passenger to another time

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a short story suggested by a picture of a woman going through a tunnel with a small bag in her hand.

Submitted: May 01, 2008

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Submitted: May 01, 2008



A tunnel to the future or perhaps to the past? Would there be an improvement to the human condition? The Devil had promised a better life at the other end, or was he an Angel? Should I stay inside the tunnel a little longer and continue traveling through space? Too many questions racing through my head, but the answers were only to be found if I walked to the other end.

The Devil said it would be a world without war: science would save lives instead. I reached the other side, I found myself inside a dome, what looked like an electric car on rails came over and stopped next to me. I climbed in; there was no driver, only a table with lots of levers labeled with letters. “The lever with a letter F over it must be the one that will go forward.” I said to myself. I was right; the car went forward at a tremendous speed.

The electric car stopped at a building simply named Hospital. There was a lady behind a counter, she gave me a form and added: “They need someone to clean rooms and help in the activity room.” I told her I had just arrived and needed a place to stay; she said there was a hotel across the street.

At the hotel, they treated me very well, I told them that I applied for a job, and the owner said: “pay me at the end of the month.” The room had a desk, bed, bathroom and a television set. The owner said there was a common cafeteria, and gave me list of the hours meals would be served. The cost of the food was included in the rent. It was getting dark, I had dinner and settled there for the night.

The next morning I went to the hospital and started working, cleaning and helping with the elderly; in fact, most of the people all around look old and had gray hair. In the activity room, a man practiced biking in front of a huge television set, while watching a basketball game. His legs shined and were made out a golden metal; on the other side of the room, a group of old men and women exercised their arms, jumped or ran in place while a very upbeat music was heard through speakers hanging from the ceiling. Some of these people had shiny arms or legs or both. Science was definitely now able to prolong life.

After a week, many patients died; at first it was difficult to establish the cause. The patients coughed and spread the disease from one to the other. The doctors started working on a vaccine, some patients were put into isolation to prevent further spread. I started coughing also and told the hotel owner I would see a doctor the next day.

The next day I saw a doctor and was taken into isolation with the rest of the diseased group. I told the nurse about my hotel room across the street and she informed the owner; and brought in my clothing along with some books given to me by the owner herself . A week later, the doctors had found a vaccine and I was injected and saved along with the other patients. Science had once again saved lives; this is the wonderful world I was promised by my vision of the Angel.


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