The Four Horsemen: Legacy

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Nala Richards may look like your normal teen with normal problems but she holds a secret no one else knows about until now.
New transfer students Jeverson- son of Death, Rhys- son of War and Arizona- daughter of Famine are looking for something in Havens Borough, the heir of Pestilence, one of the four horsemen to continue their Legacy. However, Nala wants nothing more than to hide her true identity and get them the hell out of her town but when her best friend Noah becomes involved she has no choice but to put herself in the middle and maybe even find her true place in the world.

Part 1--- Introducing Pestilence, Death, War and Famine

Long ago when the four kingdoms of Ore controlled the land, violence and vanity were popular amongst the people. There was no order and the royals of each kingdom failed to control their followers. The god Asylus looked upon the small world with disgust, the creatures he stared at were not grateful for the immortality the gods had bestowed upon them and so Asylus knew change was necessary to create order. Using himself as a sacrifice, Asylus chose to take away the human species immortality and invincibility, taking his own form and separating into four different beings that would become known as Death, Famine, War and Pestilence; The four Horsemen. Asylus’ sacrifice was not in vain; the four horsemen scoured the lands and used fear to create a new tomorrow. People learnt to live fully, without regrets and ignorance knowing their time on this earth would come to an end for them. The four horsemen kept an eye on this world for thousands of years, watching as it changed and became more advanced but soon enough the fear of the four mighty beings began to fade as their abilities became routine and their existences became only a myth. The four horsemen became tired of their time on the planet, which soon became known as Earth. They decided to once again return to the heavens. However, knowing of Asylus’ sacrifice for this planet, knew Earth could not return to the way it once was and so they all chose to make a pact to create a new horseman in each of their places to carry on their work… My name is Nala Richards, I am a resident of Earth, born to keep control amongst chaos and Pestilence is my Father.

School, even as a gods daughter, I don’t like it. I attend Havens Borough College, a mixed school for years 8-12 on the continent know as UK, I discovered much to my delight that UK actually stands for United Kingdom. I don’t understand why everything must be abbreviated in this day and age. Monday mornings are always the part of the week I most despise but here I am anyway out of bed at 7am putting on my ripped black jeans, black t-shirt and matching black jacket with black boots that reach the top of my shin, what can I say? I find the colour black more appealing than others. In the bathroom I proceed to put on brown eyeliner and eye shadow, brown makes my bright blue eyes pop more than black and it matches my thick brown hair, the curls of which reach the small of my back. Looking in the mirror I am content with my look for today and head down stairs to where my foster mother has prepared breakfast which I won’t eat, I think she does it more for my foster sister and fathers benefit rather than mine not that I mind. Walking into the brightly lit room I walk over to the kitchen island and give my mother a kiss on the cheek and a good morning, hoping that would be all it took to get out of the house. She let me leave today without questions which I mentally thanked her for.

Making my way down the street I carry my skateboard in one hand rested on my hip and my bad slung over my other shoulder. I have lived in Havens Borough for a large percentage of my life but I knew the truth of who I really was, I was one of the four horsemen and I knew my duty. I had never actually encountered the children of Death, War and Famine and honestly I didn’t want to, life was complicated enough being a 124 year old soul who appears the age of 17. Once I reach the corner of our street I chuck my skateboard in front of me to get it going and hop on using my left foot to give me speed. I only live a few blocks from school so this is the most efficient way to get there. Making my way speedily through the streets, I jump a curb and make my way onto school grounds, the huge looming structure of the school stretches over me but I am not intimidated by much and especially not this. As I make my way down the hallways heading in the direction of my locker my board is once again held against my hip, I get stares from other students as I pass but that’s not uncommon, I don’t know why but I always seem to attract unwanted attention.

It’s a new week which means a full school assembly straight up, I’m not thrilled about this but at least it’s not Physics. Walking into the giant arena which hosts all of the school sporting events as well as school functions I meet the familiar blue eyes of my best human friend Noah, I smile slightly and make my way over to him. Noah and I could be brother and sister, we look similar in every aspect; he is taller and his mop of hair is a darker shade but apart from that and gender we are like twins looks wise and the way we dress. He pulls me into a firm hug before letting go, his friends hawk like eyes on us.  “I heard they are introducing some new students” his voice was honey to my ears, I had always loved the way he talked.“How many?” I ask, not really interested  “three, all in our year, all transfers”  “exciting” I say sarcastically but in reality something’s eating at me, three? Keep calm Nala, its coincidence.

Noah leads me up on to one of the bleachers seats and we talk about our weekend while we wait for it to commence, once the assembly starts its mostly all the normal stuff I don’t care about so instead of paying attention Noah whips out his iPod and hands me one of the earpieces, I take it gratefully. The assembly goes on for what feels like forever and Noah’s playlist begins to repeat itself, as I begin to get really into ‘My songs know what you did in the dark’ by Fall Out Boy I faintly hear our principle announce what I had been interested in; “and finally I’d like to introduce our new transfer students Jeverson Grey, Rhys Masterson and Arizona Hamilton. I expect you will all make them feel very welcome at Havens Borough” he went on to say more but I couldn’t focus, it was them. I knew it was, They were all unbelievably…. God-like, did they know who I was? I didn’t know. Why were they here? Please don’t say to find me.

Noah pulls me out of my daydream, ushering me to stop blocking the whole row from exiting, we make our way to our classes and I try to avoid losing my mind. As it turns out the one named Jeverson shared nearly every class with Noah and I, the ones he didn’t, Rhys were in. I knew I needed to figure out which one was which before the figured out whom I was, if they didn’t already know. Famine and War I could deal with, Death would be a little harder. Throughout the day I made sure to observe them without being obvious and I quickly got theories on who was who based on their activities. The girl Arizona, was tall, blonde and perky, she tried out for the cheerleading team already and was instantly accepted; not to mention guys had been drooling over her big green eyes all day, if I was to guess I would say she was Famine. The two guys Jeverson and Rhys turned out to be polar opposites, Rhys was loud, funny and out-going, with a boyish grin, choppy blonde hair and gorgeous green eyes, he had the ladies fighting to get to him; which makes me believe he is war. Jeverson is quiet and reserved, he has barely talked all day, he is a fair bit taller than I am but a tad shorter than Rhys, he has unbelievably dark hair and piercing violet eyes, a most unusual colour and from what I have seen people are too intimidated to approach him which leads me to believe he is the son of Death.

I knew theories were not going to get me anywhere, I had to be sure, I had to “You’ve been strangely quiet all day, is something wrong?” Noah asked me making me jump, I turned my head to the left where he was sitting beside me, and he looked genuinely worried.  “Why would anything be wrong” “I don’t know, that’s why I am asking” “Nothing is wrong Noah” “Really? Because I know you better than that Nala, tell me what’s bothering you” I sighed knowing there was no way I could honestly tell him what was bothering me, I faked an excuse. “I have just been feeling lightheaded all day and I really can’t be getting sick right now, that’s all” the irony wasn’t lost on me, I am Pestilence’s daughter, I am the definition of sickness and disease.

Submitted: September 20, 2013

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Miss B

Great concept! I am interested to see where you take it from there :)

Fri, September 20th, 2013 8:45am


Thank you :)I'm hoping to go further into the relationship of Noah and Nala first but also create relationships with the other horsemen further in :)

Fri, September 20th, 2013 1:52am

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