Being in "love" ..

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Falling in love is complicated to deal with .... or atleast the pain is.

Submitted: March 28, 2013

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Submitted: March 28, 2013



have you ever loved someone so much, that no matter what they do to you, or how much they hurt you, you find that 1 tiny little reason to stay & keep fighting for them? It's like all they have to do is say they miss you & there you are, running back to them like a lost puppy trying to find someone to love them. Their kiss heals everything, and they way they hold you it's like no one can EVER hold you like that. Nothing can make you feel better but their "I miss you" text..... You really don't know why, it just sorta happens. You stay because something in your heart tells you that their going to comfort you, and when they hold you the pain seems to just flow away as if nothing ever happened, and as if nothing was ever there, as if it didn't even exist. You would rather suffer with them then be miserable without them. But do you have those moments where you're just like "Whats the point?".... Have you ever experienced the feeling when you're suddenly unsure of something? The moment you over think things alittle tooooooo much? it's NOT doubt , It's just sometimes you don't see where you're heading with that person... It's always the same bullshit. He did this, i heard that ... There's that little part of you that's starting to lose hope. Then you look at them and everything changes. Their decieving smile, and their glowing eyes .. And that very moment, you know nobody can ever compare. So you decide to keep trying.... You're just hoping that maybe, JUST MAYBE you can change them and make them realize what they have before it's too late, and then thats when they'll regret letting go & letting you walk away.


These types of relationships are something complicated and painful to deal with. Once you fall in love once, it's hard to try and fall in love again. Esepcially because your previous relationship messed with your head, your heart, your emotions.. You feel like it's gunna keep happening. But honestly, it's only gunna happen if you let it happen. Nobody deserves to be lead on, used, lied to on a daily bases, cheated on, played around with etc.. I don't think you would wanna go through that type of pain, thats why you got to try and take things slow and actually be ready to commit to only 1 person. If you know that your girl, or you man be gettin around and you stillll try to be with him, then that's on you. Because they won't let their "hoes" go, wether your loyal, or not. So you gotta make sure you're the only person they call babe. Make smarter decisions if you don't wanna go through bullshit. Simple as that.......

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