mother far away

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Submitted: December 07, 2015

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Submitted: December 07, 2015



I know i might not be the greatest son 

I can`t help certain things, how i`m wired and things i`ve done;

I wish i could be the apple in your eye, who you tell everyone is doing so well

It makes me cry that my mother works so hard but can`t break my shell 


I don`t know, maybe it started losing grandma and mark so quick 

I turned around for a second and there i was skid rows pit;

I don`t want to hurt anyone and that`s the the worst part, it eats me inside

All these things i`m going through you don`t see me alone tears pouring my eyes


I feel that maybe i affect your happiness, or i give away stress

I wanna wish things back, a change and course correct;

But nothing works that way, and i feel looked down upon by many 

But i pray never my mother, I`m a mamma`s boy, the least my Father a one who's manly 


I can`t say the same words over again, I just will always need your love 

And time i hope won`t be an enemy, I just don`t wanna be the boy some might perceive of 

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