A Fuzzy Time

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

a too be continued story about two ducks

Are you feeling ok my furry darling? said Ruffles to his partner Feathers. "Quack" Feathers replied in a flirty yet serious tone. Feather's was sitting comfortably with Ruffle's soft and warm body snuggled right beside her. She rested her head on his back, listening to the gentle wind blowing to her chest. "Should be any day now Fluffles" she said peering down at her round golden coloured belly. Fluffles and Feathers had been so excited and treasuring every single day since discovering Feathers hadn't just put on weight due to eating too many homemade worm sandwiches, but actually might be carrying gold. Fluffles beamed at Feather's face, grooming her intensely, making her shiver in delight. Feathers knew she was carrying something precious, like an priceless ornament and Fluffles took every opportunity to make Feathers experience a truly heartwarming one.

Fluffles said "dont you just love the setting? Rich green grass, stone brown benches and a beautiful crystal clear lake". Feathers replied " I couldn't be happier, my warm snuggle heart".


Life seemed perfect, the two of them together with a warm yet mysterious gift to come.

“Time for a sleep I think” Feathers said to Fluffles, him nodding in reply "goodnight fuzzywuzzy",
The sun was now down, and the only sounds were of tiny critters like ants carrying leaves to form a home here.

The next day, the sun rose, grass swooped back and forth in a slightly stronger breeze. But something else was there…another sound was in the air, a dark frightful, mean, groaning sound. Fluffles's eyes opened, first squinting at the dazzling sun, but after a shadow formed over his front view, he quacked in shock and had a sudden scare! Straight away he got up, shook Feathers to wake her and the gold up and in an alarming tone shouted" Feathers my joyful one, we have to leave now! right now!" For what was now clear in Fluffles field of vision was a terrifying, monster of an object, a loud, rattling bulldozer. It was tearing down year old precious, antique trees, ripping the once smooth green silk like grass apart and ruining a truly once magnificent and stunning area. "Quick Feathers, We have to go now!”. " Wah..what are you talking about Fluffles? she said opening her eyes slowly from a near perfect dream. It didn’t take atall long for her to realise what Fluffles was on about. "Oh my!! word!!" her beak fell down in astonishment and terror. "He-elp" she slowly said in a weak voice. Fluffles very gently scooped her up with both his masculine wings, you will need to walk a little bit honey, he said in a soft but rushed apologetic voice. The bulldozer was much more clear to see now, and aswell as the roaring machine sound, the two brave and fragile ducks also heard a deep, rumbling bald mans voice. "Hurry up mate” he said to his co-worker in the bulldozer. “We have to make this into a massive football pitch by Tuesday”. Although Fluffles and Feathers couldn't understand what this bald ape was saying, they knew it wasn't about giving them a first class breakfast service. Fluffles now had Feather cooped up in his arms and could indeed feel this special daily growing gold package. Feathers got up as much as she could, feeling as heavy as a plate of duck food feeling the weight she was carrying putting pressure on her thin boney joints.
Fluffles found this much harder than his usual duck fitness workout routine and knew it was up to him to save them all. He scooted across the remaining green grass, looking around for anywhere safe from this dangerous beast! He didn’t have anytime, the bulldozer was now only about 80 meters away! "We will just have to keep going straight until we find somewhere safe and suitable for our gold to be delivered" he said in a worried voice.

Submitted: May 07, 2012

© Copyright 2021 Chocolatecat. All rights reserved.

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