down with the Queen!

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a semi-political short story for a redbubble contest, previously published there.

Submitted: June 08, 2008

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Submitted: June 08, 2008



June 7, 2008

“Down with the Queen! Down with the monarchy!” kept repeating the crowd assembled in front of the palace. The Queen looked through the window horrified, an attempt had been made that morning at the parade grounds, after her speech calling for more repression a bomb had exploded; as a result, her left arm was now in a tourniquet.

The year was 1860; the people had demanded the creation of a Congress that now was controlled by the opposition, the Socialists. The colonial empire was crumbling in the Caribbean. That is where her advisers wanted her to hide, impossible! There, she will be hanged or decapitated. Then, she was told to hide at her secret summerhouse in the forest. Of course, there were no luxuries there, she will be living like one of the peasants, perhaps dressed like one, that way nobody would notice, no servants, only a handful of bodyguards. The decision was made: She would hide in the summerhouse, until the situation got better, if he did not she would leave the country; it was close

to the border.

The next day, the secret partition in the library was opened and she went down the underground corridors with 5 bodyguards. Everyone was dressed in black so as not to been seen in the darkness with a few candles and supplies. Only knives were carried, well hidden, no guns. That night they arrived at the summerhouse, a few bombs were exploded and the corridor was sealed off, nobody could follow her thru them now, if they ever found them. There was a stable with 10 horses in the nearby barn, in case they had to flee; the border was only 3 miles away. She tried to make herself at home, wood had to be gathered during the day for the fireplace and the cooking, as well as enough water to be stored, and for daily usage. Now, to wait for news, but either way, she probably would never rule as an absolute Queen again! She would have to decline or share her power with Congress, at best. At worst, the Socialists would take over and she would have to flee the country!!

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