2006 (voices)

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Sometimes even though you know you're beaten - it's easier to hang on

Submitted: November 21, 2006

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Submitted: November 21, 2006



How long do you think until you go?

Until all this goes away

I think that you already know

You're just too scared to say.

You think you have no other choice

You must stay here with me

But inside me there is a voice

And it's saying you will flee.

The reason is quite obvious

It's plain for all to see

We're slowly running out of us

Because I'm losing me.

You loved me so because I shone

Because I sparkled bright

But darling right now that has gone

Inside I'm dark as night.

Please don't think that I'll decide

That I'll be the one to leave

Because I want you by my side

I need you whilst I grieve.

Because a life without you

Is a life with nothing there

To go is something I can't do

I can't leave because I care.

The hurt and pain stand in my way

But I'll keep holding on

Because I love you more each day

And I'll stay here till they've won.

So if you think I'll close the door

There's something I must say

I knowits notthe same anymore

If you're leaving, then go, itsokay.

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