Seeds Of Hope

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Submitted: January 08, 2016

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Submitted: January 08, 2016



I've only been given a few credits in life, one being a good soul 

But what is it worth having when ones life is not whole; 

The beaten, the battered and abused parts 

Mindless is the mind when you are taring at the heart 


The strings being plucked like the guitar being played 

Every note matters just like words on a page; 

So we are stricken down fighting against our own fears 

The worrisome and sick shredding in tears 


Cause part by part, day by day death is calling 

It's the life we choose to live the worst can be enthralling; 

So I am silly, i am shy, but want to explode up in the stars 

To open me up and look past the flesh and scars 


For I am to be one, part in this planet like the seed that starts the growth of trees 

Once as a child, I now grow slowly to the man I hope to be

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