball of white lightning appears inside the TARDIS and as the light fades we see the Doctor stumbling around still clutching Bailey's phone. She rushes to his side before he falls.

Doctor: (Pleasantly surprised and a bit dazed)

Oh, that worked!

(Flops over on the floor)

Bailey: (Catches the Doctor but half drops him)

Wow, hay you! You ok down there!

Doctor: (Scrambles to his feet, walks as if he is a bit drunk)

Hay! Me? No I'm fine! How are you?

Bailey: Well the aliens have the Doranith and I'm stuck in a cell with absolutely no interior style whatsoever!

Doctor: Judoon.

Bailey: Gazoontight!

Doctor: No, they are the Judoon, that's what they're called, now let's go and rescue a monster!

Bailey: Why does that sound so weird?!

The Doctor staggers over to the door, heaves it open and falls through it and into the bared door opposite, Bailey just stands back and laughs at him, the Doctor sonics a control panel on the wall by the door at the end of the corridor, it bleeps and the cell door slides open allowing Bailey and the Doctor to leave the cell block and begin searching for the Doranith scared and alone somewhere on the ship.

Back within the forbidden city River and Jenny sit in another cell together.

Jenny: What d'you thinks' going to happen?

River: (Sighs)

You want me to say that the Doctor will save Bailey and the Doranith, come back to earth, save us and take us of on an adventure into space.

Jenny: No, I genuinely wanted to know what you thought, about the situation.

River: I've known the Doctor for a very long time, longer than he's known me and if I've learned anything it's that he will never give up as long as he's got something to fight for, so to answer your question, yes I do think he will come back for us and he will have Bailey with him, that I know for sure.

Jenny: How?

River: (Smiles slyly)

Spoilers! But he will never leave his companion behind, that defies his reasons for having us in the first place.

A guards comes into view and speaks with the warden, he then unlocks the cell door.

Warden: You are free to go, his Excellency begs your forgiveness, if he had know that you were travelling spirits, he would never have treated you thus, please, you are free to leave.

River and Jenny leave their cell and walk back through the palace, guards bowing to them as they pass.

Jenny: (Smiling and talking through her teeth)

Why do they think we're spirits?

River: (Smiling and also talking trough her teeth)

Oh, this has the Doctor written all over it!

Jenny: (Walking through the palace gates)

There has to be something we can do to help him, I just feel so useless down here

River: That's the soldier in you talking

Jenny: How could you tell?

River: Because I was thinking it too!

Onboard the Judoon's ship, Bailey and the Doctor flit from corridor to corridor in search of the Doranith. They stop in a deserted corridor.

Bailey: (Slightly out of breath from running around)

We're getting nowhere like this Doctor

Doctor: (Leaning against a wall also out of breath)

I know

Bailey: So who are the Judoon then?

Doctor: they're sort of intergalactic police

Bailey: Well when I find PC Plod I'm gonna give him a piece of my mind!

Doctor: They're police for hire, like bounty hunters really they don't actually enforce any sort of galactic law

Bailey: You think someone's hired them to capture the Doranith?

Doctor: Could be!

Bailey: But why? I mean I get that they're rare but to search the entire universe for one creature, I'd have given up by now.

Doctor: Well, we're certainly not going to find it any time soon looking for it like this, there's got to be another way.

Bailey: (Spotting a monitor on the wall with a control panel)

Hold that thought

Doctor: (Joins Bailey in front of the monitor)

What are you doing?

Bailey: (Using her fingers on the screen to navigate the system)

Trying to find the ships schematics

Doctor: And you know how to do that?

Bailey: No, but I saw someone do it in a movie once!

Doctor: (Shakes his head in humour but with pride at Bailey's resourcefulness)

Bailey: (Finding the ships floor plans)

Ha, ha, I've got it now we are...here,

(Points to a corridor on the screen)

now where would they hold the Doranith...

Doctor: In a special cell bay on the far side of the ship, just guessing!

Bailey: (Searches the plans until she finds a large holding bay on the far side of the ship)
Have you done this before by any chance?!

Doctor: Not really no!

Bailey: Come on its four decks away, we better get moving

Suddenly a group of Judoon round the corner in front of them forcing them to go the other way.

Judoon: Stop, prisoner escape!

Doctor: (Grabbing Bailey's hand and spinning around)

Ok then, let's get moving this way!

Bailey: (Running alongside the Doctor)

Good plan!

The palace gardens, River and Jenny stand face to face, River with one arm held between them.

Jenny: (looking questioningly at River's vortex manipulator)

And you're sure it's safe?

