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The moment i met you i knew you'd be mine

It was as if time stopped and everything felt fine :

My breath was taken, at the age of sixteen 

The realness in your heart, the smile with such gleam 


Things felt so right, from the start 

Seven days into meeting you owned my heart :

From there i was taken, and everyone knew 

How could i not tell them, with someone as beautiful as you 


From there on we went, and everything was so right 

I know i made mistakes, but you were always my light :

Without you i could've been dead, in so many ways

you were my heart, my breath, and my craze 


When i was better you were my queen

We were everything, more then a team :

We were so different, but only you got me

My first love, that no one in the world could stop me


Its hard to believe that we are no more

Today is a day that I just can't ignore :

We should have been together, through thick and thin

We had that love that no one could break in 


But it happened, and what can i say 

Maybe i thought wrong at the end of the day :

I will never get over it, and it wont go away 

All that seems to have happened is a piece of my heart is broken, and decayed 



Submitted: June 22, 2012

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