A Very Scary Birthday

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Nailclippers. *Sigh* They can be very dangerous.

Submitted: August 27, 2013

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Submitted: August 27, 2013



I snatched my secret weapon from my backpack. Clutching it tightly to my chest, I started roaming around the abandoned school, my breath sucked right out of me. I heard a sound behind me. I whipped around, only to find nothing. Feeling frightened, I started on my horrifying journey. On my birthday, too. I had foolishly taken on a dare that on my birthday, I would enter this school, take pictures of all the classrooms, and sneak out. The light suddenly flickered on. Surprised, I turned off my flashlight, still clutching my ultimate secret and dangerous weapon in my hand. My heart almost stopped when something behind me yelled," Happy Birthday!" I spun around quickly, eyes closed, and threw my weapon at the thing. I heard a cry of surprise, and a loud thump. I opened one eye to find my guy friend lying on the floor, noise maker in his hand. Next to him, there was a small but sharp nailclipper. Thus, my secret weapon has been revealed! However, behind my unconcious friend, were more of my friends, my family, and the kids who had dared me to go in here in the first place all holding balloons and shocked expressions on their faces. Half of them were staring at Matt, the unconcious freind of mine, and the other half was staring at me. Then, very slowly, all of their gazes went to me, and like robots, all of their arms folded. "Oops. Didn't mean to do that.." I said, taking a quick glance at Matt, who still had the noisemaker in his hand. 
Unfortunately, my mother decided to talk first. "Chloe Darren, we do not go around throwing sharp nailclippers at people!" Her stare turned to a glare. "I thought he was like, a ghost or something! You know, like a monster," I protested, Worst b-day ever, eh?

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