River: (Entering co-ordinates into the device on her wrist)

Of course it is dear, I use it to travel all the time, now if I can just get a fix on the ship we can teleport right up and find Bailey and the Doctor

Jenny: (Watching River enter different codes)

I meant is it safe to go up there?!

(Points up into the sky)

River: (Laughs)

Of course it isn't, not remotely safe, but where would the fun be if it was?!

(Still fiddling with the device)

Just need to get this stupid thing to work properly

Jenny: (Placing her hand over the vortex manipulator stopping River)

You just forgot to enter the force of the earth's gravitational pull, that's all

River: (Pushes a few buttons)

Yes, silly me, must be getting on a bit! Now place your hand there and off we...

In a zap they both disappear and reappear onboard the Judoon ship where an alarm immediately begins ringing out through the ship.

River: Go!

Jenny: (Listening to the alarm)

They must have detected us teleporting in, now what?

River: Now, we start running dear!

Jenny: (Smiles and follows River down the corridor)

Doctor: (Stops running upon hearing the alarm)

Bailey: (Stops just ahead of the Doctor)

And what does that one mean?!

Doctor: Someone's beamed aboard the ship

Bailey: River and Jen?

Doctor: Could be, come on we're nearly there

Bailey: What about the others?

Doctor: (Grabbing Bailey's hand and pulling her along)

They're both smart girls, they'll find us or get caught!

Bailey: You know that doesn't really inspire confidence Doctor!

They reach the end of the last corridor where the Judoon are supposed to be holding the Doranith, but the corridor is empty, no doors or windows, no guards either.

Bailey: I don't understand, the map lead us here, you don't think they could have tampered with the map do you?

Doctor: (Facing away from the corridor thinking)

What? The Judoon? No, they're not that smart

Bailey: (Closes her eyes and her head starts to twitch slightly, she walks slowly to the end of the corridor and walks straight through the wall)

Doctor: (Turning around to face the now empty corridor)

Bailey? Bailey where are you?

(Sonics the corridor and finds where Bailey went through)

Don't wander off, that's one of the first I'm sure!

(Walks through the wall)

On the other side of the wall is a large room filled with pipes reaching from floor to ceiling, wires hang overhead, and a tremendous crashing noise emanates from the far end of the room behind a wire mesh wall. Where Bailey stands tentatively watching the activity beyond.

Doctor: (Places one hand on her shoulder and the other over her mouth gently)

Shh, just me, what happened to, don't run off?!

Bailey: (Pushes his hand away, whispers)

Sorry, but he called to me and I found the way in so I followed.

Doctor: What do you mean he called to you?

Bailey: I don't know, I could just feel him inside my head like before he told me how to get in here

Doctor: (Sonics Bailey's head and forgets to whisper)

He's built up a psychic link between the two of you, that's extraordinary

The Doctor's carelessness alerts the Judoon beyond the mesh to their presence, they stop what they're doing and lunge towards Bailey and the Doctor, one manages to get a hold on Bailey while the Doctor manages to escape back into the empty corridor and off back through the ship. Meanwhile River and Jenny reach a dead end, closely followed by more Judoon troops.

Jenny: Now what?

River: (Holds her hands out together in front of her and smiles)

We surrender

Jenny: Something else would have been better!

The Judoon surround them and lead them to the doorless room where the others are holding Bailey, Jenny is less than pleased about handing herself over to the enemy.

Jenny: Well I honestly don't see what this is going to achieve

River: Chances are dear Bailey and the Doctor have been captured too and I'm pretty sure they're taking us straight to...

Jenny: (Spotting Bailey sitting behind some crates across the room)


River: I rest my case!

The Judoon force River and Jenny (cuffless) down beside Bailey before joining the others in the room.

Bailey: I was wondering when you two would arrive, although I was hoping for more of a rescue really!

Jenny: Where's the Doctor?

Bailey: I don't know, he ran off and left me here with this lot

(Gestures to the Judoon crowding around an enormous metal box)

River: Yes, unfortunately he does that sometimes!

Jenny: Have you found out what they want with the Doranith?

Bailey: They're selling it to a collector somewhere, they're going to kill it and stuff it just so he can stick it on his wall.

River: No he's not

Bailey: How'd you figure that one River?

River: Because we're going to save it, Doctor or no Doctor

Jenny: I've got half a plan!

Bailey: Good because I've got half a plan too, now here's what we do

The Doranith struggles against its bonds inside the metal box, electric blue, bolts of lightning bar its escape; out of the blue River steps out from behind the crates holding her gun up in front of her. The Judoon all draw out their guns and aim them at River.

