Sarul, Sarul: The Case Of The Missing Dry Erase Markers

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Sarul Turner is a college professor who decides he wants to be like Psych and Bones by doing some detecting of his own. This is story # 2

Submitted: May 21, 2012

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Submitted: May 21, 2012



"Professor Turner, I don't know the answer. Can I please just sit down?" Professor Turner looked at Cade with a lack of sympathy. "Very well.  Though next time think about not bringing damn seafood to class. Seriously though, by a raise of hands, who thinks you must be a complete unthoughtful spider monkey to bring re-warmed seafood to your 3rd day of class?" Everyone raised their hands. 
Sarul Turner loved his life. He loved how everything just worked and fit together like a puzzle. Even his dog was behaved, not just pretend behaved but when he told his house guests, "he is a good dog", the dog proved him correct. 
He arrived to class the following day and as was typical he arranged his white board markers rainbow ascending, slurped a bit of coffee and prepared his class' arrival by turning on his David Bowie playlist. He enjoyed watching his class learn his favorite songs through out the semester. As class would exit, Sarul would play Kenny Rogers and proceed to put away his marker set. This time however, something was different. 
As Sarul packed the marker box, he found that Red was missing. The marker would usually turn up under his desk or rolled into the slope which led up to his lecture area. Nothing. Scratching his head in confusion, remaining students assisted by looking under desks row by row. Red was aloof. This was not necessarily annoying, just mocking to his ability to maintain one marker set per semester. 
2 days past, the possibility of Red turning up became a fool's dream. A student came to his desk before class and handed him a gift. Inside was a marker, a Maroon marker. "Thanks, this should do well" he said, meanwhile thinking, "This isn't Red and it never will be". 
The janitor popped his head in after class that day. "I know where your marker is, Sarul". Sarul was immediately excited, though acknowledging the fact that this truly was not a big deal. "Where is that?" "One of your students has your marker." "Cade". 
The next day of class couldn't arrive soon enough. "Mr. Cade, will you please come to the front of the class?" While walking to the podium Cade looked proud and accomplished, like something was up his sleeve. "We have been listening to Life On Mars by David Bowie for the last 2 months every morning in this class. If you are up to the challenge, I would like you to sing that for us this morning. Cade immediately lost any cool he possessed and became a timid mouse. "Cade, this is not a singing course and should you choose not to sing Life On Mars there would be no consequence whatsoever. However, should you choose to sing this song I will let you keep something of mine...". Cade caught eyes with his 2 friends in class who gave him the "rock on" fist bump and laughed. "Cade, what is your favorite color?" "Sorry Mr. Turner?" "Cade, will you or will you not sing Life On Mars by David Bowie?" "I...I... Wake up your sleepy head, put on some clothes get out of bed. Put another..." "Mr. Cade, that is Changes. Please change your tune and sing something about the RED planet." Cade, overwhelmed by the stress of being a complete and utter laughing point went to his desk, grabbed the red marker from his back pack and handed it to Sarul. "Are you happy!? Does making your students look stupid in front of the whole class make you happy Mr. Turner?" He hoped to see Sarul caught in guilt and apologize. Sarul replied with a very relaxed tone, "Class, here is a life lesson.  Never try to make anyone look like a fool, else you are the fool. However, if one attempts to make you look to be a fool, they then deserve to be known as such. Now please have a seat Cade and we will continue our lecture." 
Cade left class shortly after, but returned the following day. Sarul pulled the still upset student aside and thanked him for returning his marker. He explained that the marker wasn't quite as important as was his sanity in locating a simple, lost item. Cade laughed and Sarul dismissed him to be seated. "Good morning everyone. It's a God awful small affair to the girl with the mousy hair. But her mummy is yelling no, and her daddy has told her to go..." 
The end

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