The Quest for Gold- essay on Hernan Cortes

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historical fictional essay about the conquest of Mexico by Hernan Cortes around 1500's.

Submitted: June 21, 2008

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Submitted: June 21, 2008



June 18, 2008
The Quest for Gold
The Gods came to our city dressed in shining armor, their weapons of Fire, murdered the nobles in Cholula, and burned down the city, crushing the land with the hoofs of their horses.” The messenger read this to the Aztec King of Technotitlan, Monteczuma II, themselves a warring nation, a nation that had conquered the Mayas and had become an Empire extending from Guatemala to their now capital Technotitlan (Mexico City). The so-called ‘invaders from another planet’ fit the Mayan or Aztec mythology of Gods, the Spaniards. The Aztec nobles had been gathered at the main plaza and slaughtered, by these Gods, their leader, Hernan Cortes, an already highly politically influential person in Cuba and mayor of the city of Santiago. He had sold his plantations, Indian slaves and mines and with the aid of the then Governor of Cuba, Diego Velazquez, bought weapons, horses, ships to quench in Mexico his thirst for Gold.
The first two invasions from Cuba were a disaster and had been crushed by the might of the Aztecs, only a few had survived, the priest who could now speak Mayan and some others quickly joined Cortes’ forces. After he defeated Narvaez and his men, who now had be sent by the same Velazquez, Cortes decides to set up a siege on Technotitlan until it was destroyed. Cortes, an extremely greedy subject of the Spanish Crown, had many conflicts with King Charles V of Spain, later Holy Roman Emperor. Cortes, then headed towards Honduras and conquered it by hanging their leader, Cuauhtemoc. The wars in Europe had led to many defeats already caused to the Spanish Empire, so the King decided that a Judge, Luis Ponce, would be sent to investigate and possibly arrest Cortes, a now powerful, extremely rich and influential man in Mexico and Central America.
Luis Ponce, arrested Cortes, stripped him of his power as Governor of New Spain (Mexico), ordered into exile and he sailed back to Spain to appeal to the King of Spain. He returned to Mexico as a Viceroy to share his power with another Conquistador, his powers much diminished by decree of the Crown. In his later life, he undertook yet another conquest, that of California. In today’s world, Cortes, would be considered a man highly obsessed with power and Gold.
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