The Black and White of it

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This is one of many stories that can be told of our wonderful dog Jesse. He has passed on now. But his memories are many and still go on with us. I could never be half as good as I think he thought I was. I was very much the thrower and he was the catcher. From shredding our palm tree and littering the floor with dirt till the last frisbee he ever caught. Hope you enjoy another story of his early mischief.

“The Black and White of it”

One puppy remained for a litter of border collies my wife’s sister had.  We went to the farm to see the puppy who would become our beloved Jesse.  Jesse was the pink nosed runt of the litter which several had already rejected.  How could we say no?  Like most puppies, especially border collies he needed a purpose.  There would be no sheep herding on the edge of town.  But he would have kids to herd.  He discovered he loved to play frisbee and became quite good at catching them.  As a puppy he even learned to flip the frisbee open side up so as not to pole vault over if the opposite edge caught a slight hill. However, his early days were more troublesome.

On four occasions Jesse ran away.  Three times it was to a nearby horse farm where his black/white coat turned brown in stinky, grassy horse manure. He would be literally be covered head to toe in it.  Each time the drill was the same straight upstairs and into the tub.  Holding our nose we rinsed and rinsed again, finally soaping to get rid of some of the stench.  By the 3rd time he knew the drill - walked upstairs himself and got in the tub.  On the fourth time it was July the 4th.  I found him two houses down and hiding under the branches of a fallen tree, playing hide and seek but a bit cleaner this time. 

We would be blessed to have such a wonderful pet for 14 years and a few months, until old age had punched his ticket for the rainbow bridge the one all dogs and cats eventually have to walk.  We think he is across the bridge waiting for us now.









Submitted: November 21, 2022

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A good story, well done!

Tue, November 22nd, 2022 11:36am


Thanks for the encouragement

Tue, November 22nd, 2022 7:19am

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