This Arrangement

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

I was part of a larger scheme, as was she- but when she was unconcerned and willing to let it all happen. I was not, I couldn't let them take me this way. I wanted to keep control of my life.

Table of Contents

This Arrangement

I was part of a larger scheme, as was she- but when she was unconcerned and willing to let it all happen. I was not, I couldn't let them take me this way. I wanted to keep control of my life. Read Chapter

Chapter Two I was out cold when I felt the cool droplets of water on my rough tongue. For a moment I didn't realise what was going on... Read Chapter

Chapter Three We looked at each other for a moment, and I tried to make myself look braver, tougher; but inside my heart was pounding... Read Chapter

"Because boys like you don't appreciate girls like her, this way I know that she will be treated like the gorgeous princess she is, as I ... Read Chapter

Chapter Five I had managed to fall asleep more often over the next day but not for long, toilet breaks being my only relief from the ... Read Chapter

Chapter 6 Eventually the man came back, and he seemed pleased. "You have been doing well" he smiled and I felt my own misery engu... Read Chapter

Chapter Seven The moment I stepped out of the room I felt the relief and excitement trembling over me. I wrapped the towel tighter ar... Read Chapter

ChapterEight I eventually found the BBC news and turned the volume down so I wasn't caught watching. At first there were some reports... Read Chapter

Chapter Nine Georgiana sat up and looked at my face pitifully, and I wondered how long she had been awake. Had she seen the news repo... Read Chapter

Chapter Ten I woke up suddenly, my music had long stopped and I had a piece of paper stuck to my cheek. As usual I didn't have any id... Read Chapter

Chapter Eleven The deep darkness was punctuated with short waking moments, slow and bleary everything confused and fuzzy. My dreams, ... Read Chapter

Chapter Twelve I had been awake for sometime thinking, and mourning my old life. In a snatched moment of alone time I had thought abo... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirteen Georgiana had somehow done the impossible, she had actually made my birthday enjoyable. We had spent the day tal... Read Chapter

Chapter Fourteen I was stunned. I didn't know what to say, and I was angry at myself for not seeing what I had been doing, letting he... Read Chapter

Chapter Fifteen My stomach twisted with guilt to think that I was going to use Georgiana this way. But I had to get home, and this pl... Read Chapter

Chapter Sixteen As soon as we opened the usually locked door I felt freer. There was only more corridors, and a set of stairs, but th... Read Chapter

Chapter Seventeen The guilt felt somehow worse this time, her concealed pain was more torturous than the outright I had had to bear b... Read Chapter

Chapter Eighteen "Psst!" James called me from my sleep, beckoning me to follow him. "What is it?" I grunted. "I want you to s... Read Chapter

Chapter Nineteen Planning my escape was difficult. I carefully examined each ground floor window but all were locked. Until the d... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty I was furious. "Why won't you let me out?!" I cried "I've done nothing wrong!" "No, but I want you to spend so... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty One The click of the trigger made me wince, but the gunshot never came. I opened my eyes, to find I was still alive! T... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty-Two In just over a week I was home and soon I would be restarting school, it was tough as I was a long way behind ever... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty-Three I was getting more and more distressed as no one came up with answers, I nagged the police until they got snappy... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty-Four She came out from the shower and into my room, she was wrapped in my towel and it was wierd seeing her in my home... Read Chapter