2006 (lupus)

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The world doesn't ever stop, it has no regard for what may be happening in your life, it just keeps spinning and the wolves keep coming

Submitted: November 21, 2006

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Submitted: November 21, 2006



The wolves came round to my house today

You saw them and yet you had nothing to say

You didn't even try to make them go away

It looks to me as though they're here to stay.


The wolves came round again this afternoon

Should I throw back my head and then howl at the moon?

You said nothing about them returning so soon

To their presence you seem to be almost immune.


The wolves came into our room tonight

They came up to me and they started to bite

They took pieces of me and you didn't even fight

You told me you loved me and just held me tight.


So we both went away made it all seem unreal

Till those memories of wolves became something surreal

Took me from here so I could start to heal

Without ever asking me how I might feel.


You told me you loved me again and again

It led me to think that things wouldn't be the same

That you'd keep me safe and you'd share all my pain

So I tried to believe you and I tried not to blame.


We came home with my wounds still fresh from the attack

So I go to our room and I start to unpack.

There's a sound as the front door is opened a crack

And I turn round to see that the wolves have come back.


You're standing right there and you're looking at me

Please tell me exactly what is it you see?

I think you see someone I can no longer be.

The wolves have returned and they're coming for me

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