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For Sara, Bruce, Connie and anyone else who may wonder what I've been up to - the answer is, not a lot, but my phone is full of half-finished tripe like this that one day I may or may not get around to developing or deleting. And despite appearances, I'm not depressed or drinking or anything else. Just found a rare few moments of space and thought I'd check in.

Submitted: February 26, 2014

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Submitted: February 26, 2014



We all have a rendezvous with death

Everyone one day will have to take that final breath

Including all the ones you love the most

No one can avoid the time for giving up the ghost

We’ll all be toast

And some may roast


No one knows what time that bus is due

No one knows the date that cab will crawl the kerb for you

Or knows the destination or the fare

But I hope when I arrive there’ll be familiar faces there

And one or two who care

If not, I swear


I'll have a thing or two to say to God

(To be continued)

(God willing)



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