Chaos Above

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This short poem is based on my depression back in 2010

Submitted: January 30, 2013

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Submitted: January 30, 2013



(Written on January 12,2011)


Everything, shattered, because of Chaos,

I've had Dreams of it all, nothing forgotten.

So much destruction in our world, it makes me worried.

Worried that what if we dont survive.

Everytime i hear death has struck to these people,

I might be next,You might be next, what is there to life,

Thats why theres so much darkness around us!

No Hope for anyone anymore, thats why i'm frightened.

But why i should? So much has happened...

throughout 15 years of my life, its never forgiven me.

I've been broken, lied, crushed, but i'm still alive.

Deathis never done with everyone of anyone,

There is no hope, Chaos above us is never done,

I dont say this to scare anyone, not at all.

Its only our truth, and nothing, will change it.

Chaos above is watching... i might be next...


© Copyright 2018 Kevin Witt. All rights reserved.

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