The Journey To The Dragon's Lair

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Jack and his pet, Taboo are on a mission. They have to save the princess plus defeat the evil dragon. Jack, has to do this according for him to fulfill his dreams. Read this story and find out!

Submitted: December 02, 2011

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Submitted: December 02, 2011




OOooooooooooh! The winds in Arabia howled and danced. Far way from Arabia was a cave. A cave everyone was frightened of and never dared to step in. It was called the dragon’s lair.

Na Na! Market people were chasing Jack and his pet Taboo. “ Come on Taboo, come on!” Jack screamed, as Taboo was one inch away from the market people. They were about to grasp the monkey’s tail when Jack took him away at the right time. “ Well, we made it at last,” he gasped. He opened a window and was admiring the great Arabian palace. “Taboo, I wonder when we are going to get such a fortune,” he sighed as he closed the window and sat down on the log.


“Rose! Oh Rose,” Rose’s father shouted.

“ Yes father,” she said petting her little peacock.

“ What’s the point of being a princess if you’re out here all the time?” he said kind of frustrated.

 “ I’m a princess and I could do anything I want to do. Did you read the letter today?” Rose asked her father nonchalantly. “ Yes, and it said something about the dragon’s lair. I don’t really know what that really means.”

“ Father, I really need you to go off and leave me alone,” Rose said in an irritated manner.

 “ All right darling, I’ll go off but remember you are a princess,” he went off into the palace as Rose sighed,

“ When will this change?” She thought to herself as she went into the palace like her father said.


“ Oh sorry,” Jack said as he bumped into a man.

“ Dum! Dum! Dum!” All of a sudden a sound like drums were heard.

 “ Aaaaah!” Taboo freaked out. The sound that was coming was from the royal messengers. They were marching and came to a halt, and the Dum Dum sound stopped. One of the messengers stood on a log to see everyone.

“ From the lord of the Arabian Palace, we give you a challenge. That challenge is that if you go to the dragon’s lair, get the magic rose, and cure the princess from her cancer, you shall be able to marry the princess. 

“ Taboo you want to do it?” Jack asked him eagerly. “I don’t know,” the monkey said very unsure.

“ Well if I do it, I’ll get a wife at least,” Jack was contemplated. “Well I’m on it. Lets go Taboo!” he said with enthusiasm. He pulled Taboo’s tail and went off towards the messenger. He didn’t notice where he was going and suddenly bumped into the messenger.

“ Owwww!” The messenger exclaimed as Jack had to bump into his butt instead of anywhere else. “ Mr. young man, can’t you see where you are going? Stupid, dumb, blind man,” he cussed.

“ Well I’m sorry. I just wanted to tell you that I am going to take your challenge,”

He said fervently.

“ You?” The messenger was trying not to laugh. “ Anyways here is the map to the dragon’s lair. You shall start your journey on October 27. That is two days from this day.  Now, go off young man,” the messenger waved his hand, exposing a weird mark which Jack just ignored.


“ Sire,” Elvira, the queen of Arabia said.

“ I know Elvira. I know there is going to be someone who will undeniably cure Rose,” he said as he walked away apprehensively. As he was going out, he thought to himself, “ When will you come my dear son? I have been waiting for you since ten years. What has the dragon done to you?” He walked away with shame, like he did something wrong.

“ Yaaaaawwn,” Jack yawned loudly, and Taboo could smell his breath.

“ It’s morning, Taboo. Lets start our journey to the dragon’s lair.” he grabbed Taboo and rushed outside the door, heading towards the market. Right in front of him was the most prettiest rug. Its stunning beauty astonished them so much, that they forgot the whole world. “ What do you think it is Taboo?” Jack asked baffled.

“I don’t know,” Taboo said apprehensively.

“You want to give it a push?” he said. Jack snapped his fingers because he was mixed with different kinds of feelings. As soon as he snapped his fingers, a miracle happened.

Red sparks there. Blue sparks here. Purple sparks blew out to both sides. “ I am a magic carpet. Do you need to go somewhere?” it asked in a robotic voice.
 “We need to go to the dragon’s lair. Will you tae us there?” Jack asked.