River: Hello boys! Now let's see who's first

(Smiling as they draw their weapons)

I thought that might be the case!

The Judoon edge foreword, advancing on River who backs up slowly towards the exit. Meanwhile Jenny and Bailey creep out from behind the crates and sneak towards the Doranith's container.

Judoon: Hand over weapon and surrender

River: (Laughs)

Oh now that would be playing fair wouldn't it, but you see I'm not in the mood for playing fair, I'm afraid I only fight dirty!

She closes her eyes, aims her gun above her head and fires, she hits the lights above her plunging the room into darkness, the only light source being the Doranith's cage, the Judoon now dazed by the explosion of the light crash into one another tripping over crates and cages.

Bailey: (Finding a control panel on the side of the cage)

Got it! Here River now!

River: (Aims at the panel blasting it with her gun)

The panel bursts into sparks, the lightening flickers and fizzles away, Bailey and Jenny quickly set to work unshackling the Doranith, but their triumphant mood is suddenly dulled. The Judoon have found their way in the dark.

Judoon: Emergency lights in holding brig

Dim side lights immediately ping into life and the room is once again illuminated, the girls position themselves in front of the Doranith preventing the Judoon from capturing it again, the Judoon encircle them and cause them to back up against each other.

Bailey: Any bright ideas anyone?

Jenny: I got nothing!

River: Me neither!

Bailey: (Closes her eyes and whispers)

Doctor where are you?!

Just as the Judoon prepare to fire, we hear the whir of the TARDIS and the Judoon are blown away as the TARDIS materialises right over the top of the Doranith and the girls, sealing them safely away within its walls. They open their eyes to find the Doctor standing at the consol beaming at them smugly.

Doctor: Anyone in need of a lift?!

River: (Grinning from ear to ear, sarcastic tone)

I hate you!

Doctor: (Jumping down to join them)

No you don't!

River: Yeah you're right,

(Slaps him across the face)

I love you!

(Kisses him)

Jenny and Bailey exchange glances, Bailey clears her throat to bring their attention to the awkwardness of the situation, River and the Doctor break; they all jump when the Doranith lets out a great roar and begins winding its way around the control room.

Doctor: (Concerned about his precious TARDIS)

No, no! Get down from there you're going to break something!

(Flaps his arms around trying to get it to listen)

Bailey: (Holds her hand up above her head and call gently)

Shh, shh, gently now, we don't want to break anything do we, that's it just sit tight for a minute ay!

The others just stand in amazement at Bailey's control over the Doranith, there is a bang on the door followed by the Judoon shouting.

Jenny: Maybe now would be a good time to get it out of here Doctor?!

Doctor: (Points at Jenny and begins flying the TARDIS)

Perhaps you're right, hold on to something!

Everyone grasps the consol tightly as the Doctor flies the TARDIS through space until they materialise in empty space.

Bailey: Where are we?

Doctor: The future, perfect place for him, the collectors won't know where to look now, and plus they're probably dead!

Jenny: Perfect!

Jenny and River haul open both the TARDIS doors to reveal clean beautiful space, the Doranith seems exited and shoots straight for the door, but once it's outside he turns and places his head inside again, causing the TARDIS to tip slightly to one side.

Bailey: (Slides over to the Doranith and places her hand on its head)

You can go now, no one will ever hunt or hurt you again, isn't that right Doctor

Doctor: That's right, he can live in peace

The Doranith growls slightly when the Doctor speaks.

Bailey: Hay, the Doctor saved your life and ours, you should be more grateful to him, now go and be free

(Gives the Doranith a nudge to urge it out into space)

He soars away into the twinkling light of distant stars leaving Bailey standing in the doorway watching him disappear until she can't see him anymore.

After some time Bailey is still sitting on the floor with her legs hanging out of the door, dangling in space, watching the spot where she last saw the Doranith. River and Jenny are nowhere to be seen but the Doctor spots Bailey sitting alone and ventures down from the consol to sit beside her.

Bailey: He felt so alone and afraid, like he didn't have a friend in the world he could turn to, he was starting to become a creature of instinct, that's why he attacked those people wasn't it

Doctor: (Clears his throat before answering)

Yes, that feeling of loneliness and loss can bring out the worst in people and aliens alike

Bailey: You could have told me what you were planning back on that ship when you just left me there by myself

Doctor: If I had you wouldn't have made me as proud of you as I am now, you saved the Doranith Bailey, you Jen and River, you all worked together without me

There is a moment of silence as a question comes to light in Bailey's mind.

Bailey: (Turns slightly towards the Doctor)

Why wouldn't he let you near him, why did he only seem to trust me?

