My Fight with Death

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A story of my epic (but rather short) battle with Death

Submitted: July 19, 2012

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Submitted: July 19, 2012





The night I was visited by Death, a thundery storm was raging right outside my ward. This was in stark contrast to the calm state of my mind, and I wondered in amusement if the storm had been sent on purpose to unsettle me. If so, the effort was futile.

Comfortable on what was to be my deathbed, I awaited the Angel of Death. Soon enough, he came as expected. His arrival, hailed by a woosh of cold air across my pale face, was greeted with a smile on my face, as I jumped up to face my fiercest adversary yet. Having trained for a grand total of eighteen years for this moment, I was well-prepared, and I brandished the sword that was also my family heirloom. It had been honed to an edge just the night before on one of my toenails, and I now wielded it with a fury. Not wasting a moment, I placed it, with a deft flick of my wrist, at the throat of my newest visitor. He, however, had had thousands of years more to train than I, and was quick to parry what would have been a fatal blow to the vital arteries providing sustenance to his brain. 

Noting the strength of my enemy, I withdrew, and backed away, readying my shield. Smelt in the hottest of fires, two hundred miles away in the firey pits of Bukit Timah Hill, it had been engraved with the Chow family insignia: the word CHOW in bold letters, Arial font. It had also been blessed by the combined powers of two soft toys. As I held it up against the blows of my adversary, I remembered the teachings of my master: NEVER SAY NEVER! Noting the paradox of this statement (never say never, seriously?), I screamed, FOREVER! Startled at the shrill screech of my voice, Death flinched and stumbled upon his ragged robes. Taking this moment of weakness provided me, I thrust the needle-point of my weapon out, aiming to pierce his abdomen and inflict an injury that would debilitate him. However, his reflexes were beyond anything I had ever seen. With a smooth flex of his muscles, he dodged my blow, and parried with his own weapon. 

It was at this juncture that I knew all was lost, for his strength was such that my sword was shattered into a million glittery shards. However, remembering again the idiotic paradox of NEVER SAY NEVER, and rolling my eyes, I recovered and dealt Death a crushing blow with my shield. Knowing that many video games can be won with a knowledge of how to spam skills, and also knowing that video games are sooooo realistic, I dealt him a total of 100 blows with my shield. His inhuman endurance seemingly knew no bounds, however, as he parried each and every blow with his own shield. By the end of my assault, it was apparent that he was only slightly winded. 

With malice in his eyes, and smiling at the knowledge that he was superior in every way to his puny victim, he dropped his shield, and raised his sword to deal to me a coup de grace; and put an end to my life. However, I once again recalled the teachings of my master. This time, it was that WHEN DYING, HIT EVERYTHING. With a quick thrust of my arm, I grabbed his nipples, and gave them such a twist I could feel the bones in my hand break. Yelping with pain and jumping with anger, he raised his weapon and once again prepared to deal me the blow of death. This time, I was ready to die, as with a laugh in my throat and a smile on my face I jumped up and lodged the point of his sword in my throat. 

As I felt my lifeblood gushing from the grievous wound I had suffered, I laughed and laughed, as I had denied him the satisfaction of killing me. You see, I had, in effect, killed myself! WOO HOO~

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