Without another word, the rug scooped the two of them up, and headed off for the sky. Whoosh! Jack and Taboo were in a different world when they were in the sky.  “Isn’t this great Taboo?” Jack asked as they went further and further away from Arabia.

“ Haaaa,” Jack yawned when he suddenly noticed he was on land. “Where do you think the rug went?” he was wondering.  He stood up, finally six feet from the ground. He and Taboo were on an island surrounded by the waves of the ocean.  “ Taboo, you are not scared right?” Jack said as Taboo nodded behind his back. As soon as they entered the woods, they were terrified. “ Ooh. Ooh,” owls were hooting in the gloomy night. Jack couldn’t even see the trees; he squinted hard to see them. “Woo!” Even the coyotes and wolves were howling in the midnight sky. “ I think this was a bad choice,” Jack said. Now he was really horrified. Even though it was pitch black, you could see that his sweat was coming down his body. “ Well, we chose it,” he said in a shameful way. “ On a count of one, two, three we are going to run as fast as we can. One, two, three!” With Taboo clenching his shirt, Jack sprinted across the creepy woods and all those sounds. “ We made it,” he exclaimed jumping up and down about ten times.

“ You don’t think you really made it have you?” a strange voice occurred.

“ Who are you?” Jack stammered in his words. The creature popped up with bright red flaming eyes. It had small black spots on its skin that looked more like a snake rather than something else.

“ Who am I? I am Vicanious, the most powerful creature on Earth. I am a dragon!” Vicanious, the dragon shouted fervently.

“ So it’s you who has been causing trouble in Arabia. How could you do this to the princess?” Jack questioned. “ I am going to kill you and cure the princess right away!” he screamed at the nonchalant dragon.

“ Oh, you have no idea what you are talking about young man,” Vicanious gave a little chuckle.

“ What do you mean?” Jack asked perplexed.

“ You see, I have the rose you’ve been looking for,” the dragon sneered.

“ Well, you won’t see that rose soon,” Jack said, as he took out his sword ready to battle with this dangerous dragon.

“ My favorite part,” Vicarious as he opened his mouth really wide that it touched the ground. Fire was blowing towards to Jack, but at the right moment his head went to the side.

“ It’s my turn now,” Jack said as he took out his sword. He rushed to the ten feet tall dragon to poke him in the eye, but unfortunately failed to reach its eye.

“ That’s all you got?” The dragon burst into laughter as Jack found his chance again. As the dragon was into laughing, Jack rushed over to him and poked him in the eye where the rose was.

“ Yooooowww,” the dragon let out a huge scream and closed its eyes as Jack took the rose. “ Da Dunn!”

“ Did you hear that Taboo?” Jack stopped running towards the entrance. The ground gave a sudden tremble. Rocks, stones, and even boulders were falling in the ground breaking it into parts.

“ What should we do?” Jack yelled as he remembered something. It was the rug! As he tried hard not to fall off, the rug scooped them up and went off to the entrance.

“ Where do you have to go now?” The rug asked in its same robotic voice.

“ To the princess’s room,” Jack told it as it whooshed to the princess’s room in ten seconds. As it came to a halt, Jack jumped off the rug into the window.

“ Quick! Feed it to her!” He exclaimed as the servants quickly put it the Rose in water and made Rose drink it. They waited for several moments, and the princess opening her eyes sighed. “ She’s alive!” one of the servants shouted.  As soon as she shouted that, the king rushed over in no time, to see his daughter perfect and cured. Then, he noticed Jack. The king slowly came near Jack and looked at him. Carefully scanning him, he realized that something was strange. He took Jack’s hand and observed the black spot on his hand, and suddenly fell back.

“ It’s you!” The king brightened up.

“ It’s me what?” Jack was paralyzed.

“ You were my worries. I worried all this time for you and you are alive? You are my son Jack!” The king was into tears. He was into happiness and sadness that he hugged Jack so tightly. “ You are my huge gift!” He was so excited.

“ Father, you have a son? Why didn’t you tell me?” Rose was frustrated.

“ Not now, Rose! I’ll tell you later,” the king told his daughter as he still was hugging his son. And. Jack had finally found a real home.


© Copyright 2018 Chris Andrews. All rights reserved.

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