Doctor: (Just looks at her and doesn't reply)

Bailey: (Serious)


Doctor: (Sighs and drops his shoulders like he is about to drop a heavy weight he has been carrying)

First you must promise me something, that when I tell this you won't think any less of me

Bailey: How could I, you've already told me all about what you did, how you... yeah I promise

Doctor: (Takes a deep breath)

I knew a lot about the Doranith for a reason, back home on Gallifrey when I was young, only thirty odd, the Doranith tried to settle on our planet, can you imagine those magnificent creatures floating inches above lush red grass, dazzling under the light of the twin suns. Relations were peaceful for a time but soon they began using up our resources, food was getting scarce and their numbers were multiplying rapidly.

(Takes a small pause)

Bailey: What happened?

Doctor: The high council gave the order to exterminate the Doranith before they caused us to starve, every single magnificent one was killed for the good of the people, and young as I was I knew what they were doing was wrong, but what could I do? I never saw one again until last night when we caught him.

(Looks out into space indicating the Doranith they rescued)

That's why I was so determined to keep it from harm's way, and why it wouldn't allow me near, he must have sensed what I was, River and Jen too I suppose

Bailey: (Thoroughly shocked)

How could they have done something like that? I know what you told me about your people, how the time war changed them, but to murder an entire race of innocent creatures, that's why you wanted to help him, to try and undo the wrongs of your people

Doctor: (Drops his head in shame, and so Bailey can't see his face)

Bailey: (Turns his head to face her and takes his hand)

You were not responsible, and you shouldn't feel guilty about what they did, of course I don't think less of you, you saved River, Jen and me, and the Doranith because that's just who you are, not out of guilt, out of your passion if you like, your will to save those who love and trust you, not to avenge the deaths of the Doranith, and to be honest avenging's not really you is it?!

Doctor: (Smiles and nods, looking deep into Bailey's eyes before jumping to his feet)

So where to now?

Bailey: (Picks herself up and closes the doors)

Oh I don't know, somewhere with long corridors, big dangerous aliens and surprise relatives

Doctor: (Looks at her strangely)

Bailey: What?! That's what I seem to get wherever I go with you!

Doctor: But would you really have it any other way?

Bailey: Yeah your right, what's life without a few Judoon to keep you on your toes!

Doctor: Gazoontight!

They laugh as River and Jenny walk down the stairs to the consol where they stand side by side opposite Bailey and the Doctor.

Doctor: (Watching the monitor while he talks)

You two have been a while, where've you been?

Jenny: Dad, River and I've been talking and...

River: We've found we have quite a lot in common, despite everything and...

Jenny: Well...

Bailey: (Getting bored)

Oh just spit it out, we're getting old here!

River: I was wondering if Jenny and I could travel together for a while before I have to be back in Stormcage

Jenny: We both think it would be fun to spend some time together

Doctor: Yes, but if you get into any trouble don't just leave me a message in a museum, hoping that I might one day happen upon it and come and bail you out will you, it doesn't always work!

River: (Giggling slightly)

Oh sweetie, of course I will, who do you think I am I'm not just one of your companions you know, no offence Bailey!

Bailey: (Crosses her arms)

None taken!

River and Jenny move away from the consol and Jenny places her hand on the vortex manipulator.

Doctor: (Pretending to shoo them out of the TARDIS)

Right off you go then, your obviously too good for us

River: Always! Goodbye Bailey, you'll be seeing me again soon

Bailey: Bye, but how...?

River: Uh, uh spoilers!

Jenny: Bye Bailey, you know you really are a match for him!

Doctor: (Pointing at the pair of them)

And be good you two!

Jenny: Now really Dad, where would be the fun in that?!

In a quick zap River and Jenny disappear leaving Bailey and the Doctor alone in the TARDIS once more.

Doctor: Oh god I hope she doesn't pick up any of River's bad traits, now that really would be the end of the universe.

Bailey: (Laughs)

Well at least it's not just you now, now there are three time lords in the universe, even if two of them are only half time lord!

Doctor: (Almost ignoring Bailey's last comment)

Right then, where to now? I think that was the question you were about to answer, I know how about a nice dusty old museum!

Bailey: (Not impressed with his sarcasm)

Really Doctor! Come on let's visit another planet or a strange new civilisation.

Doctor: (Getting a kick out of travelling again)

One planet with a strange civilisation coming up!

He throws the space time throttle and begins whizzing around pushing buttons and flicking switches until the TARDIS sparks into action leaving Bailey and the Doctor hanging on to her for dear life as they fly off towards their next adventure.


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