Trusting Love

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

Gemma is a normal 16 year old girl from England... until she gets kidnapped by a creepy old man, and a young confused 19 year old. As the fear and confusion grow, so does the bond between them.

Table of Contents

Trusting Love

Life is like a road. Some are easy, and can send you to sleep with its smooth and uncomplicated route. But some are dangerous, with potholes and hairpin bends that can send you in a completely different direction from where you thought it led. You may think you are on an easy road, but as Gemma can tell you, you never know whats around the corner... Read Chapter

Chapter Two. I had woken a couple of times in that van, but only for short periods of time- brief snatches of the bald man leaving, t... Read Chapter

Chapter Three. I woke up in absolute darkness. The air bit my nose in a frosty chill, and I shivered. I could feel a thin blanket thr... Read Chapter

Chapter Four. Harry hadn't come in. He had stuck to his word and remained in the room. But the whole time I was in the shower I was o... Read Chapter

Chapter Five. Several days passed, and I tried to ignore the frustration that was beginning to rise within me. It felt wrong that I w... Read Chapter

Chapter Six. I spent the next couple of days with Harry, it was very similar to before, monotonous, and boring, but since my close en... Read Chapter

Chapter Seven. I wasn't left alone long, within minutes I heard his footsteps returning, I hurriedly wiped my face of the tear trails... Read Chapter

Chapter Eight. The days improved greatly now I was out of that room, Harry had shut the door on it, and I didn't go back in. I slept ... Read Chapter

Chapter Nine. I came to, opening my eyes, but the room beyond swayed sickeningly and I squeezed them shut. Then suddenly everything c... Read Chapter

Chapter Ten. Harry began improving, and each day showed signs of improvement. His breathing less laboured, his eyes more focused. He ... Read Chapter

Chapter Eleven. Harry's fingers were scrabbling hopelessly against Paul's, but they couldn't break the iron fast grip. "Paul plea... Read Chapter

warning- longest chapter alert! Chapter Twelve. It didn't take too long to reach the village, but I was shivering by the time we ... Read Chapter