A Pretending Mind, Worrying About Time

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Submitted: April 18, 2016

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Submitted: April 18, 2016



Our dreams together are so real it's like I'm never asleep 

But I do eventually come to pass an axis moving the sun, eyelids open and I come to see its a mixture so vivid and real so a hallucination I keep;
If only I could hold time like a tree built in the dirt 
You can come and break and slam, use your machines but by no means I will awake, and this trees roots won't shake or move have me come back to be awake 
But I don't own a sleeping chamber, I have no Dream machine to take me back, as real as can be I can't hallucinate on command 
It's just funny how things that can be so simple are yet so hard, but you can't make love happen on demand;
Wake up because no matter what it's real life,but life and with her, that majestic gorgeousness so divine in ways you wouldn't know, I held her for a second in the palm of my hands
But just like those first couple meetings,you think, and wonder how it may come to be, so easy and simple, Yet My lucky quarter fell from my palm, and now I see how fast something is there and yet can be gone, what you hold is nothing in this world, if you don't mold what is possible you can never fully hold something perfectly amazing as you stand 
 So really it's just the mysterious steps of ones own self and the other of how she may be 
You sit and it is there as a constant renting room, every day and wonder how she is, if she's feeling good, and if she will ever truly see:
So I try to chin up and look out for something better, but what does that word really mean to someone who wants to always keep that dream and live under that tree; 
You simply get the message one way or another, I'm not mean and would never hurt her, but as time goes on I simply sent out a poem and held out hope that maybe she remembers them all, one day maybe think the same and want to call or have a letter addressed to me 
But the way the world works, and challenges that are always around, we find ourselves thinking that the ticking time clock will never end 
But more I do not know, only God from above, how much time do we really have remaining in it, just for us humans to go day by day finding out loves, so whatever time we have can be blessed, and that when we leave hand in hand or handless into forever we feel okay with time, and have nothing left on us, no need to amend 

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