my poems for her

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My work contains some poems that should be analyzed stylisticaly and from a postmodern perspective...

Submitted: June 25, 2008

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Submitted: June 25, 2008



I dedicate this work to three persons.
The first dedication to the person who has inspired me; who has taken everything to give me nothing, but words. To the person whom I tried to betray but I failed; whom I tried to leave but I failed; whom I tried to hate but I failed. To the girl who collected those poems. I want to tell her one more thing:
The second dedication to the person who taught me and made me love the English language; who was and still my spiritual father; the person who endured my frivolous behaviour during my secondary education, Mr M. Mezzati...
The third person is the one who is still accomplishing the mission; the teacher, the leader, and the Mahatma. The person who has never been absent; who has never got angry; who has never shouted at anybody; who devoted himself to students. To the person who can inspire rocks to learn; to the wise, to the reference, and to the encyclopedic man, N. Fgair...
May God save them all, and give them health, wealth, and happiness.
Fly, try to fly
try to reach the sky...
Smile never cry;
Better to live than to die.
To leave say bye,
to live say hi...
Life is a play;
a play is a lie...
Play don't be shy...
Man could change;
but could not hate.
Dream but never forget
to change your heart;
but not your fate,
then wait me till the sunset.
Try it, try it!
it's not too late.
Life started when we met;
ask not about the date,
ask about what you will get...
Under the moon light
I have spent my night
I was scared to fight
because I have seen the world in one sight.
Little hope I'm that knight,
I promise to own my fate;
To be with me you have to wait;
but to forsake is also your right.
Knock on heaven's gate,
please knock it's not too late...
The future is yours, tomorrow is great.
Man is nothing without his mate.
I'll dream and dream, I'll never give up
Dreams will certainly outweigh;
I knew at least that my right to fight,
is in what I'm going to write....
How should I exist,
if you weren't by my side??
I would be trying to escape
the world to hide
my precious feelings
that weren't going to be paid.
Each time I look into your
eyes I fell in love.
Each time I touch your
hand I feel your love.
Each time I ask myself:
am I in love..??
I get no answer; but
love is to love how to love.
Why don't you speak up,
and tell me about love?
Hand in hand we will fly.
You and I will reach the sky;
To the world where no one can betray,
where the tears are dry.
I love you, yes I can't deny....
Hey Mr Night,
how daare you to exist,
And my only love has got all your darkness?
Don't you feel ashamed when you look into her eyes?
Please Mr Night,
tell me how do you feel when she frees her hair?
Oh Mr Night,
you seem so pathetic.
Never mind, I do still consider
you my only friend, when my only love
turns off her mobile...
Let's forget about the past,
life is short, life is fast.
Life is gold, past is dust;
for the future you are the best
If I had known that I'd find you in my tears,
I would have cried all my life.
If I had known that I'd find you in the sea,
I would have thrown myself.
If I had known that I'd find you in my dreams,
I would have slept as a dead.
If I had known that I'd find you in death,
I would have committed suicide.
Ask me not about
poems this day,
ask me how can words
enlight my way.
God! Help me to say
what I want to say...
Oh! God tell me
on whom could I rely?
Friends or foes,
whatever we were
we should, or let me say,
we must stay....
I spent nights and nights awake;
trying to forget the sound of your laughter.
I'll sacrifice my life for your sake;
please don't tell me it's not enough...
Here another Sunday,
that passed.
Day after day we'll be
found well-dressed.
Teachers, singers and lawyers,
everything is so stressed.
By life and by God,
we will be blessed...
Have you ever heard my heart,
when it's calling for you??
Have you ever seen my eyes
when they are looking for you??
Oh! my dear...
There is nothing else
in my life I can do;
for, you know well how much
I do care for you;
How could I live my days,
without your baby face?
How could I cross my ways,
if you were out of my space?
Oh baby...
I wanna love you for the rest
of my days.....
Don't worry about tomorrow;
tomorrow is ours.
I'll be your knight,
You will be my princess.
Money doesn't bring happiness;
but it brings curses.
I believe in love;
love will be our bread for existance....
If only I could open my heart,
I would have got the opportunity
to show you that your name
is written there...
If only you tried to share
with me the life,
I would have made of you the queen of women.
If only you dared to trust me
as you trust your eyes,
I would have been your eyes.
If I were your man,
you would never have to cry...
Ask me not to prove my love;
ask me to be with you little dove.
I'll give you what you should have.
Love and Love, then Love and Love;
till my soul passes above...
Who said that words are dead,
when they are being said??
I will never keep it inside me.
I'll seize every opportunity
to tell you,
I am in love with you....
Laughing lips;
Crying heart.
Happy smile,
Sad inside.
May I succeed?
It's too hard.
You should try,
and I must resign....
If only I could help myself
accept your absence;
If only I could hold your hand
dispite the distance;
If only I could express myself
in one sentence,
I would have loved you to the end
of the whole existance...
Teach me the meaning of life;
Teach me how to live.
Show me the true love,
that we both deserve.
