Anybody Listening?

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Everyone knows communication is the key. But are we really listening and paying attention to one another?

Submitted: January 14, 2013

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Submitted: January 14, 2013



Anybody Listening?

Anybody listening?

Anybody care?

Everything’s crazy

Dress it up it’s still bare


Everybody’s hungry,

They wanna get rich;

I really can’t blame em

Life is such a female dog


If you are a have not,

You wanna be a have;

But All haves are not happy

This is not a wrap see


A poem about the forlorn

You should be forewarned

God wins in The End

So I scream Praise the Lord!


And pass the ammunition!

Cuz  people keep tripping

And fallin over issues

That expose our miscues


Is anybody listening?

We all have something to say

It’s time to tune you out

Seems you don’t see it my way


Are you still listening?

Or are you thinking of the answer

To put me in my place

Where you can hear the last of...


Anybody Listening?


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