Remember Change, Try A Chance

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Enjoy take it in deep on your own personal level cause I bet many have you been there, the worlds a funny place when all you have is lovr and everyone else has material items

Submitted: March 11, 2016

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Submitted: March 11, 2016



I just wanna say you all don't know me, and have no clue of what I've become 

You try to remember old stuff but you have changed and as have i, as person shot and reborn by the gun;

So when I went to the sky, and twirled into something new 

It was something better a person who is filed with love before you 


I'm not the guy who stands selfish at all, if you have a secret it's locked in a vault 

If you wanna see me secretly to talk I am there, nothing could say halt; 

If you needed a shoulder to cry on id have that shoulder ready 
Id say fuck a tissue and drench the shirt your heart matters more to me and shirts I have many 

I want happiness for all, I want smiles, and love is my priority 

Love not for me alone but for all that's the allure to me; 

I hope dreams come true for me and you, I pray for you all and often 

I want any little glimmer in your heart to find the love and peace and don't be blind by distortion 

Let goodness be, let you see that your eyes don't deceive you with looks, some people are beautiful 

Find it inside you to open up and learn of someone with a chance even if surgical 

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