Before we meet I was nothing.
Your eyes guided me safely
to the right way,
and now:
How am I supposed to live?
How am I supposed to stay?
And how am I supposed to lay,
without you by my side;
So, how am I suposed to live
wihout you...?
Life is short,
life is suffering;
You were in peace,
I was fighting.
Alone! Alone!
Without any one supporting;
I'm living,
crying I'm leaving.
Where have you been when I
was in need?
Making of me a crippled man;
Yes you did.
Under your lovely books
you hid!
Don't be so worried
you'll succeed....
We are the chlidren of rain.
We are the enfants of pain.
For your sake I've brought the sun
Cry not, please laugh, and have fun.
I've lost my reason of living;
I've lost my sense of loving,
what else in the world matters?
I've lost you;
I've lost my life.
You were always by my side,
where did you go? Why?
Where have you been when
I spent thousands of nights
looking for you?
You have gone, yes you did.
nothing else matters...
Show me the wrong;
Show me the right.
Don't let me alone
during this night.
Penalize me from time
to time;
I love you, please do
the same!
For your sake I will just
fight and fight;
so don't let me alone
during this night...
I believe that silence
will speak up one day;
I believe that you will
show me the way.
I've said what I could
mostly say,
So tell me please:
Why this delay?
Oh my dear love come to me;
help us build our destiny;
My dearest I wanna say sorry;
for, your absence wrecked me...
I wanna be your hero.
I wanna be your guide.
For better or worse,
in bitter or sweet
I will never leave your side.
In moments of sorrow,
when all the feelings die;
remember that true love never fades.
In every word and every verse;
again and again,
whenever we meet;
today, and tomorrow,
I will keep your tears dry....
Ask me not about happiness
when I'm not with you.
Ask me not about warmth
when I'm far from you.
Ask me not about life
when I'm dying for you.
Ask me not about the hell
when I'm in the heaven with you.
Ask me: why can't I stop loving you...?
Life is boring, life is irony.
Life is ugly, life is agony.
Life is unfair, life is guilty.
Life is tough, life is heavy...
Die not your feelings tonight;
for, I want to teach you how to love.
Open up your heart dear fate,
but let not your spirit walks above.
Cry me not for being so faithful,
my beautiful little kid,
yet, cry if one day you needed me,
but I no longer did.
Fear not the future it has been
always mine.
Fear the past which had been
always fine...
Ask me not whether
I love you;
for, I can't answer
unless you do.
I made of you the
Princess of the worlds.
I made of you the
Queen of my words.
Shame on the moon
if it dared to
enlight the night;
whereas you do.
I'm the one who
taught you love,
the magician who
made of you his dove;
How can't you
remember the days,
when you were
looking into my eyes....?
I was wrong, you showed me the way;
you are sensible in each word you say;
from May to May, day after day,
I'll love you till my soul becomes dry.
Yet, before that, let's continue our own play;
for today, and for another one hundred day,
let me say: Happy Birthday...
If you can keep your head up even in rough times;
If you manage to be deaf when someone blames;
If you dare to say no although everybody says yes;
If you may hold your breath despite killing stress;
If you try one million time, yet you don't succeed;
If you're able to do everything but to judge and lead;
If you need to be someone else but you feel shy;
If you want to escape but you can never fly high,
remember that I am you and you are I....
Neither moon, nor sunshine,
it is you who makes me fine.
Sorry! But, from love I must resign.
Fear not; you are in the heart of mine.
I will never love a woman, but you.
I swear to love you forever as you do.
Regret not the days because I'm the one who,
made you feel what really are you....
I want to say a thousand thing.
I want to say I am the KING.
Why can't you remember
to be more cute and tender?
Oh! my sweet stop saying sorry.
You are pushing me to worry.
If you can't understand me,
I will explain my tendency:
you are so warm, so kind;
you are so sweet, so fine;
you are so tough, so blind;
you are so stony, so divine.
You trust not the fire;
you trust the ice instead.
You think I am a liar,
you should try it on bed....
Oh! my sweet love
never say goodbye.
You are my white dove
stay! Please don't fly.
Let me show you the future.
Let you show me the life.
Let us build our nest,
beyond the world of stars.
Safe and dry without any doubt,
let us fly above.
I'll shed no tears if you must go.
I'll never try to get you back.
I'll only dig my own tomb instead.
In the earth's womb, I'll find my bed,
and when you ask yourself about me,
remember me as ''the broken tree''.
I see myself in your eyes;
I see my life in your eyes;
I see you.
If only you could hold me
between your arms
to keep me warm through the days.
Oh! my dearest, I adore you.
Wherever you'll be;
Whatever you'll do;
I'll be there to support you...
Is it our fate or not
to find all the wars fought?
We found all the maps drawn.
In this life we were thrown.
I promise never to look back,
even when the future is too black.
I will keep going to the end of days.
I will never change my ways.
I won't go back again,
but i will surpass all the pain.
Whether I am successful or not,
who cares!,
all the wars are already fought...
i Have a friend, but
i won't tell her nAme.
When i look at her eyes
i see Joy and blame.
each time shE goes away
people claim:
''she is too hot like a flame''
i tuRn my face to them and say:
''she has got all the beauty,
and you've got only the shame...''

© Copyright 2018 chokri chakroun. All rights reserved.

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